Orders from Riyadh – Part 4 – Nuclear War

When Saudi Arabia and OPEC became the paymasters for the American Empire, the Arabs were fairly unsophisticated in the game of world power. That has changed.

Now, the sheikhs are better at handling the leash and the lash, which is why it is easier to see Arab machinations behind the wars in the Middle East. There’s also another problem.

The profit margins for the Saudi sheikhs have exploded, and that has given them even more power. Unfortunately, with great power comes the opportunity to miscalculate and destroy everything – and, that’s why we are being led by the nose to nuclear war.

Those Saudis are no great sheikhs.

(sorry, I couldn’t resist!)


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Orders from Riyadh – Part 4 – Nuclear War

A Little Review

If you are with me so far, you’ve learned about why and how the Petrodollar System got started:

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Then, you learned about how fantastic it was for the American Empire, and how it enslaved the world:

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And then, yesterday, you got a chance to see how it became a ‘debt and death’ system:

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Now, we get to see how it will destroy us, in one final cataclysm.

First, A Little Talk About Money

Please remember that the price of oil is determined on the ‘margins’, not at the core – especially when you have a constrained resource, like oil. So, when demand for oil goes up, other more-expensive oil comes online and drives up the price of oil, sharply. The cost of producing oil for core producers like Saudi Arabia will not necessarily have gone up by much. And, THAT means huge profits for low-cost producers like the Saudis. HUGE profits.

And, money means power, the power to settle a few scores and rework the Middle East, according to how THEY see things.

Enter The Russians

Also, at the same time, far-sighted oligarchs in Russia had taken over the oil and natural gas industries. And, the money started rolling in. That money brought with it dreams of a new Russian Empire and an obliteration of Russian shame at the fall of the Soviet Union.

This revitalized Russia could afford better weapons and better training – especially since they had reduced the size of their military. They also started reaching out to those who were concerned by America’s aggressive power.

The Russians started building pipelines and doing deals. China, Iran and Germany made deals. Syria and Iraq made deals. Lots of people welcomed Russian deals.

Unhappy Saudis

Saudi Arabia was never happy with Russia, and began funding Chechen rebels in the south of Russia. This lead to the Second Chechen War and was a HUGE problem for Russia, which was neutralized somewhat with a victory by the Russians in May of 2000.

I was appalled at the Saudis for openly admitting their involvement in that Chechen War. If the Russians weren’t deadly enemies of the Saudis then, they are now.

Then There Was Syria

Then came the pipeline deal that Russia was trying to make happen. That pipeline, the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, was going to bring natural gas from Iran to a port in Syria where it would be shipped to Europe. Iran was going to make money on this deal. Russia was going to make money on this deal. Syria was going to make money. The Shiites in Iraq were going to make money.

The Saudis liked NONE of that, especially since Iran was a deadly threat to Saudi Arabia. So, as the deal was coming closer to being finished, Saudi Arabia and Turkey launched an uprising in Syria. That killed the pipeline deal. And, it also painted an even bigger Russian bullseye on Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Israel had discovered natural gas under the Mediterranean Sea. And THAT wasn’t making Russia very happy, either.

Add to this the fact that Qatar would like to run a pipeline out to the Mediterranean, so that they could sell natural gas to Europe, too. But, for that to happen, Syria needed to be taken down, because Syria is run by Shiite heretics and Qatar is Sunni.

Russia Cannot Lose Syria

Oh, and if Syria is taken down, there goes Russia’s only serious naval port in the Mediterranean. That would also mean Russia would lose their only real toehold in the Middle East.

Russia has repeatedly warned that nuclear war would come if her interests in Syria are threatened. But, very few have been taking any of that seriously.

Let’s Not Forget America

Now, just as Saudi profits have been exploding, America’s finances have been doing the opposite. This has radically changed the dynamics of the relationship between the US and OPEC. The Saudis have gotten a bigger say in what goes on in the US, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the head of the CIA, John Brennan, is a convert to Islam.

Who was it that staged the coup in Ukraine?

The CIA (with the US State Department).

Russia Threatened Again And Again And Again

That coup in Ukraine is a MASSIVE threat to Russia, as I described, here:

Ukraine Cannot Escape Russia – The Carpathians

Russia CANNOT allow Ukraine to fall into the hands of the West. They consider THAT to be a massive existential threat. They always have. They always will.

And, let’s not forget America’s involvement in the Russo-Georgian War in 2008. You can bet that the Russians haven’t forgotten.

Then there’s this fascinating bit of talk making the rounds of power in Washington D.C. Idiots are talking about how they could win a nuclear war with Russia because of America’s ‘wonderful’ anti-missile defenses. And, you can bet that the Russians have been hearing this ‘talk’.

Let me add something else about Russia. Russian society and Russian thinking has been shaped by a history of EXTREME vulnerability. Their history is one of either being under attack, or the threat of being under attack.

This means that Russia takes a bigger view of threats than you or I would. And yes, I understand why you would disagree, because I used to, too. But, that was before I saw how Russian history has shaped Russia.

Putting The Pieces Together

All of that, and more, are pieces in a catastrophic puzzle. So now, let me put the pieces together for you.

  • We have a Russia that feels under attack. They feel like the United States and her OPEC paymasters are threatening her existence. (And yes, that is EXACTLY how they feel.) Furthermore, Russia cannot win a conventional war with the US or NATO, which is why her nuclear weapons are the most modern in the world.
  • We have Saudis and other oil-rich Arabs attempting to reshape the Middle East, and are yanking on the leash that they have on America to do their bidding. Unfortunately, these Arabs have been overconfident and have directly threatened the existence of Russia.

Can you believe that the head of Saudi Intelligence stuck a finger in Putin’s face?

  • We have a United States that is desperate to keep the Petrodollar System going, because it would mean the end of the American Empire. There is no WAY that the US would EVER allow that system to end. It would destroy EVERYTHING. Couple that thinking with a belief that America could emerge from a nuclear war unscathed…

Three IFs

Well, this means that we have a problem.

  • If the Saudis believe that America can win a nuclear war, you can bet that the Saudis will be pushing for a nuclear war. Furthermore, they have become overconfident as they play with fire.
  • If the threat to the Petrodollar System gets too large, and if America feels like she can win a nuclear war, you can bet that there will be a MASSIVE push for a nuclear war. The drumbeat for this war will increase as the American economy declines.
  • If the Russians believe that the threat of a nuclear war is big enough, they WILL shoot first, because they know that this is the only way that they can survive. And, they have specifically developed nuclear missiles that can avoid being shot down by American anti-missile defenses.

So, here’s the question:

Will there be a nuclear war?

Nuclear War Unavoidable

I believe that it is unavoidable, unless America’s military power can be neutralized quickly enough. I believe that it IS possible for America to be neutralized, but it is a slim possibility. Very slim.

Furthermore, the very act of neutralizing American power might touch off the very nuclear war that Russia and China would like to avoid. So, I’m not sure how to avoid a nuclear war.

And, let’s not forget that many good men and women of God have received dreams and visions of nuclear war, and it is hard to discount those. Very hard.

As far as I am concerned, nuclear war is inescapable. There are too many psychopaths with too much power making too many miscalculations. And, a nuclear war would be the only solution to these evil fools.

This means that this nuclear war will ultimately come, whether directly or indirectly, at the Orders from Riyadh.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


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