Killing Earth With GeoEngineering – Part 1 – I Finally Get It

It took me a while to confirm to my own satisfaction that ‘they’ really were spending trillions of dollars to weave a toxic lattice of chemtrails across America’s skies. In fact, I was finally convinced only a few weeks ago when someone came forward with firsthand evidence that made it become real to me.

The Disciples proved the reality of Christianity by demonstrating their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the name of Jesus. And no one sacrifices their life for something that THEY KNOW is a lie. When people make big sacrifices for the truth, you pay attention.

Well, Kristen Meghan sacrificed her career to step forward as an expert eye-witness that chemtrails were real. She then demonstrated an expertise and understanding of the engineering and science behind what was happening.

That convinced me.

Before then, I’d glanced over the pictures, articles and videos discussing chemtrails, shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I didn’t reject the idea, but I was concerned about financial devastation, World War III, resource collapse and the price of peanut butter in Taipei. Chemtrails just didn’t fit anywhere in my short list of ‘hot buttons’.


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Well, all that changed last night as I was puttering around my office. Ten days before, SQ had put up a video on his site, so I had the video on while I cleaned up my desk and rearranged stuff that had gathered on chairs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t concentrate on ANY of that because the video was making sense in the most horrifying way. In fact, it was almost talking out of the Bible.

This is the video:

Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

Here’s a shortlink:

I know what you’re thinking. “Collapse of Civilization? Really?”



In fact, I’m not sure that the speaker, Dane Wigington, actually sees some of the implications that I see. Biblical implications. Of course, he might understand all that, but was limited by time and the inclination of his audience. I do not suffer such limitations, so I’m going to take the next several days and take you through those implications.

When we’re done, you’ll believe (i hope) and be horrified (…sorry).

I don’t like horrifying people. I really don’t. But, the Bible describes conditions during the Last Days that are difficult to understand because it’s hard to see how we get from here… …to there. Well, this video has made it easier to comprehend the disastrous conditions of the Last Days, and it’s NOT a pretty sight. So, while I’m not happy to paint such a bleak picture, you need to know what’s coming.

Click this link if you want to get ready for this.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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10 thoughts on “Killing Earth With GeoEngineering – Part 1 – I Finally Get It”

  1. It has always amazed me that people would or could not believe it. Our Govt. actually started aerial spraying back in the 1930’s… was called “cloud seeding” they used it for drought control….That was the first of the Geo/Weather engineering.
    Aerial dispersant s were used during WW2 and aerial defoliation was wide spread during the Viet Nam era …Agent orange..remember?
    Various types of aerial spraying has gone on in this Country constantly since the early to mid 1950’s with Barium and Aluminum being the chief ingredients to the mix. Many “explanations” have been given over the years for the reason they were doing it. Since 1986,..if I remember correctly,…2 if not 3 govt. issued reports on chemical spraying have been released to the public..under the FOI law.
    When I left the USAF back in the late 1970’s, it was well known that the govt/pentagon was involved in Geo-engineering for the sole reason of weather manipulation….a component to their “Full Spectrum” warfare capabilities..and some of the NASA scientists contributed their talents in dealing with wide area coverage from the Ionospheric and Stratospheric altitudes for continent control.

    In other words ha-shatan and his minions in our govt and military have been slowly putting these weapons on line and are using them now daily for total spectrum dominance…. They know the Messiah and the Armies of Heaven are returning..this plan along with HAARP and Blue-Beam will be used in an attempt to battle the Returning Messiah……and or destroy all humans if need be…yes the Book of The Revelations and Matthew gives us hints. But they shall all fail at HIS returning!


      • John most of us wouldn’t have known either if we had not been clue’d in. The plan was in our faces all the time but we as a society were busy working and raising families and letting the govt. take care of us…and the world problems. Thats were we failed as a people. We took our eyes off of YAHUA and concentrated on human “me first” attitudes, and “gimme’s”.
        We “trusted” our American Govt. to do the right thing for all of us while we lived and played……weren’t we told and raised to believe America was special and that it was a Light shining on a hill? As good citizens we bought the pig in a poke hook line and sinker. We fell for the tempters snare.
        Calamity and destruction is coming upon us. If we, as the House of Yishrael, are to be grafted into the branch with Yahudah to become one HOUSE (BODY),..we have much repentance with sackcloth and ashes to do,. A remnant will be spared but Yacobs time of trouble will touch each of us before all is done.

        May Yahua be a lamp onto thy path and a Light unto thy Soul.


  2. delighted to find another kindred spirit !
    Geoengineering (drought ,floods,storms )
    + radiation and fire (Fukeshima and CME)
    +tsunami (‘a mountain’tossed into the ocean)
    + a Tetrad of Blood Moons (sky signs)
    and finally,a GREAT wind (a personal vision)
    and it becomes clear that only a remnant
    will survive under YHVH’s protection.
    The ‘tares’ will be seperated from the harvest
    and shall be judged.
    your’s in Y’shua Ha-Maschiach , dan

  3. I was searching on what the Bible says about Geoengineering when your article appears and it attacts my attention.
    Please send me more on Global Climate Change and the Signs of Times

    May God the Almighty blessed you John and your wonderful family

    I had a big family, 8 children of 2 whom had got married while 6 are still schooling under our roof. I am blessed with a beautiful and loving wife whose is full of pationate love


    +679 9907 176
    Fiji Islands


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