Satanism Goes Mainstream

I was going to go in a different direction today, but when I sat down to write, I made the ‘mistake’ of looking at the Drudge Report. (God really does have a way of derailing the best-laid plans of mice and men.) Satanism has really hit the mainstream in a big way.

You and I have known about Satanism for a long time. We know that Lucifer is alive and well on planet Earth, and that his minions have been building the foundation for the coming of Antichrist for centuries. But, we have never seen Satanism go quite THIS mainstream. And yes, Atheism is just another flavor of Satanism.


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Satanism Goes Mainstream

Satan actually isn’t a name. It’s a description, and it’s Hebrew – שָׂטָן. And, it’s pronounced Sah-Tahn, not Say-Taan. And, it means adversary. Of course, the description became a title, so here we are.

Are atheists really Satanists in disguise?

Yeah. They really are. Please understand that Atheists aren’t atheists because they don’t believe that God exists. That’s impossible to prove, so what they’re really saying is that they are upset at the idea of God and want to get rid of every mention of His name.

Yup. Satanists.

Why Satanism Is On The Rise

But, that’s not why I’m here, taking up your time with yet another article. I’m here to point something out to you.

Does the rise of outright Satanism in the mainstream tell you something?

When Paul was speaking about the Antichrist, he said this:

And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.2 Thessalonians 2:6-7

There is something restraining Satan from bringing his Antichrist, and for two thousand years, Satanism has been an underground religion. But, something has changed. Satanism is no longer underground – it’s in the mainstream, and we are starting to see it’s effect.

Evidence That Satanism Is On The Rise

Here is this article from the Telegraph:

Decline of religious belief means we need more exorcists, say Catholics

I find it fascinating that a mainstream newspaper like the Telegraph is publishing an article that talks about the dramatic increase in demon possession. That’s amazing.

But, let’s not forget the most popular form of Satanism out there – Atheism. And, it’s getting its own TV channel:

Atheists to launch the first TV channel dedicated to godlessness

A whole TV channel will be devoted to the belief in… nothing.

Um… do you see a problem here?

Harvard has also reared its ugly head over the issue:

Catholic Church Condemns Black Mass Reenactment At Harvard University

There is NOTHING like a good Satanic ritual to fill that spiritual void you’ve been carrying around with you.

American Horror Story: Coven

And, as I did a quick search for more mainstream Satanism, I ran across this:

American Horror Story: Coven – Satanic Witchcraft Goes Mainstream

I’ve been gone from the US since 2010, and even then, I was only there for less than four years and never picked up the TV habit. So, maybe I’m a bit more shocked than you are, but look at just a few of the plot elements in this show:

  • A teenage witch using her powers to cause a bus accident the leaves the young men on the bus dismembered and dead (with their dismembered bodies and severed heads shown up close).
  • A flashback scene focuses on Madame LaLaurie (who is one of the many historical references on the show), a wealthy slave owner, keeping slaves chained in the attic of her mansion where they are tortured. They have the skin peeled from their faces and organs dug out of their bodies with a metal hook. The “Madame” then uses their blood as make up on her face to maintain her youthful look and for an enchantment spell to keep her husband faithful.
  • Two of the witches enact a spell that requires a pledge to Satan in order to resurrect a young man who had inadvertently died in the bus crash. They take his severed limbs and parts from other victims of the crash to reassemble his body (all shown on-screen).
  • A mother sexually abuses her injured son in extremely graphic fashion while he is laying in bed.
  • A young witch in the coven has sexual relations with an undead human-animal hybrid.
  • Zoe, the star of the show, has the ability to kill any man she has intimate relations with as they suffer violent brain aneurysm and their eyes explode in a bloody mess (shown on-screen). She uses this ability, (again shown in graphic fashion) to murder a young man while he is in a coma in the hospital.

(all quoted from the above article.)

And, this abomination is in its THIRD SEASON!

Do you think that ANY of this would have been possible if our Churches hadn’t become filthy and degenerate?

We Did This

As the Telegraph article illustrates, the fall of the church has brought the rise of Satanism. Our corruption has brought this about. We did this. And, when we should be on our hands and knees repenting of our sins and begging God for His forgiveness, we have doubled-down.

I briefly mentioned pornography yesterday. You might want to take a closer look at the statistics:

Current Porn Statistics

That page updates as new statistics become available.

Did you know that half of all pastors regularly view pornography?

Our churches have lost their anointing. Our salt has lost its ‘savor’. We are no longer the preservation of the nation. We have exited the field of battle, and Satan has a free hand. That which stood against the coming of the Antichrist… stands no more.

God help us all.

Are you ready for this?
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