A Word from a Young Israeli Brother

You haven’t heard me say much about Israel, because a huge threat looms over you, and I must direct my writing towards that threat. But, there are moments in time when the threat against Israel and the threat against the Body of Christ coincide.

Just as you are being lied to about what is really going on in the world, you are also being lied to about Israel, and especially Gaza. And, when the truce between Hamas and Israel runs out at 5 p.m. (EST), the war of guns and lies will begin again.

And, we have young, Christian Israelis in the Israel Defense Forces, on the sharp end of this battle. I would like to bring you a word from one such young Christian Israeli who has been fighting on the front lines.


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A Word from a Young Israeli Brother

I’ve spent more than a decade writing articles about Israel and the Middle East – from Jerusalem. The vast majority of my work is lost somewhere in cyberspace, but a little bit of it can be found on IsraelOutlook.com. I no longer update that site, but I’ve managed to keep track of my most recent articles there.

Why is Israel so important?

Well, you’ll find quite a few reasons for that in the Israel category of this website. And, I have another site that focuses on Israel in prophecy – www.ezekiel36-39.com. But, there’s something more than that.

I’ve noticed, over the years, that the battles Israel fights are eventually fought by the rest of the world. For instance, it was the Palestine Liberation Organization that perfected the art of hijacking airplanes and international terrorism. And, the PLO shared their expertise with terrorist organizations all over the world.

And, I saw the corruption of US foreign policy first-hand, as I watched how Washington dealt with Israel.

Israel is country trying to survive in the midst of a sea of hostility and hate – a sea that laps at America’s shores. Israel is not without her faults, but she has been far more humane than any other country that I know of, that is in similar circumstances. Yet, the world refuses to recognize this.

Here’s a great summary of the Arab Israeli conflict:

The Middle East Problem

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/8EDW88CBo-8

That video is just so true. And, here is some more truth:

  • The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.
    – Benjamin Netanyahu, 2006
  • We have always said that in our war with the Arabs we had a secret weapon — no alternative.
    – Golda Meir, 1969
  • The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
    – Abba Eban, 1973
  • Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.
    – Golda Meir, 1957
  • We are a people that love death for the sake of Allah, as much as our enemies love life.
    – Hamas slogan

If you understood the truth of the Arab-Israeli conflict, like I do… you would be a dedicated supporter of Israel. And, I am saying this with personal knowledge that Israel is not a perfect country. But now, there is a growing Israeli Christian dimension.

A Word From Our Brother

On Monday, I received an email from a friend who does aid work in Muslim countries, and it included this link:


It’s a short article, titled:

Messianic Soldier Explains the War in Gaza

note: In Israel, Christians are referred to either as notzrim (nazarenes), m’shiachim (messianics) or ma’aminim (believers). The word ‘messianic’ in Israel does not have the extra connotation that it does in the US.

I know young Christians serving in the Israel Defense Forces, and I was particularly worried about one such soldier who recently got married. That soldier is fine, and so is the soldier who will describe his own experience, fighting on the front line in Gaza. And yes, everything that he will tell you is the absolute truth.


YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/dptebR9bV5I

Here’s a quote from the Israel Today article:

Another Israeli believer who fought in Gaza has created a YouTube clip in an effort to dispel some of the misconceptions regarding the war.

“I have a lot to say [about the Gaza war] as a soldier, a citizen [of Israel] and a Christian,” Hananya Naftali opens the video.

“The media around the world says that Israel is killing innocent people, that we bomb hospitals, mosques and lots of other innocent places. And that sounds horrible to a normal person, right? I agree. But because I know the whole picture, it doesn’t sound horrible to me,” he continues.

Naftali thanked believers around the world for their prayers, explaining that God saved his life several times while in Gaza, and concluded by asking fellow believers to also pray for those living under the tyranny of Hamas rule.

God bless you Hananya. Stay safe.

Please pray for Hananya and his Christian brothers who may be called upon to fight again in just a few hours time.

Sha’alu shalom l’Yerushalayim

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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17 thoughts on “A Word from a Young Israeli Brother”

  1. John, thanks for keeping us informed
    I do have a question. The Jesuits?
    It is known that the jesuits have created their Allah and the arabs double crossed the pope regarding Jerusalem ,the Roman Catholic System desperately wants Jerusalem, specifically the dome of the rock,so my question is what Jesuits are in Gaza under the guise of humanitarian aid?find the “priest ” you will find the antagonist

  2. Hemingway said best “if you want to eliminate wars, the day it starts who ever profits from it one way or the other gets a shot in the head” the rest is just a sales pitch.

    Politics= poli means many
    tics blood sucking parasites

    • Hi David,

      This is a complex issue, and I don’t have the time and energy to flesh it out properly. So, let me throw out some observations for you:

      Sites like that one do not exist amongst the Palestinians.
      There is a vibrant human rights movement that watches the IDF critically.
      Israelis are generally always upset when Palestinians suffer abuse.
      Israelis do NOT hate Arabs, although they sometimes fear them.
      Israelis were completely against building The Wall until the bus bombings wore them down.

      I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of Israeli tactics, as they try to control the situation in the West Bank. But, I’ve seen and heard the bus bombings. I’ve seen friends go through recovery from such bombings. My neighborhood was shot at, for a year, in Jerusalem. I’ve had the surreal opportunity to hear Israeli artillery fire into Lebanon while eating frosted flakes for breakfast, while on a trip to the north.

      You can get the wrong picture by focusing of various bits of ‘the occupation’. There are good commanders and there are bad ones. But, even the worst were never as bad as the Jordanians. When friends of mine asked Palestinian friends why they wouldn’t rather be in Jordan, they looked at them as if they are crazy.

      Israel has been traumatized by the incessant conflict, a conflict that they did not ask for.

      That’s all that I can say for now. Just remember that God is at work. (Ezekiel 36 and 37)

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Dear John, I am writing this to thank you for your daily articles. I look forward to your take on whats going on in our world. What you have to say always rings true in my spirit. I look forward to checking my email. The young christian in Israel is a very brave young man. His excitement for our Lord is very obvious. I am amazed at most of the world’s attitude and views on Israel. Most people are truly blinded and just cant see or understand Gods hand. Again, you are a blessing to me. Thank you.

  4. As an Egyptian born Muslim I remember when I used to hate Israel and Jews just for the fact of blaming them to have a finger to point at someone!

    I cannot believe I was SOO blind in the past, but with Jesus, my eyes have been opened to the glorious truth!

    Jews are now being killed and assaulted in America, more Nazi signs are popping up in my area, and its sad that these kids are mad at Israel because of the Gaza conflict, but when I ask them to tell me what they know about the conflict, they just say that the Jews are killing Palestinian kids and that is the extent of their knowledge on this matter!

    They are fueling their own anger with the ignorance they show! And when I try to educate people on the Full scope of the conflict, my character is attacked.

    Then when they find out that I am Egyptian they automatically assume that I should naturally be a Hamas supporter!

    Hamas is a Cowardly Dog of Man that uses the innocence of Children and their deaths to further the Anti Semitism that is currently spreading throughout the world. When it is he that purposefully puts most of these kids in harms way!

    Hamas has plenty of Bunkers in Gaza, Why does he put terrorists In the bunkers and leave the families in their homes ?

    Why does Hamas keep the civilians in Gaza when they try to leave ?

    no one wants to point out the atrocities of Hamas and so everyone focuses on what the IDF is doing, and what they are doing is DEFENDING their country, this is a little spec of land that the Jews call home, let them live in Peace !!!

    Alas this is not meant to be, these extremist muslims want to wipe Israel from off the map, they want to ethnically cleanse these people, but what will make them stop their if they succeed ???

    next would be Europe,
    then America

    then everyone that doesn’t convert to Islam dies as well

    that is the evil nature of this Religion which seems to be running at an alarming pace towards killing any an all people that oppose them

    ONE Man will stop them at the end , and that day needs to come fast.


  5. Hi John, I always believed in pretribulation message but your articles about it and elaborating why we have to go through the tribulation makes alot of sense. You have a way explaining things with such detail and backing it up with scripture. Your articles really enlighten me. Thankyou and the Lord richly bless you!!

    • Hi Noni,

      Thank you for that. I deeply appreciate your kind words.

      However, the credit goes to the Holy Spirit within you. As you may have noticed, my words are just meaningless babble for those who do not wish to hear.

      Keep listening to the Holy Spirit, Noni. It’s a wonderful thing to see.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. John,

    Youn are an idiot. Jewish Nation trying to survive? How much nonsense you will believe. 1.8 Million palestinians are locked in the biggest ghettto in world histroy and in far worse state than the Warsaw ghetto. You listen to jewish propagnada.
    You Zionist Christian idiots makes me sick. You do not preach Christianity but Zionism.

    • Hi Peter,

      I truly feel sorry for the Palestinians, but they did this to themselves.

      Please remember that the Egyptians are equally to blame for the predicament in Gaza.

      Worst of all, the Palestinians are caught up in a cult of death, called Islam. That vile religion is the source of all the trouble in the Middle East. I find it troubling that you are so blind to this.

      Peter, this bitterness will do grave harm to you – and already has.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Dear John, thank you so much for putting things in the proper perspective! I hope this helps many to understand what is really going on. I will keep you in my prayers Love Gena


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