America, Lord of the Homosexual World

As I work my way through this, America, Lord of the… series, the next logical step is homosexuality.

America has made Gay rights the cornerstone of its foreign policy, and we have heard little from conservative politicians about this. The reason is that the American gay rights foreign policy agenda crosses party lines.

And, I am upset that my taxes have helped pay for the active and coercive promotion of homosexuality around the world. America has become the single biggest advocate of homosexuality that the world has EVER known. In the entire history of mankind, no one has ever done more to increase homosexuality than America. No one.

And, we helped pay for it.


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America, Lord of the Homosexual World

Let me start off by making something extremely clear – sin is sin. You could be as wonderful as Mother Teresa, and you’d still go to Hell – without Christ. So, none of this is an attack on homosexuals, or any other group of sinful people outside of the church. We all hated and opposed God before we were saved, and focusing on the sinfulness of people outside of Christ is fairly hypocritical. These people cannot help being what they are.

Now For A Shocker

Also, let me make this rather controversial-on-purpose statement:

Homosexual activity is probably no worse than adultery in God’s eyes.

I know that this might be shocking to you, and this thought is even shocking to me. But, it’s still (probably) true. Sin is sin. And, the fact that it is unnatural doesn’t necessarily make it worse (although, it might).

However, I stuck the word ‘probably’ in there because homosexuality might actually BE worse for society than adultery, but both are so bad that it’s really hard to tell. They certainly seem to be promoted by Satan and his minions with equal force.

Struggling With Same Sex Attraction

Furthermore, any attraction that I might feel for another woman who is not my wife is probably as sinful as someone who feels an attraction to those of the same gender.

I know. I know. All of that is hard to ‘stomach’, but the Bible gives no stronger punishment for homosexuality (death) than for adultery (death). And, I know of many Christians who suffer from same-sex attraction, and I am sympathetic to their struggle.

Take my situation as an example. As someone who has been many, many places in the world, I can truthfully say that the women of Taiwan are the most beautiful on Earth. And, they are everywhere here in Taipei. So, even though I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, I identify with anyone engaged in the struggle to keep their mind pure – whatever that struggle may be.

The Punishment Is The Same

But… (and this is very important) …the punishment for both the sin of adultery and homosexual activity is the same in the eyes of God – death. This puts both right up there with murder.

US Officially Promotes Homosexual Activity Everywhere In The World

And, America officially and actively promotes homosexual activity EVERYWHERE in the world.

Yes, you heard that right. The American government OFFICIALLY and ACTIVELY promotes homosexual ACTIVITY everywhere in the world, and it did NOT start with the Obama administration.

As I was doing my research for this article, I stumbled across an account of the BUSH administration promoting gay lifestyles on billboards across MACEDONIA!!

Can you believe it? George Bush?

George Bush Promoted Homo/Hetero Sex In Macedonia

George Bush’s ambassador to Macedonia put up huge billboards all over the place, and each of them featured the seal of the American embassy in Skopje. And, each and every one of those billboards actively encouraged Macedonians to engaged in homosexual, bisexual, and group-sexual activities.

Did you get that?

This was an example of George Bush telling everyone that they should have as much sex as they want, with as many people as they want, with any gender that they want – that it was fun and awesome. And, they made sure that everyone understood that it was truly American.

Homosexual Sex – American As Apple Pie

Please understand, that people around the world associate America with prosperity, happiness, power and the good life. (And yes, I’ve seen this for myself) People want to be like America – even those who hate us. So, when we throw up (literally) big billboards indicating that lots-of-gay-and-hetero-sex-with-anyone is the American way…

…well, guess what people are going to do?

That’s right. They’re going to have the urge to go out and have lots of gay and hetero sex because it’s so very American, and they want to be like America.

But, it also goes beyond just advocacy.

America Coerces The World To Allow Homosexual Sex

America applies pressure and coercion worldwide to promote the homosexual agenda. Here’s the trailer to a much longer video on the subject:

Cultural Imperialism (Trailer) See the full documentary at

YouTube shortlink:

(The full documentary is linked
underneath the trailer
on the front page of their website.

I hope that makes your blood boil. It certainly makes me so mad that I could scream. This is an abomination. How DARE we force homosexuality on the world.


It is not enough for us to be vile and filthy ourselves, but we must make others to be as vile and filthy as we are. What a sick, evil and twisted bunch of people.

Homosexual Agenda Is Republican And Democrat

Worse, this sick and twisted agenda is promoted EQUALLY by both Democrats and Republicans. No matter who you elect, THIS agenda will go forward and increase.

No One As Bad As We Are – Ever

Let me ask you. Of all the civilizations that have ever existed since mankind began…

Has there ever existed a civilization as morally depraved as America?

Only one, and God destroyed it in The Great Flood.

But, in this sense, we are far, far worse:

We claim to be One Nation Under God.

And, for us to make that claim, we invite vengeance upon ourselves because we blacken the name of God with every evil action that we take. It is literally blasphemy (blasphemeo) to damage the reputation of God, and we have done that with gusto.

Homosexual Map Of The World

Let me drive the point home with another map. Take a look at the map of the pornography world, that I showed you yesterday:

Map of the pornography world

World map of pornography (18+) laws

  Pornography legal.
  Pornography legal under some restrictions.
  Pornography illegal.
  Data unavailable.

 From Wikipedia: Pornography by region

Now take a look at the map of the homosexual world:

LGBT rights at the United Nations

LGBT rights at the United Nations

     Active Support for LGBT resolutions at UN

     Active Opposition to LGBT Resolutions at UN

     Neither Supports or Opposes LGBT resolutions at UN

From Wikipedia: LGBT rights at the United Nations

Look carefully at both of those maps.

Did you notice that both of them are remarkably similar?

In the same way as I wrote yesterday, if you took the label off of the homosexual map of that world, and showed it to people… they would say that the green countries were the good guys and the gray and maroon would be the bad guys.

And, that would be completely untrue.


Mouthpiece Of Satan

America is master and mouthpiece of Satan’s homosexual agenda in this world. And, we Americans are associated with that Satanic agenda.

How does it feel to be so closely connected with Satan?

It makes me feel like throwing up all over my keyboard – before rushing off to burn my passport.

America’s Cup Of Iniquity

You need to ask yourself whether America’s cup of iniquity is overflowing yet. If it is, then you need to get away from the ‘ground zero’ of God’s wrath – because THAT is what comes when the cup of iniquity is full.

Get out, while you can. Get out, now.

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