America Destroyed – Part 1 – The Game of Princes

It is one thing to know that a certain event WILL happen. It is something else to know why and how. And then, when you see it in action… well, it brings a level of certainty that leaves nothing left for doubt.

That’s why, after our apocalyptic discussion last week, I dug deeper into the possibility of a nuclear attack on the United States – secretly hoping that I would find some other explanation for the ‘wounded head’ of Revelation 13:3. Unfortunately, I found far more verification than I wanted to see.

There is a nuclear bullseye painted over the US, which means that YOU are in harm’s way.


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America Destroyed – Part 1 – The Game of Princes

A close relative of mine was a 33rd degree Mason, a worshiper of Satan and deeply involved with those who were members of the Illuminati – although, I doubt that he was deeper into the Illuminati than the fringes.

I say all that because he would tell us things that I never understood until I found out who and what the Illuminati were.

One of those things was:

“THEY are looking for someone to unite them.”

Those THEY are the Elites, even the Illuminati themselves, although he never actually identified who the THEY were. And, as I have delved deeper and deeper into who and what the Illuminati are, I see a tremendous amount of disunity – a disunity designed to kill off the weak and strengthen the whole.

The many factions within the Elites have a habit of killing each other off. And, you can find this ‘habit’ at every level of the Illuminati power structure. Think of it as the Mafia, but much, much bigger and far, far more evil.

I say all of that to answer a puzzling question that so many have:

Why would someone who was clearly one of the Elites attack someone else who was clearly a fellow member of the Elites?

The answer is that they do it all the time. In fact, they often talk about it openly.

Here’s George Soros, one of the many public faces of the Illuminati:

The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States… …and the Bush administration is setting the wrong agenda . The Bush agenda is nationalistic… …Changing the attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority. George Soros (2006)

Let me boil that down for you. George Soros was upset that the American Elites weren’t cooperating with HIS Elites.

We saw evidence of that just a few weeks ago at the recent Bilderberg meeting, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The European Bilderbergers wanted to cool things down with Russia, over Ukraine. And, the US Bilderbergers wanted the opposite.

Ultimately, both sides want the same thing. They’re just arguing over who gets to run the world. And yes, they ARE willing to kill over that.

However, they won’t be the people that wind up dying. You and I do that. To them, we are just pawns in the ‘game of princes’.

Because Obama was in power, I had been wondering if the American CFR/Trilateralist Elites were going to take a passive approach to bringing the US into a New World Order.

When I saw the CIA coup in Ukraine just a few months ago, I knew that the American Elites had not given up on their vision of empire. They wanted it all and were going to take second place to no one.

Make no mistake. The takeover of Ukraine is a dagger at the heart of Russia, and Russia cannot ignore it. The American Elites understand this, so the coup in Ukraine wasn’t the result of some overzealous black ops unit working out of Langley, Virginia.

No, the CIA and the US State Department understood the implications of what they were doing, and they went and did it, anyway. Furthermore, they think that this is a winning strategy.

The problem is that they haven’t spent any time reading the Bible.

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