America, Lord of the Pornography Trade

I have a problem. As a writer, I tend to create lots of websites. And, websites require servers. So, when I have a writing project pop up (usually after reading something particularly upsetting), I sometimes have to go out and find a ‘web host’.

None of that is a problem. This is the problem:

I can’t seem to find very many – hardly any – web hosting providers that do not allow pornography on their servers.

And, I refuse to compromise.

I WILL NOT allow ANY of my websites to share so much as the air with a web server that has pornography on it. If a company allows pornography on their servers, they will NOT get my business. Period. And, that has made life quite difficult.


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America – Lord of the Pornography Trade

When I left America as a painfully single young man of 26, the question on everybody’s mind was:

Do you kiss on the first date?

When I returned to the US 14 years later, I was shocked to find that this was no longer the question. And, I believe that Hollywood and pornography – but, I repeat myself – are the chief cause.

Worse, I have heard from many single Christian women that most of the supposedly Christian men they go on a ‘first date’ with, are expecting to spend the night afterwards.

That makes me sick.

Does it make you sick?

Your Pastor Probably Watches Pornography

Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me, since 50% of pastors are consuming pornography on a regular basis. Yes, you heard me right. Every other pastor is a faithful consumer of pornography.

Chances are, your pastor is watching pornography.

If God was willing to cast out Israel for such sinfulness, what do you think that He is going to do to us?

Unfortunately, I’m not done.

America – The Source Of Corruption

As I have tried to come to grips with this vile problem, I have learned that America is king when it comes to pornography. 89% of all the pornography in the world is produced in America.

For more statistics on pornography, go here:

Current Porn Statistics –

This means that every second of every day of every year, the United States of America is corrupting the world with one of the most vile evils ever created. I don’t know how to put this any other way:

Either America stops pornography, or God stops America.

Unfortunately, I don’t see America doing ANYTHING to even SLOW the growth of the pornography industry. And, when you add this to what I said yesterday… this is the question that you should be asking yourself:

When will God destroy America?

I believe that the answer to that question is:


World Pornography

Now, take a look at the map of the pornography world:

Map of the pornography world

World map of pornography (18+) laws

  Pornography legal.
  Pornography legal under some restrictions.
  Pornography illegal.
  Data unavailable.

 From Wikipedia: Pornography by region

If you were to show that map around (without the label), and ask people what the green meant, they would probably say something like, “those are the ‘good guys'”. The Maroon and Yellow would be the ‘bad guys’ – as in, East versus West.

But, it’s not.

That map should make you sick.

WE are the bad guys. WE are!

All that ‘green’ comes from us, the Yuu Ess of Ayy.

How dare we claim to be ‘one nation under God’. We blaspheme the name of God by claiming Him to be our Father. When Obama claimed that America was no longer a Christian nation, he said the truth – although, he deserves no praise for saying it.

Please, everyone, God is angry with the United States, and I believe that her cup of iniquity is overflowing. You do NOT want to be in or around the United States when God says enough is enough!

Get away from ground zero before it is too late.

No Porn Web Hosting Providers

Now, I started off talking about a problem – finding a web host that does NOT allow pornography on their servers. And, I am pleased to announce that I have found some.

For those of you who are interested, these web hosts do NOT allow ANY pornography on their computers:

HostMonster –

Funio –

Bitcable –

LiquidWeb –

Christian Web Host –

RocketVPS –

KnownHost –

Sustainable Hosting – – –

HitNet –

WebHostingHub –

note: Always do your own research before choosing a web host. Each web host has its strengths and weaknesses, and you need to choose carefully.

My own websites are on HostMonster servers, and I’ve had a few problems but, over all, a good experience. For the rest… (as well as HostMonster) …caveat emptor.

Are there other web hosting providers out there that do not allow pornography on their servers?

Share what you know with us. I’d be happy to add to the list …or subtract.

Please also share with us your experience with any of these providers. Good, bad, ugly – we’d all like to know.

Especially me.

But, let’s get back to the wider issue of pornography.

Back To Pornography

Everyone, please understand that pornography is literally going to kill us.

If you are a consumer of pornography, God is angry with you. If He loves you, He will chasten you, and that chastening will increase, until you stop – or you die. If God is NOT chastening you for your pornography, it is a sign that you are not saved.

It would be better for you to rip your eyes out, than to keep watching pornography. (Matthew 18:9)

For those of us who do not consume pornography… well, we are still in danger. If you are in the US when God judges America… you will suffer also. If your pastor is consuming pornography, you already suffer. If your church members consume porn… or your family members… you already suffer – whether you know it, or not.

Get on the warpath against pornography. God certainly is.

Pornography is a deadly evil, and you must get as far from it as you can. And yes, leaving the United States would be a really, REALLY good idea.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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