America Destroyed Redux – Part 2 – The EMP Assassin

In part 4 of my America Destroyed series, I laid out the only option that made sense to me – an EMP attack. But, having discovered that the makhaira could be an assassin’s weapon, I think that we should revisit this idea. Furthermore, there is evidence to indicate that an assassination attempt on the US – by EMP – is in our future.

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There are indications that the US Navy has taken extraordinary steps to protect the US and itself from EMP attack, and that thought should concentrate all of our minds. The lives of hundreds of millions of Americans and Canadians are at stake, and that includes you and your family.


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America Destroyed Redux – Part 2 – The EMP Assassin

In ancient Greece, the assassin’s blade would have been called a makhaira.You would NOT use a rhomphaia. Rhomphaia is the other Greek word for sword in the Bible, and you would ONLY use a rhomphaia if you were in battle.

Does this mean that America’s destruction will NOT happen due to invasion?

Not necessarily. After all, the gladius was THE sword used by Roman soldiers in battle, and the Greeks would have considered it to be a double-edged version of the makhaira.

Also, we need to remember that the Greek word for battle is this one:

μάχη – makhe

And THAT is the root for makhaira.

So, even though I talk about an assassin using a makhaira, it really is a weapon of war.

Okay, so enough of the Greek. Let’s talk a bit about a possible EMP attack on the US.

The Elegant Assassination

In science and mathematics, we refer to solutions that are neat, simple and effective as elegant. I have a background in science, so that’s how I use the word, myself. I suspect that assassins who are masters of their craft think the same way. That’s why I am about to say something that would shock some of you out of your gourd, without first explaining my use of the word, ‘elegant’.

Because, in terms of murder and death:

An EMP attack is a supremely elegant way to murder an empire.

Potentially, all it would take to destroy the United States of America is just one super-emp weapon exploded at Low Earth Orbit (LEO), over my hometown of Indianapolis. Of course, two or three distributed evenly across the skies of the US would be better, but just one would be enough.

EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse

For those of you who don’t know, EMP stands for something called an Electromagnetic Pulse. And, it occurs when either a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from a Solar Flare hits the Earth, or a nuclear weapon explodes. (Lightening strikes are also a form of EMP.)

Both the US military and Russia have tested EMP weapons and have found them to be extraordinarily effective in destroying electrical and electronic infrastructures. In fact, they both have strategies for the use of EMP weapons, in the event of war.

Why would the US, Russia, China, India, etc. consider an EMP attack useful?

Because it would destroy the electricity grid of your target, and potentially all of the advanced electronics in the area, as well. The more advanced you are technologically, the more vulnerable you are to such an attack.

As our computers and electronics have advanced in power, they have become extraordinarily sensitive to electromagnetic pulse. And, we have had to go to extraordinary lengths to protect them.

When The Lights Go Out

The other problem is that the American electricity grid is in desperate need of maintenance and an upgrade. Our power plants and transmission lines are old, and our effort to modernize America’s infrastructure is moving at a snail’s pace. And, this means that we are extremely vulnerable to an EMP attack.

Why is such a discussion necessary?

Because, when the lights go out, you will run out of water within hours. You will run out of food and fuel within days. And you will die. Terribly.

It really is that simple.

Most Americans will die from thirst, or from those who are looking for water. The rest will die from hunger – or again, from violent neighbors looking for food. Very few would actually survive.

In fact, even if an EMP weapon DIDN’T take out all of the electricity of the US, America would still be destroyed as a nation – and more importantly, an empire.

EMP Satellites

As Frank Brady illustrated in his excellent article, all that it would take is some country to launch what they call a satellite into orbit – and then set off the nuclear weapon inside when it flies over the US.

Is the North Korean Kwangmyongsong 3 Unit 2 an EMP weapon?

I don’t think so – only because I’m not sure that the North Koreans are sufficiently advanced to create a super-emp weapon that is just 200 lbs. But, I could be wrong.

I certainly would feel much better, if they shot the thing down.

Of course, there are any number of satellites up there that could be a super-emp weapon. And, I’m not sure that we could shoot down all the satellites that might have a bomb in it. Even one of the Russian modules of the International Space Station could have one on board.

Anything is possible.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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