America Destroyed Redux – Part 1 – Death by Makhaira

When I did my America Destroyed series, I talked about this as the fulfillment of Revelation 13:3. And, a few of you responded by making a connection to ancient slaughtering methods. I initially wasn’t so sure, but was prompted to look at the original Greek of Revelation 13:14.

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That made me think. The original Greek word for sword, used in verse 14, isn’t one of those big blades that Medieval knights would whack each other with. It’s a makhaira, as opposed to a rhomphaia.

This distinction made me realize that there might be a bit more to this.


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America Destroyed Redux – Part 1 – Death by Makhaira

As you know, the New Testament was written in Greek. And, the word sword is used 27 times. However, our English translations of the Bible often do not reveal the complexity of the original Greek. Just as there are a thousand words for reindeer among the Sami, there are at least two words for sword among the ancient Greeks:

makhaira – a single-edged short sword that could also be what we would call a knife.

rhomphaia – a long, sometimes curved, sword that can also be attached to a pole – and even have two edges.

The rhomphaia is used exclusively in battle, but it’s not something that you would carry around with you, in daily life. You’d probably put it up above the fireplace and only take it down when you were called up for war. After a certain point, it would stay up there and act as a source for the stories that you’d tell your kids and grandkids – about all the battles that you fought in.

Makhaira – A Personal, Concealable Weapon

The makhaira is also used in battle, but it IS something that you’d carry about with you for personal defense. In fact, everyone carrying a rhomphaia would also be carrying a makhaira.

To think of it with a modern perspective, if you were carrying a rifle, or a squad automatic weapon (like the M249), you’d probably also have a pistol, holstered on your belt. And, you certainly aren’t going to be carrying a rifle to the supermarket, even in dangerous neighborhoods.

Also the makhaira can be concealed easily. If you were trying to sneak around with a rhomphaia, you’d have a pretty tough time doing that. This means that the makhaira would be the weapon of choice for the assassin. And, THAT thought has opened up my thinking about what America faces, in terms of this Biblical threat.

America – The Seventh Head

At this moment in time, there is no doubt in my mind that America is the seventh head of Revelation 13. She fits the description in Revelation, and there does not appear to be an empire ready to take the stage, with the right set of characteristics that would qualify it for being one of the heads of the Beast. Furthermore, there just isn’t enough time left, within the time frame of the Last Days, to bring on another candidate.

So, America is IT, and she’s going to be killed by a machaira. But, it will be a death that is slow enough that someone (or something) will be able to heal the wound and keep her from dying.

To put it another way, those who witness what happens will not believe that America could survive. But, for some reason, she will. The deadly wound will be healed.

The wound that should have killed her will be healed in time, to keep her from dying.

The question in my mind, is this one:

What scenario could reasonably account for all of that?

A few possibilities come to mind, and I will lead with what I believe to be the most relevant one, tomorrow – Lord willing.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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