Get Silver While You Can – They Are Going to Kill the Dollar

As the psychopaths running America and Europe pause to reflect on Russia’s response to their coup in Kiev, let’s take a moment to think about the most important resource that you can hold, once you have secured the basic necessities. And, this is an important moment to talk about this because the damage that is going to be (and is being) inflicted upon our monetary system will destroy the value of virtually everything that we possess – especially, the fake money called the US dollar.

As I mentioned in my articles on Monday and Tuesday, they are going to kill the dollar, and I believe that this conflict with Russia over Ukraine is a cover for that effort. It is difficult for me to see any other purpose to this latest bit of insanity. The problem is that your bank accounts, retirement, and investments are going to be wiped out in the process. If ANYTHING held in a financial institution survives – you will be very, very lucky.

You MUST… RIGHT NOW… get your money out of your bank or financial institution. Pay whatever fees/fines/taxes that you have to pay, and then do what I’m about to tell you to do.


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Get Real Money While You Can

Our economy and monetary system is teetering on the precipice of complete disaster, and many of us are shocked that it hasn’t fallen, already. The next question is whether this fragile system can withstand the shock of a conflict with Russia and China.

The answer to that should be obvious. There is no way that our damaged financial system can survive even a short conflict with Russia and China. And, the people ruling the US and the EU understand this – which is clearly why they are doing it.

So, what do you do?

Exchange your worthless dollars for something with future value. Purchase something that will help ensure your future survival, and then buy items that will help preserve your financial future. For a good idea of what this means, go here:

The Shock Plan for Getting Ready

I believe that if you follow that plan, you will do well – or, at least as well as possible. If The Shock Plan doesn’t make sense to you, find one that does. But, let’s move beyond that preparation plan and towards something that most of us should understand: Good Stewardship.

Good Stewardship

I believe that you have a responsibility to preserve and grow what God has given you, and to use it for the betterment of God’s Kingdom. It’s called good stewardship. And, I believe that a good steward will be blessed by God, and a bad steward will be rebuked by God.

note – bad things happen in the course of our service towards God. God does not determine the value of our service based on outcomes. He is the judge of hearts.

So, you are required to do the best that you can with what you have.

How are you going to do that?

Those of you with a specialized understanding of what is coming should follow that understanding. Those of you without such a background should read the article that I wrote here:

Hidden Secrets of Money

There are four entertaining videos in that article that you will enjoy watching, and they will enrich your understanding of what you should do. But, there is a fifth video that came out two weeks after the above article.

That video deals with what they are doing right now to the US dollar, and it is something that you need to pay attention to. And, you can do that by watching it here:

When Money Is Corrupted – Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 5 – Mike Maloney

Okay, you got that. Now, what?

Do this:

Buy As Much Silver As You Can Carry And As Much Gold As You Can Afford

I wrote that article last month, and it is still my firm recommendation. But, I’m not in ‘The Business’ anymore, so you might want to take a look at what Mike Maloney says:

Silver Has More Potential Than Gold – Mike Maloney

He’s saying that all of your excess cash should go into precious metals, and 90% of those precious metals should be silver.

The EROI Connection

I stumbled across this video on the SRSrocco Report. Steve St. Angelo is the author of that site, and he has made a connection to EROI (Energy Returned on Energy Invested) that is fascinating. I will need to look more carefully into the link between the cost of energy versus precious metal value.

If this link is true (and it looks likely), it adds emphasis to the need to acquire silver (and/or gold) as soon as possible. An energy resource shock is headed our way and should be hitting us soon. You do NOT want to be caught in a vulnerable position when that happens.

But Don’t Wait. You Must Act.

But, whatever your reasoning, please understand that this window of time in which we have to act is drawing to a close. You must act as soon as you can.

Are you ready for this?


Further reading:


note – I am not offering financial or disaster preparation advice in a professional capacity. These are merely my own thoughts on what I would do in these situations.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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22 thoughts on “Get Silver While You Can – They Are Going to Kill the Dollar”

  1. What do you suggest for folks that live on a pension and social security? If these collapse, there will be zero money coming in on a monthly basis. How do mortgages get paid, etc. Maybe the mortgage (bank) will also collapse so, they won’t be collecting. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jim,

      It’s people like you that I worry about the most.

      If I were in your position, I would:

      Sell your house immediately and rent. In fact, sell as much of your stuff as you can.

      Move to a place and a church that understands what’s coming. Make sure that you have good neighbors.

      Buy extra food and water. Get emergency supplies.

      If there is ANYTHING left over, buy as much silver as you can carry.

      Read my survival guide for more information:

      The Shock Plan for Getting Ready

      Do NOT expect your mortgage debt to be eliminated. That’s not how they work. When a bank fails, your mortgage will be picked up by another bank – or the government. And governments will make sure that the banks are protected. You come second.

      Again, that’s just how they work.

      May God bless you and keep you, Jim.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • If we end up on the other side of the event with an intact technological government complex then a mortgage is the lesser of the problems (reference, Agenda 21, Codex, etc).

        The Fed has been buying mortgages with some of the QE money (in addition to buying new government debt). If this is the route, then in addition to the mortgage you’ll see surveillance and control far beyond what we see today.

        If we experience EMP/CME that takes down the technology, then mortgages don’t matter. The down side here is that due to the destruction of our technology and just in time supply chain leads to the death of over 90% of the population in under a year (mostly from famine and water issues).

        That’s why I recommend using the Amish model of a faith based community with low reliance on high tech. Good luck on trying to create a new community as it’s like herding cats, and many existing communities are cults.

      • I reccomend that you buy a good tent just in case you need it. I really think you will need it. I am in the same cond. as you are but my home is paid for. The crash is also how they plan to get your home and any other real estate that you own. Hang on to Jesus Christ for this ride. When they cut off social security we will have to help each other.

  2. John, I enjoy reading your thoughts, though the thought of what you propose is not enjoyable. Ive been in a place, mentally and spiritually, to receive this type of information for about 3 yrs. I’m struck by today’s urgent tone, as in imminent financial destruction tone. Don’t get me wrong, Ive got my preps and metal for what I agree is the eventual unraveling of our monetary system as we know it. My question is, after watching their ability to keep this three legged table standing and manipulate markets in a way that is completely contrary to fundamentals (especially the metals) how can you possibly make the “You must…RIGHT NOW…get your money out of the bank” with any real knowledge of how long these jokers can continue their corruption? To be frank, I did what you recommend 3 yrs ago, my dollar cost average on silver has been about $26 based on continued purchasing. Since 2011 I have rebuilt my savings without liquidating any of my silver. So why would I repeat the same maneuver based on your statements, which mirror the statements I heard 3yrs ago? Why is now this time? Putin can’t dump U.S. bonds without melting down his own struggling economy. Ive gone with the Sprotts, the Katusas and the Adnanis. I’m in the energy resource stocks. Still have my preps, still have metals. I respect your opinions, but I’m hedging…These guys are just too damn good at keeping this game going.

    • Hey david,

      Very, VERY good questions.

      And, you are right. They COULD keep this game going – theoretically. But, there are cracks forming in the framework that has been propping up the system.

      • The Petrodollar is starting to fail.
      • Bankers are starting to ‘suicide’.
      • Precious metals are starting to move upwards.
      • People like Jim Willie (w/90% accuracy record) are now starting to say that 2014 is THE YEAR when it all begins (and he’s never said this before).
      • Gold inventories in the COMEX (and elsewhere) are crashing.
      • Talk of a currency reset is gathering steam.

      (and, I could go on…)

      Frankly, it’s better to be 5 years early, than ten minutes late. You will NOT see this coming until it’s too late to do anything.

      Remember also that gold and silver isn’t about investment. It’s about insuring your future.

      And then, ask yourself this: “What ELSE do you have to invest in?”

      There literally is nothing out there that will hold its value like commodities.

      I understand the fear. I really do. But, you literally cannot lose with gold and silver. And ‘do not lose money’ is the first principle of investing.

      Just make sure that you’re walking closely with the Lord and seeking His direction. You can’t lose with THAT, either.

      Keep up the good work, David.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Additionally, this article by Ted Butler shows how JPMorgan has cornered the silver market with the biggest long position in recorded history This affirms silver’s real value, but if Morgan continues shorting contracts, they can control the price almost indefinitely. Im not questioning your sincerity John. Like many, Im stuck in this loop of not wanting things to end horribly, but tired of behaving financially like its about to. With respect and brotherhood in Christ, David.

    • Hey david,

      Great article.

      By the way, I’m not married to precious metals. If you know of something that will hold its value in a financial crash, buy it.

      Seriously, portable water filters, solar panels, pocket radios, hand-crank flash lights… they’re all good ideas, and if you buy wholesale, you can always recoup your cost on Ebay – if it turns out that we were all dead wrong.

      (I would LOVE to be dead wrong!)

      Just get out of fiat currencies and financial institutions.

      Great comment, David.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi STEVEN,


      Your first clue must have come from all the ads on this site.

      But, I’m glad that you are at least reading my articles.

      Steven, do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. If this were going to be just a nice little downturn like the Great Depression, then gold and silver would be of value. If we have a couple of years before the financial collapse, then having gold would be handy to make sure you can pay your property taxes.

    So much has changed since the Great Depression. We now live in a highly leveraged society – financially and technologically.

    It’s not going to be about preserving any wealth you have, it’s going to be about saving your life.

    This financial collapse will also crash the global supply chain. This is the piece of the puzzle often left out in preparedness planning.

    Throughout history there has been a supply chain. That chain is now highly automated and depends on our current fake money system being operational.

    To bet your life on gold and silver means that you believe there is someone out there that has stockpiled what you’re going to need and will be willing to take gold and silver for it.

    Even the Amish will be hurting as they trade with the supply chain. That said, the closer you can get to how the Amish do things, the better off you’ll be.

    Unlike most Christians, they’ve managed to keep their families and community fairly intact. That’s not something we can recreate in short order.

    What we can do is acquire the knowledge and skills to raise our own food without the benefit of electricity or petroleum. People did fine for thousands of years without our technology, unfortunately we’ve forgotten how to do so.

    • Hi John Ragan,


      My wife has been bugging me to go south, buy land, and plant rice. But, the Lord has kept us in Taipei for now.

      Gold and Silver must not come before the necessities of life. God, food and a good location should ALWAYS come before gold and silver. Always.

      And, your site looks like a must-read for everyone:

      Awesome comment, John.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Thanks. I’ve seen in my stats that I get several views coming from your site.

        I’d like to recommend the events tab. I recently changed the format and have included a link to my reference links and a link to the show replay.

        In a broadcast radio hour, I can only get to 3 or 4 items in the resource list. The way I’ve titled the links in the reference give a clue on why I included them.

        By the time I do research and put it together for the 1 hour show, I’ve put in over 50 hours (each week). You can imagine how much I have to leave out.

  5. Hi John,

    Gold and Silver are God’s money. The nation of Israel was held in bondage for 430 years in Egypt. God told them to spoil the Egyptian’s “gold and silver” for back pay.

    Exo 3:22 But every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them upon your sons, and upon your daughters; and ye shall spoil the Egyptians.

    Anybody who holds their wealth in stocks, bonds, or fiat currency is going to lose everything. Paper wealth will be worth exactly 0.

  6. This guy is an “American” who has lived in Asia for over 18 years? Have a difficult time buying into his reasoning…..I would be very wary of his “advice”.

    • Hi parker,

      As a die-hard cynic myself, I completely understand your point of view.

      And frankly, you SHOULD be wary of what I have to say. I am only one man, with one point of view. You would be a fool to rely on just what I have to say.

      Just remember that if I’m right, you have very little time to verify my point of view.

      Check out all the links that I offer in my articles, and do the math yourself.

      Bad times are coming, and you MUST be ready.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • My middle Air Force assignment was to Germany (1982-5).

      Not being immersed in the US culture resulted in an eye opening experience upon my return.

      It was amazing how far (and fast) America had gone downhill. Those living here may have noticed some drop, but because they experienced small changes day to day, it’s like the boiling a frog analogy.

      I’d say someone living outside the culture is in a better position to analyze that culture.

      As far as other issues, in the internet age, gathering news and research makes it unimportant as to where you live.

      • Hi John Ragan,

        I went through some of the same kind of thing. I left the US for Israel in ’92 and returned in ’06. I was completely shocked at what had happened to my country. When I left again in 2010, I was in Israel for nine months when I had to leave. The choice was the US or Taiwan, and I just couldn’t bear to go back to the US. I just couldn’t.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little,

  7. i see a relentless attack on gold+silver prices to shake those coins/bars out of the hands of the ‘preppers’ and for the six months following a USD collapse or ‘reset’ or a hot series of conflicts with Russia in Ukraine/Georgia areas

    having enough stash-/-cache’ to fully realize the subsequent rise in value of silver-or-gold (coins/bars) is the ‘key’ to Thriving even as the society collapses


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