Between Now and Disaster – Part 2 – ISIS Moves

The Mainstream Media (MSM) has been a captured operation for so long… well, I don’t even think that our great-grandfathers even experienced real news reporting. And, I find that to be an interesting commentary on how much the Elites are vulnerable to the population. They can’t achieve their aims without our tacit approval.

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That’s why they need the press to mold your views and attitudes, so that you will give them the support that they need. They call this Psychological Operations (PSYOP), and it is incredibly effective. And, in these Last Days, the Elites are going to step up their psyops to finish the job that they started.


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Between Now and Disaster – Part 2 – ISIS Moves

When I started to see reports in the mainstream media about how ISIS is planning a new 9/11-style attack, I smelled a rat – a big rat that lives in the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

9/11 Redux

In December of last year, I took you through the evidence and background of CIA and Saudi involvement in 9/11. That was a wildly successful operation – wildly successful. And, when you have something THAT successful, you are going to want to try it again.

Of course, the poor, hard-working psychopaths tasked with such a stratagem will have an even harder job this time around, because Americans have already been somewhat desensitized by the first 9/11. So, the next 9/11 will need to be ‘bigger and better’, to convince a war-weary population to go to war yet again – a bit like a heroin addict that needs an ever-bigger ‘fix’.

What will this new 9/11 look like?

I don’t know, but you will get hints of it in the mainstream media to prime you. And then… BOOM.

But, Bigger Than 9/11

Two thousand, nine hundred and seventy seven people died on September 11th, 2001. So, it makes you wonder how many will die this time. Whatever happens it will be much bigger, completely spectacular, and you will be appropriately horrified – and then, outraged.

Why do you need to be horrified and outraged?

Because – for the sake of the American Empire – we need to go to war again in the Middle East. We will need to go in and ‘take out’ those awful ISIS people, and anyone else that we don’t like – as in… Syria.

Visual ISIS

Here’s the current map of ISIS:

Map of ISIS control
Map of ISIS control (Dark Red = Controlled; Light Red = Claimed) via Wikipedia

The light red area on the left in that image is this country:

Map of Modern Day Syria
Modern Day Syria (2013) – via Wikipedia

(Poor Syria doesn’t stand a chance.)

As I mentioned in my Orders from Riyadh petrodollar series, imperial America MUST maintain monetary control of Crude Oil production and distribution. And, as America’s grip on the petrodollar system weakens, America will feel the need to reach out and grab what she wants.

Because Saudi Arabia Is Vulnerable

And, what she wants, is here:

Map of Saudi Arabia and surrounding area with railways included. Notice Kuwait, Qatar and UAE - all OPEC members. (via Wikipedia)
Map of Saudi Arabia and surrounding area with railways included.
Notice Kuwait, Qatar and UAE – all OPEC members. (via Wikipedia)

That area looks pretty big, but the population of the area isn’t that much bigger than the population of Taiwan, where I’m living now. In fact, Taiwan would have a good chance of winning, if she decided to invade Saudi Arabia.

Can you imagine the news reports?

In a surprise move, today, forward elements of the Taiwan Army have invaded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are rapidly advancing on the capital Riyadh. The United Nations Security Council is meeting in emergency session…

Okay, so it’s a bit ridiculous, but it illustrates how vulnerable Saudi Arabia is to… well, almost ANYONE.

Saudi Arabia Vulnerable To ISIS

Now, take a moment to compare the ‘Railways of Saudi Arabia’ map (above) with the ‘Map of ISIS Control’ (the first map).

Did you notice that ISIS is RIGHT on the border of Saudi Arabia?

It’s a good thing that ISIS and Saudi Arabia are on good terms…

…No, Wait. They aren’t.

Here is the headline from twelve days ago:

Saudi Arabia places 30,000 soldiers on its border in the wake of ISIS threat ‘after 2,500 Iraqi soldiers quit their posts’

I think that the Saudis have gotten a little nervous about the monster that they helped create. But, they shouldn’t worry, because America will come in and defend the Saudis from ISIS. The price, of course, will be the maintenance of the Petrodollar System.

America Invades The Middle East AGAIN

You can bet that the Saudis will be happy to agree, once they’ve ‘seen the light’. (There’s nuthin’ like a gun-to-the-head to help with seeing ‘light’.)

Of course, all of that will mean another US land invasion of the Middle East, that will leave behind yet ANOTHER American occupation force in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and even Saudi Arabia.

Does this sound like something that you want to be a part of?

The next question is:

What will happen between now and this third invasion of the Middle East by the United States?

We already talked about a 9/11 redux. And THAT will get the party started, but America will wait until a huge mess has been made before going in. In fact, America will probably be forced to wait, because it takes time for the war drums to have their effect.

Interim Events

In the meantime, a couple of things will probably happen:

  • Damascus will be heavily damaged, or even destroyed.
  • Israel will go to the defense of Jordan.

Israel Defends Jordan

Israel and Jordan have been quiet allies for a long time, and I wrote about this in many different places.

Did you know that Israel went to the defense of the Jordanians in 1972, when Syria was about to invade Jordan?

It’s true. Without Israel, Jordan would not exist today.

And, if ISIS invades Jordan, Israel will yet again come to Jordan’s defense. How that will play out is hard to say, but it will illustrate to the Middle East that Israel might be a country that the Arabs can trust.

Damascus Destroyed – Isaiah 17

More important will be the destruction of Damascus. The final collapse of that city might not happen until AFTER the US invades, but it will be the first time that it has EVER been destroyed. And THAT is where Isaiah 17 comes in:

Here is the article that I wrote this April:

Syrian Civil War – Isaiah 17

The process of the complete fulfillment of Isaiah 17 is on its way, and it will be a terrible thing to behold. And we, along with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, will be completely responsible. It is a truly evil thing that we are doing in Syria.

Gog And Magog

By the way, Damascus might STILL not be destroyed until the coming of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38 and Ezekiel 39). When the alliance of Gog and Magog invades the Middle East, everywhere they go will be destroyed, and it is conceivable that Damascus would lie on their invasion path.

Now, there is an interesting point to add in here, because America’s invasion of the Middle East may lead to this:

And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,Ezekiel 38:11

Having spent a decade and a half there, I know that Israel is one of the most heavily defended places on Earth. Gog and Magog would NEVER have a chance against the Israeli army and air force of today. Israel is MORE than capable – right now – of destroying any army in the world, if she wanted to. (Taiwan wouldn’t stand a CHANCE.)

Israel Left Defenseless

But, if/when America invades and occupies the Middle East…

Do you think that America will continue to provide military assistance to Israel?

Of course not, especially after the United States imposes a peace plan that NO ONE could afford to ignore. It would be…


And, if imperial America pulls this off properly (and, they will certainly try), no one in the Middle East will feel the NEED for a military – or, will be too terrified of the Americans to even think about it.

Of course, there are other ways to render Israel defenseless, but America’s reoccupation of the Middle East will bring us closer to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38.

When America Is Destroyed

We are now back to last week’s series on the destruction of America. If/when America is attacked with an EMP weapon…

What is the US going to do with all those troops in the Middle East?

Take ’em home, if possible. And, if they can’t make it home, they would be completely without logistical support and ‘sitting ducks’ for anyone like Iran to take ’em out.

The end result would be a defenseless Israel that would lead to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and Ezekiel 39 – the invasion of that grand alliance that we call Gog and Magog.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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9 thoughts on “Between Now and Disaster – Part 2 – ISIS Moves”

  1. Hi John,

    The Banking families who controlled the British Empire could read the writing on the wall and made their move to get their vampire squid tentacles around the U.S. in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax (just in time for W.W. 1).

    Which explains why Britain and the U.S. have been in lock step ever since. I agree with your forecast, however, I think N.A.T.O. will also be crowding into the Middle East along with the U.S., after all, there is still a lot of oil to be had and most of it goes to Europe NOT the United States.

  2. John,

    I appreciate your political analysis, but you and many others seem to be throwing expectations of prophecy fulfillment into the mix without reading what the Bible actually says.
    The battle of Gog/Magog found in Ezekiel is reference to by John in Revelation. There is no scriptural warrant that allows for us to think John is speaking of a different Gog/Magog conflict than the one Ezekiel prophesied about.
    Here’s the problem, John says that the war takes place “after the thousand years”. Or, after the so-called millennium.
    So, if the Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel hadn’t been fulfilled yet when John wrote Revelation, then when John says that God will gather them for battle, specifically naming Gog/Magog, John must be speaking about Ezekiel. But, John places this battle at the end of the thousand years.

    • Hi Steve Firneno,

      You aren’t reading both accounts properly.

      Lots of things happen after the battle of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel. Years of things.

      …After the battle of Gog and Magog in Revelation?

      A new heaven and a new Earth.

      Steve, you need to read your Bible more carefully. The details are important.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. I thank you for your work. In the parable of the 10 virgins, 5 were ready. they had their oil and were watching. The 5 that did not missed the master and when they went to get their oil and returned they found the door locked. The 5 virgins that were ready is the church that is trying to live a holy life. They are looking for the lord’s return. They realize that what is important is the blood of Jesus and the repentance of their hearts. They understand that sin separates us from God and only the blood of jesus can save us.
    The 5 virgins that was without their oil is the church that is living the carnal life, they say that they are christians but are living in the world and putting the world first instead of Jesus Christ. They have bent their doctrines to suit their lifestyles. They do not know the holy spirit. When the rapture takes place no matter when that is. they are not looking for the messiah so they miss him. Then they find the door shut. may everyone realize that putting jesus first should be the first thought of every day. Your soul depends on it.

  4. Some of this makes sense to me, some of it doesn’t. American PTB may WANT to defend the petrodollar but there is such a thing as making such a mess of things that you can’t fix it. We are broke. They can print all kinds of “money” but what if no one wants to take it? I read somewhere that something like 40% of our yearly basic budget is borrowed – if we have to borrow that much of what it takes just to function as a nation, who would loan us enough for another war? Everyone knows it can never be paid back. Not only that, but I’ve seen the photos of American soldiers holding up signs that say “I didn’t join the Marines to kill the poor so the rich can get richer”, and similar sentiments. They are figuring it out. In terms of suppressing all the conflict in the middle east and creating a pax Americana that no one dares violate, I can’t imagine America, as disorganized and incompetent and hated as it is, pulling that off. They were completely unsuccessful – as far as I can tell and I’m not an insider – at occupying Afghanistan or Iraq and suppressing conflict there. They did, however, leave them littered with depleted uranium and I seriously wonder if in time that will destroy their people.

    If Israel has such a powerful military, it would seem they don’t NEED military assistance from us. I can’t imagine them just disabling all their weapons because they think they don’t need them anymore, so I don’t get how it is that they will be left defenseless. If America has proved anything in recent years, it would be that America cannot be trusted, by any one, for any thing. I can’t imagine anyone in the middle east feeling no need for a military; there has been nothing but chaos and conflict there for thousands of years. I should think our presence would make this worse, not better. Terrorism is actually quite effective for a small group to use against a powerful one, especially when they don’t care about destroying their own infrastructure, and suitcase nukes have leveled the playing field tremendously.

    I understand the part about creating a false flag in order to embark upon yet another pointless war. I understand using a contrived war to deflect attention from other things, or to force compliance with certain objectives. But it seems to me that this card has been played too often and we are no longer in a position to play it successfully, if we ever did, and the rest of the world is getting sick and tired of it.

    And perhaps that is the level at which it makes sense: America is infamous for thinking it can do all kinds of things, at which it fails, but apparently doesn’t notice and learns nothing from it. And tries it again. So maybe the ones who really, seriously want to take us out are just waiting for the right moment, knowing we will do what we have always done (invade) although our strength isn’t what it used to be; I can envision betrayal at the highest levels here, with the elites of some other group assuring the American elites that they will work with them on a middle east occupation – and then, when we have dangerously overextended ourselves there, striking the homeland.

    Maybe I’m missing something here but I’m not following the logic. Maybe subsequent posts will fill in the blanks. Maybe if we knew the elite agenda in detail it would all make perfect sense.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on these questions, plus – what is the REAL agenda of all this insanity at the Mexican border? And why so many JP Morgan IT workers turning up dead??

    • Hi DRG,

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I can answer your questions, either. I’m running on quite a bit of speculation, myself.

      As to the occupation and invasion of the Middle East, this might be more than just an American operation – which might mitigate some of your concerns about the US military being too war-weary.

      As for Israel’s defenselessness… I’m in rough water over this too. However, I’m not sure how else Israel would be rendered defenseless. Maybe an EMP?

      It’s hard to say. Unfortunately, I think that we’ll get a chance to see it happen.

      You’ve been very thorough in hitting the weak points in my argument. Thank you for such a clear review of my points. If any thoughts come to you, let us know.

      Thank you, DRG. That was a great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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