Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 3 – Good Open-Source Intelligence

Intelligence is such a cool word. Telling someone that you have ‘intelligence’ that a certain thing is going to happen at a specific place makes your bit of rumor sound so much more important. And, there are a lot of people out there handing out garbage and calling it ‘intelligence’ when it’s worth less than what your neighbor’s dog dumps in your yard.

And, there are times when I’ve been fooled into thinking that what I had was good intelligence, when it wasn’t. It can be so very hard to tell.

All that I can say in my defense is that the best intelligence agencies in the world have made some terrible mistakes that resulted in horrible death and destruction. Israeli Military Intelligence screwed up in 1973. French intelligence completely missed Hitler’s attack through Belgium. And, the CIA has made screwing up an art form.


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But, all those ‘screw ups’ were due to bad sources. So, we’re going to avoid all that by talking about good sources.

Good Open-Source Intelligence

On Tuesday, I talked about God, the Bible, personal observation and analysis. Yesterday, I talked about people, but I didn’t give you any names – except for my own. We need to do more than that, so let me give you the names and addresses of what I believe to be the best open-source intelligence (OSINT) on the Internet – according to our criteria.

Please remember that the following sources have their limitations and suffer all the frailties that you and I suffer – i.e., they get things wrong.

Let’s start with…

Godly Men and Women

Steve Quayle

Steve is a truly Godly man. He has a true heart for serving the Lord, and I’m impressed with his honesty and devotion. On his website, he posts between 25 and 30+ links to some literally earth-shaking articles every single day, almost like clockwork.

I still struggle with some of the things that he puts up on his website, as well as some of the things he says. But, he’s been right, while I was wrong – on far too many occasions.

If there is only one website that you are going to look at today, check out

Doug and Joe Hagmann

When private investigators with decades of experience speak… well, maybe you should listen.

I have listened, and I’ve been blown over by these guys. I have learned things that turned my world upside down. They’re very sharp guys, and they bring on some VERY sharp guests. I highly recommend that you pay attention to them.

Dave Hodges

I identify a lot with Dave. He and I were both shocked out of our middle-class complacency and thrust head-first into the cesspool of Illuminati New World Order globalism. But, he’s taken up the challenge of truth discovery with a vengeance. Read his stuff and listen to what he has to say.

LA Marzulli

If you are like me, you will struggle to believe what he has to say. I still can’t believe it… or, maybe I should say that I DO NOT want to believe it. But, LA hasn’t left me much room for doubt. He’s done his foot work. He’s done his research. And, he’s uncovered far, far too much to ignore.

And, he’s a cynic. (I like cynics.)

LA Marzulli understands the Satanic, alien deception that coming, and you need to understand it too. (By the way, Steve Quayle talks about this, also.) Get ready for the biggest Satanic deception ever to hit mankind – and I betcha that there will be an alien story woven into it.

(Oh, and I don’t believe in real aliens. LA Marzulli doesn’t either.)

Tom Horn

Like LA Marzulli, Tom has floored me with some fascinating information and analysis. I’m still struggling with some of the stuff that Tom puts out, but at the very least… it’s thought provoking.

Michael Snyder

Michael quit his job as a lawyer when he realized how much trouble we were all in. He has devoted himself for the past few years to illustrating the most difficult problems that we face. Read his stuff, but you might need more prozac, when you’re done.


They used to be called World Net Daily, and I don’t read their material as much as I used to. But, they have a good format, and they do good work. You may find their layout and approach to be more to your taste.

Sheila Zilinsky

Sheila is a new discovery for me. She has a weekly Internet radio show, and she has had some very powerful guests on. And she, herself, is a very smart and very Biblical woman. I am very impressed with the content that she has been producing, and I think that you’ll like it too.

Geoffrey Grider

I have a disagreement with Geoffrey over when the Rapture will take place. But, that’s the ONLY thing that I disagree with him on. He is a solid brother in Christ and a devout man of God. He puts up a bunch of links on his website every day, and he has a twice-weekly Internet radio show.

And, it was on his show that Jim Garrow ‘came in from the cold’, breaking the story of his 45 year involvement in covert intelligence fieldwork.

Somewhat Less Christian Sites

The Liberty Mill and SGT Report

I think that these guys are Christian, but it isn’t the main point of their sites. And, they feature commentary and information that I have disagreed strongly with. I still pay attention to them, especially The Liberty Mill, but I’m pretty careful.

Alex Jones –

I run hot and cold on the subject of Alex Jones. And, I suspect that he is more of a solid Christian than he appears to be. And, I truly understand the difficulty in deciding how much of your faith to allow into your discourse if you are trying to do the greatest good for the greatest number.

His network is a good source of information. And, he has broken many, many stories that have made it into the mainstream media.

He’s just a teeny, tiny bit bombastic for my taste.

Secular Sites

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Greg Hunter is a great guy and has on some awesome people on his site. You’ll learn a lot at

Zero Hedge

Okay, you might need an MBA to understand everything that they throw at you, but it’s chock full of material that is directly related to what we are facing in the near future. If you have the time to read everything they produce, you will learn a lot.

Mac Slavo –

I think of as a secular version of OmegaShock. SHTFPlan is DEFINITELY worth reading on a daily basis.

The Drudge Report

This is my home page. Steve Quayle’s site is better, but The Drudge Report updates every few minutes. And, you’ll get the truly latest news there. It really is the best place to go for breaking news.

Jim Willie

When a guy has a 90% accuracy rate, you pay attention – even if his social skills are somewhat less than polished. Whenever, Jim is on the air, or has written an article, I pay attention. And, I’m thinking seriously of subscribing to his newsletter.

And, There’s More…

Take a look to the right of this article – or below, if you have a narrow screen. The Blogroll is a list of what I consider to be the best sites on the Internet for what we are talking about. Go through all of them, if you have the time. You’ll learn a lot there.

If you know of a site that should be included here, let me know in the comments section. I’m always on the lookout for more good sources of information, and you guys are pretty sharp.

So, keep watching and waiting. Bad times are coming, but… when it’s all over… we win!


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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17 thoughts on “Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 3 – Good Open-Source Intelligence”

  1. Dear John, Thank you for addressing this issue and giving a good list of places to check out. Ever since I “woke up” to what is happening it has been a struggle to find places that will give not only the truth but understand it from a Biblical standpoint. I would also like to recommend the site by Jan Markell called She puts out daily news headlines and has a Saturday radio show. She is very insightful and has some very interesting interviews. Thank you once again. Marion

  2. I would be careful who you cite as reputable. Who makes allegations that constitute treason against the military using unnamed sources? Doug Hagmann and David Hodges that’s who. Do not bear false witness. “Godly” men? They are going to get innocent people hurt. Scaring the hell out of people and crying wolf with no proof apparently is a big seller these days. Look at their track records. Wake up. I’ve enjoyed your work until now. We all make mistakes and been deceived. I hope you will correct yours and sound a warning instead. Listen and discern.

    Hagmann & Hodges: US Military coup would’ve already happened to overthrow Obama if American people stood up.

    • Hi John,

      I’m sorry that you feel that way.

      I myself do not have an opinion on this issue, but I can say that you do not understand Dave Hodges or the Hagmanns. Both Dave and Doug support the military and are merely commenting on the discontent that is rising among our men and women in uniform.

      In this case, I believe that there is some cause for concern that there are members of the military who are being pushed to the breaking point by the Obama administration.

      Where this ends is hard to say.

      Furthermore, please remember good intelligence gathering requires that you cast a wide net. You don’t keep all that you ‘catch’.

      Also, I notice that you do not offer much in the way of source material that supports your position.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi Truthy1,

      Thank you for your warm regard.

      I will take a look at your suggestions. However, please note that I have placed ‘’ in my ‘hall of shame’ category. They have produced some of the worst antisemitic propaganda that I have ever seen. I am shocked by what I’ve read on their site.

      This doesn’t mean that they do not have merit. They have produced some pretty good material, but any site that willingly hosts such awful antisemitic material is vulnerable to a host of foolishness. And, you do not need to look far to see it.

      Thanks for your input, Truthy1,

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi JimBo,

      Your comment was awash with irony, but you failed to offer examples of sites that show ‘the whole truth’. Nor did you explain how the sites that I listed only gave out half of the truth.

      To quote your comment, …what a pity.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. was where I first woke up, and for financial, economic and world highlights, this is a great place for updates. There are articles to read and a concise audio every couple days (30-40) minutes. And thanks for this list; since I follow all of them, I feel validated on my weeding out process to end up with these.

  4. Don’t forget Stan and Holly Deyo’s site! They also do the news-aggregation thing, but with there own twist. Stan is a level-headed scientist who also loves The Lord…. Their knowledge and common-sense are welcome bastions when we are trying to discern to what we should be paying attention. Thank you for your work!

  5. And……Texe Mars/Austin Texas?
    And Chick Publications?
    Both these are good information/have looked at for years now.
    And Hal Lindsey?

    If the Lord does not return soon;
    he will need to look at apologizing to Sodom & Gomorrah
    : (


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