Alien Deception – The Foundation for Antichrist

The Antichrist IS coming. There should be no doubt about this whatsoever. I know that this idea can be a little hard to get your head around, but it is nevertheless a complete certainty. If you have any doubts on the matter, you need to get back to reading your Bible. It’s all there.

The Bible has much to say on the subject of Antichrist, but there is one verse that has concentrated my attention:

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.Matthew 24:24 (ASV)

When the Antichrist comes, he will have a message and a story. He will have ‘proof’ that he is what he says he is. And, that message, story and proof will be so good… you will wonder, for the briefest of moments, whether his lies are the truth.

Let’s take a harder look at that.


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Alien Deception – The Foundation for Antichrist

Human beings are interesting. When you set one of us apart from a group, we can think for ourselves. But, put us into a group, and we lose our minds. We start doing ‘groupthink‘. It’s just a little… crazy.

The question is… what does it take for a society to take a hold of a new idea and make it a foundational principle for society as a whole?

This will probably not surprise you, but it takes a lot of time. The ground needs to be prepared and the foundations laid. The stage needs to be set. Only then ‘the great leader’ can step onto the platform that has been carefully prepared for him.

My second question is… what platform has been carefully set for the coming of the Antichrist?

Our Euro-American civilization has successfully expunged religion from our lives. Even those of us who are ‘true believers’ are made to feel a bit embarrassed for holding to such quaint ideas. This has created a void.

So, what has rushed in, to fill that void?

The Foundation for Darwinian Evolution

Well, there’s atheism. That has become the principle religion in our society. (And yes, it IS a religion.) But, the genesis of atheism was a rebellion against organized religion. Atheism was a revolution, but now that the revolution is over, atheism has a problem. They’ve got nothing to fight against, and their foundation of Darwinian Evolution is looking decidedly threadbare.

So, what are the poor Darwinian fundamentalists going to do?

They’ve got aliens!

Here’s the high priest of Darwinian fundamentalism on the idea:

Richard Dawkins Admits to Intelligent Design

Really? Aliens?

Yes, aliens.

Worse, this idea is being accepted in the wider scientific community. Here’s Dr. Ted Loder, Professor, University of New Hampshire:

Pushing The Planet Forward – Dr. Ted Loder

Here’s a quote from the ‘About’ section of this YouTube video:

Dr. Ted Loder is a respected scientist and oceanography professor at the University of New Hampshire. After learning from his cousin, Attorney Stephen Lovekin, that the ET / UFO subject is not only real but is the key to technologies that could preserve our earth’s environment while advancing humanity into a sustainable planetary society, he has become an outspoken advocate for ending the secrecy surrounding this subject. During the past four years, he has worked to introduce students, other scientists, and legislators to the fact that humans are not alone in the universe and peaceful interaction with ET’s is necessary to the survival of our planet and our people.

The central concepts of our culture have become science, evolution and then atheism. And, the high priests of these concepts are our scientists and professors – with our Universities as the temples of civilization.

Competing Ideas

So, now that I’ve laid this idea out for you, let me ask this question:

Is there any other idea that offers as much potential for the rise of the Antichrist?

I’ve spent most of my life analyzing how societies work and what drives them, and I honestly can’t think of any idea more powerful. And, it’s an idea that has been cultivated since the 1940s.

Elegance of the Alien Idea

Let me take this idea a step further. I found this quote from Cris Putnam’s website,

If you wanted to bypass the intelligentsia and the church, remain undetectable to the military system, leave undisturbed the political and administrative levels of a society, and at the same time implant deep within that society far-reaching doubts concerning its basic philosophical tenets, this is exactly how you would have to act. At the same time of course, such a process would have to provide its own explanation to make ultimate detection impossible. In other words, it would have to project an image just beyond the belief structure of the target society. It would have to disturb and reassure at the same time, exploiting both the gullibility of the zealots and the narrow-mindedness of the debunkers. This is exactly what the UFO phenomenon does.Jacques Vallée, Dimensions

That quote is on his page, ExoVaticana: The Powers & Principalities’ Alien Savior Mythos.

Aliens-as-creators really is the perfect lie. It’s hard to refute. And, all it takes is some tantalizingly out of reach evidence. From there, you can build a ‘scientific religion’.


Again, find me a concept that offers more promise for Antichrist than this one, and I will seriously consider it.


Also, please remember that even Hitler, often considered as an archetype for the Antichrist, needed to ascend to power based on a preexisting idea. In 1928, he was the laughingstock of Germany. In 1930, he received more than 18% of the vote. Nine years later, he started World War II. But, it all started with race and mythology.

The Last Days

We live in the Last Days, and time is short. The ideas and stratagems of the Antichrist are ALREADY in play. And, I believe that it is useful to think about this and be mentally prepared for what will come – and to help others prepare for what will come.

Oh, one more thought about Hitler. Just as Hitler arose out of the catastrophe of the Great Depression, I believe that the Antichrist will follow the same pattern.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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37 thoughts on “Alien Deception – The Foundation for Antichrist”

  1. Hello John… Very excellent article… I think you might find my novel right in tune with your conviction! Especially about the UFO/Alien connection. Check out reviews at Just trying to alert those that will listen before it is too late.
    God Bless you… Michael

  2. John, That same verse has been troubleing me lately. I am so happy that someone else is seeing how utterly deceiving the anichrist wil be for us, all these alien movies have been grooming the masses for years. I fear for the people around me and have been preparing myself for this will be VERY believable. Stay as close to your Bible and HIS word as you possibly can. Jesus is the ONLY way to escape this horror that will soon come. Every Knee will bow and every tounge confess. Yay, little grey nasties run when you say His name.
    Thank you for this artical.

  3. Truly, THIS is how the devil will do it. This takes the divinity away from God. It puts God on an equal basis with His created beings. We just need more technology and we shall… become gods ourselves. The devil has travelled far and wide through our planet and history to establish the myth of prior contact with all the anchient peoples. And now we stand perched upon the edge of our time here on earth. Satan is going to come out of a ship, glowing and covered in glory, (keanu reeves in the day the earth stood still. He glowed. Walked on water. And raised the dead. Predictive programming?) and proclaiming new truth changing things in the bible. We MUST have a firm foundation. We MUST NOT turn from His word.

  4. Greetings John!
    As you well know, these demonic beings are mentioned in many areas of what we call our Bible. I have been reading, as of late, several books of the Apocrypha. These books are considered “hidden” books, that , as does the Bible, relate evidence from writings several thousand years old. The Book of Jubilees is one book that reinforces the historical accounts of The Bible by sharing information with the reader that clearly outlines historical events which demonstrate and depict similar accounts as those occurrences written. This book has mention of accounts of the Fallen Angels, this book refers to as Watchers. These Watchers are the very ones mentioned in The Book of Enoch.
    With so many ancient accounts of these incursions, it is relatively easy for anyone who has half an interest in finding the truth, to make the discovery, that these are the very beings responsible for the corruption of the DNA of every creature on this earth. There are sufficient written accounts to trace the foundation of this movement directly back to these rogue beings who have long displayed their desire to corrupt, enslave, and destroy this phenomenal creation of the entity we call “God”. I read these accounts and attempt to desperately implore honest evaluation, without swaying others of my opinion without foundation. I know there is a creator! I know this creator has knowledge and power beyond anything my mind can imagine. If others are honest in their assessments, they must truly marvel at the beauty and elegance of the design where millions and millions of organisms interact simultaneously in cooperation with the many other millions of organisms to create what we call the life of this planet. From the smallest single celled organism to the most complex, this planet is alive and has been for many many years. To believe we started in a mud puddle with a massive strike of energy, one must wonder, where did the mud puddle come from, and where did the lightning come from. Prior existence and evolution honestly demonstrate a designed beginning.
    Yes! The Extra-Dimensionals are coming! If someone would evaluated the ancient writings honestly, they would understand the TRUTH has already been revealed. From Genesis to Malachi, the old Testament accounts of these creatures and their offspring and interrelations with the human race are displayed for all to see and understand. One must only see beyond the surface to understand, these rotten beings of destruction have been here almost from the beginning. They have a several thousand year head start! We are playing catchup! But!, they are here! Enjoyed your article immensely!
    Be blessed!

    • Hi James Timms,

      Great comment.

      I hesitate to commend to others the Book of Enoch or other apocryphal works. However, from what others have said they have the aura of truth. One day, when I have time (maybe this Summer), I will take a hard look at these books.

      With the number of mosquitoes that I’ve been attacked with lately, I am prepared to believe that THOSE critters, at least, are the offspring of corrupted DNA.

      Thank you for that comment, James.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. it is my opinion the coming antichrist will quietly enter the world stage during this current 4 ‘blood moon’ Tetrad, starting April 2014-Oct 2014 , coincidently the Year-Of-The-Horse in Chinese astrology…which connects to the Revelations 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse…
    this Tetrad of 4 blood moons & an eclipse is not unique in history, but beginning the highly sensitive Tetrad in the year-of-the-horse is unprecentented in history—and might well be the ‘unveiling’ which the time of the Apocalypse actually means…

    do not expect the antichrist to ‘reveal’ himself until after October 2018 which will correspond to the ‘midweek’ of the end-times if this Tetrad is the actual forthcoming of the 4 Horsemen, as i believe it will be

    we in the USA are already in a depression that is not recognized because of statistics manipulation by TPTB (in accordance with the Deep State heirarchy)
    thank you

  6. Excellent point John, I believe you have hit the nail square on the head. To much evidence to support this theory . The site , Tom Horn and Cris Putnams new book Exo-Vaticana , Karen Hudes who is a world bank whistle blower and lawyer who just did an interview a couple of weeks ago and talked about how this ties in with the world banking system. It all sounds crazy but the mountain of evidence supports this idea from very credible and sound resources. As born again believers in Christ Jesus we need to really prepare for this thru prayer and the deep study of God’s word. Only then will we be ready with the full armor God for that day and be able to stand against the evil one.

    • Hi Chuck Culbertson,

      That site is scary, indeed.

      And yes, Karen Hudes has shared some incredible information. It’s stunning. I recommend that everyone bookmark her site,

      It’s great to see a brother walk so closely with the Lord.

      Thank you, Chuck.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Interesting but you and I hold very similar views about the world around us including current events.

    The ultimate deception and “Aliens”

    I have had a number of discussions about this very issue. Seems to me that the only reasonable explanation for a deception on that level would be something “supernatural”. If people disappear from the rapture whether you believe in that or not it just adds to the deception. That they could have been taken away by some alien craft or removed because they were bad for the earth is another excuse. Always seemed strange that any reasonable person would not suspect the “rapture” if it really did happen. This allows for plausible deniabilty of Gods hand in the removal and could place blame on “aliens”

  8. Re: “… it takes a lot of time. The ground needs to be prepared and the foundations laid. The stage needs to be set. Only then ‘the great leader’ can step onto the platform that has been carefully prepared for him.”

    Yea, it does take long time, more than a single generation. The works are not new but very old. The planners themselves admit this…

    “Every century, and every twenty-five years of the century, We, the Masters of Wisdom, gather together to assess the success or otherwise of the many projects and plans which We have previously set in motion. In this way We know how well certain plans are faring and, if not, can make the necessary adjustments and changes before harm is done.

    This may seem to some a slow and ponderous rhythm but Our long experience tells Us that evolution proceeds slowly and humanity takes long to build in, and stabilize, the necessary advances. Advance, however, is sure if the Plan is carefully followed and We have much faith in Our methods.

    It is this achievement which has made possible the re-entry into the world of the Christ and His group of Masters. The events of the twentieth century have been momentous. They constitute the major trials of the World Disciple and shown him ready, when led by Us, to battle against and conquer tyranny, to right the wrongs of the past and to grasp the fact of Brotherhood in all its beauty.” (Note the capitalization of the self references.)

    Psa 82 identifies who these masters of wisdom are, they are the fallen angelic counsel temporarily in dominion over the earth, the congregation of the mighty, which YHVH Elohim will soon judge.

    In every generation, these mighty have worked to strengthen the hand of the wicked that rule over us in every form of government and religion, including politics, corporate, societal and military. Yes, all these are governments because they fit the etymological meaning of the word which is “control of the mind.” They are also religions that supplant the truth and bind (religare) people to great lies and deceptions, which then become their understanding and basis for their behavior. And so they walk on in darkness.

    The ancient aliens, ETs, etc., are the manifestations of that congregation and the armies that it controls in these four dimensions and in the next dimension (a low heaven) above these.

    Now, to know who the wicked are (Psa 82), what they have done and what they are doing (the Plan) is great wisdom.

    I enjoy your research, thinking and writing and hope that you are encouraged to continue.

  9. Thanks John, a good ‘short’ article. Obviously so much more can be said about this subject. In preparing for this, I would say most believers who have really studied this phenomenon know that these aliens are demonic, and perhaps Yahweh has opened our eyes to this fact so that we can protect ourselves from them by invoking the blood of Yahushua if confronted by the beasts. Supernatural beings must be defeated by supernatural means.

  10. Quite true about Hitler, so go figure…As the United States is on the verge of an economic collapse which could lead to a new ‘depression’ it appears that Obama is quickly becoming the laughingstock of the whole world. So is this possibly the foundation being laid for the rise of a new (World Ordered) Antichrist from the depths of the American people’s despair?

  11. great article you captured it perfectly. also 2nd thessalonians reveals it too. it says the antichrist will be revealed when he who is holding it back is taken out of the way. that means when god is removed….this is what the teaching of evolution has done. god has been removed from so many people. But of course they want to ban guns worldwide. because these demonic entities if they have actual flesh they can be hurt. and i for one would love to do some demon hunting 🙂

  12. Hi John,
    Firstly I would like to thank you for a very informative newsletter that comes into my email account. I am happy that I subscripted but if you were to ask me how I discovered your omegashock website I would have to say I can not remember but I guess it would have been a link from somewhere.
    Secondly I would like to say a thank you for getting the information out there about the coming alien deception which is none other than Lucifier as the angel of light and his fallen angels masquerading as aliens.
    What you say about people thinking as individuals when on their own and how their thinking falls back into the group think when they are subjected to the crowd is so true and for that reason the Word of the Lord (the Bible) needs to be kept in our minds as basic and pure as the Word is. As an example the Bible tells us: 2 Corinthians 11:14 “Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”. Also another verse tells us that Jesus Christ never touches the ground when he comes back for His people, but Satan will actually come to earth. So people remember the simplicity of the Word. The Bible never try’s to trick or deceive anyone, it gives the Truth simple and pure and if we will just believe and have faith in its message then we will not be deceived.
    The coming of the anti-christ is near and we all need to bury our heads “deeply” into the word of the Bible, otherwise we will be carried away by all the group think out there. However also never forget we also need to be doers of the Word.

  13. (imho) We are RIGHT NOW between the 2nd & 3rd Seals in the Book of Revelation chapter 6. The arrival of the Antichrist upon the world scene is the 1st Seal, the Rider on the White horse: Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West

    The Arab Spring is the 2nd Seal, The Rider on the Red Horse which Unleashes Violence Upon the Earth. Google Ghost Horses – One was caught on CCTV at Fukushima: Apocalypse GHOST HORSEMAN. Japan Earthquake. & One in the Tahir Square pre-Morsi uprising, by Network Camera’s: Ghost Horseman of the Apocalypse in Cairo Egypt

    Fukushima it has been shown, Sabotage was involved. That is why I say it could be part of the Red Horse/2nd Seal:

    The 3rd Seal being the Black Horse Bringing Worldwide Economic Collapse, which could happen anytime soon. The Rapture may even be a catalyst for the Collapse. (saw a few credible (imho) Dreams & Visions Videos of the Rapture, preceding Economic Collapse! Saw many, many more Beautiful Dreams & Visions Videos of the Rapture occurring, when the Nukes are coming down, we’re Going Up! 🙂

    The 4th Seal entails Death being unleashed upon this planet, killing 1/4 of it’s population, & this is KEY – with Hell following (literally). The Hellish Creatures that will be unleashed, will be like as depicted in recent movies. That’s the Illuminati Way. To put it in our faces via Pop Culture & it also serves as Coded Messages to their brethren.

    The Illuminati are EAGERLY awaiting the Rapture, so that the Son of Perdition can be revealed (come into full satanic power & be made manifest) & their evil plans can begin. See 2Thessalonians chapter 2.

    Therefore, the Rapture of the Bride of Christ will happen before the 4th Seal is Opened, because GOD won’t have His Faithful, subject to that sort of evil.

    Revelation 3:10 – King James Version (KJV)

    10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

    Be one of the 5 Wise Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13; anxiously awaiting The Bridegrooms Return, and not be Left Behind, Church.

    There are two Returns of Christ mentioned in the New Testament. In the first He comes as like a thief in the night. This is the Rapture & we are Warned to be always at the ready for this, so as not to miss it! His second Return will be Glorious, and every eye shall see Him Coming in the sky! Coming back to Conquer & Reign as KING of kings & LORD of lords. Alleluia!!! Praise His Holy name – JESUS!!!

    The 6th Seal is of course physical Pole Shift. Revelation 6:14 perfectly describes how the sky will look to us from Earth; “receding like a scroll”, as the Earth rolls over. Email if you want links & further evidence (Scripture references) & insight into what I’ve outlined above. Peace To All who have ears to hear & eyes to see, what the LORD is bringing forth.

    • Hi Robert Dunn,

      Thank you for that comment. You put a lot of effort into it, and I appreciate that. But, there are a couple of problems with it.

      Problem 1 – Nowhere does it say that the rider of the white horse is the Antichrist. I don’t know where that particular idea originated, but it’s not Biblical.

      Problem 2 – is very, VERY antisemitic. He hates Jews with a passion.

      Problem 3 – You claim that “GOD won’t have His Faithful, subject to that sort of evil”. Where do you get this? The church has suffered all kinds of evils at the hands of Satan from time immemorial.

      Problem 4 – Direct evidence of the pretribulation Rapture does not exist. Watch this video and tell me what’s wrong with it:

      No one has EVER been able to argue against that video.

      Problem 5 – Where does it say that there are two returns of Christ?

      Up until three years ago, I did not mind very much that the unbiblical theory of the pretribulation rapture was running around. However, I quickly found out that people are sitting on their hands and NOT preparing for what’s coming, because they think that they’ll be raptured out of harm’s way. And, THAT is manifestly NOT the case.

      Please, PLEASE prepare. Ignore reality all you want, but ignoring reality will not protect you from the consequences of ignoring reality.

      But… and this is important… I deeply appreciate the fact that you read your Bible. That is very, very important, and I am very glad to see it.

      Thank you for your contribution, Robert.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. yeah space aliens does fill many voids those of the world have who refuse Christ.
    Very strong/supernatural signs will be performed by the 2nd beast in the presence of the 1st beast (rev 13 and 13:14) so the elect must be well grounded in Christ and the word and fellowship with the Lord, but know that as Christ Jesus said, this is the Father’s will who sent Me, that of all He has given Me I lose nothing but should raise it up on the last day, and none can pluck them from His hand, (john 6:39, john 10:28-29) so abide in Christ and grow and His word abiding in you.

  15. I believe in the Holy Bible 100%, but the idea of the antichrist being one man that will singlehandedly take over the world is a false doctrine that was conjured up by the Jesuits along with the rapture, when they came up with the left behind works. It is straight up deception.
    Modern Christianity does not remotely resemble the teachings of Christ. For example, in 321 A.D. Emperor Constatine infiltrated the Christian church with paganism such as changing the true Sabbath to (Sun)day worship, he changed the Passover to Easter, which links back to the worship of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. He challenged the divinity of Christ, stating that there was a point he did not exist before the Father created him. There’s more but I hope you get my point…
    Many, in fact most of the doctrines and ideas taught in mainstream churches are wrong and were deliberately injected to confuse and keep followers of the Bible lost and away from the truth.
    I agree, Thessalonians 2 sounds like it could be an antichrist but if you study further and use precepts you’ll see that it is not. They have you waiting for the boogie man for a reason. Think about this, if hes supposed to be the one to bring out the mark of the beast, when they are already rolling it out in certain parts of the world, did someone miss something? Satan wants you to be waiting for something that will never happen so that your in the dark when the real agenda is passing right before your eyes.
    Not to mention, 1 John 2:18 says that although we’ve heard that there is supposed to be one, there have been many operating on earth since the Saviors time. The entire system is Antichrist, we don’t need to wait for one guy… That’s ridiculous…

    • Hi M4nell,

      Unfortunately, all the references to the Antichrist refer to a ‘him’ – the man of sin, revealed. So, I’m afraid that the Bible disagrees with you.

      Secondly, it isn’t just one man that takes over the world, it’s a system that takes over, with a man at the head of it. However, we will still wait for ‘one guy’ to be revealed.

      Thirdly, we are not just waiting for the Antichrist, we are waiting for a whole host of things – and preparing for them.

      Sit down and read the Bible, M4nell. All that I’m talking about is there. You need to get ready.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Exactly right, the Anti-Christ is a “him”. he will come after 10 kings and subdue 3 of them, leaving 7. Those remaining 7 will give him their authority to rule for 42 months (lunar months of 30 days per months) or 1260 days or 3 1/2 years. Currently, the Club of Rome has the world divided into 10 Regions and the western (military) arm of the European Union (WEU) has exactly 10 permanent voting members. Each of these members have a rotating presidency of 6 months and have complained that it is not enough time to do anything constructive. So, 3 of these will be subdued by the Anti-Christ leaving 7 and with each 6 months rotating presidency will give their authority to the Anti-Christ to rule for 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days (7×6=42). I believe the Anti-Christ is already on the world scene and everything is in place for him to take over. God bless.

  16. Hey John…
    Love your site and your wisdom, SQ lead me here; even went out and purchased a new bible so I could read the scriptures you mention. Followed your advice on silver, can’t afford gold; oh well : )
    I was wondering if you had heard that “o” (small ‘o’ on purpose) was going to the Vatican to get the Pope’s blessing? Could this really possibly be to set up the future deception? Have you heard anything of this?
    Thank you John for your commitment to the truth & the Lord thy God… L

    • Hi Lonnie,

      Thank you for that. I really appreciate it.

      I’m so very glad that you are buying silver. You will be very, VERY glad that you did, and it helps me to know that people are doing that. (And, you’ve chosen a good time for it, too!)

      Yes, I had heard that Barry Soetoro was meeting with the Pope. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting. I suspect that some interesting words were exchanged. The Vatican knows EXACTLY who Barry is.

      And, it’s awesome that you’ve invested in a Bible. I have been richly blessed to have been reading mine through every year, and I cannot recommend it enough.

      God bless you, Lonnie!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. I find it strange that people can so readily swallow the idea of aliens but cannot understand the concept of Lucifer’s fall and the angels that followed him. Seems like while they were straining on gnats, they swallowed a camel! I appreciated reading your article. You were able to articulate what I feel in my heart. Thank you for putting it into words.

  18. I don’t claim to be a bible scholar or a theologian or someone who can write down words as if it were poetry. But what God has given me is gift of discernment. There are so many thoughts out there about the anti christ. There are some who believe that Obama is the anti christ. The discernment that God has given me is Satan has already presented his his plan how all of this will play out.

    One evening my family and I went to see the movie (Man of steel). After walking away from the theater I thought to myself “this was a interesting spin on superman”. I had to watch it a few more times when it came out on DVD, before it really clicked.

    Here we have this alien who comes to earth and lives amongst us until its time to present himself to the world . And then we have Ziod who is a part of this alien’s race who wants to make war with the human race. So in the end superman defeats this alien and saves earth from destruction. The real twist is superman is not supposed to kill but he reluctantly kills Ziod. So now we have a alien being that has gain the trust of the human race. He has super powers and everyone is in owe of him. Not surprising there is no mention of Jesus in the movie but many Christian websites and pastors were pressing people to see this movie because it had a similarity to Jesus. Wow! this blew my mind of how many could be fooled to believe this could be Jesus.

    And then I thought about the masses that were proclaiming Obama was the Messiah and savior of the world. This is a man that has no supernatural powers and people are calling him the messiah.

    So how many more would renounce their beliefs and worship this super being because he saves us from a alien invasion. I can see how he could fool even the elect. This is satans plan,he will gather his demonic chiefs and orchestrate a alien invasion. It will look like there is no hope for us. No weapon on earth will have any effect on them. Then enters the anti Christ with his super powers will defeat the ETs and the whole world will worship him. I don’t believe people will be concerned about who this being will be but the super power he would have. This is why I believe we will not know who satan picks until that time.

    In the movie superman is very humble and very likable. He is here to protect the world. I believe this is how it will start out ,people will start worshipping him with paintings sculptures and even monuments. This is when he will proclaim himself God the messiah. By that time it will be too late for many.

    • Hi Trubeliever,

      Very interesting thoughts. Thank you. I will keep that scenario in mind.

      What you lay out is very, very plausible. There is one thought that I have in response, and that is about the wounded head in Revelation 13:3. Some claim that this is a man, but I’m not so certain. It sounds more like an empire or government or country. And, if it’s wounded unto death… and then miraculously revived…

      Well, we’ll see. Good points, Trubeliever.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. This is the first time i have visited this site, I think I had help 🙂

    I have to share something, so here goes.

    Small vessels will land, over the course of 2 days, over most cities in the world.
    You will see Human beings will come out, and speak our languages. They claim to have left our world in the past, and now they are back to help our race. They will know how to fix all disease, make you live forever, and will solve all of our scientific questions. Even have town hall meetings, come into your homes (if you let them) to talk to your kids.

    Just think, how easy it will it be to forget Christ. I hope I don’t. When they promise to eradicate all wars and poverty, people will join the cause by the millions, even church officials. After all, these “Aliens” are not Satan, they are not even aliens, they claim they are human and now they claim there is no GOD, and even if there was, now you can live forever right here on earth.

    The leader will be a simple, but beautiful woman, with long dark hair, and a cunning that will fool almost everyone. She has no name, but most of us call her the whore of Babylon (She also is the evil one, with the flaming darts). After several weeks, when she has filled her ranks, her new recruits will soon realize the truth. They transform into servants that are grotesque in appearance, and feel nothing but pain and suffering. The world will be devastated.

    Keep the armor of God around you, and keep the Spirit dwelling inside you.
    And remember, the “Tomb” is empty.

    • Hi Lee Ison,

      Hmmmm… a very interesting scenario.

      Since, it’s hard to know exactly WHAT could happen, I cannot discount your thought.

      And yes, the tomb is empty and our Lord is coming back for us. Amen!

      Thank you, Lee.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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