They Will Control Us – Venezuela Shows Us How

When I start the process of preparing to write, I always start with the Drudge Report. I don’t often see something to write about, but Drudge does offer a view of what is going on in the mainstream.

(What I talk about on is decidedly NOT mainstream.)

Today was different. Today, Venezuela rolled out something that lays the groundwork for the control of our society and the societies of the world.

If you want to know what the future is, then you need to pay attention to what is happening in Venezuela. Venezuela is about to show us how it’s done.


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They Will Control Us – Venezuela Shows Us How

I have always said that the control systems that the Antichrist will use to enslave humanity will be tested, perfected and prototyped in the third world. Developing countries are easier to manipulate. They are easier to bribe. They are easier to damage and destroy. And, it’s no big loss to the Illuminati/global elites when millions of peasants suffer starvation, war and massive death.

And, the global elites know that they have to perfect their strategies before rolling them out to the rest of the world. And, it looks like Venezuela has been given the high honor of being chosen to show the rest of the world how it’s done.

Why am I saying all this?

Well, the Associated Press (AP) published an article entitled:

Venezuela issues ID cards to curtail food hoarding

To most of us, that wouldn’t seem like much of a ‘big deal’. We all have ID cards of one kind or another, and Venezuela is trying to solve a difficult problem.

What could be the harm?

What Venezuela Is Doing

Well, let’s take a look at what they’re doing.

To start off, Venezuelans won’t be able to buy any food without this ID card, and the reason why they are doing this is to stop the black market food economy. It’s also to stop the hoarding of food.

(Very bad people, those hoarders.)

It’s starting out as a ‘voluntary’ measure, but you can bet that everyone will eventually have an ID card, and you will not be able to buy food without it. And eventually, you won’t be able to buy ANYTHING without it.

Worse, this new ID card seems like a very popular idea. Here is what the AP reports:

Registration began Tuesday at more than 100 government-run supermarkets across the country. Working-class shoppers who sometimes endure hours-long lines at government-run stores to buy groceries at steeply reduced prices are welcoming the plan.

“The rich people have things all hoarded away, and they pull the strings,” said Juan Rodriguez, who waited two hours to enter the government-run Abastos Bicentenario supermarket near downtown Caracas on Monday, and then waited another three hours to check out.

And then, Rodriguez (the person interviewed above) also said this:

“People who go shopping every day hurt us all,” he said, drawing approving nods from the friends he made over the course of his afternoon slowly snaking through the aisles with his oversized cart.

Hmmmm… this sounds familiar. People who don’t comply with the system are hurting us all…

Does that rhyme with anything that you’ve heard recently?

Yeah. As in, everything that has been published by proponents of the New World Order.

Now, will this work?

No. It won’t. Even the AP article indicates that this has been tried by Cuba.

However, it WILL work better than in Cuba because Cuba didn’t have the computer infrastructure that Venezuela has. But, it still won’t work.


Because you have to control the sellers, not just the buyers – which is what they will do AFTER they’ve established this control system for buyers.

Eventually, no one will be able to buy or sell without these ID cards. However, even THAT will have limited success. And so, the control grid will press harder and harder.

In the end, the power elites will be forced to use the one answer that the Bible predicted that they would use – a mark permanently attached to your forehead or your right hand. And, just like the people in Venezuela, everyone will welcome it.

(Those who have more than their fair share are just… so… EVIL.)

Here’s the relevant passage:

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.Revelation 13:16-17

Now, the failure of this experiment in population control in Venezuela will teach the global elites what they need to know so that their next ‘experiment’ (if they need one) will be even more of a success.

Finally, when they will have perfected their recipe for complete domination of the whole Earth, all it will take for them to roll it all out… Well, all they’ll need is the right kind of catastrophe to make it happen.

Hmmm… I’m prepared to bet that they’ve been perfecting their ability to make this ‘right kind of catastrophe’, too.

The question is:

How long do we have before they perfect their diabolical plans?

I can’t believe that we have very long at all. In fact, I suspect that we may be just one big, global catastrophe away.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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26 thoughts on “They Will Control Us – Venezuela Shows Us How”

  1. you must check out seven day adventist historian walter veith…… he has especially good you tube videos on old world, new world and antiquity…. anyone who needs some handholding, getting to where we are now in phrophecy; walter veith can detail the spiders web of controlled opposition the the christians have been facing since the beginning til now… both inside the church and outside…… he outlines most every thing in sufficient detail for beginner, or, newly begotten christians on how serious our dilema we are facing….. check out jimstonefreelance, and steve quayle.coms … like your site andlook forward to reading your articles respectfully stan the man..

    • Hi stanley rock,

      Steve Quayle is an awesome brother, and I deeply appreciate his dedication to the Body of Christ. As for jimstonefreelance, I’m afraid that he is an unreliable source of information. He doesn’t vet his sources, and he seems to fall for every anti-Israel conspiracy theory. I assume that you meant, but I cannot say that I know them well. I’m afraid that I don’t have much of an opinion on Mr. Veith. Although, I think that I’ve seen him around.

      Thank you for that, Stan!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Amos 8 v. 11 “the famine in the end times is not for bread, but for hearing the words of God”. The causation for the “mark” is the Lord sending strong delusion. Putting something into your body will only cause sickness, so false messiah (satan) will make everything all better, just worship him, and all will be well – NOT. Since the church has taught rapture, when they see the false messiah, and him promising to “transcend” everyone to the next level of immortality they will render him worship and nursing his so-called kingdom along trying to convince all. The elect won’t fall for it, because we know the false-one comes first, and we will witness against satan. Cards have nothing to do with anti-christ (satan), however worship will. He doesn’t come here to chop heads off, but comes in “peacefully and prosperously”. That’s why the real King Yeshua comes as a thief, because most of the world will think He’s already here! Don’t be deceived!

    • Hi km,

      Amos 8 has already been fulfilled. After all, Amos 9 speaks of the return of Israel.

      But, I agree with you about the strong delusion and the fact that the pretribulation rapture theory is preparing Christians to be deceived by the Antichrist – or, at least lulled into a false sense of complacency until it’s too late to escape. (You are also right about the ID cards.)

      Keep up the good work, km.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • AMEN! I was raised in the Church of Christ and they have NEVER EVER preached Revelations, Daniel or anything about the antichrist and still don’t! They are SO messed up with the traditions of man….one verse charley, feel good stuff and here is the plate passed around to give. They want money and they stear you in the wrong direction! The Bible and the Lord is not division and that is what all of these religons are….division. So wrong. I am amazed. So glad to have found out the truth! You ALL ROCK!!!! Blessings to ALL of you and I will give out this site to ALL!

      • Hi Pamela Bearette FurBabySaver,

        Thank you.

        I’m so sorry that the American churches have gone so far astray. It’s really heartbreaking.

        God bless you, Pamela – and all the Fur Babies you save.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  3. OH.check out Revmichelhawkins,and HER discovery of nano particals in THE WORLDS FOOD and WATER supply,brought to you by the US MILITARY,DARPA,,the US GOVERNMENT and the MEDICAL DOCTORS OF AMERICA,,who wants everyone sick and dead…………………..

  4. “People who go shopping every day hurt us all,” he said, drawing approving nods from the friends he made over the course of his afternoon slowly snaking through the aisles with his oversized cart. Hmmmm… this sounds familiar. People who don’t comply with the system are hurting us all…

    A rather crude statement that may explain a mark on the right hand, another term that may define this mark some may be familiar with, “Public Safety”

    The belief that man can be made whole or equal when using a thing that offers less, such as an ID card a Juridical Personalty may place a mark on the forehead.
    the final piece is consent: It’s starting out as a ‘voluntary’ measure.

    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man.

  5. My husband and I are ten years into retirement, and have heard this since the 80’s, however with computers and more gov control everywhere, it seems closer. The Elite clique cannot seem to do a final “end run” takeover all this time I’ve been knowing about it (late 70’s) . Small groups of patriots will step up if there are any left when the time comes; but they may be too old or dead by then. Unless the stuck in stupid masses wake up, I see the ship as already sailed. Voting is a crock of BS, as they are all puppets bought and paid for. Prep. and hope patriots will stand up when the hammer falls. The internet has put out tons of info over time, and now there’s a fight against common core in gov hell holes.

  6. Very accurate article….should also add that the wicked are morphing all those that have no faith in Christ into the demonic as we write…Thats what the purpose behind evolution really was…to make people unbelievers so they could morph them later…All of the good people are literally surrounded by the serpent seed, the demonic hybrids (resulting from serpents who mate with humans), and all the pathetic sellouts who aid the powers of darkness to kill life itself….The wicked are also morphing the kids through vaccinations…they have used science and technology for genocide and demonic tyranny.

  7. [EDIT: I had to cut this down a bit to get it close to the 300 word limit.]


    Another thought provoking article Watchman John Little.

    There are so many things happening on so many fronts, that it is difficult to keep track of the diversity of the control efforts of the Illuminati we must deal with in our daily lives. The issue of food control and water control have been tested here in the good ole US of A several times in recent past. The IBT card fiasco, where many threats were made during that period that IBT cards were in malfunction state, of mass rioting and civil unrest. The Water poisoning situation in W. Virginia was another test by the authorities to determine where and how resupply lines will function and how well, or poorly prepared the general public, sleeping grass grazers, will be in actual CRISIS situations. The reports are that the drinking water from local markets was cleaned off the shelves in a matter of less than an hour.

    One can quickly see that food and comfort may actually be the last thing we are burdened with. The first of the 7 Noachide laws is “PROHIBITION OF IDOLATRY” which simply means that if you openly worship any God other than their designated God, Yep! “beheading”! So When we say “Yeshua Christ, Jesus Christ, or any combination thereof is our Lord and Savior” The test is over and we get to see him face to face very quickly thereafter! ALLELUIA! That is if we are still here during that part of the test. Which I do not believe we will be. If I am here during that portion, color me without a head and I will be SMILING FROM EAR TO EAR! SEE YA ON THE OTHER SIDE!

    I hope this will stimulate at least one of your endeared readers to check it out and share this information with others. If I PERISH at their hands, It won’t be because of IGNORANCE OR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE! AS FOR ME? I’LL BE WORSHIPING YESHUA CHRIST FOR ETERNITY! NOT JUST HERE ON EARTH! BE BLESSED!

    • Hi James Timms,

      That was a great comment, and I’m sorry that I had to cut it down to make it fit.

      May I recommend that you start a blog?

      I would be happy to allow links to your blog in your comment.

      Keep up the good work, James.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Why would you publish the phrase “black market food economy”?? Why not state the truth? Its more like this…”they want to stop free people from growing non GMO, Creator-given REAL food and helping others stay fed.”
    “black market food economy” is not only derogatory but absolutely unacceptable!!! How would you like a bunch of satan worshippers telling you that you cant have food growing in your own yard?

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      You need to look up the definition of the term, ‘black market’ and then reread my article. If the government ever imposes strict food controls, anything sold outside those controls is – by definition – sold ‘on the black market’.

      I am mystified by why you would object to what is clearly an objective term. It’s not derogatory. It just is what it is.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. 1. Print LOTS of money to “help the people”
    2. Prices rise, so whaddya do? Why, you impose PRICE CONTROLS of course!
    3. When everything sells out (due to the price controls), you CRACK DOWN on the black market
    4. Issue ID cards to help out in that regard
    5. It doesn’t work, and everyone just gets more p’d off, and the resulting riots/civil war finally overthrow the gov’t.
    6. Normalcy and free markets return
    7. Families get wealthy and send their kids to leftist colleges where they learn about Karl Marx (who never even owned a hot dog stand)
    8. The kids eventually come to power in the gov’t
    9. They print LOTS of money to “help the people”
    10. Repeat

  10. All the fiat money has elevated the realities of poor and the middle classes across the globe. Quash any economic development and then hand out aid. Get the masses to assimilate into a dependent mind set. Pull the plug via card fraud and implement chipping all peoples. Every entity that has a tax write off for non profit has skin in the game, wolves in sheep’s clothing on a massive scale. The Reaper/Abaddon has always been an obedient servant to remove the unrighteous from the Earth. Respect the One who can preserve your life from the second death. Who is going to inherit the Earth?


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