WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Deeper into the Petrodollar and War

Since the invention of Fractional Reserve Banking, there has never been anything that has done more to concentrate the world’s wealth into the hands of the few – than the Petrodollar System. And, as countries and economies grew, demand for oil grew, and that meant more oil produced and more dollars printed. And, those who controlled the Petrodollar System were able to siphon off vast profits for themselves.

Petroleum raised billions of people out of poverty and allowed them to create a vast amount of wealth. With the rise of the US dollar as the only stable and secure currency after World War II, it was natural for the dollar to be the world’s reserve currency and the currency with which everyone bought oil.


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America Overreaches

As a result, America became a powerful nation and began to extend her reach. But, as is always the case, she reached too far and abused her privilege. Then, she began to fall.

That faltering in American power led to the Petrodollar System, fantastic growth and the American Empire. From that moment on, the wealth of the world flowed to America. And, the world became slaves to the American Empire.

The Petrodollar System

If you wanted oil, you needed US dollars because the Arabs weren’t going to sell you any oil if you didn’t have them. And the only way that you were going to get US dollars was to sell stuff to Americans. Otherwise, you didn’t get oil.

Without oil, your country couldn’t develop. You couldn’t produce enough food for the workers, teachers, engineers, medical doctors and scientists (and so much more) to provide what every developed country desperately needs – educated, healthy manpower.

Without oil, most of your population needed to be farmers.

Without oil, you also became vulnerable to the military power of anyone who had lots of it – because they could have an advanced economy that produced enough money to buy weapons and training.

Without oil, you became vulnerable, poor, uneducated and sick. And, THAT meant everyone in the world willingly became slaves to the Petrodollar System. Those who didn’t, quickly collapsed. Even the Soviet Union found itself unable to survive outside of the Petrodollar System, and fell apart.

America Overreaches Again

Today, the Petrodollar System reaches into the home of virtually every man, woman and child on Earth. But, the American Princes of the Petrodollar reached too far. And, that overreach has caused the Petrodollar to begin to slip from their grasp.

Unfortunately, the rich and powerful do not take kindly to the weakening of their riches and power, and history shows us the one thing that they always do when that happens:

They take us to war.

There is no way that we are going to escape war. None. So, maybe we should start to ask what KIND of war we will have.

America Destroyed

I wish that I could tell you that it would be a war that the good guys won, and everyone lived happily ever after. The problem is that the ‘good guys’ left the stage a long time ago, and those that are left have their fingers on the trigger for nuclear war.

Furthermore, an America destroyed by some form of nuclear war would explain the pivotal event of the Last Days – the coming of Gog and Magog. That military alliance would never be able to attack Israel, if America were still a power to be reckoned with. As much as the American government may hate Israel (and it does), the Jewish state plays too vital a role in defending the Arabs of the Middle East. For Gog and Magog to be able to attack Israel… well, it means that America is either dead, or dying.

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WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Deeper into the Petrodollar and War

So, what did we talk about this week?

This week we talked about World War III and the Petrodollar System. We discussed the beginnings of World War III in Syria. We talked about the birth of the Petrodollar System and how it has enslaved the world. And, this Petrodollar debt and death system will lead us to nuclear war .

So, let’s talk about that.

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Weekend ShockCast for June 28, 2014 – John Little



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The Articles That You Will Find in This WEEKEND SHOCKCAST


MONDAY – World War III – Syria was the Beginning

World War III – Syria was the Beginning

As a kid, I was fascinated by World War II. It was the quintessential and uncomplicated battle between good and evil. You knew who the good guys were, and they won.

What wasn’t there to like?

As I grew older, I began to understand the reasons why it started and when it started. And, there was a point when I asked myself:

What was it like to live at the beginning of such a massive world war?

I always wondered about that – what it was like to know that a world war was coming.

Unfortunately, now I know.

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TUESDAY – Orders from Riyadh – Part 1 – The Birth of the Petrodollar System

Orders from Riyadh – Part 1 – The Birth of the Petrodollar System

After I thought my way through yesterday’s article, things have become a bit clearer. And, this has allowed me to understand the morning news a little better.

As I said yesterday, if the petrodollar system falls, the American Empire falls. This means that whoever controls petroleum, controls the American Empire.

We invaded Iraq twice to preserve the petrodollar. We’ve been training and arming jihadis in Syria to preserve the petrodollar. And, we seem awfully reluctant to do ANYTHING to ISIS because of the petrodollar.

Oh, and we’ll have a nuclear war because of the petrodollar. I almost forgot about that one.

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WEDNESDAY – Orders from Riyadh – Part 2 – Petrodollar Slavery

Orders from Riyadh – Part 2 – Petrodollar Slavery

The impact of the petrodollar system is so utterly fantastic, that it’s hard to fit it all together in a way that makes sense. This is part of the reason why I’ve spent so much time on this subject.

The other part of the problem is that I, myself, have been working my way through this puzzle, and writing about it has helped me see new aspects. You might say that I write these articles to wrestle with difficult ideas. And, the petrodollar is one of the most important ideas that I’ve run into.

So, let’s go wrestle with the petrodollar idea in part two of this series.

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THURSDAY – Orders from Riyadh – Part 3 – The Petrodollar Debt and Death System

Orders from Riyadh – Part 3 – The Petrodollar Debt and Death System

I’m still amazed at this Petrodollar System. The more I look at it, the more I realize how it has shaped the world over the last forty years. One brilliant psychopath had an idea and made everyone in the world slaves to the US Federal Reserve.


That psychopath was Henry Alfred Kissinger, and he incorporated yet another brilliant idea into his system that has kept the American Empire alive far longer than anyone could have imagined. In fact, I believe that it is this second element that is the sole reason why so many of us have been wrong in our predictions of the death of the dollar.

I call it the Petrodollar Debt and Death System.

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FRIDAY – Orders from Riyadh – Part 4 – Nuclear War

Orders from Riyadh – Part 4 – Nuclear War

When Saudi Arabia and OPEC became the paymasters for the American Empire, the Arabs were fairly unsophisticated in the game of world power. That has changed.

Now, the sheikhs are better at handling the leash and the lash, which is why it is easier to see Arab machinations behind the wars in the Middle East. There’s also another problem.

The profit margins for the Saudi sheikhs have exploded, and that has given them even more power. Unfortunately, with great power comes the opportunity to miscalculate and destroy everything – and, that’s why we are being led by the nose to nuclear war.

Those Saudis are no great sheikhs.

(sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

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