America, Lord of the… End

The Littles have been patriots for more than two hundred years, and the first John Little fell in battle on January 2nd, 1777 at the Second Battle of Trenton – just days after George Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware. And, my Dad’s uncles fought in some of the toughest battles of World War II.

But, does a family history of patriotic service outweigh the truth?

I wish that it did.

America is no longer the country that my family fought for, 228 years ago. In fact, it now represents all the evils that we stood against in that first war. And, two centuries is not very long, to have fallen so far.


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America, Lord of the… End

It is a strange feeling to stand at the end of time – to be among the last generation. Yes, I know that there is a thousand year millennium ahead of us, but the angel in Revelation 10:6 said that there would be time no longer… and, that means the end of time. Furthermore, it should be clear to all of us that we are in that last generation that shall not pass away till all be fulfilled – as Jesus said in Luke 21.

So yes, we DO stand at the end of time, and we have all of history spread out before us. We can see how we got here, what God is doing and what Satan is up to.

American Will Become The Beast

And, America sits as ruler of the world at the end of time. She is Lord of the End.

Is she the Beast Kingdom?

Not in her present incarnation, but… the Book of Revelation speaks of one of the heads that was given a deadly wound by military attack (i.e., by sword). That deadly wound is healed (Revelation 13). Then, the beast goes on to rule the Earth.

I believe that Revelation 17 offers us some insight into this when it says that the Beast Kingdom comes from one of the seven heads, and is the eighth head (Revelation 17:9-11). It appears that – when the head is rescued from certain death – the wounded head transforms into the eighth King/Kingdom. It is THAT transformed head that becomes the Beast.

I’m afraid that this can ONLY be America.

Who Are Those Heads

Yes, I know that it is ‘traditional’ for us to view the wounding of the seventh head, as an assassination attempt upon a ruler who then is resurrected.

But, are you sure?

Remember that the seven heads are referred to as mountains. At the time when John receives his vision, it is said of the seven heads that five are fallen, one is, and one is yet to come.

Sorry, those cannot be people. Those are empires.

America is the empire that was yet to come, that would only – to quote Revelationcontinue a short while. Two hundred and thirty years is a VERY short time, very short.

America, Nuked

If my interpretation is correct, then America will receive an overwhelming attack that will certainly lead to her death.

Does this mean that America will be attacked with nuclear weapons?

I don’t see how this could be anything else. And, many have had dreams and visions of just such an attack. And, I treat these dreams and visions very, very seriously, and you should too.

Worse, we have reports that American leaders are swaggering around the capital, advocating the use of nuclear weapons against America’s enemies. This means that the enemies of the US must strike first, before America uses her nuclear weapons on THEM.

U.S. Has Plans for Preemptive Nuclear Attack- Paul Craig Roberts

YouTube shortlink:

They Must Nuke America

Since America is actively pursuing a nuclear first strike, Russia and China have no choice but to strike first. No choice. It’s either strike first, or die.

Please understand that the American Empire is falling. And, the US will go down fighting. With all that the psychopaths in Washington have done recently…

…can there be any doubt that they will use nuclear weapons to preserve their power?

There is no doubt in my mind, and there can be no doubt in the minds of the leadership of China and Russia.

God Ensures Their Success

Unfortunately, I believe that God will ensure the success of America’s enemies in their nuclear first strike. We have corrupted the world and blasphemed the name of God. We deserve what is coming.

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America is the perfect vehicle for Satan’s ambitions, but God is going to swat those ambitions on the nose. Although Satan will ‘resurrect’ America, that will take time, enough time for Gog and Magog to come and for God’s prophesied salvation of Israel to be fulfilled.

But, this resurrected America will become the darkest and most vile evil that the world has ever seen. As bad as America is now, the evil that she will become… well, it will shatter all the records.

Are you ready for this?
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