America, Lord of War

I thought long and hard about where to go next in this series, America, Lord of the… We have already established the absolute moral bankruptcy of the United States, so there’s very little territory to cover, except… well… war.

We have been in a shocking number of them – 120 since our founding – and, that is NOT counting covert actions. In fact, there have been very few moments in time when the US was not involved in war.

That some of those wars were necessary cannot be denied. But, the amount of time America has spent at war… well, it highlights the fact that America isn’t the peaceful nation that we think it is.

In fact, it really is a Lord of War.


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America, Lord of War

War is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time. I have spent a lot of time studying the strategies and tactics needed to achieve victory in war, as well as the strength of human spirit that is the vital element in winning. But, as I have dug into the reasons for war, and the lies told to convince men and women to send their children off to war… I find myself horrified.

Was it necessary for Germany to be defeated in World War I and II?


But, those wars were used to twist and bend us so that we would be what we are today:

The Lord of War

American weapons and the CIA are involved in almost every conflict in the world today. It has gotten so bad that whenever you see a demonstration in some dark corner of the world, you immediately look for USAID or the National Endowment for Democracy – front groups for the Central Intelligence Agency and the US State Department.

  • We fed the conflict in Ukraine
  • We fed the revolt in Libya
  • We fed the civil war in Syria
  • We fed the Chechen conflict in southern Russia
  • We fed the uprising in Egypt
  • We continue to feed terrorist groups in Africa and Asia
  • We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses
  • We overthrew the government in Kyrgyzstan

And, I have my suspicions about a host of other uprisings around the world that are just a tad bit too compatible with the foreign policy objectives of the psychopaths in Washington, D.C.

In fact, the question is probably more accurately phrased this way:

Is there any conflict that we AREN’T involved in?

There isn’t a single shred of morality in US foreign policy. There isn’t a single objective pursued by the US that has ANYTHING to do with what we would consider just. All that the US government cares about is money and power, and they will kill anyone to get it. Anyone. And no, there is no limit to the number of people that they are willing to kill.

Please understand, that to them, there is no difference between a million dead, or a billion. As Joseph Stalin famously said:

One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.

Uncle Joe would have felt completely at home in the US capital, because that is exactly how the CIA and the US State Department feel. Exactly.

Eisenhower warned us of the US Military Industrial complex, and we didn’t listen. Now, we reap the bitter fruit of that carelessness.

How does it feel to be a citizen of the most warlike nation on Earth?

Unfortunately, America’s enemies understand the US government’s willingness to kill millions and even billions to further their aims. And, that has brought us closer and closer to the nuclear war that many have warned us about.

Are you ready for this?
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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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15 thoughts on “America, Lord of War”

  1. More trivia for John,

    When I was a preacher I once did a study into the size of the heavenly city described in Revelation. It is measured in stadia. Rev. 21:16, “12,000 stadia” for a side. I wanted to know what it might appear like if it was orbiting the earth at the moon’s height. To do that I simply found the circumference of the moon and then used the diameter of that circle in order to find a handy yardstick in miles. That allowed me to picture a length of 12,000 stadia converted into miles at the center point height of the moon. I them made a square because the heavenly city was square and actually in my opinion likely was supposed to be a cube. (‘Resistance is futile’. Well that is what the Bible says in so many words – the futility of resistance.)

    The upshot was a surprise. Yes, the side measure of the city width or length was slightly smaller than the moon’s diameter. But what was interesting was that if this square shape was turned on its side to face its flat face toward the earth; and the moon’s vertical circumference was outlined as just an empty ideal circle, the square of the city would appear to exactly fit inside of the moon’s circumference. So when the moon is full you can go out and imagine that the moon is a flat paper-thin disk. Then imagine that a golden square is centered inside the circle with each of its four tips just touching the outside margin of the moon’s vertical circumference. That my friend is the size of the heavenly city if it existed and if was to standing at the position of the moon’s center point.

    An interesting symmetry or a New Testament lucky guess I suppose…………..
    Anyway carefully check it out.

  2. John
    I’ve been following your blogs for several months. I was born into and grew up in a dispensational church. I studied for years under John McArthur’s teaching. As with the rest of my world view, a few years ago, this was all deconstructed. I have had huge discussions with family members and fellow long time brothers and sisters. I held a weekly Bible study for 2 years trying to get believers to see that there is a lot more than “sunday school” has taught us and to get their “armor” ready for what was coming. I’m astounded that believers don’t want their paradigms challenged. They are happy to be sheep led to slaughter.
    All that is to say I’ve been listening to Walid Shoebat recently and interested to hear a different take on eschatology and the US. Have you heard/read any of his stuff? What thinks you?

    • Hi Marty Cherrie,

      It’s good to see another brother who loves the truth no matter what the cost.

      Walid Shoebat is a truly amazing man. Having lived for many years near his hometown, I know what it takes for someone like him to break out of his paradigm and become the man that he is today. He really is a fantastic brother in Christ.

      I’m a little hazy about his eschatology, so I cannot speak directly about it. I think that he takes a view that the ‘Beast’ will be Islamic. Having spent time in and around the Muslim world, I think that I understand why he sees it this way. And, I believe that there WILL be a strong Islamic element to the Beast System that is coming.

      Furthermore, I am more than willing to admit the possibility of being wrong in who I believe the Beast System to be.

      One major factor in my own estimate is time. We have so little of it left, which means that America is probably the ‘best candidate’ for the wounded head that becomes the eighth – which is the beast.

      For Islam to be the core of the Beast System, that would require a complete destruction of America as a world power (which is happening) and an acceleration in the growth of Islam – as well as a core set of nation states to build this empire upon.

      Remember that Islam doesn’t coexist well with other religions. And that would require this Beast system to engage in a tremendous amount of warfare over a very, very short period of time. And, it would also require the Elites to be in on it.

      That last bit is the problem – the Elites. They are the biggest force guiding us towards the Antichrist, and it’s hard to believe that they would acquiesce to Islam being the great power of the world. But, my difficulty in belief will not change the course of reality.

      We’ll see what happens. Whatever happens, the Beast will be powerful and the Antichrist will have a message that will be impossible to disagree with, unless you were a real and true Christian.

      Thank you, Marty. May God bless you as you seek to open the eyes of those around you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


    Brother John Little, an interesting topic to include in your series. Your family history is rich in military service, as you have included in you personal information at various times. From WWI, WWII to the Korean War and Vietnam, I have had many family members serve in various arms of the military and achieve many accolades while serving. My Great Grandfather’s name was Kemmitz, he served in WWI and WWII. As time progressed, many of his sons, nephews and other family members served. That is on one side of the family. On the other side, paternal, I had many uncles and aunts serve in WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Wars. The latest family member to serve is a nephew who served in 4 campaigns in the middle east including Desert Storm. He achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps. When Memorial Day comes around, we honor them each and everyone with the honor of HEROS, because they are. Rarely do we inter conversations about battles, war wounds, or particulars about any of it. I am very reserved about the celebration of Victories of the USA for a reason far from the honoring of my loved ones who’ve served so diligently.

    I am a history teacher and I do realize that what we’ve learned in history books can be far far from the truth and often is exactly that. When you realize that every major campaign the USA and it’s Allies have been engaged in have had funding from the very World Banks that we now see in control of every aspect of our lives, it rather takes the bulk of patriotism straight out of your heart and into the toilet where it belongs. I AM NOT DISHONORING OUR FIGHTING MEN AND WOMEN! They have fought courageously and with honor throughout history never knowing the sinister and fowl underlying purpose thrust upon them by these banksters and world leaders. Just like every other aspect of our societies, trace the money, find the origin and final destination of each dollar invested and made, it always leads to Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Hunts, Duponts, Bush’s, the Chaney’s, Johnson’s and the other of the 13 families, and various branches who have established their PARASITIC MONETARY AND JUSTICE SYSTEMS all over the world. War is an investment into the CORPORATION OF WAR. Both sides are funded by these parasites which sacrifice our bravest young men and women for the sake of the dollar. As you’ve said before, “love of money is the root of all EVIL”! They love to sacrifice these brave youngsters to Satan’s War MACHINE.

    Most do not know about the EUGENICS SOCIETY established in Great Britain in 1910. this society moved to the USA around 1923, then to a place called Germany shortly after it’s arrival in the USA. It was this organization that provided the process which is winding down now in our modern social order. They began the process of cataloging the Jewish people’s DNA, utilizing the IBM punch cards to do so. Hence the reason for the IBM facility right next to the Baha’ i’ Temple in Jerusalem. This is all tied together and the money trail is there. Follow the money trail and find those who profit the most.

    I repeat! I LOVE OUR BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN! I have an extensive family history all the way back to the civil war, but they fought the same campaigns in early wars as did the later. Campaigns of the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE! Maybe this is why God hates the Evil so very much! They sacrifice the best to the servitude of Satan. The greatest honor one can have is to have served and or died for their friends and loved ones. In my eyes, that’s what they fought for! I know you are aware of most of these details if not all and many more, but so many are lost in the mind controlled patriotic lies of the world Banksters. Time the truth is spoken about them! I could be placed on a list for this posting! OHHH NOO! LOL! TRUTH IS TRUTH! Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Truth will be spoken!


    Your brother in Christ!
    james timms
    PSALM 91/LUKE 21:36

  4. I appreciate the series you are currently doing “America, Lord of…”.
    Here is my input.
    America is Lord of:
    1. War
    2. Money
    3. Pornography
    4. Pharma / Healthcare
    5. Media (Main stream)
    6. Religion
    7. Technology.
    Instead of using their strengths to be a blessing to the world as they were doing just a few couple of decades ago, they have now used these ‘seven Horns of Mystery Babylon’ or the seven mountains, to bring about a plague on all the earth.

  5. Hi John, well said, Your intelligence reports line up with biblical words and prophecy. And we know that” one dot or title will not change until all is fulfilled”. Jesus said that. Even though dark clouds are on the horizon, we know the LIGHT is at the end of the tunnel-Jesus Christ come Lord Jesus come.

  6. I find it *quite interesting* that the **not even one** of the people who reply to pretty much every post by John Little on this Blog have seen fit to reply to THIS particular post by John!

    • Hi Steve,

      You make a valid point, although I should also point out that I am often very late in approving comments, which can make it appear that people aren’t commenting – when they are.

      As to why some don’t comment on such an article, not many have a grasp of how central war is in the development of our society. Also, it’s an uncomfortable commentary on a history that is hard to look at. The idea that we aren’t as righteous as we thought that we were is… difficult.

      And, uncomfortable ideas take time to sink in. I know that this was true for myself.

      If we can find a way to survive what is coming, then maybe we’ll see all of this more clearly.

      Thank you, Steve.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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