America Destroyed Redux – Part 4 – China

The idea that my homeland would be murdered by EMP or sabotage fills me with horror. I love what my country once was, and such death and destruction is almost too much to think about. Unfortunately, we must not shrink from such thoughts because there can be no hope, without preparation.

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This brings us to China.

I find China to be an interesting threat because she is so complex, in so many different ways. Her motivations are different than ours. Her way of thinking and how her society works is completely foreign to us.

I, myself, have been immersed in Chinese culture – here in Taiwan – for close to four years, and I still find myself perplexed by this fascinating society.


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America Destroyed Redux – Part 4 – China

I think that the only reason why China hasn’t destroyed America, is that she doesn’t yet see how this would benefit her. Unfortunately, the foolish policies of the US government are starting to make the destruction of America a tempting choice.

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Reading through all of that should be an eye-opening experience for you. China has spent decades developing biological weapons for the purpose of conquering America, and General Chi Haotian boasted that they had invested in the development of biological weapons – instead of Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups.

Chinese Biological Weapons

The fact that China is now building Carrier Battle Groups should make you wonder:

Does China now have the biological weapons that she needs to conquer America?

And, with the current spread of Ebola in Africa…

Has one of those weapons already been released?


Was this just a test?

I don’t think that we can know the answer to any of those questions, and I’m not completely sure that we could trust those in a position to know.

The point is that the Chinese have invested heavily in biological weapons – to the equivalent of several Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups. And that means that they have, right now, the ability to completely destroy America without anyone realizing that it was China that did it.

Is China ready to do such a thing?

China Is Ready

Well, there ARE those in the Chinese government who ARE ready to do this, and China has a history of being unable to completely control rogue elements within her regime. Furthermore, we also have the potential of an accidental release of a biological agent.

My wife reads Chinese news, and on Wednesday night, she stumbled across the rumor of an accidental bio-weapon release in China – several years ago. According to the report, China had to impose a strict quarantine and essentially destroy the town. And, the report goes on to indicate that the SARS epidemic that we experienced, might have been the result of an accidental release of a Chinese bio-weapon.

Or, was it?

The point is that China has the ability to completely destroy America with biological weapons, if pressed to do so by American foreign policy. Unfortunately, the US appears to be on the road to doing that.

Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction

However, biological weapons aren’t the only arrows in China’s quiver. She also has the ability to completely destroy the American financial system.

You probably know about China being the worlds largest holder of US Treasury bonds. She holds just under 1.3 trillion dollars of US Treasury Securities.

But, are you sure that this is ALL that she holds?

I’ve heard rumors that she holds more than that. And, there have also been rather more substantial rumors that China was involved in the take-down of the US financial system in 2008 – but stopped her attack before completely destroying it.

If China dumped all of her US Treasuries, right now, it would be Game Over for the United States. There would be no way that the United States could survive such a financial attack. Her international power would be completely destroyed. She would be unable to pay for her military, or anything else.

In fact, such a catastrophic event would be so bad that it is difficult to accurately predict everything that would happen. And, couple that with a biological attack…

…well, it would be the end of the American Empire – overnight.

More people would probably survive a biological and/or financial attack – as opposed to an EMP attack. But, such an attack would still be the kind of ‘deadly wound’ that Revelation 13:3 speaks of.

Christian China

And, if China was the author of America’s destruction, it would be completely ironic, because China has a far more Christian population than the US. There are a hundred million Chinese Christians who have chosen Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior – in the face of serious persecution.

Are there even a million Christians of this caliber in the US?

Not even close.

How ironic that China is a more Christian country than America. And, I have experienced this first-hand, in my interaction with those Chinese Christians who have shown up in my classes.

Christianity in America has become a debased, feel-good philosophy that bears no resemblance to the faith of our spiritual fathers. We have become carnal, adulterous twisters of the Bible. And, it is clear to me that God has left us to our well-deserved fate.

America Or China

Long before I realized the dire situation of the US, my wife and I sat in our apartment in Jerusalem – having to decide whether to return to America, or go to live in the Republic of China (aka, Taiwan). We sought God for direction, and it quickly became clear to me that we could not go back to the US.

I hate to say it, but the Chinese are a better people than we are. And, they certainly deserve better than what we have given them.

God help us all.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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