Between Now and Disaster – Part 3 – Prewar Maneuvering

In my introduction to this series, I spoke of the maneuvering that happened before World War II. And, it’s clear to me that we are involved in the same kind of maneuvering now.

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The problem is that we are in a much, much weaker position vis-a-vis other countries. Before WWII, we were exporting oil and resources to the world. Now, we are importing – or having to depend on expensive domestic production. And, we are dependent upon foreigners for our power and prosperity.

All of that has put us in an exceptionally vulnerable position – a position that Russia will know how to exploit.


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Between Now and Disaster – Part 3 – Prewar Maneuvering

Most of you did not know that Americans originally wanted no part of World War II. In fact, they didn’t even want to be a part of World War I. They were sympathetic to the British, but felt that it was a bad idea to get involved in such ‘foreign entanglements’. But, Americans are an emotional people, and emotional people can be manipulated.

The Lusitania And World War I

That’s where the RMS Lusitania came in – a passenger ship purposely loaded with weapons and ammunition, so that it would be sunk by the Germans. It was a ‘set up’ to bring America into World War I.

Germany took out advertisements pleading with people to not take the Lusitania from America to Britain, but people ignored their pleading. And, 1,198 passengers and crew went to their deaths. When the German U-Boat launched her torpedo at the doomed passenger ship, it was the American government that pulled the trigger.

The sinking of the Lusitania was murder, plain and simple – by the US. And, divers recently found evidence that the Germans were right. The Lusitania WAS running guns.

Whoever set that operation up has the blood of the passengers of the Lusitania on his hands – as well as the 204,002 Americans killed in World War I. It was murder, and our great-great-grandfathers were manipulated into participating.

Pearl Harbor And World War II

Then, there was World War II. Roosevelt wanted a third term, and his New Deal was failing. So, he tried the Lusitania Option, and Hitler refused to take the bait. At the same time, Roosevelt was provoking the Japanese. The Japanese repeatedly tried to find some way to maintain peace with America, but America was determined to drag Japan into war with the US.

American cryptographers had broken Japanese diplomatic and naval codes, which enabled them to manipulate the Japanese into war. It was also why they knew of the attack on Pearl Harbor ahead of time, and why all US aircraft carriers were away from Pearl Harbor when the attack came.

Roosevelt got his war, and 420 thousand Americans died.

Were Japan and Germany awful?

Of course.

Did they need to be taken down?

Of course.

But, Americans helped put Hitler in power in the first place. Just take a good hard look at the activities of Prescott Bush – George Bush Sr’s father. And, Japan would not have been desperate for raw materials if we hadn’t been blocking Japan from getting them.

Would there still be wars, if the scum that we call politicians hadn’t been tricking us into them?

Probably, but with less loss of life and far, far less blood of innocents upon our hands. We let these people of uncertain parentage take over, so I’m not sure that the blood washes off.

And, I just LOVE this lying-through-his-teeth quote from Roosevelt:

Our national determination to keep free of foreign wars and foreign entanglements cannot prevent us from feeling deep concern when ideals and principles that we have cherished are challenged.Franklin D. Roosevelt

(By the way, the phrase ‘foreign entanglements’ comes from FDR,
NOT George Washington

Now, let’s look at what is happening now.

America Tries For ANOTHER World War

The US tried ANOTHER ‘Lusitania’ strategy by staging a coup in Ukraine, but Russia didn’t take the bait. So, the US tried other avenues to push Russia into a corner, which caused Russia to start looking for allies.

How do we see that?

The development of the BRICS and the BRICS bank.

Did you notice the deals that Russia has been making lately?

Here are some moves by Russia:

  • Investment deals in South America.

Of course, the CFR and the US State Department didn’t really like all that.

So, how has America responded?

Well, check out what our beloved leaders are up to:

They Want World War III To Take Our Freedom

If you look closely at all of this (and more) you will see an attempt by America to start yet a THIRD World War.

Why would America want ANOTHER World War?

Let me answer that with another question:

Have you noticed how much moral damage was sustained by American society during and after these wars?

I have, and it’s profoundly disturbing. After each war we found ourselves having drifted further and further away from God.

Have you noticed how many freedoms we lost, as we fought each war?

I have, and I am horrified.

We would NOT be in the predicament that we are in today, were it not for all the wars that we have fought over the past century, and the moral decay that followed. We have suffered through a century of unending war, and it has destroyed us.

When the final missiles take us out, all they will do is sift the rubble of a long-dead society.

As we abandoned God…

is it any wonder that He has abandoned us?

Welcome to the end of the world.

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