America Destroyed – Part 2 – Bible Signs

In this Game of Princes that I talked about yesterday, the Illuminati think that they are following their own game plan. Their problem lies with the fact that their opponent, The Creator of the Universe, has them outfoxed. Whether they like it or not, they are following God’s plan.

That plan has been revealed to us in the Bible, and it is both a promise and a warning. It is a promise of victory, but it also stands as a warning of the price for that victory. Each of us will share in the payment of that price, and it will be worth it.

My hope is that you will be ready when the bill comes due.


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America Destroyed – Part 2 – Bible Signs

If I did not know with complete certainty that the Last Days would play out exactly as the Bible said, I would be mystified by what is happening in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Russia and the United States. It’s all happening EXACTLY how the Bible describes it. And, there’s a focus to that description.

Jerusalem – The Focus

That focus is almost exactly one kilometer square, and it is the center of human history:


And, it is the principle reason why…

  • The Seventh Head is healed and becomes the Eighth Head, and the Beast
  • The Antichrist comes to Jerusalem and declares himself to be god


I don’t really understand that.

I Don’t Understand It

Yes, I get the details. I know that God placed His name there and chose His friend, Abraham, to live there – along with his descendants. I know all about how Jerusalem is THE CITY chosen by God above all others. I know about the Temple, and the people of God who were supposed to worship there. I know about the Millennial Kingdom and the offerings. I get all of that, and much more.

But, nothing in the Bible really indicates the core reason why that tiny patch of ground is so important, except to say that it is. It is an incredible mystery, and I can talk about Jerusalem all day long

After having lived there for so long, I consider it to be home. My favorite church is there, along with my favorite pastor, my favorite bookstore and my favorite shawarma stand. There is no place on Earth that I love more than Jerusalem, but I will go into none of that because I need to speak of the signs in the Bible that talk about America’s destruction.

Gog And Magog

My thinking starts with Gog and Magog. Click that link and you will see that my views of the conditions surrounding the coming of Gog and Magog have changed over the last three years. And, the revelations of the past few weeks have added to my understanding of what and why all of this will happen.

It starts with the petrodollar system, and it ends with imperial America’s desire to preserve her empire and that petrodollar system. To put it another way…

Without the petrodollar, the American Empire falls.

Israel – The Petrodollar Linchpin

Furthermore, Israel is the linchpin of the Middle East, and Jerusalem is the linchpin to Israel. Without Israel, the OPEC states of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf are at the mercy of anyone who controls Israel.

It may not seem so, when you look at a map, but it is very, very true. A closer look at history and the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East will make this abundantly clear. You cannot control the Middle East, if you do not control Israel.

It’s as simple as that.

All of that, is why Gog and Magog will come down to attack Israel.

Why does the coming of the grand alliance of Gog and Magog mean that America is destroyed?

Why America Destroyed

Because America MUST defend Israel to maintain her grip on the petrodollar. The US would NEVER allow any foreign power to threaten Israel. It is literally impossible for America to fail to go to Israel’s defense over such an invasion.

And, it has NOTHING to do with AIPAC or any love that some Americans might have for Israel. The US government hates Israel with a passion and would love to see her destroyed, but the American Elites love their power and wealth more than they hate Israel.

Israel really is the geopolitical center of the Middle East.

That raises an important question:

Why DOESN’T the United States STOP Gog and Magog?

Because she can’t.

The Process Has Begun

That brings us to the point where I show you the decisions that are being made right now to put the process of America’s destruction in motion. It has already begun, and it is only a matter of time before it arrives.

We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?
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