China Plans Extermination of US – EMP Attack from North Korea

When I sat down today to write the next part in this series, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to write it. In fact, I’m never really quite sure what I’m supposed to write until I sit down to do it. But, as I was doing a bit of research on the relationship between China and the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – aka, North Korea), I saw an article pop up on the Drudge Report.

It was DHS study: North Korea capable of EMP attack on U.S., written by Michael Maloof. That pretty much settled it for me. We’re going to talk about an EMP attack from North Korea.

Of course, the ending to yesterday’s article pretty much made it a foregone conclusion, anyway.


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China Plans Extermination of US – EMP Attack from North Korea

Have you noticed the relationship between North Korea and China?

What a weird pair they make. One seems fairly open and pragmatic. The other is closed and completely irrational. One is large, prosperous and a world player. The other is tiny, impoverished and a nobody on the world stage – except when they start waving missiles around. You would think that they have absolutely nothing in common.

They don’t even have languages within the same language family. Mandarin Chinese is a part of the Sino-Tibetan language family, and Korean is a part of the Altaic language family. So, they don’t even speak the same language.

Why China and North Korea Are Joined at the Hip

Yet, North Korea survives only due to the direct help and intervention of China.

Does any of that make sense?

Of course not – until you start to realize that North Korea might actually be a visible reflection of how the core of the government of China actually thinks. Let me look for quotes from General Chi Haotian’s article… hmmmm… ah yes, here they are:

Our economic development is all about preparing for the need of war! Publicly we still emphasize economic development as our center, but in reality, economic development has war as its center! …

We also must never forget what Comrade Xiaoping emphasized “refrain from revealing the ambitions and put others off the track.” The hidden message is: we must put up with America; we must conceal our ultimate goals, hide our capabilities and await the opportunity. In this way, our mind is clear… … …We all know the principle of ‘doing one thing under the cover of another.’

Please remember that this was a speech to the heads of the Chinese Communist Party. This was not a speech to the Chinese government as a whole.

All of the ‘openness’ and ‘freedoms’ that we see in China are a mirage. They are a false front to a way of thinking that agrees 100% with the North Korean model of repression, concentration camps and mass murder.

Have you noticed any serious effort on the part of China to change North Korea in any way?

You haven’t seen any Chinese attempt to change North Korea, because they want the DPRK to stay EXACTLY the way that it is now.

But, there’s one other point to consider carefully.

North Korea – Proxy for Chinese Military

I believe that North Korea is a valuable proxy for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. Using North Korea, China can destabilize anyone and everyone in northeastern Asia without any repercussions to themselves. And, when the time comes to attack the US, North Korea will be the perfect agent for launching the war.

When/if North Korea launches its attack on the United States, America won’t have anyone to respond to, except a tiny country with a track record of insanity.

How will North Korea attack the US?

North Korean EMP Attack

This is where the article by Michael Maloof comes in. The DHS concludes something that a lot of us have known for a long time:

North Korea has created a super-EMP weapon, and has the delivery vehicle to attack the US with it.

Please remember that low-kiloton nuclear weapons tend to produce more gamma rays than high-kiloton nuclear weapons, and lots of gamma rays are what you need when you want to create an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). And, apparently, there is a way to maximize gamma ray output from a nuclear weapon.

So, what would happen?

The EMP Effect

The scenario that we are thinking about starts with either the launch of a rocket from a freighter in the Pacific/Atlantic or the launch of a ‘satellite’ from North Korea. A nuclear explosion would occur over the center of the United States. Gamma rays from the nuclear explosion would cause a massive cascade of electrons from the atmosphere to the surface of the earth. US power lines would act as an antenna, capturing this pulse of electrons and destroying impossible-to-replace-in-less-than-18-months transformers at every power generating station across America.

In short, the lights would go out – permanently.

Please remember that electricity is everything to our society. Without it, we die.

  • It powers the gasoline pumps that provide fuel for our cars.
  • It keeps our food from spoiling.
  • It keeps traffic moving safely and smoothly.
  • It runs our computers.
  • It pumps our water.
  • It runs our just-in-time society.

A nuclear EMP would take all of that away in an instant, and those of us who were unprepared for it would die of thirst in three days. The survivors would die of starvation in a month. The ‘lucky few’ would then kill each other over what’s left. It would truly be a ‘Mad Max Scenario’ of utter collapse, and it is projected that as much as 90% of the US population would die within 18 months.

But, there’s worse.

A nuclear EMP would affect more than just the electrical grid. It would also destroy all unshielded electronics produced after the 1980s. A sufficiently powerful EMP weapon would…

  • Render inoperable all cars produced during and after the 1980s
  • Destroy all computers and all electronic devices like cell phones and telephone systems

We would immediately be sent back to the 18th century without the skill and preparation to survive there. We would all start to die an agonizing death.

Once American society started to die off, China could step in and take over – in a ‘humanitarian gesture’. It would be a rescue mission in which China would arrive… and never leave. We would quickly become a colony of China, and that would be… that.

For more information on the threat of an EMP attack – by North Korea, Iran or the Sun – check out these resources:

Please treat this seriously. Even the Bible refers to a fire that is sent on them that dwell carelessly in the isles (Ezekiel 39:6).

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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