The Deep State

I briefly mentioned something yesterday called The Deep State. I had just finished reading an article on the idea before starting to write and was impressed by the timeliness of the subject. The events in Ukraine are not what they appear to be.

No, what’s going on is the workmanship of The Deep State.

So, what is this Deep State?


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The Deep State

If you want a definition, look up ‘state within a state‘, but I think that the Latin version works better:

imperium in imperio – the supreme power within the empire

That’s what we have in the US today – an empire. Worse, there’s a supreme power within this empire, and it’s gotten so bad that even the mainstream media is beginning to pick up on this topic:

Moyers-The Deep State

Mike Lofgren, who you see interviewed by Bill Moyers, wrote an essay, entitled Anatomy of the Deep State.

(By the way, I had trouble accessing Mike’s website. Is it possible that the ‘Deep State’ is a little peeved at Mr. Lofgren’s expose of their dirty dealings?)

Mike Lofgren’s essay appears to have been the genesis of the article The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld written by Peter Dale Scott. Professor Scott has written on this subject before, and has much more to add to Mr. Lofgren’s writing.

Unfortunately, there are more murky depths that lie below even the Deep State. I don’t think that we need to determine how far down this all goes. It should be enough for us to know that Satan is at work using secretive organizations like the Illuminati and the Jesuits.

It is more important to ask how closely current events are being scripted by these evil powers. The answer is that no one can really know for sure. Even those on the inside can’t really know with absolute certainty.

A friend of mine – who rubbed shoulders with these people – remarked frequently that the elites who are running the world are looking for someone to unite them. That friend has been dead for several years, and I never really understood who he was – or what he was – until a couple years ago, long after he died.

My point is that the elites are in competition with each other, and I suspect that what is playing out in Ukraine between the West and the East is a part of that competition. Having said that, God is at work within this ‘competition’.

Gog and Magog are coming, and the results of THAT will shake the world.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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7 thoughts on “The Deep State”

  1. JOHN,an EPOCH,is 12,500 years long,this current epoch is ending and its even a hard adjustment for me and I know about it,all the alarm bells have been ringing,all the warnings have gone out,THE LORD has shown all his PROPHETS,SAINTS,and watchmen,whats coming and as horrible as the change will be,IT HAS TO BE,the world is, as in the days of NOAH,and VERY FEW will survive the change,I don’t have to tell anyone,EVIL HAS TAKEN OVER THE PLANET,right now would be a good time to get as close to the LORD as you can,THE NUCLEAR WAR,is going to kill most people on the planet,and the reason is NO ONE CARES,they don’t believe it could happen,the TV and news media has dumbed down everyone to the point, its almost a waste of time warning everyone whats coming, they just can’t believe the news people have lied to them………………

    • Hi Arizona,

      I know exactly how you feel. It’s the normalcy bias. I have suffered from this for most of my life – in one form, or another. I am just grateful that I’ve woken up in time to hopefully make something of a difference.

      Of course, that hardly changes the incredible frustration that you must feel. The only thing that we can do is seek direction from the Lord and serve Him to the best of our ability each and every day… and then… just keep putting one foot forward each and every day.

      Remember that God told Ezekiel that no one was listening to him, but God told poor Ezekiel to get out there and speak, anyway.

      Keep up the good work. There is a God, and He is not unmoved by our struggles.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. THIS EPOCH ended 14 years ago,we ARE in the transition period RIGHT NOW,from this point in time, its going to get really crazy,FAST,the dog and pony show has ended,and NOW THE MAIN EVENT is ready to take center stage,and shes out there in the sky and coming this way,NIBIRU,yea I heard all the mocking,but I just laugh,I’ve seen it,and the day she shows up will be a beautiful day,NO WARNING,just a hard shaking as the planet starts to roll over and then she’ll be in the sky,to the horror of everyone who sees it,EVERY country is seeing the effects of its arrival,and all the good science whores, think their doing the right thing by LIEING to everyone about what their seeing,AND THEY ARE LIEING ,when this is OVER,their hands will be covered with the blood of millions,and the ONLY one who will want them is SATAN,he’ll be their new DADDY…………….

  3. I studied graphic design and type fonts.
    The script type that you are using on this video, is counterproductive because people can’t read it.
    It’s very distracting, making it hard to concentrate on the message of Moyers and his guest.
    A simple Roman font or European style font is the best to use


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