The Instant Middle Class in China – Just Add Dollar Collapse

The average citizen in China consumes a massive amount of Gold. In fact, they have been lining up to buy as much of it as they can. And, the Chinese government is fanning the flames of this forest fire, and that is a very, VERY curious thing. You would think that they would do the exact opposite.

Did you know that the Chinese government does not allow ANY gold to leave China?

With the exception of places like Hong Kong, you are NOT allowed to take ANY gold out of China. All the gold that is mined in China is bought by the Chinese government. And, China has been buying up more than the total production of all the gold, mined by all the gold mines in the world, for almost two years.

And they are encouraging the Chinese people to buy as much gold as they can?

Are they insane?


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Not only are they NOT insane, but they are the smartest people in the room.

So, why are the Chinese buying Gold?

Well, I’m currently living in Taiwan (also known as The Republic of China), and gold is DEFINITELY a big part of Chinese culture. They even have their own kind of ingot, called the sycee (also known as the Yuanbao):

Imperial Gold SyceeImperial Gold Sycee

And, you can find them everywhere in shops that sell gold jewelry. But, there’s a lot more than culture at work here. A lot more.

The thing is that the Chinese government knows that the global monetary system is about to collapse. They also know what will happen to their own economy, as well as the amount of social unrest that will follow. And, that threat of social unrest scares the government of China. It scares them badly.

Over the course of her thousands of years of history, China has always threatened to fly apart and has only been held together with an iron will and a determined military. In fact, the number one reason why China can never let Taiwan have true independence is due to what might happen to the provinces on the mainland. It would be very easy for some remote Chinese province to decide that they don’t want to be a part of China anymore. Very easy, indeed.

And then there’s the problem with the currency reserves held by the Chinese government. In a systemic collapse of the financial system, those reserves would be worth nothing. And, that idea doesn’t sit well with certain people in Beijing. (Which is why they’re trading those reserves for hard assets like Manhattan real estate and factory buildings in Detroit.)

But, I suspect that it will be the Chinese housewives that will be the biggest powerhouse.

Eventually, the currencies of the world are going to collapse. It will probably happen within the next few months (or weeks). Or, the globalists might decide to delay for a year – or even two. But, it is clear that global currencies are going to collapse. And, when that happens, the New World Order globalists will be forced to stop their manipulation of the price of gold.

(And, there’s that tiny little detail of there being almost zero gold in the COMEX to manipulate.)

When the price of gold stops being manipulated, it will immediately begin to rise to its proper price level – and beyond. And, all that gold in the hands of Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Lee, will launch the core of China right into the middle class.

The next question is whether you will follow their example. If you have all your money in the bank and do not hold gold or silver in your hands, you have made yourself vulnerable to the collapse of the monetary system. Do NOT allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Buy as much silver as you can carry, and as much gold as you can afford.

Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Lee would certainly agree with that idea.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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3 thoughts on “The Instant Middle Class in China – Just Add Dollar Collapse”

  1. Zao sheng hao,

    I agree the PMs are manipulated…just look at today’s moves…

    As for the Chinese, they are very sensitive to money concerns/business to make money. Living in so cal – SGV area,there are many Chinese, like my GF wink, who always look for ways to make more money. I got her to buy silver, but she does not believe the crash is imminent. John, do you have a culture-rekated story I can use to open their perspective that mainland Chinese see, so I can get her family to prepare?

    • Hey Dimarco!

      My wife’s perspective is Taiwanese. And, there are some real cultural differences between the Tiawan and mainland China.

      All that I can say is this… look at the fundamentals. Gold is going to take off. You can even hear the engines whine as they get ready rush down the runway.

      Here’s my Gold and Silver category:

      There’s a lot there that you can use.

      And, there’s this:

      There are some very entertaining and interesting videos in that article that will help ANYONE understand the reason to buy gold.

      But, in the end, the Chinese are like anyone else – a tough sell. Even my inlaws think that we’re crazy.

      Do the best that you can. And, think about marrying your GF. She’s worth it, right?

      (just a suggestion)

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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