Russia Declares Death of Dollar

Russia declared war last week, and hardly anyone noticed. Of course, there isn’t a lot that anyone can do about it, and it won’t be much of a war. In fact, the declaration of war itself will pretty much mark the end of it.

What I’m talking about is the announcement by Gazprom Neft last Thursday that they were going to kill the dollar. Their announcement didn’t actually use the words ‘kill’ or ‘dollar’, but it was still an announcement of the intent to assassinate the world reserve currency that we hold most dear.

I think that it’s time to start sharpening my obituary writing skills.


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Russia Kills the Dollar

This is the Reuters headline that should have made the front page of newspapers everywhere:

Russian oil firm says Asian buyers willing to use euros

The only thing that is keeping the United States of America alive right now is the Petrodollar. Oh… and the willingness of the United States to kill people for the purpose of keeping the Petrodollar alive. I ‘forgot’ about that.

Have you ever wondered why oil and natural gas is ONLY priced in US dollars?

The Petrodollar

You cannot buy oil or natural gas on the international markets in any other currency than the US dollar. This means that if you don’t have US dollars, you don’t get to heat your home or drive your car – unless you have your own oil and natural gas.

What do you do, to get US dollars?

Well, you have to make something that Americans want and exchange that ‘something’ for the dollars you need to buy the oil and natural gas that you want. And, you can bet that a lot of people are getting tired of playing the game of ‘keep Americans happy’.

However, if you stop playing the petrodollar game, you get invaded by the US military. You might think of Iraq, Libya and Syria as… object lessons …in what happens when you try to get out of the petrodollar game.

Unfortunately for the petrodollar, the US chose to overthrow the government of Ukraine and then threaten sanctions when Russia responded. That was a very bad move, and that means ‘game over’ for the petrodollar.

But wait, why is that so bad?

Why This Is Bad

Well, the tables will have been turned on the US. Instead of the rest of the world needing to coax dollars out of Americans to pay for oil and gas, now the US will need to work hard to coax oil and gas out of the rest of the world.

Do you know of anything that the US produces, that the world needs?

Well, there’s food, but China and Europe don’t want it because of the hormones and GMOs that we’re putting into it. Also the problem with food is that it requires cheap gasoline and diesel to produce it. So, the death of the petrodollar will make US food more expensive and less competitive.

Well… there’s, um… war. Yeah. …war. Oh, and pornography. Very few people in the world do pornography as well as the US. And, entertainment. America is really good at that. Of course, it’s getting to be a lot like the pornography.

Outside of that… I can’t think of ANYTHING that the US produces that the rest of the world would want – in exchange for oil and gas.

Can you think of anything?

Seriously. I can’t.

As I sit here in the middle of Taipei, I can’t see anything in my apartment that was made in America except Oreos, corn chips, Ritz crackers and the software running this computer. That’s it.

What is America going to do?

Well, America-as-we-know-it is pretty much just going to die.

Really. Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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23 thoughts on “Russia Declares Death of Dollar”

  1. Hi John,

    I’m surprised the petrodollar has lasted this long. I suppose there is something to be said for the power of inertia. About ten years ago I visited San Felipe, Mexico and pulled pesos from an ATM right out of my U.S. bank account. It was then that I realized that with the help of computers, trading internationally using only federal reserve notes was completely unnecessary. You forgot video games…they make more money than the movies. Also, sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

  2. Love your insight and though I wish I cannot disagree with you on this point. The almighty USA makes great movies, great TV series, has an over abundance of obese people (young & old), top leaders in world in abortions, world leader in divorces, has more per centage of population incarcerated than anyone. We are not good in education or human rights but great as a waring machine.

    The USA died 25-30 years ao but has not been buried. I think it has become blinded by its almightyness that it does not see that half the world wishes we were already buried and the other half is standing around with shovels in hand.

    Any country that was founded on the principles of Almighty God and then voluntarily turns its back from God, mocks God, becomes its own god, then the future does not bode well for it…sounds like a description of the current USA.

    God’s blessing on you for your work and insight…and may God forgive the USA for what it has willingly become.

  3. “What is America going to do?
    Well, America-as-we-know-it is pretty much just going to die.”

    It is sad that so many Christians have not come to realize that it is God Himself who is against America’s rejection of and rebellion against Him. Since the early 60s—after taking prayer out of the schools and after Roe passed—this country began, slowly at first, its decent into the Pit.

    And now, as the judgment worsens, too many seem to think that just because we are armed we will win and take back the country. What, take it back so we can get even more immoral, live lifestyles even more rebellious, fall even further away from He who was this country’s source of blessing? It’s scary because Israel thought the same thing under the prophetic calls of judgment to come by Isaiah, Jeremiah and the rest.

    This country is so far gone that it is not only unrecoverable, but it is God Himself who is ensuring that it doesn’t recover. We true believers had better realize (and I think many do) that as much as we may love this country, it’s over, period, and that we have a country above that is really our home (not a cop-out, just a fact).

    We’re very close now to the complete demise of America. There’s nothing that can be done to salvage it. Our constitution not only means nothing anymore to those in office, but, rather, it is stomped on, blatenly, in front of all to see. Thank God that there is a hope beyond this world, but until now America has never known the despair other countries have faced, and the forcing into that hope alone that many others have had to live out.

    So may God continue to strengthen our brothers and sisters around the world who suffer under that which America is about to suffer. And may He give us the grace and strength made ready for us to die for our faith, if necessary, looking up to Him as our last breath is given up. We’re foolish to think that this country will never see those days, when they stare us in the face, close up and personal.

    • yeah you can’t help but notice (with those who think to “take back america” etc) that with the idea of lower taxes and less regs/smaller better gov..would still leave the country with sensuality and 2 cars in every garage materialism and worldly/sinful TV and cable shows as “entertainment”, beer gluttons and demonic rock and sports idolatry…the country would still be sinking into the hole. The rule could change, but the practices of the people would still be dark, loving pleasures more then loving God.


    As we continue down this road of devastation, we look around at our world as you have and for so many years we realize, the USA is GREAT at deception! KEEP them STUPID and in front of the TELEVISION or in the SYNAGOGUES OF SATAN where their minds can be WARPED, HAMMERED INTO OBLIVION, PORNAFIED, RIPPED OUT, SHREDDED, AND TURNED INTO MUSH! Teach them useless and redundant worthless repetition of INSANITY AND DARKNESS within the walls of the so called educational institutions! THAT’S WHAT AMERICA MAKES! HA! THE ZOMBIE FACTORY! The rest of the world is certainly waking up to the deception of THE NEW WORLD LEADERS! America is no worse than any other nation or peoples in the world, it’s just that the NWO chose such a vessel to promote their DECEPTION. Those who are in the KNOW, realize that the same guys who dealt Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David, JESUS CHRIST, Peter, Paul, and every other disciple of CHRIST JESUS misery, are the very minions of SATAN, Yeshua will deliver the final message to! HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY!

    Those who believe Russia and the many other nations supposedly battling the EVIL BIG BABYLON (AMERICA) truly need to look at the whole picture! Once again the DECEPTION is portrayed in limiting the clear view of the underlying purpose of the NWO and the killing of the PETRO DOLLAR. Whatever will we do? Well, the currencies that are coming to the market will most assuredly have COMMUNISM at the foundation of their creation. The DEATH of the PETRO DOLLAR is essential if the NWO is to make their NEW WAY OF THINKING universal. There is nothing NEW on this earth!

    I enjoy the revealing of the deception! In 1991, George Bush sent the “EDUCATION DAY” bill through the 102nd Congress of the United States of America, creating PUBLIC LAW 102-14. this law establishes the ‘NOACHIDE LAWS” as the foundation of our country and in fact the foundational laws of civilization as a whole. These very same laws are the laws adopted by the UNITED NATIONS as UNIVERSAL LAW! Wait til the ZOMBIES OF AMERICA and the rest of the world find out these same laws line up OR MATCH with the laws of ISLAM! WHEW! The excretion will hit the rotating oscillator then! LOL!

    LOVE THE ARTICLE! WAKE UP CALLS are delayed by the LAMESTREAM MEDIA! Soon HOPEFULLY VERY SOON! People will see what’s really going on!

    The first METEOR SHOWER has been, or will be soon! 21 Events of REVELATION! The first indication of the CLOSE of the CHURCH AGE is the METEOR SHOWER! The last indication of the CLOSE of the GREAT TRIBULATION is the METEOR SHOWER! EYES TO THE SKY!

    Your Brother in JESUS CHRIST!
    PSALM 91

  5. US also exports the prosperity gospel which is an absolute abomination to the Lord Jesus Christ. This false gospel enables all the rest of the absolute corrupt values of this land to go unchecked. In the end times, people will not endure sound doctrine.

  6. How about Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Ford, Walmart, Google, Apple, GM, GE, At&T, HP, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Amazon, Caterpiller, etc… there are lots of things that the US “makes” – some of them may not be physical products like, but they still generate massive amounts of revenue and are pioneering much of today’s technology.

  7. Right on!

    If you print money in your basement they send in the U.S. Secret Service, if you’re an oil seller and you sell your oil in ANY currency other than the U.S. dollar, they send in the U.S. Marines.

    The Federal Reserve will fight to the death of the last American to preserve their petrodollar. Its a to-the-death fight for the Fed vs. Russia. Petrodollar is dead! Here comes petrogold, petroyuan, petroruble.

    I’ll end up dead in a ditch in Virginia fighting the Russians.

  8. As a cow/calf producer I’d like to think that the cattle that we raise in America is the best that can be found. As long as the feeders don’t use any additives to get them to grow fast at the expense of being unhealthy to eat.

  9. an N. korean or.. EMP? A MAJOR natural disaster (yellowstone or..a hurricane is too small) or the death of the petro doller..

    of the 3, the death of the petro doller hegemony is a 1st candidate that would result in the many things people think/predict, and also could fit into biblical prophecies about hardships, wars, and the eventual mark even. To get the new form of currency they must make the old form, seem to be, and not actually, working anymore.
    The petro’s ousting would effect the world, not total collapse at all, but much hardships, martial laws and strife, even wars and cartel/gang wars and food shortages and crop planting problems and other things, til people everywhere yelled for a solution.

    But yeah, replace one current (and competing-competing makes currency wars/protections/hot money flows etc) currency with another current currency? And are their any who wish to take that office as world reservist? Some articles I’ve read suggest that candidates like china don’t want to exactly be the next world reserve currency. But interim they might switch to a broader basket of currencies, til all peoples are yelling for the solution. I don’t know, time will tell.

      • yeah, and even more fruitful kingdom work God willing.

        ..some people won’t hear til much is removed from them, like the ease of stored up prosperity for years to come being taken away, then sometimes eyes open (for some) (it always takes the Father to draw any to Christ no matter any outward circumstance, but often a “breaking” of prides/trust/faith placed in the wrong things happens in the process).
        Anyway, hoping many will be saved!

  10. “the announcement by Gazprom Neft last Thursday…”

    It appears to be a message coming out of Russia, right?

    Now if you follow that pre-announced “death of the dollar” since the last 2-3 years, and include also the messages of “Big Oil” a.k.a Lindsay Williams [“Global currency reset”] then you can freely conclude, that this whole crisis is a simple, but complicated looking script to mutually kill the dollar, and all the other currencies in one go.
    Yes ‘MUTUALLY’ by playing the East-West dialectic game.

    Williams is always too early, because he said “first quater 2014” some other analysts are always too late, “1st october 2015” – however the actual moment of ‘last breath’ is somewhere in between. That’s something I would announce with full confidence.


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