Last Sunday, we celebrated victory for a war that has been fought in the hearts of men and women for 2000 years. It was won, as it began, by a poor, landless peasant who was truly God, while being truly man.

While He lived, He spoke peace to those who wanted war. He fixed the broken and broke those who were whole. He showed the poverty of the rich and showered true riches upon those who were poor.

He then went to the cross and died for those who hated Him. And, we were the ones who put Him there. But, even though the war was won on the cross, the battle is still being fought, …but it’s almost over.


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The fact that it’s almost over should give us heart as we see the final battle approach. There appear to be no more than 23 years left on the prophecy clock, and the end will probably come far sooner than that. But, there is much to be done before that end arrives, and we must be about our Father’s business.

We have a job to do, and that means preparing for difficult times. Survival is nothing more than trying to serve God for as long as we can.

Are you serving God?

If you don’t know, open your Bible and read it. And, while you’re doing that, ask God for direction. Seek to clear out the sins in your life, and turn away from that which feeds those sins. Give to those in need.

If you’ve done all that, and still don’t know what to do… wait. Keep listening for God’s direction and try to help as many people as you can to be ready for what’s coming.

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So, what did we talk about this week?

This week we talked about Luciferians, Christians and something that I call The Prophecy Clock. The Luciferians celebrate pride, vengeance and power, while we Christians seek humility, mercy and sacrifice – which is a truly difficult road to walk. But, the end of the road is really close, as the Prophecy Clock ticks down to the final hour.

So, let’s talk about all that.

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The Articles That You Will Find in This WEEKEND SHOCKCAST

MONDAY – Luciferians and Christians

Luciferians and Christians

As I was sitting in church, yesterday, contemplating a great battle that was won almost two thousand years ago, I was struck yet again by character of God and His followers – as opposed to Satan and his followers. The Great High King of the Universe became a landless peasant, washed our feet, took upon Himself our sins and then died a sinner’s death… for His enemies.

When I sat there and thought about that, I was impressed by the difference between ourselves and those who follow Lucifer. We seek humility. They seek pride. We worship the God of Peace. They worship the god of war. We are called to love and die for our enemies. They are called to hate them. God calls us sheep. They are wolves.

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TUESDAY – (no article)

WEDNESDAY – Prophecy Clock – Is It All Over within 23 Years?

Prophecy Clock – Is It All Over within 23 Years?

If you follow the One Year Bible, you just finished reading Luke 21, today. That chapter contains a prophecy about the Last Days that indicates when the they begin, and – more importantly for us – when they end.

What’s also interesting is that Jesus, at the same time, told us the key to surviving this terrible period of time. And, the goal of this website is centered on that survival, as well as your ability to stand before the Lord in the Day of Judgment and hear, “well done thou good and faithful servant.”

So, let’s talk about Luke 21, and why it is so important to us.

(By the way, I apologize for no article yesterday. For a number of reasons, I wasn’t able to get any writing accomplished on Tuesday.)

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THURSDAY – Prophecy Clock – Luke 21:36 – The Key to Survival

Prophecy Clock – Luke 21:36 – The Key to Survival

I think that I’ve just opened a huge can of worms. Since I laid down the idea of a ‘prophecy clock’, I think that I need to lay out what must happen while that clock winds down to zero. Unfortunately, trying to describe what happens – and when it happens – has been made difficult by so many theologians muddying the waters with their personal opinion. In fact, I’m more than a little appalled.

Have we all gone insane?

What’s wrong with everyone?

Doesn’t anyone read the Bible, anymore?

It really is disheartening to see the mess that people have made of those scriptures that discuss the time that we are living in right now. But, I’m going to hold off on that for today, and talk about something that I mentioned yesterday – but didn’t explain:

The key that Jesus gave us for surviving the terrible times that are coming.

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FRIDAY – Prophecy Clock – Israel

Prophecy Clock – Israel

Growing up, I didn’t really spend that much time talking about End Times prophecy with other believers. I just assumed that people ‘got it’. Then, when I was living in Israel, there were so few Christians around, that the same situation applied. However, one day, I stumbled over someone who was talking about the pre-tribulation rapture theory.

When I quizzed him on the implications, I finally got the picture. Pre-trib people believe that Israel is saved DURING the Tribulation.


This is what happens when you don’t read your Bible, carefully. And, it also forces us to focus on Israel FIRST, if we are to discuss a prophecy timeline.

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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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