The Most Terrifying Video in the World

Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about pandemics and the stories that many have cooked up to send delicious shivers through their audiences. Part of our discussion was inspired by the threat of Ebola, and part by… well …apocalypse.

Anyone with half a brain knows that Death stalks the world. Pandemic Ebola has begun to reach into the big cities of Africa. And, with my series on the War of 2015, you know that devastating war is very, very near.

So, when my friend told me what he considers to be the most terrifying video in the world, my own most-terrifying-video immediately popped into my head.


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The Most Terrifying Video in the World

You can learn a lot about someone, by discovering what scares them.

What scares me?

Disappointing God.

If He has placed a responsibility in my hands, He will be disappointed if I do not fulfill that responsibility. And, I will have to stand before Him one day and answer for that. It really IS that simple.

Next on my what-scares-me list is the well-being of the people that I care about most:

My brothers and sisters in Christ.

Outside of disappointing God, nothing scares me more than to see you suffer and die – without doing my absolute best to help you avoid that. You may choose, for the sake of Christ, to suffer and die, and that is a truly worthy choice. But, at least you are able to make that choice.

Our Brothers And Sisters

Unfortunately, most Christians are truly ignorant of the suffering and death that is coming.

On my WEEKEND SHOCKCAST for Saturday, I ended my introductory monologue with this verse:

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3

I’ve decided to make Proverbs 22:3 the third verse that identifies the purpose of this website. It will sit alongside the other two verses for

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.Luke 21:36

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.Hosea 4:6

Luke 21:36 is a commandment – not a suggestion.

Hosea 4:6 is a warning.

Proverbs 22:3 is a description.

The Burden of Ezekiel

My hope is that, as I show you the evil that is coming, you will find ways to avoid that evil. In fact, if I do NOT show you the evil that is coming… well …God had this to say to poor Ezekiel:

But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand. – Ezekiel 33:6

If I see danger come, and don’t tell you of that danger, God will have something to say to me, when I stand before Him.

The Most Terrifying Video

All of that is why THIS is the most terrifying video that I know:

There’s No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy, growth & the future)

YouTube shortlink:

That video represents the suffering and death of billions of people. And yes, that’s Billions with a B. The global elites will kill each other – and us – for control of the cheapest source of energy in the world – the oil that lies beneath the shifting sands of Arabia.

It is an unimaginable apocalypse, but it is as certain as tomorrow’s dawn. And, the next phase of this apocalyptic future lies in the series that I wrote last week:

The War of 2015

Whether that war happens next year, or the year after… it IS coming. The above video shows us that it will.

The question is whether you will be prudent and foresee the evil that is coming – and hide yourself.

I Pass The Burden To You

Unfortunately, by showing you the evil that is coming, I have also burdened you with the same responsibility that I carry – the same one that poor Ezekiel had to carry:

the burden to warn those who are in harm’s way

You too will stand before God one day and answer for what you did – and did not do.

Please treat that thought very, very seriously.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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67 thoughts on “The Most Terrifying Video in the World”

  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts. With very few exceptions, I agree with what you write. I will confess that I struggle with the timing of things. I recognize the signs of the times, and yet, there is a voice that reminds me of the verse:

    2Ch 7:14
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    I pray and hope that revival is coming that will allow God to delay what I know is inevitable….that which you write about, that which is spoken in the scriptures. The video does not scare me. I know that solutions already exists – the technologies are understood – to solve the energy problem. I have access to the scientists. They could be implemented quite quickly….if allowed. The problem is getting the “python” to release his grip and allow these technologies to come out. This is something to pray for…that the bankers and industrialists will somehow be humbled and the doors opened for these things to come out.

    Keep up the good fight!!

    • Hi Mark Baldwin,

      Thank you for that comment. I really appreciate it.

      And yes, you are right. None of this has to happen. But it will, because of that ‘python’.

      Glad to see that you are treating my stuff critically. That’s good news. Everyone MUST take what I say to the Lord and follow HIS advice – not mine.

      Keep up the good work, Mark!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. We could have a long discussion about that video. What a surprise, the international bankers and their conglomerates have built up this system of dependence. I came to the conclusion several years ago that most need to go back to the land. We need to scale back and be happy with less. We have a problem though. They don’t want us to do that and be self sufficient. They want control and they want most of us dead! Because we aloud ourselves to be lured into this system the skills of past generations have been forgotten. Even more guilty than the satanic bankers is us with our sin nature. We have aloud this. Even now those who claim Christ are rah rah for the globalist wars. We don’t oppose those things that are poisoning everything.
    Having sustenance and covering be content with these things.

  3. You may want to research that “Peak Oil” is just one more of their lies from the pit of hell that they use to scare us and enrich themselves.

    There is plenty of oil for a LONG time, they just don’t want to share it with us…..

    Oil is abiotic and replenishes itself endlessly via chemical reactions in the mantle.

    • Hi PeakWhat?,

      Um… you can’t run away from math. It’s really that simple.

      Even if the abiotic theory was true, it still replenishes far too slowly for it to be of use to us. We’ve used up half of all the oil in the world in just 100 years.

      The rest is going to get so expensive to get to, that we won’t be able to use it.

      Sorry, PW.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Even Lindsey Williams said that the elite capped off the largest oil field that the world never heard about around the Prudoe Bay area….

    They discovered it back in the 70’s and kept it untapped to this very day as they use up the rest of the worlds readily pumpable oil supply FIRST!

      • I didn’t say it was Prudoe Bay, it’s in the region though. Supposedly it’s larger than all the oil that Saudi Arabia had before they started pumping.

        It would stand to reason that we would keep that for ourselves and use up the rest of the worlds oil first. I mean that IS how the elite operate.

        • Hi PeakWhat?

          I see your point.

          However, when you do the math, the worldwide exponential increase in demand for oil will consume another Saudi Arabia in a very short time. The only way that the elites can actually preserve this oil for themselves is to kill off billions of people.

          And, they’ve told us that this is their plan.

          So, ultimately, you and I are talking about the same thing – the death of billions. And, we must get ready for that.

          Thank you, PeakWhat.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  5. Hey Brother,
    I believe you have missed it on this video. America is now the largest oil producer in the world. We now have enough natural gas & coal & oil to last 100’s of yrs.
    It is not about energy, it is about control of the human population. satan vs Christ Jesus. If we focus on that, setting up the Kingdom of our God & His Son, we will defeat satan & these world rulers.
    What everyone has missed is what type of government should we as Christians set up when America is destroyed & only a Remnant remain. Nobody is talking about that. Is there any where in the Bible that God takes people that are enslaved by their government, like we are today & shows them how to rule themselves? Mmm
    Anybody ever think about that?

    • Hi Darryl,

      If what you say is true about how much oil and gas that we have, why is it that the oil companies are losing money doing it?

      Why is Shell selling land that they originally intended to drill?

      You’re talking about Fracking, and it is a losing proposition. The Media hype is a lie, and you need to be careful with that.

      The math doesn’t add up.

      As to your comment about Christian government, I would agree if America’s Christians were obedient to God. Unfortunately, they aren’t. Maybe the coming persecution will change that, but by then… well, it’ll be too late.

      Thanks Darryl.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Very short sighted, Brother. I would beg you to do further research on Christian web sights. You have drank the world’s koolaid. Do you think God would not provide All our needs for thousands of years? My God wanted us to live at least 1000 yrs. like Adam & the our Biblical forefathers. My God is a God of More than Enough, not barely get by. I am shocked by your defeatest attitude, we are to rule & reign NOW. Now is the time to set up the Kingdom of Christ Jesus! Your religion stinks, you have been deceived by satan. You are the reason satan is ruling & destroying our Nation & this world. “Christians” like you allow satan full reign in this world. We are suppose to destroy the works of darkness not surrender & live under satan’s kingdom. Sorry, I thought you were an alive Christian. Forgive me. I hope you don’t have family & friends that depend on your “spiritual insight.” They are doomed.

        • Hi Darryl,

          Wait, you mean that my response to your comment signifies that I’m a ‘dead’ Christian?

          That’s… interesting.

          The number of scriptures that are rolling through my mind right now are more than I can put here, and probably a waste of time an energy to put them down.

          So, I will just say this:

          We are called to be like Christ. He went to the Cross in meekness and humility, sacrificing His life for us – and suffering the agony of Hell in our place. In return, Jesus calls you to take up your cross and follow Him.

          If you cannot do that, then I am forced to put a question mark over your eternal place in the life to come.

          I’m sorry, Darryl. You have some soul-searching ahead for you.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • “Dead Christian” means you are without the physical manifested Presence of the Holy Spirit, who guides us into all the Truth. You are leaning on your own intellect like 99% of Christians. Yes, you & them, are going to heaven but you leave this earth, family, friends in satan’s hands instead of Establishing the Kingdom of our Lord & Savior Christ Jesus. Jesus said, “Go forth into all the nations,… heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out all demons, preach the Good News, with signs, wonders & miracles following.” You can’t do that with your dead, defeated attitude & religion. You & your “dead believers” are the reason why satan is in control of this world instead of Christ Jesus. You are Doubly Dead to the Presence of the Holy Spirit!

          • Hi Darryl,

            The fact that rest in the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… that fact gives me a ‘dead, defeated attitude’?

            I am amazed at this.

            You are seeking the Kingdom of God under your own power. This was never the way of Christ.

            We have been persecuted for Christ for two thousand years, and will be persecuted for a few more. We are to follow in the footsteps of Christ, and you have rejected that.

            I’m sorry Darryl. As I said before, you have some real soul-searching ahead of you.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

        • Whoa, that’s short sighted Darryl.
          Yes, my God is a God of enough and not barely get by like the world teaches and too many Christians believe. Yet, it is clear that hell is coming to a town near you and very soon, to preach otherwise is to deny Scripture, especially the prophets.
          Jesus Christ ushers in the Kingdom of God with His second coming; we can live as citizens of the Kingdom now, but it’s not fully implemented, proven by the fact you lamb blasted John for having a different understanding than you. I too have been deceived by Satan to wrestle within the body of Christ, instead of exposing the lies, liars, and the devils agenda in each of our lives.
          As for the 1000 year life span, reread your scriptures, in Psalms we are told our lives would be about 70 years, ironically since King David, that’s the average around the globe, Hmmmm.
          Furthermore, I can’t find even one place in my KJV where I am to rule & reign now, except over my own fallen nature. As born again believers in Christ we are to put on the new man and crucify the old man, and let not sin reign in our mortal bodies.
          Twisted Scriptures in no way expounds Truth.
          John’s doing a great job exposing what he sees.
          No one, not one of us has the full understanding of the days in which we live. God has not revealed His full plan to any of us, even Jesus, if I am reading this book correctly. But the devil is a liar everyday and Jesus Christ overcame the world. Hallelujah.

          • Yes, Yes, Yes! Jesus Christ Overcame this world, so WE can establish His Kingdom Now. Jesus told us to pray, “His Kingdom Come!” That is what He is suppose to find, His Kingdom fully Established in this world & satan & all of his followers Under our Feet when He returns. God told Jesus to sit @His right hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool. God gave us the Holy Spirit to Destroy the works of satan & establish the Kingdom of Jesus Christ “In the Power & Demonstration of the Holy Spirit!” said Paul. Jesus healed All, cast out All demons, raised the dead & COMMANDED His Disciples to do the same, (Believers)! Your dead Christianity has let millions die by sickness & diseases, poverty, crime, perversion, etc to rule & destroy millions of lives by satanic rulers. Your lack of love for Humanity is appalling & repulsive as your dead “Christian” religion. All religions are sick, satanic perversion of what God truly wanted. To walk with His Children & their Children Forever! Heaven On Earth! If you walked with God & His Son you would realize how sick & self centered your ideas are to a God of Pure Love!

          • God gave of His plan for Mankind in the BIBLE! Start in the Beginning. God told Adam to rule over ALL the Earth, birds, beasts & fish. We are NOT to rule over another man. That is God’s position, each Man is to Submit to God, Love & Lift up His Brother. No kings, No president, No dictators! Man was Created in God’s Image, yes, we are a very special. But, because Adam listened to his wife & Disobeyed God, we fell under satan’s rule. Christ Jesus said, “satan is the god or this world.” Thank & Praise Almighty God, that Jesus Christ defeated satan, death & hell, & is seated @the right hand of the Father. Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit so we would be empowered to establish the Kingdom of God throughout this world, defeating satan in the process! Please read the Word of God for yourself to Discover the Whole Truth & Promises of God! PLEASE!

          • Hi Darryl,

            It’s clear to me that you see what-could-have-been. And I understand the anguish that you feel over the idea that it is still within our grasp – if we would only follow God’s Word. And yes, this is ‘technically’ true.

            And, I think that Lin Rimple would agree with you on this.

            The problem is that the Body of Christ in the US has sinned against God. We have reveled in the wickedness of this world, and we will reap the fruits of that very soon.

            I truly understand how you feel, Darryl. I really, really do. If there was even a hint of a movement of repentance within the church, I would be far more optimistic.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  6. Absolute, alarmist BS that’s been put out for years now to instill fear and loathing in the people.




    • Hi Jeff,

      I hope that you’re right. However old this technology is… it’s still unproven.

      Remember that the issue is whether we will get more energy out of this process than what we put in.

      Thank you, Jeff.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I know of a person that invented a carburetor that got over 200 MPG in my town about 40 years ago.

        The person was paid a visit by oil company execs and “strongly encouraged” to sell the invention to them which they did as they wanted to live a long life.

        There are others like that invention that mix water and gas and they too have been bought up by the oil companies.

        Recall JD Rockefellers Standard Oil if you want to see how they STILL operate.

  7. I like keeping up with current events and read several sites, have cut down some lately knowing this country is trashed forever. Open borders, ISIS threats, econ., politicians crooks and traitors/sold out to mega banks/corp. interests. I often wonder why patriot websites don’t shut down, since nothing patriots have done in sixty years to the present, has produced any results and people aren’t seeing/waking up to the dangers ahead. Few patriots left to matter/turn the tide.

    • patriot sites etc would have God blended with country?, all kingdoms of men are just that, kingdoms of men of the flesh nature and not of God, we can’t blend God and country, it’s God and Christ and His kingdom only. The kingdoms of men walking in the flesh nature will fail, no blending will ever work nor for sure should ever be attempted, rather preach the gospel in hopes men might be pulled away from the walk of the flesh nature (which is what the kingdoms of men are all about), that men might be pulled OUT of the darkness, to no longer be “of” the world although still in the world.
      Patriot sites aim to blend the 2, this is a fail, called to come out of babylon, and the world kingdoms made up of flesh nature way’s of self? yes that too, and patriot sites don’t aim for “coming out from among them” and the world and the self rule to have Christ ruling and reigning within and out but for changing some things and still remaining part or “of” the world-they have a worldly this present life focus.

      This also applies to “kingdom now”, some think to ignore many scriptures and God’s rule and timing and plans and focus on the temporal rather then the eternal, the kingdom of God is here now and doing well and many are being pulled from darkness to their eternal blessing, in no way is God “losing” the battle lol. But if one’s focus is on the world and way’s of things then yeah their focus object (the here now and this present world and life) is failing..but so it’s prophesied and all the word of God will be fulfilled. The world will perish and the lusts thereof but those who do the will of God abide forever-the world doesn’t abide forever but waxes worse and a time of trib is coming unlike any before…

      The tares grow up alongside the wheat til it’s time, God has His own timeline and plans not of men’s timeline or plans.

  8. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts for some time now. Your relationship with The Lord seems authentic. The video above leaves room for doubt as to how deep that relationship is. How could someone completely dependent on The Lord push a video with a completely evolutionary bent.

    Jesus said that there would would be a deception so great that it could fool even the very elect. The video you refer to as the most terrifying is exactly what Jesus was talking about. No Christian in their right mind if they read the word of God and are filled with the Holy Spirit can believe that the world is billions of years old and the trillions of barrels of oil came from algae compresses over time. Jesus didn’t nail down exactly what the great deception would be because it deals with many topics. Evolution which the video above refers to is part of it, humanism is another part.

    I could go on but the point is made. There is nothing to be terrified of. We have The Lord and our home is in heaven. They can destroy our bodies, but they can’t touch our souls which are protected by the Holy Spirit.

    • Hi JJ,

      So, you missed the entire point that I was trying to make. I originally put in a disclaimer to indicate that evolution was a complete and utter lie, but then took it out because I couldn’t believe that any of my readers would trip up over that.

      JJ, get past the first two minutes of the video and understand what I’m talking about.

      The elites are going to murder billions over the cheapest oil that is left, and you need to get out of the way.

      I hope that you’re preparing for catastrophe, JJ. I really do – because it’s certainly preparing for you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. A question that has nagged me for years is this:
    Fighting a world war to control the oil in the Mid East doesn’t make any sense. We have the means to simply march into Riyhad (sp?), Saudi Arabia and take the oil. Sure, the Mid East and Russia would scream to high heaven, but let them scream. In the end the action would stand and we would be in charge.
    That is a much better option than fighting a war with Russia over Ukraine and perhaps having to take on Iran and Syria.
    Would they scream? Of course they would but reading the handwriting on the wall, in the end they would gradually quiet down and accept the situation.
    The other scenario, a world war just to control the oil has to be nothing but propaganda if oil is the real reason.

    • Hi Willard Aztec,

      A really excellent observation.

      It would take a multi-volume book project to unwind all the twists and turns in the US-Gulf-Arab relationship. Up to now, it’s been something of a standoff, as well as a partnership. Unfortunately, the US has abused its side of the partnership by printing too much money, and the Saudis are getting nervous.

      Worse, America will need to step in to SAVE the Saudi royal family when the current guy dies. Who succeeds to the Saudi throne is in serious doubt – and that means revolution and burning oil fields.

      World War III won’t necessarily be about the Middle East, but more about what America has become, while in control of it. The Russians and Chinese are nervous, and that is not a good thing.

      We’ll see what happens.

      Thank you, Willard. I hope that helped.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. Hi, John. I would suggest that Hosea 4:6 is not a warning, but a statement of fact. If those who are His own DO NOT OBEY His commandments, then they must lose their position as priest before the LORD. Obedience to His commandments is a condition of employment for priests.

    As one of your readers, perhaps it will give you a teeny tiny measure of peace to know that one of your flock does indeed continually (and by continually, one means on a daily basis) warn and endeavor to inform those within her own circle. Does anyone listen? Mostly not. They think the news features and personal commentary are “interesting”, but not “actionable intelligence”. And that is the response of true believers. Yet, one keeps plugging away, nonetheless.

    As you well know, it is EXCEEDINGLY difficult to gain the attention of those who live in comfort and are at ease, just as the LORD indicated in Deuteronomy. The ONLY way, regretfully, it seems that attention can be garnered, is through the application of extreme discomfort and danger. American culture is so completely anesthetized by its focus on self and pleasure that it will literally take the abrupt removal of all that is known to raise the somnolent. Alas, by then, it will be way, way, way too late.

    Of course, there is an alternate way to gain one’s attention: READ the WORD of the LORD. But alas, and alack, few there are who do so, and even fewer still those who meditate on it and ponder its intricacies.

    My personal prayer is that Yehovah will grant me the great privilege of dying as a soldier for my LORD. I am loath to die of heart disease, or cancer, or some other lingering form of death. If I must die, then let it be because I refused to deny my LORD. I would give my all for Him, as He gave His all for me.

  11. JOHN,theres a BLESSING that comes from the LORD,and from what I can see,not many are found worthy to receive it,…ITS CALLED THE POWER OF DISCERNMENT,and boy is this the greatest GIFT you could ever hope to receive,and speaking of videos,HERES the one that shows you who been doing what,BUT also your shown a new designer VIRUS,created by what can only be called the demons from hell,WATCH this and have your eyes fully opened,..DR. Leonard Horowitz,…Emerging VIRUES and AIDS and EBOLA,nature,accident or INTENTIONAL,..this whole video will keep the hair on your neck standing on end…………

  12. OH,sorry John,the VIDEO was up loaded by a fella named OMAR ZAID,and he did a good job of exposing the truth about those wonderful government demons who are running all the labs in america and around the world,AND DR. HOROWTIZ was the man to do it……….THEY COULDN’T fool him……he has the goods on them….this guy is sharp as a razor blade………….

  13. we were way pass oil from day one. energy that will fuel the 1000 yr reign of christ was here before eve or adam. i look at some of what you write and don’t know where your mind is!
    everything is known and was know from day one. he knew you before you enter your mothers womb. we were there before earth ever began. in other words every problem man faces we faced in heaven. earth was the answer to GOD’s problem.

    what have you learned here. it ant about the american dream…

    i have seen many things and none of them are here. can’t tell anyone because no one believes me. one of two…

      • john, what are you hunting? the answers to what question? is this the end? yes, is that your burning question? no the question you ask yourself is can i make it in heaven. the answer was laid out for you in your life. every question was asked by GOD and answered by you. was earth about money? no was it about love? yes how do you prove one love for something? no one has met GOD, yet he says you must love me with all your heart mind and soul. how does one do that? your life was looked at from every point of view. why do you do something? that is what you love! did you base your decisions on love over stuff. but the rent was due huh? i can prove i am one of two. answer my questions…

  14. The Lamb of YHWH is judging the world…He will use
    the enemies of the Church of Babylon to bring Christians
    who have turned away from Torah – to their knees.
    Christians need to repent of their pagan holidays,
    Sunday worship, Christmas trees, Easter bunnies,
    and all customs of Rome, or be destroyed by the
    New World Order/Illuminati – then the Lamb will
    destroy the New World Order. The Lamb was chosen
    2000 years ago to judge and destroy in the Last days –
    just as it was in the days of Noah. Only a remnant will be saved
    Romans 9:27

    • Hi Elder Beniah Weldon,

      Yes, the sins of the American Church are many, but calling them to turn to the Torah is NOT the answer.

      Please understand that we are no longer under the 613 laws given to Moses. We are under the law of Christ.

      Please read the book of Galatians.

      Thank you, EBW.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Your are Under the Laws of satan because you wouldn’t follow God’s law. Take out the sacrificial laws & you would have all the laws needed to rule a society! You need to ask the Holy Spirit open up your understanding! Only idiots would follow satan’s millions of ever changing laws instead of a God of Love that says, “I give you a few hundred that never change!” Even when satan laws say it is right to murder babies, Christian do Nothing & actually Pay for it & do Nothing! You are funding satan’s laws & will not follow a few hundred of God’s Righteous Laws! You “Christians” are the biggest group of Idiots on planet earth!

          • Dear John, God took a group that had been enslaved to a government for 400 yrs & gave them laws on how to build the greatest nation on earth. Take away all of the sacrificial laws, because of Christ, we “Christians” would have about 600 laws to rule our society. Our Founding Fathers did take some of the laws but not all. If we would follow God’s Laws, we would not be under satan’s laws today! But, like our Foundings Fathers, we think we are smarter than Almighty God. We are now under satan’s total control, with 1000’s of new laws passed every year, there is no future for us & especially for our children & grandchildren. What a fine mess we
            “Christians” have left for our “Righteous Inheritance!” God promised Israel, “If you listen to My Voice & follow My Commandments, I WILL WALK AMONG YOU!” Wouldn’t you like to leave America to your Children & Grand Children where God is walking among His People? I surely do. Ever think about THAT?

          • Hi Darryl,

            I agree with much of what you say, but you are missing some vital elements.

            First of all, we have come to this point in time because of the sin of the church. As long as sin rules our churches, there is no hope for America.

            Second, when Jerusalem was captured by Israel, we passed the point of no-return. The timeline of Last Days prophecy was set in motion.

            We could talk about what-might-have-been, and I do that sometimes. But, we must involve our energies in trying to rescue our brothers and sisters from the catastrophe that is coming upon us.

            Thank you, Darryl.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

    • guys like these i will never understand, so GOD is against christmas? i find it genus that GOD figured out a way to make most of the world give a day to his son. easter bunny, i dig him too. and oh no, i can see it now come judgement day he looks down and says, i see you went to church on sunday, well that puts you out fellow. what were you thinking? saturday i said it a hundred times. yea right. pick a day he owns them all, then slowly year after year add a day. he owns them all, act the same way daily…

  15. I’m ‘shocked’! How much did the average (middle class and lower) slave have to do with the banking scheme of 1913? -the greatest prosperity of mankind? -the loss of productivity in America? -the politics in farming? -GMO? -fake fertilizer? -EPA fraud? -politics to destroy inventions of efficiency? -Al Gore fraud? -carbon ‘dioxide’ fraud?

    God given freedom that brought the greatest prosperity to humanity has been hijacked and raided. Those of us who have a personal relationship with Jesus “know” the problem, (incl. veterans, tea party, constitutionalists) will be murdered when we try to stop the evil causing the damage and fraud.

    Let’s do the math. There is always enough people, to take care of people.
    (“Love one another as I have loved you” Jesus)

    I am “shocked”! I respect you all this time, and you ALSO blame the slaves for the 1%, the godless agenda that controls it all?

    • Hi toby lee,

      I don’t quite know what you are talking about.

      The only thing that I am blaming the average American of – in this article – is ignorance.

      However, I DO blame the average American Christian in other parts of this website of something else:


      We HAVE sinned against God, and I consider that what we are about to go through is part of the result.

      If there is to be ANY hope for us, Toby, as a nation, we must get down on our knees, repent and beg God for forgiveness.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. John, Let me validate your point. Yes, many Americans drank the kool aid of prosperity and idolatry. They abandoned God, prayer, family, and humility. We can see the wheat from the shaft, every day.

    I’m saying, this dependency on fossil fuel (INCLUDING THE GUILT) is part of the godless evil agenda from those who “designed” this scheme, made the kool-aid for America 100 yrs ago. The kool-aid drinkers made their “choice”!

    Lucifer’s success to take down America seems imminent! Yes, ‘they’ are deceived, They are “temporary” of course. (Prophetic! But John, I think ONLY SUPERNATURAL CAN SAVE US HERE. I PRAY FOR THAT! I know Jesus is King of Kings, Almighty, Love, Truth, Eternity, but America may be destroyed sir. We prepare for that too, and the guillotine)

    Forgive me John. God is patient. I’m not! I’m human. Many sheeple are only demons to distract us, destroy us, or take our energy from prayer, serving God, or serving others ‘in the church’ who need us more, NOW. I don’t evangelize. I spot the wicked miles away. I forgave them before I met them. But, I give them back to God. John, I don’t waste ANY time on the wicked or ‘ignorant as you describe’ in this final hour. (Sir, the godless and predators are only getting more desperate and more dangerous. They think kindness is weakness to exploit and intimidate. Plus we have false Christians and false prophets revealed every day. It’s a battlefield vibe that quickens, my brother. GotNOtime4theIgnorant!)

    I’m a prayer warrior. I pray for them and I also pray for the strength to destroy them if necessary some day, to defend the innocent and humanity. (send them back to hell where they desire to serve)

    It’s such an honor to write to you sir. I deeply respect your ministry and educated insight. Now I include you in my prayers. We also pray on our knees for the Christian holocaust. “Lord please stop the barbarians”

    Lord bless you and family. See you in heaven, . . . or sooner. toby

      • Praise Father! re: the ignorant (lost sheep)

        Good morning John,

        I found you John months ago from Steve Quayle link. I also came across Hagmann & Hagmann: Mr. Paul McGuire stated that Eve contaminated the divine DNA when she disobeyed. That makes so much sense.

        Non-believers are angry at a God they refuse to learn about. They believe it is a ‘religion’ that they will be forced to believe, and they will always feel guilty, striving for perfection, and judging others. (They don’t know that religion is man’s interpretation of God)

        They can’t comprehend that Christianity is a ‘personal relationship’, and they can’t see His Divine Evidence or experience Him daily without simply looking at Divine Design and listening with a heart that accepts Him. Their ‘faith’ is REPLACING God with pluralism, self-reliance, and pride, and it all comes from random matter. (trainwreck of logic- I never drank that’ kool aid)

        I was fortunate to believe in God and the power of Truth as a child, (Catholic- but they never said ‘personal relationship’- but I gave my life to Him 7/7/96-now 60yro) C.S. Lewis took me across the finish line with philosophy, science, etc and explained what I could ONLY CONCLUDE: “Absolute Truth”.
        (non-negotiable!) (Irwin Lutzer:2+2=4!)

        THE POINT?
        (Dr. Tony Evans says “red pill/blue pill matrix, few go back”-AMEN)
        John, we sin, but, 1)we ‘learn’ to repent as you say, (genuine humility) 2) we are forgiven (forgiven sinners) 3) we do judge behavior, but not souls 4) we have courage to live 24/7, without fear, and “to die to love Him”.

        THE NON BELIEVERS CALL US ARROGANT AND PURELY HATE US AND “HIS COMMANDMENTS”. They believe we will do ANYTHING, “to save them”. They ‘demand’ our patience. Only God saves.
        (I say: “TODAY ‘YOU’ ARE BEING ASKED!!!, you have free will, your answer is between you and God Almighty who loves you”)

        3) “I may never see you again, correct? So good bye, God bless”

        They don’t listen to what they are missing! (2+2=4)

        (maybe this will reach just one suffering soul)
        Bless you brother in Christ, . . . . later. . . . . .toby

        • John,

          It’s difficult to testify or explain Christianity in 300 words.

          I failed to mention:

          1) When we surrender our life to Him to be “reborn”. that’s how our DNA is reborn. It explains why believers commonly share a world view completely focused, explains why non-believers ‘just don’t get it’, and explains why Jesus said we will be hated.

          2) Through a serious permanent injury I lost my career, family, home, a woman I loved, everything I owned, and any trace of pride or dignity. I have been homeless many years and remain homeless today. I’m fine. (Although I believed my skills, talents, and worldly items were blessings from God, I still sinned with the music, cold beer, the girls, and “ignoring a call to ministry”, in a church and on the streets)

          3) We learn about Jesus through His Word and “Agape Love”.

          4) We “TRUST Divine Wisdom”, 24/7, from our Holy Father, through His Holy Spirit.


  17. Very disappointing, video not scary at all. Some of us are actually looking forward to Messiah’s millenial reign, because know how life will be and actually enjoy that type of life. No more rat race, hustle and bustle but a life we were always meant to live here on earth. ” Let him who understandeth……..”

    • Hi Daniel,

      You missed my point.

      Do you understand that this means suffering, death and destruction for brothers and sisters in Christ?

      You may not be scared for yourself, and I’m with you in that. But, the people that we love most – those who are in the Body of Christ – do not know what is coming and are not spiritually prepared.

      Are you ready to go out and help prepare the Family of God for what is coming?

      If you aren’t, then you need to ask yourself why.

      Thank you, Daniel.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  18. Hi Chip, Thank you for your kind words.

    Most people would be terrified to be homeless. (I’m not a leg dragging bum, no drug, alcohol, criminal, or women issues) It can happen to anyone. I gave my life to Jesus before all this so I have been blessed by “amazing faith, gratitude, patience, courage, and survival skills”. ALGD/All From Heaven.

    “He is enough” runs through my blood. I pray without ceasing and experience God all day. I live by the moment, in seasons not on a calendar. Self pity and ‘looking’ homeless is never an option. I ride a mountain bike 100-200mi/wk, work off and on, take care of business, have access to shelters, churches, libraries, a friends garage and laptop, etc. (got robbed-wiped out, credit ruined, deep enough in debt can’t sign a lease) I’m fine.

    I reply only to encourage everyone to “TRUST HOLY FATHER”, our lives are only about All Glory To Him. Stay aware of current events. Stay in His Word. Be streetwise 24/7 x 360 without fear and without anger. (ignorance, denial, pride, lust, insecurity, or fear are not options) ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

    LET US ALL THANK JOHN FOR HIS MINISTRY AND ALLOWING ‘this conversation’. May the Lord bless you John, Chip, and all our brothers and sisters who carry His cross. Psalm 23, and Ephesians ch 6. And we pray. . . . .


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