Killing Earth With GeoEngineering – Part 2 – Pivotal Proof

Let me take a step back and talk about proof. I could talk until I’m blue-in-the-face about the ozone layer, toxic aerosols and aluminum nanoparticles, and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference – if we hadn’t laid out conclusive proof that the US government was involved in a secret GeoEngineering program.

Of course, establishing conclusive proof of the existence of a secret program is always going to be difficult. In this case, we are assisted by the fuzzy white lines crisscrossing our skies. That part is hard to ignore. But, WHAT those fuzzy lines are and WHO is making them… well, that has always been the difficult question to answer.

And then, there’s the chutzpah of the US government. If they can do THIS, then be prepared for them to do ANYTHING. But, let’s get to some ‘pivotal proof’, first.


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Pivotal Proof

I don’t remember when I first started hearing about chemtrails. It must have been just three or four years ago. Up to that point, my focus was the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict – and evangelism. Everything else was just detail. Oh, and I was happily married (still am), and that can be a BIG distraction. But, as I woke up to the serious situation that we were all in, I started doing more and more research and began to bump into discussions about these fuzzy white lines in the sky.

Mind you, I’m not sure how many of them that I saw. Since late 1992, I’ve lived more than 18 years in Asia, and they don’t do chemtrails in Israel or Taiwan. And, for the few short years that I spent in the US… well, it was Indiana – a very cloudy place at the best of times. So, when people talked about them, I couldn’t pop my head out the window and look at the sky.

But, as I would run across more and more accounts of these chemtrails, I remember telling myself that I would pay attention when someone from ‘the inside’ came forward – a whistle-blower. And, as the many catastrophes rolling down on us gathered steam… well, I wasn’t sure how many of us would be around to care about what they were spraying in our skies.

But, the word ‘chemtrail’ was beginning to focus the attention of people, and pictures and videos started popping up, making it harder and harder to set the idea of chemtrails to one side. But, I still kept saying to myself that I would treat all this seriously when someone came forward, from the inside, with proof.

Then, along came Kristen Meghan. I still wasn’t paying that much attention, but I did watch her interviewed a couple times. But, there was a ‘fuzziness’ to her presentation of the facts. She hadn’t ‘brought it together’ in a way that I could latch onto, so I went back to doing other stuff.

Fast forward to her appearance at the ‘Save Long Island Forum’ just a few weeks ago. Her speech brought it all together. She was an ‘insider’ who knew what she was talking about, and sacrificed her career to blow the whistle on the US Air Force. It was that moment when it all came together in a way that allowed me to say, “This is real.”

That was Saturday, January 18 of this year. Here’s her presentation:

You can find the link, here:

(John F King filmed, produced and edited this film)

The same video with more details in the ‘show notes’ is here:

Here is the text from those YouTube ‘show notes’:

NOTE: Please be patient as Kristen has received an overwhelming number of emails for lab requests and will answer them all as soon as possible.

Kristen Meghan, Ex-Military, former Air Force Sr. Industrial Hygienist/Environmental Specialist. Her job was Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) was 4BOX1, Bio-environmental Engineer.

Kristen gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Geoengineering / Chemtrails while serving her Country. This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for us.

This presentation was produced, filmed and edited by John F. King

David Keith Discussing *Weather Modification* on Colbert Report ~ Dec. 2013…

Geoengineering Watch…

Kristen Meghan YouTube Channel

Kristen Meghan Facebook Account

Kristen Meghan Twitter Account


Sulfuric Acid on a paper towel:…

Once I had accepted the FACT of chemtrails, I was ‘primed and ready’ for this presentation by Dane Wigington:

Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

Here’s a shortlink:

If you’re like me – a natural-born skeptic – you’re probably still sitting on the sidelines wanting more proof. I understand that, but you don’t have much time to wait for ‘more proof’. In fact, the time to make difficult decisions may have already passed.

Are you ready to prepare for the terrible days that are coming?

If so, go here.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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3 thoughts on “Killing Earth With GeoEngineering – Part 2 – Pivotal Proof”

  1. Dear Omega,

    I understand where your coming from, as well I have spent many hours looking into ton’s of info on many area’s mostly “Acts” – “CODES” _ ” PUBLIC POLICY” – “DOMESTIC POLICY” and what is a Domestic? Look it up in blacks law.. Its not what you think.
    All passed by the special people / LAW MAKERS from the City State of the District of Columbia.
    As in where they flipped the table from we the people to “WE THE RULERS of the People,” who then sold all of us like some many sheep / cattle and yet Americans would rather play with their balls in what ever form, or watch what ever mindless bovine waste is on the TV. Yet they know nothing about what’s going on anywhere else.

    On the topic of these Chemtrails I started to see them years ago, I guess around 2003 is when it hit me that these just were not normal looking, sadly I had no idea what they were nor what effects they would produce over time.

    Let me just toss out this: I never get sick, by that I mean if I get a cold its over and done with in no more than eight hours, a Flu, may be 48 hours at most.

    BUT – as of March 2013 – January 2014 the Chemtrails sprayed over where we live has been beyond any thing I have seen to date.

    My wife, and I both came down with a Virus like effect, she as of 1/1/14 she still has lingering effects from this even today 2/14/14…
    I came down with it on 1/3/14, as of today I am over it and have been for over 2 weeks.. My Brother in law also came down with it 12/27/13, he is a well know high level Medical Doc, who’s lab ran test to see what it was.
    The best they could tell is that its a { Flu like } Virus but unknown.
    He even today still has lingering effects from it, his wife is in really bad shape, she has had it since early January.

    So my point is the direct connection of heavy spraying, and this “Unknown” Flu like virus that seems to have effected nearly everyone I speak with, as in “everyone.”
    I have not spoken with a single person that has not had it in some form or another. By the way it seems to have started here in Georgia back in, May – June 2013, the CDC has stated that there have been many deaths from this alleged flu like virus.

    Just a few thoughts, perhaps this is the precursor to an onset of a total lock down.
    As in a trail run to see how the effects of what ever they mixed into these special chemtrails would effect a mass swath of population.
    Thus the need for FEMA to acquire med tents and bio hazard suits etc..

    Or, it may also be the first attempt to see an outbreak and its spread patterns.
    For a later date, as in when they plan on the full break down of the dollar and our special banking system.

    Note how the fed has talked about the forgiving of debt, at some point. After all if you have no population, then there would be no one to pay said debt.

    Any way I enjoy your blogs keep up the fine work.



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