Between Now and Disaster – Part 4 – Loose Cannons

As the pressure builds towards war, events can occur that ignite conflict in a way that was ‘unplanned’. We’ve seen this throughout history, and we often focus on these events that come from ‘left field’ – without realizing their source. When history records the start of World War III, everyone will focus on some rather minor incident rather than the cause.

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Something will happen, like a match igniting a fuse, that will blow up the world. We will concentrate on the match, but matches don’t explode. That’s what bombs do.

I’ve already talked about the bombs that have been carefully laid out, ready for the right moment for the Global Elites to set them off. But, more than just the Elites have a match. And, we often refer to these kinds of people as ‘loose cannons’.


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Between Now and Disaster – Part 4 – Loose Cannons

When people talk about the reason for World War I, they usually refer to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

Would it surprise you to know that his death was NOT the cause of World War I?

Well, that’s because of something called Popular History. Popular history is a fictionalized version of the past, written by the victors of war. It has some truth to it, but it’s not THE truth. But, I’ll chase that rabbit another time.

The Point About World War I

The point about World War I was the Ottoman Empire. It was crumbling, and the countries of Europe each wanted a piece of that delicious pie. Furthermore, they also knew that the first one ‘to jump’ would get the biggest piece. So, everyone was eyeing each other as they jockeyed for the best position. And EVERYONE was looking for the right moment to launch their war.

Believe it or not, but everyone studies World War I, if they are serious about the study of nuclear war strategy. It is the best real-world nuclear scenario that we have. The first to launch their attack would have the greatest chance of survival and the best chance of getting what they wanted. And, the prewar arms race was a mirror image of the nuclear arms race of the Cold War.

Serbian Loose Cannons

So, when a young Serbian nationalist came out of the crowd, stepped up to the Austrian Archduke’s automobile, reached in and shot Franz Ferdinand… that was not the cause.

That was the match.

To put it another way, the Serbians were the loose cannon.

What loose cannons do we have sliding about the deck of our ship?

By the way, ‘loose cannon’ refers to the days of sailing ships,
when cannons were secured by rope or chain. Should a cannon
slip out of its restraints, it would roll about the deck of a ship
in an unpredictable way – killing and injuring men and the ship,
as the waves tossed everything about.

Our Loose Cannons

Unfortunately, we have one really big one that threatens to sink the ship:

Islamic Radicals

Now, not all Islamic Radicals can be classified as ‘loose cannons’. The most successful radicals wear a leash and have been well-paid to stand where they are. In fact, quite a few of these ‘Islamic Radicals’ might not be Muslim at all. For instance, we’ve caught CIA and MI6 guys wearing keffiyehs, posing as Muslims and shooting up the neighborhood.

The thing about Islamic radicals is that they have a bad habit of reading the Quran and doing things their own way. Once you’ve given these guys weapons and money, and… well, it’s hard to tell who they will go after.

About That Border With Mexico – Tosh Plumlee

I mention all of this because of a video that I listened to last night. I got it from Steve Quayle, and he picked it up from Lyn Leahz. Lyn got it from Leading Edge Radio, in an interview of Tosh Plumlee by Keith Hardin in the first week of July.

Here’s the interview:

Former CIA Agent Reveals Startling Information

Vimeo link:

Here is the link to Lyn’s article:

Tosh Plumlee reveals quite a bit of interesting information about the Islamic radicals that are streaming across the border from Mexico.

How many of them are planning terrorist attacks on a shoe string budget?

…attacks that even the Global Elites can’t anticipate?

Loose Cannons Streaming Over The Border

Remember that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to build a bomb. Someone trained properly could do so with common ingredients.

More importantly…

Do we have a fifth column army of insurgents crossing the border?

As the global, NWO Elites put their plans into operation, as they struggle with each other over who will control the world…

Do they understand what these loose cannons could be doing?

Other Loose Cannons

It’s an interesting thought, and there are more loose cannons than just Islamic terrorist wannabes. There are all kinds of people who should have pushed this button… instead of …THAT. Mail gets delivered to wrong addresses, and phone calls don’t get picked up. Meetings don’t happen when they should. Secrets get whispered to the wrong person.

Lots of little things happen to mess up plans and stratagems. Lots of things.

Worse, I don’t think that the Illuminati really know what they’re doing. They’re really just dim-witted monkeys playing with matches, while cannons roll around loose on deck. But, there is Someone who DOES know what He’s doing.

So, let’s talk about God, tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


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18 thoughts on “Between Now and Disaster – Part 4 – Loose Cannons”

  1. I have a sick feeling about this plane being ‘shot down’.
    Funny how the talking heads are starting with there talking points…
    1. Safely traveling at 10,000 m, full of fuel, just starting out on long flight, safest phase of the flight,
    2. Had to be the Seperatists and used missles they saw days earlier
    3. Blaming it on the Russians
    4. Ukranians say ‘wasn’t us’
    5. Was shot down
    6. Body parts scattered 7 miles apart
    Funny, just in time for lunch time news here EST. How stupid do they think we are!?!?
    This year looks like it’s going to be a wirlwind of activity trying to push the world to WW3.
    May God have mercy on our souls….
    Thanks for heading you call John and being a Watchman.

  2. Hi John,
    I can remember once reading a article about how nuclear missles were fired by India and Pakisatan and the missles did not work. God is still in control and nothing will happen without him allowing it too. He has a time for everything. So while I sit here and cotemplate the tragies that are taking place in the world I am remembering that while we look up and know that redemption draws near that he gave each of us somthing to do. That is to share the gospel. Hell is a very real place. And we are only here like a vapor. So if the holy spirit opens the door and allows you to speak about the Blood of Jesus and his free gift to be saved then lets each of us do our part and turn tragedy into victory and lead others to Jesus and the way to heaven. Only when we have nothing will many think about what is truly important in life. So let us watch for the messiah’s return and be strong and willing to share the gospel to the lost ,

  3. So if you notice the headlines over the past week. You will see how U.S. back Ukrainian forces have fired two times in Russia with casualties followed by punishing sanctions just issued by Obama and the last headline refers to the BRIC Bank that was just announced a few days ago that will set to rival the illuminati IMF Bank. Also remember, from a few days ago, Christine Lagarde, the IMF President, and her so called magic “7” speech that eerily signaled a false flag leading up to July 20th. Notice how the Malaysian plane is a 777 and it was flying at 33 thousand feet. Remember 33 is the highest degree of freemasonary and they in conjunction with the illuminatie elites have been trying to provoke a fight that will eventually lead to WWIII. Putin has been constantly been trying to avoid engaging in their tactics by choosing not to respond as the illuminati would like for him to do so, but the Illuminati are persistent in their efforts. Notice also how this plane was flying from the Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Holland, along with Denmark, Belgium are basically the world headquarters of the tribe of Dan illuminati families. Make note also that back in April 26 of this year, Obama flew to Malaysia on his Asian trip. Strange because it was the first time a president has flown to Maylasia since LBJ in the mid 1960’s. It was as if they were making sure everyone was on the same page in reference to something. The illuminati know the missing Malaysian plane would be used for this purpose.

    • Hi Bronna,

      I’m not sure that we can see numerology at work here. I think that we would need more information to determine this.

      Also, you are insinuating that the Illuminati are Jewish. This is not the case. Those Jewish families that joined the Illuminati have been required to renounce Judaism to join.

      Following your line of thought, we would have to consider that the Baptists are Illuminati also, because the Rockefeller family have been rumored to be Baptist.

      Bronna, anti-semitism is both foolish, illogical and anti-scriptural. Since you are anti-Jewish, I assume that you are against the creation of the State of Israel and Jewish control of Jerusalem.

      If you are, then you are guilty of resisting God as He fulfills Ezekiel 36 and 37.

      You are on dangerous ground, Bronna. Very dangerous.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I’m against evil and any association with it, regardless of who it is. Obama is not jewish but I am totally against what he is doing. Following your line of thought, are all Baptist’s part of the illuminati?…If I’m hiding behind a brick wall does that make me a brick, like the illuminati hiding behind baptists?..I resist evil/the devil not God…I am not anti-semitic. If i am against what the elite are doing in the land of America, does that make me anti-American? I think NOT.

        • Hi Bronna,

          Of course you are antisemitic. You are trying to paint the Jews as the originators of all the problems in this world.

          You can try to tell me how there are other groups of people that you despise, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are an antisemite.

          Do the Jews sin against God?

          Sure. They aren’t saved. In fact, they’re like any other unsaved group of people in the world. The only difference between unsaved Jews and other kinds of unsaved people is that they have a much stronger code of ethics and morality.

          God is bringing the Jewish people back to Himself.

          Are you going to be a part of that, or are you going to keep spreading about the oft-told lies about the Jews?

          Your choice, Bronna.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  4. What a day of events that can’t be but nothing short of biblical! Plane shot down in Ukraine and then literally hours later Isreal starts ground invasion of Gaza. We are teetering on the edge of WWIII. I see events unfolding very quick. Please be safe everyone dark times approach.

  5. I saw somewhere in your articles reference to the event that started the end times. Can you please review this and explain how you are so certain events are accelerating toward the tribulation. It’s very difficult to live day to day life if you’re always looking around the corner for the end. On the flip side of this after completely researching 9/11 I finally came away convinced that our president (Bush) and Cheney were completely in control of this terrible event. It still boggles my mind that George W. can be this evil (I voted for him twice). This cabal got away with this and when Cheney popped up recently and started talking about ISIS driving a nuclear bomb down a freeway on the east coast all my radar went off. If he is talking about this Watch Out, it’s probably part of their plan. Satan is very clever and I’m afraid America plays an important role in the end times. I’ve actually started believing that Jesus has given me a curiosity about these events to help educate me along with other people. I believe we can become prophetic through hard, diligent research and it doesn’t always have to be visionary and sort of magical the way some Christians practice this. My mother even told me last week that while she was praying a still, small voice said things are not as they seem. She is very liberal and I’ve been talking with her a lot about these things I’ve learned. For her to say this was quite a change. I reaffirm my salvation with Jesus every day and ask the Holy Spirit to walk with me each day. Thank you for your message.


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