Before Ezekiel’s Fire – Why Nuclear War

It is a maxim that empires do not fall quietly. Worse, the leadership of such empires rarely understand the road that they are on, until the ‘barbarians stand at the gates’. They usually suffer from a false sense of infallibility, and surround themselves with those with the same disease.

We call that disease hubris, and America suffers from the worst case of this terrible affliction, since Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, America has nuclear weapons and recently communicated a willingness to use them first.

America’s enemies understand this and are determined neutralize this threat. Unfortunately, this will mean nuclear war. And you are at ground zero.


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Before Ezekiel’s Fire – Why Nuclear War

There is no way to save the American Empire. It’s just not possible. I talk about this constantly, so I won’t go over all that again. Unfortunately, the American government hasn’t gotten the memo.

Washington’s selective view of reality has led the American government to believe that they can’t lose. They believe that what has worked in the past will work again… that the recession is behind us… that good times are here again…


…that winning isn’t just everything, it’s the ONLY thing.

That last bit is a problem because winning ISN’T everything. In fact, I believe that our successes have taught us the wrong lesson, and we are about to pay a terrible price for that.

Russia And China

You see, the Russians and Chinese understand what America has become, and they know that they cannot survive, if America keeps doing what she is doing. Both Russia and China have sought to warn the US of what could happen, but the US hasn’t paid attention.

The question that we should all be asking ourselves is this:

How long will Russia and China wait before acting to neutralize the American threat?

That is a good question, but we have some clues as to an answer.

Russian Red Lines

There are two red lines that Russia has said repeatedly that the American Empire will not be allowed to cross:

Ukraine and Syria.

Russia has repeatedly said that there will be war (which would mean nuclear war) if Ukraine joins NATO, if NATO bases appear on Ukrainian soil, or if anti-missile defenses get too close to Russia’s borders. The US and NATO appear to be treating that threat with some seriousness, which is why they’ve been more covert in their foolish actions in Kiev.

In fact, I am considering the idea that what is happening in Ukraine is a feint. While our attention is directed towards Kiev – as well as Crimea and the possibility of civil war – we are not focusing on a much bigger prize:


Russia Needs Syria

Russia needs Syria, and has threatened the use of nuclear weapons several times to defend her interests there. When the Israeli army was about to reach the city of Damascus in 1967 and 1973, Russia threatened nuclear war. And, there is reason to believe that Russia still views Syria as a vital part of Russian interests.

The Russian naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus is still of interest to the Russians, especially as natural gas production from the Mediterranean comes on line. They also want to be able to protect an even more important development – the natural gas pipeline from Iran to Syria.

Don’t you find it interesting that the Syrian Civil War broke out as negotiations for the Iran-Iraq-Syrian natural gas pipeline were nearing agreement?

Yeah. I find it interesting, too. (And, I’m not the only one.)

Russia, Gazprom And A Natural Gas Pipeline

The Russian natural gas giant, Gazprom, is a key part of this deal, so Russia wants that pipeline completed. The natural gas that flows through Iraq and Syria will be sold to Europe, and Gazprom has a big part of any profits.

America and Turkey want the deal stopped. Turkey feels cut out of this lucrative deal, so it has been feeding the conflict in Syria. The US wants to protect the petrodollar and the role that America plays in the Persian Gulf.

And the average Syrian?

Nobody asked them. Don’t be silly.

US Feeding War In Syria

The point is that the United States still has her sights on Syria. The US has been funneling sophisticated weapons to the Syrian rebels, and I believe that the US will eventually win the conflict in Syria.

There have been indications that the CIA and Saudi Intelligence might be getting ready for another attempt at a false flag operation that would give Obama the excuse to use overwhelming force to squash the Syrian regime in Damascus. If the rumors are true that the Saudis are about to give up on the United States and maybe let the petrodollar die… Well, America wouldn’t want that to happen, so that would hasten efforts by the US to destroy the Assad regime in Syria.

And, if the US succeeds in destroying Damascus?

The US will have crossed a huge red line for Russia. Putin will suddenly have no secure access to the Mediterranean. And, he will have no influence on natural gas flowing into Europe from in, and around, the Mediterranean. And, one more American flag will stand, where a Russian one once stood. The noose that America would have been drawing around Russia would feel much, much tighter.

Russia may even find her Black Sea fleet bottled up in Crimea.

Russia Pushed To Use Nuclear Weapons

This will cause Russia to finally resort to the nuclear option, if she hasn’t already decided to do so. By this time, America will have been making open and direct threats to Russia and her interests abroad.

Also, as America teeters over the financial abyss, the US will seek for ways to shift the blame to convenient targets, like Moscow. As the rhetoric heats up and the US military takes on a more aggressive posture, Russia will feel that she has no other options left, except the one that she does not want to use.

The Evidence Of Prophecy

Now, for those of you who remain unconvinced, let me ask you a question:

Have you ever wondered why the US does nothing to protect Israel as Gog and Magog comes down (Ezekiel 38 and 39)?

The answer is that the US can’t.

The American government hates Israel – especially the US State Department. But, the US defends Israel because she controls the most vital bit of real estate in the Middle East. If Israel didn’t exist, America would need to create something like Israel, to stabilize the region.

That’s why America would never allow Gog and Magog to invade the Middle East. Never. This means that there are only two possibilities:

Either America will have suffered a catastrophic collapse so huge that it neutralizes her military…


…America has been destroyed.

Nuclear War Fits

Let me put this another way:

  • With what Revelation 13 says about the the ‘deadly wound’…
  • With the dreams and visions that many brothers and sisters have had about a nuclear attack upon America…

I don’t see how a lack of involvement can be anything else than a sign that America has been destroyed by a nuclear attack.

Unless God can show us a different conclusion, I believe that it is our duty to prepare for such an event, and to warn others that this is coming.

Please, everyone, prepare for what is coming. And yes, I believe that this includes nuclear war.

Are you ready for this?
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