Ukraine Cannot Escape Russia – The Carpathians

Yay! No terrorism at the Sochi Olympics!

We can breathe a sigh of relief. Everything is wonderful. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The world is… …wait…

We’re at war with Russia in Kiev?

Yeah. US-backed protest groups have taken over the capital of Ukraine and deposed the president – dividing the country into the pro-EU west and pro-Russia east. And, Putin CANNOT allow this to happen, and the biggest reason has everything to do with mountains – the Carpathian Mountains.


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Ukraine Cannot Escape Russia

Have you ever wondered why Switzerland has never been conquered?

Do you know why the US has been so reluctant to invade Iran?


Mountains have been one of the most effective barriers to invasion in all of history, and Russia suffers from an extreme lack of them. In fact, Russia is flat – very, very flat. And, the Mongols used that ‘flatness’ to dominate Russia.

Take a good hard look at Russia’s borders. Do you notice what is at the edge of those borders?

Mountains, water, or strongly allied (i.e., subjugated) countries with mountains and water.

However, there are two exceptions – Finland and Europe. Finland is a lovely country, but they haven’t been a military threat for a long, long time (although they DID help Hitler in 1941). The same cannot be said about Europe.

When Napoleon invaded Russia, he did it through Poland.

French Invasion of Russia - 1812French Invasion of Russia – 1812

When Hitler invaded Russia, he did it through Poland.

German Invasion of Russia - 1941German Invasion of Russia – 1941


Because of the Carpathian Mountains.

The Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathians extend from Poland to almost the Black Sea and make it virtually impossible to invade Russia from Europe without going through Poland. That is… if you’re coming from the European side of the Carpathians. But, what if Ukraine joins Europe, which they seem to want to do?

Well, since Ukraine is on the Russian side of the Carpathians… those mountains would no longer be a barrier to invasion and would double Russia’s vulnerability. Russia would need twice the army to guard that border. And, Russia cannot afford to support an army of that size.

That is why Russia CANNOT allow Ukraine to fall into the hands of the European Union. So, expect Russia to quietly and firmly up the pressure. If Putin can take back Ukraine by covert means, he’ll do that. If the US and EU block covert action, Putin will send in troops.

Whatever happens, one thing is completely certain. Russia WILL get Ukraine back, no matter what the cost.

Now, how much will the US and EU make Russia pay to get Ukraine back?

I’m not sure that we want to know the answer to that question.

Are you ready for this?
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