Killing Earth With GeoEngineering – Part 4 – Playing With Chaos

There’s a saying in Indiana, where I grew up, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.” It’s a Midwest America thing, and I’m sure that quite a few States suffer from the same problem: unpredictable weather. And, unpredictable weather can turn life upside down, and even get you killed. That’s why we use supercomputers to attempt to predict it.

Some of the most powerful computers in the world are being used today to predict what the weather will be, and it has made forecasting easier and more accurate. But, what if you could take the uncertainty out of the picture and make the weather obey?

What if you could manipulate the weather?

But, let’s do some chaos first.


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Playing With Chaos

I’m sure that you’ve heard of ‘Chaos Theory’. Some of you may even know that it has something to do with mathematics and Brazilian butterflies causing tornadoes in Texas (i.e., the Butterfly Effect). What you may not know is that Chaos Theory has nothing to do with chaos.

In fact, practitioners of Chaos Theory don’t believe in chaos. But, they DO believe in systems that are so complex, have so many moving parts, that they appear to be chaotic. They know that if you analyze such systems carefully enough you will discover how they work and then predict what happens as a result of certain events… …along with stomping out all those tornado-causing butterflies.

One such system is weather. With the weather, every molecule in the air is a ‘moving part’, which makes the whole thing one of the most complex systems in the world, and only ‘chaos theory’ and a supercomputer can predict what the weather will do. And, they’ve been doing a pretty good job – certainly better than they were doing in the ’70s and ’80s.

So, What’s The Problem?

But, there’s a problem. And, you knew that I was going to get to it because every one of my articles is about problems.

The problem is that we have moved beyond the use of Chaos Theory to predict. We are now using Chaos Theory to manipulate the weather, and even destroy – using the weather.

Remember my reference to ‘The Butterfly Effect’?

Well, it makes an important point about Chaos Theory. It’s saying that a small change in a ‘highly ordered’ system (like the weather) would have huge effects over a long enough period of time – which is why some guy named Lorenz could theorize about Brazilian butterflies causing tornadoes in Texas, or Hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Well, if weather and climate are highly (ultra-highly) ordered systems, then what we do in North America will have impact on the rest of the world. Sorta like this picture:

Temperature Anomalies, Nov 2013Temperature Anomalies, Nov 2013

If nothing unusual was going on, that map would be white. But, it’s not. It’s all oranges and reds, except for two areas, Antarctica and North America. Interesting, dontcha think?

Yeah. And, it’s so interesting that you need to sit up and pay attention.

Everyone has heard the classic question, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Well, what’s wrong with the picture are the temperature anomalies – especially the red ones. The next question should be: “What is causing all these ‘red anomalies’?”

If I were to apply Occam’s Razor (the most obvious and direct explanation), the prime culprit would be those blue areas. Is it a coincidence that this is where most of the chemtrail spraying is happening?

Yeah. Well, I’m not into ‘coincidence theory’ either, so like you, I also do not believe that there’s no connection to those ‘blue areas’.

Yes, I know that weather and climate are highly complex systems and that there could be a number of factors contributing to all this… but surely we aren’t so stupid that we can’t see the continent-sized problem that is hovering over North America? Right?

Right. You aren’t stupid, and I’m not either. You can see the big blue North American problem as easy as I can.


So, is this intentional?

It’s a little hard to say, but Dane Wigington seems to think that chemtrails and HAARP are globalist/Illuminati programs. The fact that they’ve been keeping them very, very secret lends credence to Mr. Wigington’s argument. Even if Dane is wrong about the Illuminati connection (although, I think that he’s right) the secrecy surrounding the program is very, very troubling.

If they were just trying to solve global warming… why all the secrecy?

Of course, if it is an Illuminati program, which seems likely… well, I suspect that there’s something really awful going on.

Remember that Fabian Window that I talked about in my article, Tipping Points?

Take another look at it, here:

The Fabian Window at the London School of Economics

The Fabian Window at the London School of Economics

Did you notice what they’re doing to the world?

Could the Illuminati be using GeoEngineering to ‘remould the Earth nearer to their heart’s desire’?

With all the other awful things that they are doing, you would need to work hard to convince me otherwise. But, whatever the case, some very evil (or supremely stupid) people are playing with chaos by fiddling with the weather.

It seems to me that now would be a great time to start that extended ‘vacation’ in the Southern Hemisphere.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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12 thoughts on “Killing Earth With GeoEngineering – Part 4 – Playing With Chaos”

  1. John

    Thanks for your contributions to the inevitable spiritual war now raging in the heavens and penetrating the portals to earth producing the enormous deception and evil. The southern hemisphere may be the only way to delay for greater spiritual faith and preparedness for battle the Kingdom on Earth. Without faith and action, we cannot please the true God of the universe.

    How is Asia?


  2. While I agree with most of the things you wrote about here, the one thing everyone seemingly leaves out is “WHY”. Lowering the total population as the years progress? Changing our atmosphere? And for what?

    I believe the hysteria in this arena has distorted people’s ability to see a larger picture. Why change our atmosphere, when what we had, worked just fine for us.

    Is our Geo-engineering forcing a change in humans, or making it habitable for another species? Or, do they want to eliminate a portion of humanity to make room for refugees from another solar system.

    A country does not spend billions upon billions to change the atmosphere over a given region, just to make a summer vacation spot more enjoyable, or habitable. The motives for HAARP and Geo-engineering has, I believe, a much more sinister objective.

    One of the concepts attributed to HAARP is that they can create earthquakes anywhere on earth, and it is Earthquakes that kill thousands, but only to set the stage for intimidation, as was done with Japan. But to intimidate them into doing what exactly? Bullying them for economic reasons, seems to be overkill.

    You may think me a tinfoil hat wearing idiot, but I do believe that their sinister objective is far beyond most people’s imagination, and that the government of the world are being forced into complying with edicts from our ET visitors.

    • Hi Rumplestiltskin,

      Very interesting comment.

      However, I think that way to find out what’s happening is to check with the only true source of information that we have on the future, and that’s the Bible. In the Bible, Jesus speaks:

      For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. – Matthew 24:24

      All of this is from Satan, and it should be clear to everyone that there are NO aliens from another planet. Whatever Aliens there are… well, they’re from Satan, and no one else.

      Thank you for your comment, Rumplestiltskin.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. We are approaching (or may be there already!) Sodom & Gomorrah. The things they were doing are what our society is about…controlling the weather, sexual debauchery, no morality and worshiping false gods of every type.

    Great site, research and insight. There are so many resources available including the most important – the Spirit of God, Thanks God for the Net and scriptures.

    I recommend you and your readers this – it reads like current events and may be what ends up happening (I won’t give away the premise).

    • Hi Sole,

      Thank you!

      As for Chris Stewart’s work, I’m sure that it’s a wonderful read, but I’m not sure that I agree with his view of Saudi Arabia, or the House of Saud. The ‘desert kingdom’ has a lot less money and is in a lot more trouble than most people may realize. But, we’ll see what happens.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little,


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