Tipping Points

We human beings aren’t very good at understanding cause and effect. When something happens that we don’t like, we rarely look further than the immediately preceding event to explain why it happened.

  • We blame the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand for World War I.
  • We blame World War I on the rise of the Soviet Union.
  • We blame the Soviet Union for the Cold War.
  • We blame the Cold War for Vietnam.
  • We blame everything on the Jews.

And none of that is true.

Having said that, there ARE moments in time in which single events play a more significant role than others. World War I was inevitable for a number of factors that had nothing to do with Arch Duke Ferdinand. It is true that World War I played a big role in the rise of Communism in Russia, but it wasn’t the cause. The Soviet Union was only one of a huge number of causes for the Cold War (not giving Patton fuel, being one of them). The Cold War was the excuse we gave for Vietnam, but it wasn’t the reason.

And, if you blame the Jews for ANYTHING, you’re a fool.


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The globalists are using the Fabian Socialist strategy to heat up the world to “remould it nearer to the heart’s desire”. And, they have heated events up to almost boiling point – where all it will take is just a dash of salt to make the pot boil over.

Just take a look at the ‘Fabian Window’, here:

The Fabian Window at the London School of EconomicsThe Fabian Window at the London School of Economics

Did you notice what they’re doing to the world?

Isn’t it fascinating that the Fabian Window is at the London School of Economics?

(You’re not a coincidence theorist, right?)

Tipping Points

Have you ever put a bottle of something carbonated in the freezer?

If you take it out at the right time and pop the cap – the contents of the bottle will immediately go from liquid to solid.

Popping the cap on that almost-frozen bottle was the ‘tipping point’ – but not the cause.

Have you ever heated water to cook up a bunch of pasta?

I’ve done this a lot, and I always forget to put in the salt until the water has been heating for a while, and almost ready to boil. And, whenever I throw in the bit of salt that all good pasta needs, it’s almost like there was an explosion – as the water comes to an immediate, explosive boil.

Throwing in that bit of salt was the ‘tipping point’ – but not the cause

Popping the cap wasn’t the reason why the Coke bottle went solid. The teaspoon of salt didn’t cause the water to boil over. But, that’s how we think. It’s just easier that way.

We’re Almost Boiling

I’m saying all this because the world has been heated up to almost-boiling by the globalists, for the purpose of reshaping the world via a series of absolutely catastrophic events. All that it will take for all these pots to boil over, is just a dash of ‘tipping point’ salt in just one of them.

And yes, it will be just one ‘event’ that will appear to have started it all. The failure of a big bank (probably Deutsche Bank) will cause all the other banks in the world to fall like dominoes. Terrorism at Sochi, a collision between ships near the Senkaku Islands, or another false flag event in Syria could launch us into World War III. One misstep on May 16, 2014 (“Operation American Spring“) could start another US civil war. Egypt could attack the China-financed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, touching off war in Africa between… well, everyone. The House of Saud  could collapse and bring about the failure of the petrodollar and the collapse of the global monetary system.

And, those are just some of the ‘tipping points’ that we can see. What others have we missed?

When the privately held Bank of United States failed in 1931, headlines screamed across America terrifying the population into the erroneous thought that the US banking system had failed – resulting in a string of bank runs that would play a big role in what we call today, The Great Depression. Did we see the failure of the ‘Bank of United States’ coming?

No. We did not see it coming.

(By the way, I find it ironic that it was hatred of the Jews that caused the ultimate failure of the ‘Bank of United States’.)

The world has been brought to a boiling point in almost every conceivable area, and just one miscalculation at any one of the ‘tipping points’ that I mentioned could launch a cascade of ‘tip overs’ of all the other ‘tipping points’. And, there are undoubtedly ‘tipping points’ that we won’t see until after they ‘tip over’ on us.

Sochi Olympics

Worse, it could start as early as today – at the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. They start in just a few hours, and if there is a terrorist attack at this event, or at any other part of the Olympics during the next two weeks… Putin would rightly blame Saudi Arabia… and the result could be Gog and Magog and World War III.

And yes, we really are that close.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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15 thoughts on “Tipping Points”

  1. The elites, always arrogant and overconfident, and often not very perceptive, will probably at some point lose control of the forces they have set in motion. Engineered plagues or thermonuclear war are the worst possibilities, but economic collapse alone will finish most of us. At least some peppers and rural people, who tend not to support the elites, will survive, and, hopefully, build a better world.

    • Hey William B Stoecker,

      I also believe that the elites are playing with fire that they do not understand, but their master – Satan – knows exactly what he’s doing. And, he revels in death and destruction. His hatred for all humanity is limitless.

      The good thing is that we have a God that is in control. The defeat of the enemy is assured. But, you must know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

      Do you know Jesus? Does Jesus know you?

      Those are the most important questions of all.

      Thank you for that comment, William.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hey, I don’t know what happened but I don’t receive email alerts of your articles anymore. So, I will re-signup with a different email address (I don’t trust Yahoo, anyway) and see what happens. I look forward to reading what you have to say most everyday.

    Yuma, Az

  3. THERES a lot in between now and the main plan,BUT your BIBLE tells you LUCIFER,believes,if he destroys the whole world,OUR DEAR LORD will have on reason to return and SATAN and the false prophet and the anti-christ won’t be thrown into the LAKE OF FIRE,HOW WRONG THEY ARE,but the LORD did warn everyone “IF the days weren’t shortened,no flesh would be saved”,this gives you an IDEA how bad the coming events will be,FOR 40 years I had the chance to watch the puzzle being assembled,ITS going to start with events that could have easly been avoided,LIKE america,minding their own business………LIKE the founding fathers told them to do………………

  4. MY FRIEND,I could fill a book with whats about to come on america,and their so blind,they won’t even see it coming,but the sadist part is even when they do see the events unfolding, their denial will keep them from believing what they are seeing with their own eyes,and THIS will cause the death of millions,only a few have understood,and have taken steps to protect themselves and their family,the REST don’t care…..THEY live in a world where everything always works out fine,but not this time,its over…….mystery babylon the great is ending,just like the BIBLE says,only way more violatey,then it says,but then again,people won’t read something that really scares them to death,they’d rather experiance it……………..

  5. Clearly the world and God’s people are on the cusp of the most horrifying times that mankind has ever seen, or will ever see. John, you’re doing a fine job of connecting the dots and I appreciate people like you who stand as watchmen and warn others of what is to come. For more insight into the unfolding events I recommend that you check out “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White. The book helped me to grasp the coming events from a biblical perspective. Thanks for your efforts.

    • Hi Jeff Visomirski,

      I have not formed a strong opinion about the Seventh Day Adventists, but there appear to be elements to them that are of grave concern to me. I would look to the Bible before forming an opinion on last days prophecy.

      However, what you say is entirely correct. Horrifying times are coming, and all who love the Lord must prepare.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Hi, I was looking at the Fabian window. I guess you noticed the shied above the globe has a wolf in sheeps clothing on it and the letters FS. Fabian Society right?


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