Before Ezekiel’s Fire – Nuclear War

Up to this point in time, I have not spoken much on what might happen between now and the coming of Ezekiel’s Fire. I’ve hinted at different possibilities, but I haven’t laid out the most likely scenarios. With all that I have been hearing lately, now is the time to talk about what might be happening over the next few months or years.

So, for the remainder of this week we’ll be talking about what you can expect as we move ever deeper into the most dangerous period of time in human history – The Last Days. And, I will begin with what I believe to be most likely – Nuclear War.


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Before Ezekiel’s Fire – Nuclear War

Like most human beings, I tend to wear rose-colored glasses and err on the side of great expectations. I tend to believe that things will work out, and that any ‘rough patch’ can be quickly dealt with before going on. Unfortunately that is NOT the case.

Things are NOT going to get better, and the road down the other side of this mountain leads to the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Will there be good moments on the way down?

I believe so, and I am certainly hoping for them. I believe that Ezekiel’s Fire will deal a temporary setback to the rise of the Antichrist Kingdom. There will also be the salvation of Israel and the gospel being sent around the world one last time. Those of us who have been complacent in our spiritual life will be forced to rely on God, and for that, we will shine brightly in the coming darkness.

The Cost Will Be High

The problem is that the cost will be very high. Millions and – more probably – billions of people will die. The survivors will suffer greatly, and many will be forced to live with a jackboot on their neck. And, I hate the thought of ANY of that.

But, our ancient enemy, Satan, started this war, and this is the price of victory. God will win, and there is a place in heaven prepared for all who willingly take their place in this fight.

So, what comes next?

I don’t think that we can be completely certain about the events that will define the next few months and years. But, I believe that there are some things that we can be relatively sure of.

The Fall Of The American Economy

One thing is for sure:

The American economy is going to collapse

There is no possible way for America’s economy to survive in it’s current form. It is just not possible. There is just too much debt and too many promises. And, America no longer produces much in the way of tangible goods. The only thing that America really excels at is pornography, war and heroin. So, the American Empire is destined to take its place upon the scrap heap of history.

Unfortunately, great empires tend to not go quietly into the night. And, America has become the most powerful empire in 16 centuries. Even Rome did not have the power that America has today – not even close. But, America’s great power will not be able to hold back her eventual fall.

The Fall Of The American Empire

So, the question remains:

How will America fall?

I would love to believe that it will be like the slow, gracious decline that popular history records of the British Empire. But, the Brits didn’t have nuclear weapons, and they didn’t have enemies able and willing to use them.

Nor were the Brits quite so hideously amoral as the current American government. There was at least some semblance of honor among the British imperialists. They certainly didn’t seem as bad as the amoral psychopaths that are running things in Washington, D.C.

So, when I heard Paul Craig Roberts talk about Washington’s interest in attacking Russia or China with nuclear weapons… well… I knew how that would end. America’s enemies will NOT allow the US to get in the first shot. They cannot allow that to happen.

So, how will America be destroyed?

Four Kinds Of Attack

To my mind, there are four possible kinds of attack that could be launched against the US:

  • Nuclear
  • Biological
  • Cyber
  • Financial

And, they will probably use all four.

We are already in a financial war with Russia and China, and that war threatens to escalate further. And, a financial attack could be followed up with insurgency and terrorism within the US. Discontent with the US government is growing in America, so Russia and China will find fertile ground for covert activity – if they choose to go that route.

But, none of that will blunt America’s ability and willingness to use her nuclear arsenal to further her imperial aims. And America’s enemies MUST neutralize American nuclear weapons to have any hope of surviving the coming years – because America WILL use her nuclear arsenal when her empire begins to falter and then fall.

Chinese Bio Weapons

The Chinese are on record as having invested in biological weapons development instead of Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups. The fact that they are now putting money into Aircraft Carriers means that they might have succeeded in their effort to develop an effective biological weapon system.

The question is whether such biological weapons could neutralize the personnel manning America’s nuclear weapons – which, by the way, includes the President of the United States.

Can the Chinese and Russians knock out America’s Nuclear Launch System?

A Successful Nuclear Strike On The US

I don’t know. I don’t see how they could do it permanently. But, they might be able to cause enough of a delay to allow Russia and China to take out America’s nuclear weapons capability.

There could be some combination of bio weapon attack along with a cyber attack that could slow, or even neutralize US weapons systems like nuclear silos and submarines. They could then launch an EMP attack coupled with direct nuclear strikes.

China has already successfully tested a nuclear-capable, hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) that cannot be stopped by anti-missile defenses, and Russia has an ICBM in production with highly maneuverable, hypersonic warheads that also cannot be stopped by current anti-missile defenses.

Russia And China Backed Into A Corner

The point of this exercise is to show that Russia and China are capable of destroying the US. And, they may even be able to achieve this without direct harm to themselves.

Do they want to do this?

No, I do not believe so. However, if the reports are true that there are idiots in Washington – but, I repeat myself – who think that they can win a nuclear war…

Well, does that leave Russia and China with any choice?

No, it does not.

Worse, it appears that America is becoming more and more aggressive as she seeks to invade Russian and Chinese spheres of influence. It really does seem like the US is becoming the rabid world power that cannot be stopped without the use of force. And, there appears to be only one kind of weapon that has any chance of defeating the US:

Nuclear Weapons.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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31 thoughts on “Before Ezekiel’s Fire – Nuclear War”

  1. Hi, John –

    No surprises here, at least for me. I read Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Hodges, too. But you mentioned – correctly – that this is essentially a spiritual war:

    But, our ancient enemy, Satan, started this war, and this is the price of victory. God will win, and there is a place in heaven prepared for all who willingly take their place in this fight.

    You need to address the question, How does one engage in spiritual warfare, and especially when being deceived and distracted by the collapse of the American empire?

    My solution has been: repentance, restitution and reconciliation. Get your spiritual house in order NOW so you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit with clarity. Turn off the TV, cleanse your living space of everything polluted, such as trashy magazines, books, videos, etc. Read the Bible, read good books, listen to good music, good teaching … good stuff.

    Also, don’t bicker and squabble about end-time scenarios or questionable non-essentials. It is the wise and blessed man who meditates on God’s law day and night. He (or she) is the one who will be anchored and unmoved when the storms come.

    PLEASE hammer on this. Preparation for what’s coming is incomplete and grossly inadequate if the “prepper” simply stores food, weapons, and a Berkey water system. The brimstone is about to hit the spinning blade, and those unprepared in the spiritual essentials will lose ETERNALLY. Whether or not they can stretch their survival for a few years in this vale of tears is of no consequence.



  2. Good article, and I agree. But. Simply put, rejoice in the Lord. Let no one take your crown. Spend as much time in the presence of Christ the savior. Enjoy his love and the knowledge of his power and great compassion.

    Spend time acknowledging his greatness. I’m not very well, and struggling with a number of ailments, and every moment in his presence is a treasure. No matter what matters, he has conquered death and hell, and he is exalted over all dominion and power.

    Praise his wonderful name!

    • Hi Mark Grindell,

      I am so sorry that you are in this physical struggle.

      But, I am truly glad to see the love that you have for the Lord. We must all start from this point. Without a love of God, there is no point in doing anything.

      Keep up the good work, Mark. It is a blessing to know that you are out there.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. John, with greatest respect for your opinion – BUT with NONE for the current administration – I simply cannot see the o-man ordering a nuclear strike for any reason. He’s the one who wants it all dismantled, for goodness sake.

    China, hmmmm. Maybe – but they would have as much to lose as the U.S. because we owe them so much, and promises of land have been given.

    Mr. Putin, wild card. He must have strings behind him, because all national figures do. I just don’t know who pulls his strings. I know he wants to restore “Mother Russia”, and he’d be willing to do much to make that happen. Again, pros and cons – would he “win” if he did so? Don’t know.

    I do agree there will be a nuclear conflagration, but I’m more inclined to look to the east, Pakistan and India. All of Scripture finds its fulcrum around Israel, and I suspect the nuclear matter will be in proximity to Israel (though not in Israel, per se). The Muslims in Pakistan have REALLY itchy fingers, and that country has the requisite resources, so maybe…

    I agree regarding the decimation of all aspects of American governance and culture. Not an easy agreement, but inescapable when one considers the magnitude of our nation’s sins. I think we’re about to experience the “7 times” judgments of Leviticus 26, sooner, rather than later.

    All in all, a really difficult call. Is it “time”? Maybe a bit longer. Only Yehovah knows. We watch, pray, and wait.

    Thanks for your boldness and courage. I read your column every day it is published. True courage is such a rare commodity in our time.

    • Hi bert,

      Good comments. I too hesitated a bit over this idea of a nuclear first strike, when I realized that it would require Barry Soetoro to launch the strike. Just remember that ol’ Barry is an empty suit, and does what he’s told.

      My information from reliable private and public sources indicates that the ‘string pullers’ are NOT united, and are actually in competition with each other. They do go to war with each other often and feel no sense of guilt that they murdered millions.

      We’ll see what happens.

      Thank you, Bert, for your warm regard. I appreciate it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. It appears that both Obama and Putin have allowed Russians to settle on American soil, to help with the destruction of all life. Who then, would consider living in a nuclear fall out country? Don’t you think they are friends working together for depopulation? Even Obama and Putins soldiers are so duped into thinking they are going to live on, but when the job they are given is completed, they will meet the same end by their own comrads. The US Vets are still learning that one.

    • Hi kelvin bond,

      The intentions of these Russian (and Chinese) is a bit difficult to understand. Methinks that Obama and Putin are playing very deep games. Or, at least Putin is.

      But, the Bible is pretty clear on certain events, and when you compare what the Bible says will happen… with the current situation… well, I believe that the conclusion is inescapable.

      Thank you, Kelvin.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Your are right John. We are on the brink. Voilence and destruction are lurking in the shadows.

    A cursed man ( nation ) cannot change so the insane keep the path of insanity. How unfortunate for the many of us. I have read the scriptures. It tells me of the things to come. Wisdom on the street now confirms it. I do not look forward to the fallout from this rubbish. But I also know God is in charge. And his plan for redemption continues even in our darkest hour.

    War in the heavens and war on earth. The good book says we win. I have seen the end.

    Thank you for your messages

    Marantha, come Jesus come

  6. You may be familiar with the visions of Dumitru Duduman and his son Michael Boldea –
    Duduman died in 1997, the entries after that were seen by Boldea. It’s well worth the time to read them all, plus explore the website. The Lord spoke in very different symbolism to DD and MB, I think He tailors it to the vessel’s personality and what they can relate to. Some have had an issue with some of DD’s visions not coming true within the timeframe stated, but as I will get into shortly, I would not let that disqualify them altogether. He did see, decades ago when it seemed laughable, the reemergence of Russia as a formidable power and an alliance between Russia and China against the US. Until Fukushima, I didn’t think a malfunctioning nuclear energy plant could be as devastating as an actual bomb, but I stand corrected. Duduman was shown that terrorists would sabotage our nuclear sites, I think both where bombs are stored and also energy plants. In any event, one thing he was clearly shown was that America would “burn”. Boldea’s last 2 visions are particularly apropos this week.

    Howard Storm had a fascinating near-death experience in 1985, which transformed him from an atheist to a “Bible-pounding zealot” as he put it. I have read some NDEs which did not ring true and which I believe were simply made up, for the attention or to sell books, but this is not one of them. This one I find more fascinating than any other, but as always it must be taken with discernment as it is not Gospel. He is not nearly as widely known as others, he does not seek out attention and doesn’t even have a blog, at least not the last time I checked. He wrote a book I highly recommend – My Descent Into Death A Second Chance at Life. He was shown a vision of the potential destruction of the USA, but (as of 1985) this was not a certainty and depended on the path we took. This is why I would not automatically discount a prophecy based on timing, the Lord has shown flexibility in the Bible toward those who repent. Obviously the entire nation has not repented, but we don’t know how many individuals have, and the Lord respects each one. For all we know, He may be waiting for more to repent who He knows WILL. And of course, things have gone from bad to worse since 1985. What he was shown had to do with power grid failure, at a time when the average person was not familiar with what an EMP is and what the consequences of that or a CME would be. He saw us descending into total chaos, people literally killing each other over a cup of gasoline, with the rest of the world watching in horror as the most violent and selfish society in the world caves in on itself and self-destructs. In one of his interviews, he said that he saw us going almost overnight to a 3rd-world status, with only a “few tens of thousands” surviving. From 314 million in 2012 to a few tens of thousands, think about that for a minute. From a practical point of view, I think an EMP is high on the list of probable events, as it would effectively take us out while leaving that precious farmland – which China desperately needs – intact. Except for blighted areas where nuclear energy plants blew up due to lack of electricity for cooling, etc. However, the idiocy in Washington DC is truly jaw-dropping and may indeed force Russia and China to do whatever they must to preserve themselves. Can’t blame them. But a worldwide nuclear winter would devastate them too, and they are much saner than our government, so I am expecting an EMP. What would constitute the lowest-cost, most effective tactic would be for them to first sabotage our stored nuclear weapons so we CAN’T use them, then use an EMP. This would make both Duduman and Storm correct.

    • Hi DRG,

      I have heard and read Dumitru Duduman and Michael Boldea.

      I think that some problems with prophecies lie with interpretation rather than the vision/dream itself. So, if Dumitru Duduman had an incorrect prophecy, that could be it.

      Either way, I do not rely on modern day prophecies to understand what is coming. But, when a sincere and humble man of God speaks about a vision or dream… and if it truly seems to come from God… I listen.

      And, you will notice that your scenario about nuclear sabotage and an EMP are exactly what I believe the Russians and Chinese will attempt (from today’s post). And, you got there before I could say anything. Well done!

      Good work, DRG. Thank you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Don’t you believe in the rapture of the church? The Bible tells us that we are not appointed to wrath. What you are describing is the tribulation and the church is not here for that. Thank God

    • Hi mary j,

      I certainly DO believe in the rapture. But, I base my belief in what the Bible says. Take a look at my article on the rapture, here:

      In that article, I use scriptural proof to show that three things MUST come before the rapture:

      The Antichrist

      The Tribulation

      The Resurrection

      Prove me wrong, and you will earn my undying gratitude – because it gives me no pleasure to believe these things.

      Please remember that we are to love the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may make us feel.

      Thank you, Mary.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. In the event the US does attack Russia and China first,
    both Russia and China can retaliate without using one nuke. Think Fukushima. All they have to do is attack all the reactors in the US and hit the nuclear waste dumps and not only will America be crippled, but America will be crippled for 1000’s of years. We use DU on nations that do not agree with the banker debased dollar being the reserve currency of the world to put eternal fear into the people of countries that stand up against the dollar. Look up the term DU babies on google and other search engines. Our soldiers are walking through DU in Iraq and Afghanistan and our munitions handlers are being exposed as well. We have given DU munitions to Israel and other countries to use on the their banker enemies as well. Our soldiers are impregnating their wives with DU sperm. One ofthe non profit TV channels showed a child fathered by a Soldier back in 2009 or 2010. It was horrible. In the event a war like this starts not one banker should survive, their global assets need to be confiscated as will as those of the Queen, Rome, the Rothschild’s and all those who build this horrible weapon. Those in the US who start this horrible war, if they live through it must be hung.

    “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?” Thomas Jefferson…

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. PS. 33:12

    I am a Honorably Discharged old vet.

  9. this sounds a lot like the scenario that Dmitri Duduman described in his testimony…if you dont know who he is or about his prophetic vision, watch this video:

    or alternatively you could google “dmitri duduman america is babylon” and you’ll find the video that way…its an incredible story about how he was imprisoned for his faith by the communists in Romania but was miraculously saved from being electrocuted to death (amidst other tortures) and how eventually he came to america, felt desperate and confused about why God had brought him out of so many troubles only to bring him to america where he couldnt even find a place for his family to live, and was given a vision by an angel about america’s future

    it also sounds a lot like henry gruver’s vision that he related to steve quayle….but if you’re up at all on alternative news, then you’ve probably heard about both of these…

    a.a. allen also has a vision like this…check out dreams and visions on steve quayle to find it and more…

  10. P.S: have to correct something in my previous comment – Duduman also saw a nuclear attack against the US, coming from the ocean and from multiple directions. He had this vision in the 80s. He saw things that seemed impossible then, but are making more and more sense every day – he saw this attack coming at a time when the US government was distracted by chaos in the middle part of the US, namely the US citizens fighting against the government! With all this talk about gun control, and the police state becoming more and more entrenched, this does not sound all that impossible now. He saw this unrest as being further agitated by terrorist groups, and the nuclear attacks planned to take advantage of this distraction. So with this in mind, if we begin to see actual conflict breaking out on a large scale between citizens and the government —- that could be a major warning sign.

  11. DURNING the recent bilderberg meetings,THEY drew straws to see who was going to get what in ISRAEL,and WE KNOW what the FATHER has to say about that,Destruction on everyone involved,THEIR all devil worshippers ,and WILL NOT see it coming,BUT they will see the BIG asteroid when it comes down,FIVE MILES ACROSS,and all the PROPHETS have been shown it coming down,IT will hit in the GULF OF MEXICO,west of puerto rico,THE entire planet will shake like a bowl of JELLO,mag.12 earthquake in the mississippi river valley,MARTIAL LAW will be declared and the INVASION,and nuclear bombing of america will happen after that,WERE going DOWN and its been set in concrete,RIGHT NOW nothing can save america, BUT THE LORD HIMSELF,and he ain’t going to do it…….we’re finished JOHN,wave good by,its over for america………..

  12. I daily read the “Cutting Edge” website’s daily news articles, receive their weekly newsletter, and their Headline News Analysis’s. Not saying that “Cutting Edge” is necessarily correct in their reporting but they claim that definitely the USA, Russia, and Israel (maybe others like China) have scalar type weapon systems (USA version is called HAARP) that will detect and neutralize incoming atomic weapons. Therefore, according to Cutting Edge, those scalar countries will not get nuked unless they allow it.

  13. I am in agreement with you that I too fear nuclear war is likely around the corner for America. I don’t think that Russia or China however will be the source of our destruction. The Bible says that Babylon is the golden cup in God’s hand that he will use to basically pour out madness on the whole world. Babylon is the southern portion of Iraq and Bible prophesy calls for the total destruction of southern Iraq causing it to be without an inhabitant perpetually. I have been predicting a fall of the current government of Iraq with a take over of Muslim extremists loyal to Hussein. I also predict the fall of the moderate government of Jordan and a takeover by extremists there as well. People I am sure will laugh at me but I think there really were a few weapons of mass destruction hid out in Iraq. I believe they will be pulled out of moth balls and used against Damascus Syria and likely Cairo Egypt. Damascus is to be wiped out according to prophesy. A city in Egypt will be called the city of destruction. The leader of Iraq will come forth like a raging lion from the “Swelling of Jordan” meaning the pride and arrogance of Jordan. I think there will be a call to destroy Israel. Russia and a re-constituted USSR will destroy Iraq as the northern invader and only after seeing the might of his army does the leader turn against Israel leading to Ezekiel’s fire. Israel is a land of unwalled villages at peace when Russia invades. I believe America is Elam in prophesy, the hidden distant land also scheduled for destruction.

    • Hi Paul Johnston,

      Interesting comment, some of which seems to be happening as we speak.

      And, your scenarios are worth remembering. We’ll see what happens.

      Thank you, Paul. Excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. “1HOUR”

    BY G-D!!!! That’s how!!!
    Babylon’s destruction (1Hour) begins/rings in tribulation!!!
    Still going to denigh it?!

    • Hi TOLDYASO!!!,

      It seems like we agree that the US is going to suffer a nuclear attack. Our difference of opinion seems to lie in the area of who is identified as ‘what’.

      The fact that you recognize the danger is more than enough for me.

      Are you getting ready for what is coming?

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. P.S.
    While you’re focusing on Russia and China – Iraq’s being over-run by ISIS/ISIL.
    The’ll be taking Baghdad this week!!!

    P.S. I “DON’T” wear Rose Colored Glasses! I listen to G-d and pay attention to the Bible!!! That’s how I know America’s BABYLON!!!
    And just in case you missed it!


  16. Just remember, when you are looking for a place to hide, a city that has already been nuked is probably a good place to consider in the event the enemy is closing in on your location. We only have to try to survive for a few years anyway. Obviously it’s ideal to have a homestead waaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere but let’s be realistic. How many of us can actually afford that? Most of us have to go to work at some point, which requires being within a reasonable commute of the city.

    I also encourage everyone to be prepared to walk home from work to meet up with your family. Keep a survival kit in your car with MREs, water, self defense, and something you can use for shelter and warmth. Know how to take the back roads to get home.


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