America Destroyed – Part 4 – The Deadly Options

America is on a death march to ruin. I laid out yesterday just a few of the events that are convincing the Russians of America’s intention to destroy Russia. Worse, we have evidence that the US is actively planning a nuclear first strike.

To the Russians, death lies at the door, and the only hope for the Bear is a first strike of her own. So, the question is:

How would such an attack succeed, without the US retaliating and destroying Russia?

That’s a good question. There are several ways that Russia could pull off an attack that would leave the US incapable of responding.


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America Destroyed – Part 4 – The Deadly Options

The greatest general to ever shape modern warfare was Sun Tzu. His Art of War is required reading for every military officer of every army in every nation of the world. You violate his rules of war at your peril.

Well, General Sun had this to say about our current subject:


What a remarkably terse comment. Here’s a translation:

When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.

That’s for when you are the attacker. But, when you are the defender:

In death ground, fight (死地則戰)

Russia – In Death Ground

When you are stuck in a corner with no way out but death, then attack. And, as I said in November:

Russia knows ‘death ground’ well because they have been sitting in the middle of it for more than a thousand years – which is why Russia, throughout their history has been seeking to expand until they find a defensible position. They have found that defensible position, and it currently rests at the mountain ranges that surround Russia and her close allies.

However, I wrote that piece BEFORE the idiots in Washington were successful in their coup in Kiev. By now, it is clear to the Russians that we are pushing them squarely into that hopeless situation that Sun Tzu calls death ground (死地). To them, there is no way of escape and no hope for survival.

Read again what I said, yesterday. And then, watch this:

The Truthseeker: US plans ‘first strike’ on Russia (E40)

YouTube shortlink:

 So, let me ask you a question:

Do the Russians think that they are in Sun Tzu’s Death Ground?

It’s clear to me that THEY think that they are, and that’s really all that matters. Remember that it’s THEIR fingers over the launch button, not ours.

The Threat Of Death Concentrates The Mind

But wait, I hear you saying that an attack on the United States cannot hope to succeed. I understand why you would say that, but those are the famous last words of all the empires that have come before us. So, let me remind you of a famous quote by the famous 18th century writer, Samuel Johnson:

Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.Samuel Johnson

The Russians are as intelligent as we are – if not more so. I’ve worked with their programmers and engineers for years, and found them to be extremely gifted. If you want to know who is responsible for the technology boom in Israel, look no further than the Jews who immigrated to Israel, from Russia.

So, the threat of destruction will motivate these intelligent men and women to find a chink in America’s armor. And, unfortunately, those vulnerabilities are numerous.

What kind of attack could the Russians hope to succeed with?

There is one that should concentrate ALL of our minds.

Electromagnetic Pulse Attack – EMP

This website got started because I was foolish enough to ask a question in 2007 and get an answer a little over three and a half years later. On September 13th, 2007, I wrote this:

I’ve been thinking about Ahmadinejad’s confident claims that he can take out the US and Israel – and achieve dominance for Islam.

How could he possibly do that without the help of thermonuclear bombs in the multi-megaton range? We also call them hydrogen bombs, or H-bombs, and they are beyond his capability to make. And, I can’t believe that Russia would let him have any.

That was how I started an article that I titled, Doomsday. It was horrifyingly real, but still theoretical. It was my sincere hope that none of it would come to pass, but for the first time… I could see how possible it was. Here’s the link to the article:

I threw in a number of things in there and accelerated the timeline so that it would fit within the Mayan Calendar foolishness that I’ve NEVER believed in. (If you’re doing something THAT dismal…)

Then, three and a half years later, I saw THIS video:

Glenn Beck -3/31/2011- Iranian Regime Preparing for 12th Imam Part 3

YouTube shortlink:

I was shocked out of my gourd. Everything that I had said three and a half years ago was coming true, and I had been completely oblivious. That started a process of digging into ‘the facts’ that led to the launch of this site.

Christine Lagarde’s Occult Intro

Then Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, gave a bizarre introduction to her speech at the January 15th National Press Club luncheon. It was chock full of Masonic, occult symbolism. It was hard to interpret that speech as anything but a signal to someone, about something that was coming… this July.

Well, Frank Brady thought about that for a bit and wrote this article:

That article lays out a scenario in which an EMP attack destroys America. Here’s the key part of this ‘fictional’ account:

The Kwangmyongsong 3 weighed nearly 200 pounds and was roughly the size of an apartment-sized washing machine. When its fission payload detonated at 10:11 a.m. local time in broad daylight more than 300 miles above Indianapolis the flash that accompanied the resulting explosion was barely noticeable from the ground. The event certainly did not escape the attention of Captain Kevin Reynolds, Duty Officer for the North American Aerospace Defense Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. He reached quickly for the red telephone–but it was already much too late.  

Although U.S. Defense Department Officials claimed that the low yield of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons’ tests was evidence of failure, they were either spectacularly wrong or deliberately deceptive. North Korea was intent on developing a Hegemon-killing “Super EMP” weapon, not a mere atomic bomb. Instead of wasting the weapon’s power in the generation of explosive blast, heat, and light, energy was diverted to produce a gamma ray pulse more powerful than would have been produced by a much larger thermonuclear fusion device in the multi-megaton range. Upon detonation, every electronic device between the Front Range of the Rockies and the Atlantic not shielded by a Faraday Cage was rendered instantly and permanently inoperable.

That satellite, the Kwangmyongsong 3 unit 2, really does tumble its way across our skies, in orbit around Earth.

Is it really collecting data on crop yields and the weather, as they claim?


Is it a Super EMP weapon?

Hmmmm… THAT is a very good question. But, think through the implications.

If North Korea struck the United States, who would the United States retaliate against?

Yes, they would nuke the North Koreans back to the stone… (okay, so they’re already AT the stone age) …back to the SOMETHING age – leaving no one around to say who really ‘did it’.

Got the picture?

There are a HOST of ways for the Russians to launch an EMP attack without the US being able to lay the blame on Moscow, or even Beijing.

Straight Up Nuclear War

Of course, Russia might not stop there. In fact, I’m not sure that they can trust that an EMP attack would be enough to put the US out of commission. After all, an EMP attack has never been tried before. That’s why they might use nuclear weapons, as well.

I’ve already described how current Russian warheads can evade US anti-missile defenses. But, there’s also something else:

The Spetsnaz

There are reports that these guys are all over the place in the US. Whether this is true, or not, I leave for you to decide. Except that there is this one point:

There are only three missile bases in the US with operational ICBMs.

So the question is:

How many Russian special forces personnel would it take to neutralize these three missile bases?

Probably not as many as you’d think.

However, there are US nuclear weapons platforms in quite a few other places in the world, and under the sea.

Do the Russians have a way of neutralizing the threat of a second strike, from the US?

I don’t know. But, a sufficiently motivated Russia might come up with one, and may already have done so.

Is it possible that Russia already can track US submarines and nuclear-capable bombers?

We’ll see. We have heard reports of Russian Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) being years ahead of what the US has right now. They MIGHT be able to neutralize what the US has.

Other Possibilities?

The point is that Revelation 13:3 talks about a single slaying-wound. And, the only thing that I can think of that would conform to that wording would be a nuclear attack. However, I may be too narrow-minded. Please feel free to share what you think might happen – as so many of you already have.

Just remember that Revelation 13 indicates that this deadly wound appears to be impossible to recover from, and EVERYONE in the world sees it. This cannot be some kind of silent, invisible attack that the world only understands years later as journalists piece the events together. This is real-time, folks.

To put it another way:

This is an event in which the United States is visibly slain, but is rescued before she finally dies.

Furthermore, that ‘rescue’ gives Gog and Magog enough time to come down and attack a defenseless Israel. And, there are lots of ways THAT could happen, too.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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37 thoughts on “America Destroyed – Part 4 – The Deadly Options”

  1. Read Thomas Schelling’s THE STRATEGY OF CONFLICT. He applies mathematical game theory to international relations,etc. He describes tacit, explicit, and implicit bargaining situations. For example, if I buy a rifle, is it to protect myself? Shoot you? Or just scare you into accepting what I am suggesting? EMP would be indirect, but make no mistake: the US would see it as an act of war and respond in kind! You do not need thousands of missiles to win a war-just a few strategic ones to knock out our communications,etc. Obama was put into office by TPTB and told to ruin the country which he has done spectacularly well! He is a coke-head to boot so he IS crazy enough to kill every last American if his New World Order buddies give him the word!

  2. THE LORD says NORTH KOREA,will blow PEARL HARBOR off the map,and nuke the west coast,RUSSIA and CHINA are already at the door,WITH the US MILITARIES help,SUPER “EMP” weapons are ready to go,ONE over DC,one over NEBRASKA,and one over CALIFORNIA,the entire US will go dark,MASS FAMINE,and rioting,NO FOOD,NO power,NO water,and FEMA ,THE POLICE GANGS and THE US MILITARY start killing everyone,NO MERCY on anyone,THEN while the PEOPLE are fighting the TRAITORS in their government,THE RUSSIANS and CHINESE,and MUSLIMS, showup,and then the PATRIOTS have to fight them too,AMERICANS who are cowards and queers are killed right away,THE CHURCH people are taken to the death camps and killed by the CHINESE,millions of young adults are taken captive back to china for SLAVES,and OVER a period of time the population is reduced to 51,000 patroits who with the HELP OF GOD survive,and WIN the war,chasing all the invaders out of the USA,NOT many will be left when its over,BUT the good news is, ALL THE SCUM,in the POLICE GANGS,MILITARY,and GOVERNMENT ARE DEAD,and with their DADDY SATAN IN HELL………………….

  3. John, I know you have northeast intelligence network listed on your blog roll…just spent 9 hours replaying the 7/9 show with Eric John phelps…listened to the show 3 times to fit all the pieces together. all makes sense. Your article today is spot on..and after listening to the NIN show yesterday it solidified all the puzzle pieces. Thanks for all you do.

  4. MAYBE at a later date I’ll talk about POISON gas,deseases and nuclear weapons,and a REAL ALIEN invasion, OBOOZO will be using on america,the USA will suffer almost a total lost of the population,so whats planned for america won’t end well,theres a lot of HORROR waiting in the wings for the time to come on stage,that no ones going to believe…THE LORD WARNED everyone NOT TO HARM HIS LITTLE ONES,america didn’t care and now they pay for it……………

  5. open border + MS 13 yutes + mooslime radical jihadists + all the other then messican entrants which includes witnessed chinese = what awaits the law abiding .
    we call the mooslimes and messican marauders the M & Ms and right fully so as our sanctuary cities as in NYC are overwhelmed by them FOR YEARS and being they hate US and our way of life-they’re just waiting for the call.
    ..never mind that in MOST cities,the law abiding are disarmed and unarmed.
    Back when,I had the recurring dream that they go door to door,kicking in the doors,windows whatever and murdering either the gringos or the infidels with machetes or firearms.

    putin isn’t here and will go against china and islamos.

    the option ? be prepared.

  6. Hi John, good article. The Essenes wrote about this coming conflict as well as gen. Pike, in morals and dogma. My guess is a carefully managed war so as to take out the prescribed gov.s and populations. My other guess is the Zionists will shoot 1st. I still think that site at jubal al lawz houses nuke missiles. I find the symbolism of sun’s name telling. The news these days is totally insane, and the sleeping masses totally amazes me.

  7. “The point is that Revelation 13:3 talks about a single slaying-wound. And, the only thing that I can think of that would conform to that wording would be a nuclear attack. However, I may be too narrow-minded. Please feel free to share what you think might happen – as so many of you already have.”

    God may use the earth again to punish the wicked – by blowing the Yellowstone Caldera, or New Madrid quake, or he may use another part of His creation – and asteroid hit.

    And there would be no one to blame.

  8. John,
    The Nuclear sabre rattling has been going on between USA and Russia for a long time. And the USA idea of a first strike nukweaps deployment against Russia is nothing new either, and which we came perilously close to back in the 1970’s. For more on this interesting slice of history you could refer to the Beter Audio Letters, beginning with the first ones which detail the provocations that the world held it’s breath over, hoping the two superpowers came to their senses about what the consequences would be.

    As far as Spetznaz goes, they have been all over the United States, planting suitcase sized tactical nukes in many states, as reported by Dr. Beter. But the issue remains that much of what Dr. Beter reported is impossible to verify – you either have to take his word for it, or you write him off as a crack pot, however, he was vindicated by the US Navy which used the coordinates he supplied to retrieve underwater missile launchers off both East and West coasts where they were planted by the Soviets. This took place in the mid ’70’s.

    Grievous wounds involve the shedding of copious amounts of blood in a life threatening way. What is blood to the US Empire, other than the petro-dollar? If the petro-dollar collapses due to a shifting in the balance of power in the world, the Fed would be finished, and so would our economy. Some estimate that the death toll in the US would be staggering, mainly because as a people we are complacent and unprepared for that. It would be something that would be seen by the whole world; some would gloat, some would cheer, and others would fear for THEIR lives because who knows how many dominoes will fall when does the petro-dollar? So, the Russo-Sino alliance could manipulate a petro-dollar collapse, and put the USA out of commission without firing a shot. But, the elites have more tricks up their sleeves, and even though it would have an appearance of a fatal wound, they could effect a “miraculous” recovery. I think they have gold squirreled away they keep secret, but it would come out of hiding to prop the Fed back up, to the wonderment of the whole world. Nevertheless, it’s going to be the GP citizens who will suffer in spite of this, and the Body count will number in the tens of millions.

    I am very suspicious of President Putin. I admire some things about him, but those things are superficial, and I realize they are window dressing that we’re supposed to admire. But he’s still a Russian, and a KGB officer to boot. So what’s not to trust – right? I suspect that what we see going on in Ukraine is more theater, very realistic in its special effects because real people are actually being killed on both sides presented. I supect that although Putin and Obama are apparently at odds, they are actors, playing their parts and following a script such that whatever we see happen is supposed to happen – i.e., no accidents. We just don’t know how this play in Ukraine ends yet: could it be WWIII-the big one? Or a Europe over-run by Russia? Or an all-out nuclear exchange?. Again, this is just a suspicion, and it’s based on how contrived it seems to me. But, talk to a Ukrainian who’s had a shell lobbed through the roof of his house that blew the kitchen to smithereens, and he is now a refugee in Russia, and he’ll tell you just how real what has happened to him turns out to be.

    I’ve seen too much, John; we live in a world that seems to be all matrix, and evil, and rooted in the hatred of Satan for mankind. I’ve seen it all my life, from the day that JFK was murdered in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963 until today. I’m just sick of it. I KNOW darn good and well, this is NOT how God wanted us to live, but he expects us to pull up our socks and fight. If he intervened and made it all stop, you-know-who would be right there screaming ‘FOUL!’ But, if we choose to put on the full armour, we’ll have irresistable force of Good at our assistance.

  9. In every instance, when God wants to elevate His people to another level of understanding of WHO HE IS, HE takes away everything that is held in high regard…in place of HIM.

    God will not alter HIS PLANS. HE cannot alter HIS PLANS.

    HE gave a mortal wound to the pope…using Napoleon to do it. After Napoleon took the pope captive…and that ruling party was left without a ruler…and apparently given a mortal wound…in its HEAD….Napoleon APPOINTED another man in his place. That is the Mortal Wound. The catholic church was thought to be dead.

    There was no meeting of cardinals to bring it about. No “special meeting” to see that God had a hand in the selection.

    This is just one more example of Gods work in selecting leaders.

    He does have a replacement process. It works every time.

    We just don’t recognize HIS HANDY WORK….because it does not fit our thought process.

    Since God has been forcibly eliminated from most of humanity through the work of tradition…Christianity has been homogenized…AND PASTEURIZED.

    Every DENOMINATION…that has rules for believing what they believe…in order to become a member,( who is also a shareholder of the Corporation and is responsible for the debt) is no different than the catholic church. Their pope is the head of that denomination. They just have different names.

    In every case, when the person chosen by God in one of HIS MOVEMENTS was placed in a higher position of authority than God, God left the building.

    As soon as we recognize that God is taking away our toys…we will begin to act like adults….HOPEFULLY. Spanking is generally very instrumental in the process of correction for unruly, disobedient children.

    • Hi Tinker,

      Unfortunately, the seventh and eighth heads just cannot be the Roman Catholic church. THAT institution just isn’t a physical empire like the other heads.

      Furthermore, we’re talking about more than just ‘spanking’, but full-blown death, destruction, and then the Great Tribulation.

      Thank you, Tinker.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. This is getting just plain surreal. I have felt for a long time that the US policy of treating the rest of the world as existing for our convenience was going to result in them getting fed up and figuring a way to take us out …… and who could blame them, even aside from the elite’s infighting.

    A favorite quote of mine, attributed to Napoleon, is “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” I wonder if that is why Putin’s behavior is so remarkably contained, considering all the outrage he has been subjected to.

    What is your take on Putin’s relationship with the elites?

    • Hi DRG,

      I just LOVE that Napoleon quote!

      What is Putin’s relationship with the Elites?

      Well if he isn’t one of them, he answers to one. Just remember that this is as much a war BETWEEN the Elites, as it is between nations.

      People make a grave mistake in thinking that the Elites are monolithic. As my 33rd degree Freemason/Illuminati relative told me, “They are looking for someone to unite them.”

      That ‘someone’ will be the Antichrist, but until then… well, there will be lots and lots of war.

      Thank you, DRG. Awesome comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • “People make a grave mistake in thinking that the Elites are monolithic. As my 33rd degree Freemason/Illuminati relative told me, “They are looking for someone to unite them.” That ‘someone’ will be the Antichrist”

        May be the infamous John Joseph Gotti, Jr. will return as the AC!!!
        Wonder if his name adds up in Gamatria?!

  11. EMP attacks are overrated.

    Also Russia wouldn’t survive the radioactive fallout from a first strike. Even if they used Neutron bombs.

    The only countries that would survive would be south of the Ecuador.

    And last time I checked Russia doesn’t make it that far down.

    • Hi Robot Head,

      EMP attacks are overrated?

      Um… Are you on drugs?

      Seriously, I haven’t seen any serious bit of research ANYWHERE on the planet that says that.

      Whatever you’re smokin’… well, it’s time to stop.

      Furthermore, Russia wouldn’t need to do an ‘all-out’ attack. There are other ways to accomplish their objectives.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. P.S.: so is this what appears to be shaping up….. somebody finally makes a move to take us out, then thinking we are out of the game goes to step 2 and attacks Israel, and gets slaughtered. While they are dazed and trying to figure out what hit them, something totally unexpected begins to take shape back in America and shakes itself off and rises from the ashes …..

  13. John – I usually enjoy reading your site and the last three or four days has been not only entertaining from a fictional perspective, as many in this nation would view such a story, but eye opening from a realistic perspective. Can the U.S. launch a completely devastating nuclear attack against Russia? The simple answer is yes. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that while Obama may talk about nuclear reductions, the Defense Department is rolling out the latest and greatest in nuclear warheads, able to perform above anything known to the citizenry. The U.S. is capable of massive nuclear attacks, but we must also remember that the U.S. is also capable of pinpoint and massive E.M.P. attacks as well. I cannot comment about the Russian capabilities concerning countermeasures since I know very little about that subject. However, Russia does posses the ability to take command of foreign satellites, including those belonging to the U.S. Such a move would effectively render this nation blind to any kind of attack. Spetznat soldiers are definitely scattered through the U.S. just as terror cells are scattered throughout the nation. Our only hope as a nation remains God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit. Lets pray for this nation.

  14. John,
    You are a wise man, except when it Comes to Israel. Russia is not on death ground. My wife is from Russia and I am a Persian gulf war Veteran. Russia and China is rapidly building their weapons in an anticipated future conflict with the United STates ON American soil. If Obama really wanted to attack Russia or China, why would he be dismantling our Military Forces down to pre world war 2 Levels? he is dismantling our nuclear Forces and the whole nonsense with the Missile defense System surrounding Russia and China is a smoke Screen. Since 2006, theses Missiles have shown they can not hit anything. They failed miserably in all test and These are the Missiles the US Pentagon is deploying in Eastern Europe and Around China. Pretty worthless!
    So what is Obama REAL Objective: very simple-to provoke Russia and China to attack the USA after he creates an economic colalpse and civil war. The only defense is the citizens guns. The scriptures clearly Point that modern Babylon will not be able to defend itself the the arrows of a northern power (Russia). Yes, we have highly Futurist weapons like UFOs and space weapons, but the traitor in chief will not use them to defend the Country. They will be used by the elite to solidify their power in the coming NWO.

    • Hi Peter,

      I’m sorry that you are so against Israel. Read Ezekiel 36 and 37. To be against Israel is to be against the work that God is doing now.

      You don’t need to like Israel. I, myself, do not like everything that Israel does.

      But, to be AGAINST her?

      You invite God’s wrath, and that is NOT a safe thing to do.

      As for the rest… Are you sure?

      Not everything is as it seems.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. When I arrived home from Turkey in 05 and began to look deeper into world events – one of the first things I took notice of was a sharp pattern of coordination that seemed to be taking place between 7rl specifc nations – Russia, NK, Iran and China.
    Over a relatively short span of time – Amadinijad had met in Moscow, NK and China 7rl times. The Russians had made 7rl trips to NK and Visa-Versa. Etc…..
    Then began all the “Tests” —-
    “China tests destroys Space Sattelite”
    North Korean nuke and multiple rocket tests.
    All the Iranian tests.
    China’s Ballistic “Carrier Killer” tests.

    The day Kwangmyongsong 3 (Unit 2) was launched (Successfully) – I told my parents, “Watch for the EMP”.

    So much has gone on, “Russian Akula Class Sub Boasts of having gone undetected in Gulf of Mexico” etc… and me being on and off without a computer – that I pretty much gave up keeping track.
    But in a few days I’ll comment with a Chronological List of links —- that when viewed in perspective – paint a very Ominous pic.

  16. P.S.
    The current “Border Crises” is Likely being fomented by Iran or Russia?!
    An answer to “Kiev”?!
    Or a diversion from something else?!


    The following Wiki article on the Russian Bear Bomber (Under: “Present and Future Status”) gives a Chronological List of recent events/incursions concerning the plane.

    I’m going to work on putting together a Spread of these events I write of and get em to ya. Really may help with the OVERALL pic.

    • Hi Psalm 91,

      The Book of Revelation doesn’t actually say that the head in Revelation 13 is the Antichrist.

      Remember that each of the heads is both a king and a mountain.

      Read the entire series, and then look at the Bible.

      Thanks, P91.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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