Between Now and Disaster – Part 3 – Prewar Maneuvering

In my introduction to this series, I spoke of the maneuvering that happened before World War II. And, it’s clear to me that we are involved in the same kind of maneuvering now.

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The problem is that we are in a much, much weaker position vis-a-vis other countries. Before WWII, we were exporting oil and resources to the world. Now, we are importing – or having to depend on expensive domestic production. And, we are dependent upon foreigners for our power and prosperity.

All of that has put us in an exceptionally vulnerable position – a position that Russia will know how to exploit.


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Between Now and Disaster – Part 3 – Prewar Maneuvering

Most of you did not know that Americans originally wanted no part of World War II. In fact, they didn’t even want to be a part of World War I. They were sympathetic to the British, but felt that it was a bad idea to get involved in such ‘foreign entanglements’. But, Americans are an emotional people, and emotional people can be manipulated.

The Lusitania And World War I

That’s where the RMS Lusitania came in – a passenger ship purposely loaded with weapons and ammunition, so that it would be sunk by the Germans. It was a ‘set up’ to bring America into World War I.

Germany took out advertisements pleading with people to not take the Lusitania from America to Britain, but people ignored their pleading. And, 1,198 passengers and crew went to their deaths. When the German U-Boat launched her torpedo at the doomed passenger ship, it was the American government that pulled the trigger.

The sinking of the Lusitania was murder, plain and simple – by the US. And, divers recently found evidence that the Germans were right. The Lusitania WAS running guns.

Whoever set that operation up has the blood of the passengers of the Lusitania on his hands – as well as the 204,002 Americans killed in World War I. It was murder, and our great-great-grandfathers were manipulated into participating.

Pearl Harbor And World War II

Then, there was World War II. Roosevelt wanted a third term, and his New Deal was failing. So, he tried the Lusitania Option, and Hitler refused to take the bait. At the same time, Roosevelt was provoking the Japanese. The Japanese repeatedly tried to find some way to maintain peace with America, but America was determined to drag Japan into war with the US.

American cryptographers had broken Japanese diplomatic and naval codes, which enabled them to manipulate the Japanese into war. It was also why they knew of the attack on Pearl Harbor ahead of time, and why all US aircraft carriers were away from Pearl Harbor when the attack came.

Roosevelt got his war, and 420 thousand Americans died.

Evidence Of Foul Play

For a fascinating analysis of this run-up to World War II, here’s a great video from the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor | Robert Higgs

YouTube shortlink:

The text of the above speech can be found here:

It literally makes me sick to think about the evil that we were tricked into participating in.

Were Japan and Germany awful?

Of course.

Did they need to be taken down?

Of course.

But, Americans helped put Hitler in power in the first place. Just take a good hard look at the activities of Prescott Bush – George Bush Sr’s father. And, Japan would not have been desperate for raw materials if we hadn’t been blocking Japan from getting them.

Would there still be wars, if the scum that we call politicians hadn’t been tricking us into them?

Probably, but with less loss of life and far, far less blood of innocents upon our hands. We let these people of uncertain parentage take over, so I’m not sure that the blood washes off.

And, I just LOVE this lying-through-his-teeth quote from Roosevelt:

Our national determination to keep free of foreign wars and foreign entanglements cannot prevent us from feeling deep concern when ideals and principles that we have cherished are challenged.Franklin D. Roosevelt

(By the way, the phrase ‘foreign entanglements’ comes from FDR,
NOT George Washington

Now, let’s look at what is happening now.

America Tries For ANOTHER World War

The US tried ANOTHER ‘Lusitania’ strategy by staging a coup in Ukraine, but Russia didn’t take the bait. So, the US tried other avenues to push Russia into a corner, which caused Russia to start looking for allies.

How do we see that?

The development of the BRICS and the BRICS bank.

Did you notice the deals that Russia has been making lately?

Here are some moves by Russia:

  • Investment deals in South America.

Of course, the CFR and the US State Department didn’t really like all that.

So, how has America responded?

Well, check out what our beloved leaders are up to:

They Want World War III To Take Our Freedom

If you look closely at all of this (and more) you will see an attempt by America to start yet a THIRD World War.

Why would America want ANOTHER World War?

Let me answer that with another question:

Have you noticed how much moral damage was sustained by American society during and after these wars?

I have, and it’s profoundly disturbing. After each war we found ourselves having drifted further and further away from God.

Have you noticed how many freedoms we lost, as we fought each war?

I have, and I am horrified.

We would NOT be in the predicament that we are in today, were it not for all the wars that we have fought over the past century, and the moral decay that followed. We have suffered through a century of unending war, and it has destroyed us.

When the final missiles take us out, all they will do is sift the rubble of a long-dead society.

As we abandoned God…

is it any wonder that He has abandoned us?

Welcome to the end of the world.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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25 thoughts on “Between Now and Disaster – Part 3 – Prewar Maneuvering”

  1. Greetings,
    I agree with reasoning & insight on your posts.
    One thing I believe God has shown me is that every country we have helped or been in war with is less Christian than before we intervened. A look at Europe & Christianity is basically dead there. An Orthodox Priest, I believe from Syria, said this spring, “America, please leave the Middle East, you are killing Christians.”
    I had never thought about, before you mentioned it, that we are less Christian also after every war.
    Great insight. Be Blessed.

    • Hi Darryl,

      Oh dear. That was an interesting observation. Not only are WE less Christian after a war, but the countries we invade/fight are less Christian, too.

      What a disturbing thought.

      Thank you, Darryl.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hi John,

    Pls forward this ‘Part 3 Prewar Maneuvering’ to my email address. I have been forwarding your articles to my friends, until one of them ‘unsubscribed’ and somehow. you have also ‘unsubscribed’ me. I don’t know how to forward this article, unless you forward to me anew.

    Sorry for troubling you; guess I am better at kite flying..

    Kitemaster Cheok

    • Hi Kitemaster Cheok,

      The email database indicates that you are still subscribed, so check your ‘junk mail’. I’m sorry that you are having this trouble.

      I never unsubscribe people unless they communicate with me that they cannot seem to unsubscribe themselves. The fact that you’re having trouble is a little disturbing, especially since this is an expensive email service that I’d rather not pay for.

      In the mean time, I will send you the article directly.

      Sorry for the trouble, Kitemaster. May the wind be at your back, and may your kites fly above all others.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. I just sent the article, now.

  3. I have to wonder if Operation Paperclip also helped along the moral decline after WWII. After all, it was German scientists using highly unethical and immoral procedures, not to mention the satanic elements to gain their knowledge. It’s hard to believe those same actions would not be continued even after relocation.

  4. God Bless you John Little,
    your ole heretic here again…. 😉

    You remember Iraq? Weapons of mass destruction? Hmm… never did find those, did they? Like grandfather like grandson, it was Bush’s war, and I voted for him, to my great disappointment. I quit the ‘R’ party after that.

    Iraq, 4500+ dead boys for what? The war was not about WMD, it was about the Petro-Dollar… Saddam had a lot of nerve, accepting Euro for oil…

    Vietnam? Gulf of Tonkin was the lie that started that little party, and 58,000+ died, including my dad… and almost myself.

    When are we going to learn to quit listening to politicians, preachers and pundits of the money changers? Never, except for a Remnant… those that have “eyes that see, and ears that hear”…
    We have fallen into apathy by the doctrines of devils… what is a doctrine of devils?
    Any doctrine that gives you moral justification for sitting on your arse while watching evil take over. This includes The Rapture THEORY.

    Thus, the evil is not to blame for the ills of the world, but, the good guys. Evil does what it does… evil thrives when good men do nothing. We want to believe that we are not led by evil, but power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This lesson is extended into the spiritual realm by the understanding of the lesson of Samuel and Saul, and the lesson of the Lord battling the money changers in the temple.

    God did not want us to have kings, and He fought against the System of Babylon. The System of Babylon is threefold, what today we call the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. Money changers backed up by the Kings soldiers, with admonition by the priests to “submit to Godly authority”. Sound familiar? IT should, it is OUR system, and has been, all down the ages of empires. This is the true meaning of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar. The Head of Gold, with breast and arms of true believers, standing on the legs of ideology, left and right, held up by the ten toes of iron and clay.

  5. I found out about some of the events you mentioned a few years ago. One Sunday I started reading a 4 part article by G. Edward Griffen, ‘Your Future Calling’. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading. There hasn’t been a war that the U.S. hasn’t manipulated events to get involved with! It wasn’t long before reading this that I finally realized 9/11 was an inside job, a self inflicted wound. That was like the first leg of a 3 legged chair getting chopped off. Discovering that these other events were also false flag events was the second leg cut off the chair. Now it is a fully rogue land, run by evil. The vast majority are dumbed down and indulgent in all sorts of bad things, have long ago turned away from Christian values and faith. The country is gone. It is in cardiac arrest and I don’t believe, regardless of how some feel with their rah rah attitude, will be recovered. At least not to anything resembling or following the inalienable rights in the bill of rights. I have a pretty good idea what is rapidly approaching and it isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t called a great tribulation, the likes of which have never occured before nor will ever again! So great that if it were not cut short by the appearance of the almighty Lord, no flesh would survive.
    Are we ready for this? I have to seriously pause over that question. I hope so. It would be a mistake to wait until then to decide. We better be set in our resistance before hand and be prepared to face ‘the beast’. We are doing our best to get out of the way, and prepare and be disconnected from the ‘system’. It seems near impossible to do so totally. In other words, there aren’t many places left to hide.

  6. I just looked up the history of the income tax, because I’d heard it had something to do with paying for a war (Civil, it turns out) and was supposed to end when that was paid off. Instead, they of course found multiple reasons to continue and increase the practice of taxation without representation (representatives that ignore constituents are basically lack of representation) which was one of the main reasons we sought our independence to begin with. Or so I’ve heard. And in this process I saw what the 16th amendment was (basically giving congress carte blanche to impose taxes) and it gave me a new perspective on the constitution, which is NOT all good. I have also heard that Social Security was originally presented as a gigantic savings account, but because government simply could not keep their hands out of all that money it became a gigantic Ponzi scheme instead. That I have not researched, but it sure makes sense. I am beginning to see government as a demonic parasite.

    I am aware of NDAA, apparently rationalized by 9/11; but I am not well informed on details of WW 1 & 2. What moral decay resulted and what freedoms did we lose? I see moral decay all around me, and I have lived long enough to see its progression, but the part of history I have seen began in the 50s. Already I can’t believe how far standards have fallen. The 60s did a lot to loosen things up, combined with the invention of birth control pills, but at the same time it broke up this automatic trust of authority figures and initiated serious questioning of WHY there should be a war at all, and most importantly, questioning the motives of those in authority. And acknowledging how horribly we’ve been lied to.

    One of the strangest (to me) things I’ve observed over time is how there is a deliberate, strategic assault on any form of righteousness – what I’ve referred to earlier as a creating and spreading of evil for its own sake. In the time I have lived, I’ve seen a complete destruction of sexual morality, which started by separating it from love and commitment; then making it socially acceptable to have children with no thought of marriage or the child’s need for a loving and present father (in my earliest memory, being unmarried and pregnant was such a serious disaster that some girls would attempt suicide rather than go through it, or even dare to tell their parents – which was one of the rationales for legalizing abortion. But once that was done, it soon became a mere convenience); to openly accepting homosexuality even in church leadership; to decriminalizing pedophilia (I’ve read about efforts in that direction); to a continual pushing of boundaries into various perversions.

    Then – and this is what has amazed me in recent years – I saw an increasing fascination with vampires, werewolves, zombies, and a presentation of death and a dark afterlife packaged in such a way as to make it look “cool” and desirable. Of course dying in an unsaved state is anything but desirable or cool, but truth is not the objective here, seduction to evil is. It’s like, when the enemy had succeeded in establishing fleshly sin as normal, he went on to make spiritual depravity seem desirable. I was walking thru a Walmart recently and saw a display of fingernail polish. The advertisement said “SIN!” in huge letters. I was completely baffled as to what sin had to do with fingernail polish, so I had to stop and read it, and apparently the concept of sin has become so attractive that marketing departments are using it to describe the latest colors. In one lifetime, all has been turned on its head and good is called evil and evil, good.

    I’m babbling again. No problem if you just want to consider this an email and not post it. I just continue to be amazed at what the enemy has accomplished in the short duration, historically speaking, of one lifetime.

    But I can’t really say that we are responsible for the behavior of our government, since they have to lie and scheme at every turn in order to get their abominable aims past us. And I agree with one of your other commenters that voting has probably been pointless since 1913. I follow Gerald Celente, and when he interviewed John Connally – present at the JFK assassination – John told him that if the US citizens knew what was REALLY going on there would be a revolution. No doubt. That’s why they have to hide it from us. But we have certainly given in wholesale to the seductions of the enemy via society and the media.

  7. MY DAD was stationed on the ARIZONA BATTLE SHIP,a few days before the ATTACK on pearl harbor,HE was at a meeting on the ARIZONA,THE CAPTAINS and lower rank officers were all there,..BUT NOT THE BASE COMMANDER, EVERYONE suspected they were being SETUP,my dad shot down THREE JAPANESE O’s with a thomson machine gun,he said it was like shooting ducks in a pond,they flew over so low,HE couldn’t miss,After the attack ,amazingly the BASE commander disappeared,they said he got called back to Washington DC,VERY few service men knew what really happened,and the US GOVERNMENT WAS GUILTY of the death of everyone that died at pearl harbor that day,..THE PROPHETS OF “GOD” are saying its going to HAPPEN again,only this time it will be THE NORTH KOREAIANS,and they will be using NUKES on pearl harbor this time………….

  8. John, thank you for your fine & well researched Article. I’ve been following your posts for about a year, or 18 Mos., and have found that I have little to add.

    I too am a “End Times / Last Days” researcher, (one reason I found your site btw), and am fairly up to date on both the physical dynamics, as well as the Spiritual realities, that encompass the “END TIMES” and the “LAST DAYS”. And, yes! I agree with your summation of America’s future demise.

    Though, I confess, it took me years to FULLY yield to accepting the reality that the American Financial / Commercial / Military System IS the “Whore of Babylon” spoken of, and FULLY described in Rev.18.

    I LOVE this Country’s (now lost) righteousness, (that was still evident) when I was a child, and LOVED my “Wonderful Life”, (that I credit the Lord with providing me).

    But, as I matured and began to focus on my Nation’s Policies, and, (then latter), TRUE History. As well as, and due to, deep & consistent study of the Scriptures & Yeshuah’s life and promises, I began to see the hypocrisy of our National reality…and the “Churchianity Social Club spirit” that had replaced true CHRIST centered FAITH & humble obedience spirit.

    But, it is men & women (like yourself), that TRULY “get it” [concerning the TRUE humble & yielded spirit the the Lord of Love genuinely calls us to], that encourages my soul, and gives me inspiration to continue to “FOLLOW GOD”, and “fight the good fight”, “having done all to stand, stand therefore, putting on the WHOLE armor of God…”.

    Again, thank you John for your obedience, and hard work in the Lord’s vineyard…”feeding His sheep the “meat in due season” that they so dearly need!

    I’ve recently missed several of your last posts, (business & crashed/virus infected computer), so today I’ve done some catching up, and I’m thrilled to see how well you’ve simplified a complex Global maneuvering & vying for position & power (financial & political), process, and, as well, how succinctly you’ve identified the various players, and their places at the Global NWO table of cards.

  9. Your reasoning is solid but your myopia when it comes to the gangsters residing in Russia is scary. Washington D.C. and Moscow are kissing cousins and the gangster group that has seized America also has control of Russia.
    Your continual reference to “America” as the bad guy is appalling. It’s not America that’s plotting world domination, it’s the crime syndicate that has gained control of America via stolen elections and a deliberate destroying of basic morality. A depraved people are much easier to control that a moral people.
    Your references to the false flags of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor etc. are correct but I am still an American. I lost a brother on the Arizona, December 7, 1941, I had another brother that served for 42 months in the Pacific Theater and I served for 11 months in a Combat Engineer Battalion in Korea. I AM STILL AN AMERICAN! And it makes my blood boil when someone calls the International Gangsters, the Illuminati, the New World Order Conspirators “Americans.” They are no more American than Hitler was a German or Obama is a Christian.
    Let’s get our terms straight. I agree with much of your premise though I believe Putin is actually in bed with Obama and they will giggle and laugh for a short time as they divide up the spoils.
    The criminals trying to get a corner on the world are not AMERICANS! They are a group of Satan worshipers that will soon be standing in front of the Great White Throne. Please don’t call this criminal element “America.”

    PS. We live in a part of New Mexico that is mapped as “uninhabited,” The only cop we’ve seen in 8 months was lost and asking for directions.
    By the way I have learned how to read your letter. I copy it and paste into Word where I can increase the size or contrast.

    • Hi Willard Aztec,

      My Dad had something like 8 uncles that served in World War II, in some of the toughest battles of the war. And, our family comes from a long line of patriotic Americans. In fact, a member of my family, also named John Little, fell in battle, fighting in Washington’s army, just days after he crossed the Delaware.

      Our family has ALWAYS been patriotic. And, I have a brother who has several combat tours under his belt and had to be medically discharged.

      So, I understand your anger at my reference to these people as Americans. However, they ARE Americans, and we are responsible for allowing them to do what they are doing. We slept while the enemy marched past.

      However, just to set the record straight, I do not see Putin as any better than Obama. He’s just a smarter, more deadly killer.

      I’m sorry, Willard. I wish that I could give you a better answer. Your generation was the last great generation that we had, and it’s a bitter thing to see a great country fall.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. P.S. : I was rereading Rev 13 and something jumped out at me that I hadn’t paid much attention to before – v 14, which in the Amplified translation describes the 7th head wound as being caused by a “small sword”. What kind of clue might that be?

    • Hi Jus’Say’n,

      Outside of the fact that he gets the name of Jesus wrong (It’s YESHUA, not Yahushua), he doesn’t offer any explanation for what I consider to be the key verse that identifies the woman who rides the Beast:

      And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.Revelation 17:6

      And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.Revelation 18:24

      If you can’t explain those two verses, then America cannot be the Babylon of Revelation.

      Thanks Jus’Say’n.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. Wow, John,
    I had only begun reading this, having gotten to:

    “The Lusitania and WW1”
    “That’s where the RMS Lusitania came in – a passenger ship purposely loaded with weapons and ammunition, so that it would be sunk by the Germans. It was a ‘set up’ to bring America into World War I.”

    When I decided to jump back to check out todays head-lines on Steve Quayles site right quickly. For obvious reasons, my eyes immediately caught the headline to the following article:

    “It was not until the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915, that killed nearly 1200 people that the tide of public opinion turned in America.”

    Read on:


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