Orders from Riyadh – Part 2 – Petrodollar Slavery

The impact of the petrodollar system is so utterly fantastic, that it’s hard to fit it all together in a way that makes sense. This is part of the reason why I’ve spent so much time on this subject.

The other part of the problem is that I, myself, have been working my way through this puzzle, and writing about it has helped me see new aspects. You might say that I write these articles to wrestle with difficult ideas. And, the petrodollar is one of the most important ideas that I’ve run into.

So, let’s go wrestle with the petrodollar idea in part two of this series.


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Orders from Riyadh – Part 2 – Petrodollar Slavery

Yesterday, we talked about how and why the Petrodollar System started. It was the brainchild of one of the most diabolical men in US history, Henry Kissinger, and his petrodollar idea rescued America from the consequences of the corruption of Lyndon Johnson and paved the way for America to become the greatest empire the world has ever known – making slaves of anyone who wanted oil.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, because I haven’t shown you how this worked out so dramatically in America’s favor.

Remember that the deal America made with Saudi Arabia in 1973 – and then OPEC in 1975 – meant that no one in the world – NO ONE – could buy oil in any currency, except the US dollar. If you didn’t have oil, you needed US dollars to buy it.

Please keep that thought firmly in mind as we talk about how important oil is.

The Importance Of Oil

You’ve heard me rant on and on about the importance of oil, how vital it is to the continued existence of our civilization – at least, as it is organized now. So, humor me as I talk a bit more about how important it is. When we get to the end of this discussion, you will be blown away as the pieces come together for you.

(And no, you do NOT need to believe in Peak Oil
to understand the significance of what I am talking about.

I know of no better discussion on the importance of oil than this video:

There’s No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy, growth & the future)

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/VOMWzjrRiBg

That video is a masterpiece in describing just how vital oil is to our society. Other films and videos might be more thorough or comprehensive, but none communicate the fundamental facts and ideas better than this one – in such a short amount of time.

And, like I said, you do not need to agree with the Peak Oil conclusion to understand the film’s point about how important oil is. (But, you will forgive me if I question your sanity in refusing to see the obvious.)

Oil And Population Size

To put the importance of oil in an even broader perspective, just take a look at this picture:

A Brief History of Oil & Humans (peakprosperity.com)
A Brief History of Oil & Humans (peakprosperity.com)

You can argue all you want about all the other factors that led to the current size of the human population, but you CANNOT ARGUE with the fact that oil is the chief cause. Everything else is just detail.

So… to make the understatement of the year… oil is important.

Because Oil Is About Food

According to agweb.com, the average US farmer feeds 155 people. But, that wasn’t always the case. In 1940, one farmer could feed 19 people. More than a century ago, one farmer fed two and a half.

The difference?


Without oil…

…a farmer cannot produce enough food to support all the factory workers, teachers, engineers, scientists, judges, policemen, garbage collectors, sewage workers, physicians, hospital administrators, day care workers, film makers, programmers, librarians, writers (especially writers), construction workers, soldiers, pilots, truck drivers, sailors, plumbers, newscasters, and anyone else that I missed.

Without oil, all those people (at least 90%) need to become farmers.

That’s right. Without oil, we go back to what life was like back in the 1790s when 90% of the population were farmers. Although, a nation of clever farmers might be able to produce enough food so that only a little over 50% of the nation were farmers – like it was in the 1870s.

The Farm Tractor

By then, the first farm tractor had already been produced. And, in 1901, we had the first commercially successful light-weight petrol-powered general purpose tractor. And, once THAT happened, it was all over. Oil was here to stay.

Oil-powered tractors gave farmers a decisive advantage over farmers without them.

From that point on, a nation without oil could not compete with a nation that had it…

…because everyone needs to eat. Everyone.

So, you got it. Oil is important… no… VITAL if a country wants to prosper.

Here Comes The Petrodollar

Fast forward from 1901 to the 1970s and the petrodollar system.

This petrodollar system meant that, if you wanted to buy oil to fuel farm tractors (and anything else) , you had to have US dollars to buy your oil.


Because Henry Kissinger convinced the Saudis in 1973 (and then OPEC in 1975) to ONLY accept US dollars for their oil. No other currency would be allowed. If you didn’t have dollars, you didn’t get oil. And, if you wanted dollars, there was only one place that you could go to get them:

The United States of America

How You Get US Dollars To Buy Oil

Okay, so all you have to do, to get US dollars is to go and ask for them.


Um… no. If you want US dollars from America, you’ve got to offer Americans something that they want, at a price that they like. If Americans don’t like what you have, you don’t get US dollars.

Well, how about the foreign exchange markets?

That’s just the same thing, except this time you have to go to ANOTHER country that has been selling stuff to America and get THEM to cough up their dollars. And, they won’t do that, unless you offer to give them something that they want more than oil – since they are using those dollars to buy oil.

You Need To Please America To Get US Dollars

All of this means that you have to be really clever and work really hard if you want…

  • …your farmers to produce more food (farm tractors need fuel).
  • …more workers for your factories so that they can make things that Americans want.
  • …better education so that your workers can make better stuff that Americans want.
  • …good healthcare so that your workers can keep making stuff that Americans want.

You get the picture. From the moment of the birth of the petrodollar, if you didn’t please America, you didn’t get oil, and that meant you stayed an under-developed country.

Why do I say that you stayed under-developed?

Otherwise You Stay Under-Developed

Without oil to power tractors, your farms produce only enough food to feed the farmer and just two or three other people. And, THAT means you have a highly agrarian society without sophisticated healthcare, education or manufacturing.

Really, it’s as simple as that.

Track the progress of technological development and you will find that it closely follows the agricultural yield curve. Or, maybe I should put it another way:

Everyone needs to eat, especially scientists, engineers and doctors.

Let’s Make This Personal

Now, my lovely wife ambushed me today with a rather thorny question:

No one is going to understand all that, if they aren’t a currency trader.

Why did I have to marry such a smart woman?

So, let’s try to work our way through an example of how this works. And, since I live in Taiwan, and since Taiwan has essentially no crude oil reserves, let’s use Taiwan.

The Taiwan Example

Taiwan buys a little over 400 million barrels of oil a year. The price of oil is about $106 a barrel, which means that Taiwan needs $42.4 billion. Taiwan has a population of about 23.34 million. This means that each and every man, woman and child needs to come up with $1,816.62 – each.

That’s a lot of money for the average citizen of Taiwan, but you hafta do what ya hafta do. So, that would be about NT$54,500… but, wait… Americans don’t want New Taiwan dollars.

What? Really?

Yes. Really. Americans can’t buy anything with New Taiwan dollars. They can’t buy eggs, milk or steak with the currency of Taiwan. (Remember that the Arabs won’t give you oil if you don’t give them US dollars.)

So, what are the Taiwanese going to do?

Hey. Maybe the Japanese would give Taiwan some US dollars. A lot of Japanese come here for visits and…

What? Why are youe giving me that look again?

Let me repeat this again. The Arabs ONLY take US dollars, and the Japanese have the same problem that the Taiwanese do. They need to get their US dollars from the only people who print them: The US.


So, how do you get dollars from the US?

You sell them stuff. And, right now, America likes the electrical machinery made by Taiwan.

Doesn’t America make electrical machinery?

Taiwan MUST Sell Stuff To America

Of course. But, remember that Taiwan needs dollars to buy oil, so the Taiwanese work really, REALLY hard to make the best and cheapest machinery that they can so that they can sell it to the US and get dollars. To get an idea of what that means, per capita GDP for Taiwan is US$20,900, while for America its US$53,100. The average American, even now, makes more than two and a half times more money than the average Taiwanese.

Or, maybe I should put it this way…

…The average Taiwanese is two and a half times POORER than the average American – partly because Taiwan must get as many US dollars as she can, so that she can buy oil. And yes, I can personally tell you that the Taiwanese are much, much poorer than the average American, and work absolutely insane hours for what little money they get.

Are you starting to see how America has enslaved the world?

America Has Enslaved The World

It has, more powerfully than any other empire has ever enslaved the world. The Petrodollar shackles that America put on the world are truly amazing. But, there’s something else that happened as a result of this fantastic Petrodollar System.

The Petrodollar Is Why US Manufacturing Died

As you think about the need for the world to manufacture stuff to get US dollars to buy oil…

Could this explain why all the manufacturing jobs in America left the United States?

The only way that ANY country in the world was going to get ANY US dollars to buy ANY oil… was to take manufacturing jobs away from Americans. So, if you want to blame someone for the hollowing out of the US manufacturing sector, the one to blame is Henry Kissinger.

But wait, there’s more.

Henry was very, very clever in how this diabolical agreement was set up. So, you do NOT want to miss the next installment in this series. And yes, all of this will be leading up to those Orders from Riyadh that will lead us straight to nuclear war.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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24 thoughts on “Orders from Riyadh – Part 2 – Petrodollar Slavery”

  1. I am truly applaud at the news I just read. My country, sweet land of liberty, land where my fathers died? How can we not expect the utmost highest levels of God’s judgement? I thank him for his mercy and grace for not erase this land from the face of the earth. All I can say is, in the name of Jesus, please wake up and save yourselves before its too late.

  2. It makes me sad to know that those people must work so hard because we have enslaved them. But we have also enslaved ourselves because most of us must work for someone in order to pay the mortgages on our overpriced houses and buy groceries from overpriced stores. May God have mercy on us for what we have done.

  3. Wow, amazing insight, amazing article. Thank you John!! I knew a bit about the petrodollar, but had no idea that it was so significant. Had no idea of the carnage it has caused. Looking forward to the third installment.

  4. Thank You for explaining this for people to understand.Also countries that need dollars and do not have exports or a sound tradeable foreign currency can buy US.Treasuries in bills notes or bonds.These then can be sold for dollars and that makes the Treasury dept and New York Fed very.happy as the petrodollars are then recycled and always needed.

  5. This is helpful, thanks. I’ve heard a lot about the petrodollar in general, but this article clarifies the mechanics.

    Let me get this straight: America has enslaved the world while the banker elite has enslaved America. When the petrodollar ends, we fall to the bottom of the pyramid.

    • Hi Mike F.,

      Actually, the lower half of American society is already falling to the bottom of the pyramid. But yes, when the petrodollar ends, it ends for all of America – assuming that America doesn’t go to war to preserve it.

      Thanks, Mike.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. “Are you starting to see how BABYLON has enslaved the world?”

    Your OWN words, Brother!!!
    Over and Over!!!

    Rev 18:3
    For all the nations have drunk
        the maddening wine (Money, Power, Greed) of her adulteries.
    The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
        and the MERCHANTS (Taiwans Electrical Machinery Merchants) of the earth grew rich from BABYLONS excessive luxuries.”

    15 The merchants (Taiwans Electrical Machinery Merchants) who sold these things and gained their wealth from BABYLON will stand far off, terrified at her torment. (G-d is speaking about the Wealth of the Merchants and Kings – not of the Average Taiwanese, Turk, Arab who worked themselves to death to keep America (I mean BABYLON/Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, M. Dell etc ) happy

    Unbelievable you can’t see it!!!
    Every Article you write:
    BABYLON: The Lord of War!
    BABYLON: The Lord of Pornography
    BABYLON: The Lord of Homosexuality
    BABYLON: The Lord of BLINDNESS!!!

    Every Article you write is about BABYLON!!!
    R U Ready 4 this?!!!


    • Hi Still’say’n,

      I certainly AM ready for this, since I am sitting in Taiwan.

      I am very careful in how and where I make a firm stand. I have learned to my great embarrassment that a lack in carefulness can lead to… problems. Furthermore, since I have a responsibility to provide carefully thought out and verified information and analysis… well, I haven’t reached the point where I can do that vis-a-vis the identity of Babylon The Great of Revelation.

      Also, with all that I am required to do in so many other areas, I’m having a little difficulty in deciding that this issue is vital and important for this moment in time. The difference between my current position and yours is only one of degree.

      You are saying that America will be COMPLETELY destroyed, and I am saying that it will be MOSTLY destroyed. Either way, my warning to brothers and sisters in Christ is the same – get out of America.

      My other thought is for yourself.

      If you believe all of this, why are you still in the United States?

      Thank you, S.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. P.S.
    You should have ended your series:
    BABYLON: The Lord of Death
    You could have gotten a good article in on how America was founded upon Genocide (100,000,000 Native American Indians), Slavery, Revolution, Civil War— how American Banks Bank-Rolled the Bolsheviks, The Nazi’s, etc.
    55,000,000 Abortions et al!!!
    Yep! Besides the Opium Trade – America is also The Lord of Death!!!
    Is it not?!
    That’s not to mention those whom have “SLAVED” to death for the Petrodollar, hunh?!


    as we continue down this path of total destruction and decimation of the worlds population, we must keep a few things in mind. Your article is very historically accurate in every facet and detail. The ultimate culmination of all these things you’ve written about for the past months now, is the same old maneuvers or tactics used in ancient times. The one true tactic that proves to be timeless is “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” . It has worked in every corner of the world since this world was populated with more than 2 people. 2 persons can get along and make things work, most often, by helping each other or just staying away from each other. Bring in a 3rd entity and all of the sins of man are given a playground of unlimited capacity.

    What you see right now happening in your former place of dwelling, the USA, is the results of all events leading up to the very moment when God will say, “SON GO GET YOUR CHILDREN”. Mankind has crushed each other for thousands of years in efforts to gain wealth, power, and ultimately, control of their destiny. Well, guess what? Once all these little reptilian DNA ‘DIRT BAGS” finish their destructive plans, they will answer to the UNEFLUNI! The Great Creator, YHWH, GOD ALMIGHTY, JEHOSHUA, ABBA, YESHUA, THE RU’ACHHHH! no matter how you speak it, He is the deciding factor or element or being that we all must accept.

    Here’s the deal! We have as human beings, have lost the TREASURE! God’s treasure is spoken about many many times in his ‘WORD”. Isaiah 33:6 “THE FEAR OF THE LORD IS HIS TREASURE.” I have treasure abounding! You have great treasure yourself! All who come unto the Father through the Son, have great treasure. It’s the fear of Abba’s “WORD” that gives us the greatest of his GRACE! Dad says “take care of your own business! because if you don’t, then I will have to! And you don’t want me to!” Only he can straighten these things out! Only he has the knowledge and the resources to say, “THAT’S IT!” “SHEEP TO THE RIGHT! GOATS TO THE LEFT!” “YOU WERE TOLD!” “WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!” Following are a few things I wanted to share with you. You have been most helpful in the journey many have been on, to find the answers to the questions. Thank you for all you do! Your former dwelling place will soon be under great persecution. I don’t know what his intentions are as of yet. But, I can tell you this, “THIS SOLDIER FOR CHRIST JESUS WILL NOT SEEK THE EASY WAY OUT IN SOME FLIGHT IN THE SKY PRE-TRIB RAPTURE NONSENSE!” “I HAVE INVOKED, BY REQUEST, THE POWER OF THE SON’S OF ISRAEL” “THESE POWERS ARE SUCH THAT MANKIND HAS NOT SEEN IN NEAR 1,500 YEARS. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW POWERFUL WE CAN BE, READ THE BOOK OF JASHER. THIS SOLDIER WILL TURN AND FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!” THAT’S THE TEST! WILL YOU RUN FOR THE HILLS AND SEEK THE PATH OF SAFETY AND SECURITY? OR WILL YOU TURN AND SPEAK AS DID JUDAH, WHILE SPEAKING TO JOSEPH ABOUT HIS BROTHER? Jasher 54:10 And Judah said unto Joseph, “Surely it becometh thee and thy people to fear me; as the Lord liveth if I once draw my sword I shall not sheathe it again until I shall this day have slain all of Egypt, and I will commence with thee and finish with Pharaoh thy master.” Judah continued on in his conversation with Joseph and at one point has Naphtali run through the city and number the streets. There were 12 streets. There were 10 brothers to fight. Judah would take 3 streets, the other brothers would take one each. the intent was to slay all of Egypt in order to recover their younger brother Benjamin. Now many will not reference this book because it is not in the selected material of the bible. However, this book is referenced 2 times, once in Joshua 10:13 and in 2Samuel 1:17. If the Holy Spirit took mind enough to mention it, don’t ya think he has something there that is important? Read it people! Set yourselves free from the binding the church has placed on you! the power of God’s Children will soon be released on these slithering reptilian extra-dimensionals! Sparks will soon be flying! ABBA’S COMING HOME!”









    Your brother in Christ Jesus!

    the watchman
    PSALM 91/LUKE 21:36

    • Hi James Timms,

      Well said. The cause of all of this is the sin of mankind.

      The purpose for this website is to warn. And, my hope is that our brothers and sisters in Christ would seek direction from the Lord. For some, it will be to stay where they are and continue to the spiritual battle that they already fight.

      For others, it will be to seek a place of safety until the Lord shows them what they should do. Even Jesus spoke to His disciples to flee persecution (Matt 10:23).

      As to the Seed of the Serpent reigning in Jerusalem, I’m not sure what you mean. If you are claiming that all who are unsaved are ‘seed of the serpent’, then I agree.

      Thank you, James.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. James and John,
    If it be for sin and only sin then I’m over, through, fini, kaput!!!
    I mean, I agree that Sin (“Against you [G-d] only have I sinned”) is the it all and be all the of the end of the matter – but it must ALWAYS be pointed out “UNREPETENT” Sin.
    For the “Hardness of Hearts” – the Self-Righteous (I’ll be saved in the Rature, you’ll be left behind!), Sanctimonious (Your Vile, I’m going to pray for YOU [But not for me because I’m Righteous/Already Saved!]), UNREPETENT Sin that inevetibaly brings Judgement and Wrath!
    Good thing that all the “Accusers” whom had gathered about the Prostitute recgnized their own “fallibility” and droppedtheir rocks/stones and returned from whence they had come, hunh?!
    Had any one of them, obviously guilty of Sin (Divorce, Alcoholism, Lust, Greed, Theft, an unrigteouss thought, etc) dared to Cast the 1st Stone – they’de have only Condemned themselves, Amen?!
    Hosea 4:1…cont’d

    • Hi Jus’Say’n,

      I think that James and I with you that unrepentant sin is at the heart of our troubles. The church has wallowed in its sins and rebelled against God. So, I’m not sure where you are going with this.

      And yes, forgiveness is at the heart of all that we do.

      Thank you, Jus’Say’n.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. Hi John,
    I stumbled across your website today as I am doing research and attempting to put together a scenario of what would happen in the United States as well as many other countries such as Taiwan when the US Petrodollar ends.
    This post you made is very good. It takes much of what I have read and breaks it down a little more and makes it personal.
    Why am I writing you? You are my brother in Christ as I have discovered from your writing, and have the correct mindset for what is coming upon this world. However, you are missing what many are missing right now – and that is the result of research I have done into a new end-times unsealing of Daniel, which is on my website foursignposts.com and in my book Daniel Revisited. I stumbled across the four signposts 11 years ago, and wrote the book.
    What are the Four Signposts? A proper understanding of ancient and medieval Roman and Islamic history is needed to shine light on what Daniel is trying to tell us will happen in the end times. Daniel 7 and 8 in fact yield an end times picture (try to explain Daniel 8:17 and 19 in the face of today’s popular interpretation of the ram and goat) that shows there will be four sets of events prior to the Tribulation that will put our world and USA on the path to the Tribulation. You write on this site some things that will happen along the same lines.
    But in Daniel we have four exact events in series. The first one was the democratization of Iraq. The second and next is the invasion by Iran of the Middle East. The quarter of the earth is the Islamic quarter, as these four events, kicked off by each of the four horsemen, deal with the Muslim part of the world first, but peace (loss of stability) is taken from the entire earth. and that is when Iran, having conquered the oil fields, ends the petrodollar in one moment. The fourth signpost will see the emergence of the man who is to be antichrist.
    Please email me. Check out all the two dozen or so 5-star reviews. I would like to consult with you on the effects of the loss of the petrodollar in this manner. I thought too that you might appreciate seeing a scenario backed up by history, biblical exegesis, and current events. I couldn’t find your email and this was the only way to communicate with you. I look forward to hearing from you.
    God bless,
    Mark Davidson,
    author of Daniel Revisited

    • Hi Mark Davidson,

      Interesting points. And, I am certainly willing to keep them in mind.

      As always, my email address is:

      john at omegashock dot com

      You can always get to me there. Unfortunately, I have limited time for direct interaction, since my efforts are directed at reaching as many people as possible. But, I will do my best.

      Thank you, Mark!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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