WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Silver, Intelligence Gathering and Tipping Points

Because my workload doesn’t allow me to do daily ShockCasts, I need to go to a weekend format. This actually might turn out to be a something that you might like better. It certainly is easier to download one audio file a week, instead of five small ones.

We’ll see how this works out.

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Every weekend I will be posting an audio of the articles that appear on OmegaShock. I hope that you enjoy what you hear.


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The WEEKEND SHOCKCAST for February 8th, 2014

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The Articles in This WEEKEND SHOCKCAST:

MONDAY: Buy As Much Silver As You Can Carry And As Much Gold As You Can Afford

TUESDAY: Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 1 — It Starts With Levels

WEDNESDAY: Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 2 — Who Can You Trust?

THURSDAY: Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 3 — Good Open-Source Intelligence

FRIDAY: Tipping Points

Are you ready for this?


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