It’s 1914 Again, and They’re Taking Us To War

The similarities to between 2014 and 1914 are startling. In 1914 (The year World War I started), the vast Ottoman Empire was crumbling, and European countries jockeyed for position, hoping to be the first to carve out a big piece of ‘the Sick Man of Europe‘. In 2014, the American Empire is crumbling and countries in Asia are jockeying for position to be the first to carve a slice out of ‘the Sick Man of the World’.

The two biggest players in this game are Russia and China. Russia wants hegemony in the Middle East, and China wants the Western Pacific Ocean. And, there’s evidence that they both are looking to grab as much of the assets of the US as they can get their hands on. Europe is looking worried. Saudi Arabia is playing the worst game of chicken that I have ever seen – with Vladimir Putin, of all people. And, then there’s Japan.


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Shinzo Abe is so desperate to keep his country afloat in the western Pacific, that he’s willing to start a war and kill millions of people to do it. Oh, he’ll start the war thinking “We’ll be home by Christmas.” Worse, there’s word that Japan has quietly been building up her military in preparation for conflict with China. And, he’s going to start that war over the Senkaku Islands.

(Of course, he really wants the war to distract everyone from financial foolishness at home.)

And, we need a war.

No… wait…

The banksters need a war, and they don’t care who starts it. They just want it big and destructive, and they want to be the ones to put the world back together when it’s all over.

I was listening to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, when one of Doug Hagmann’s intelligence sources called in and gave the most important four minutes and forty four seconds of the entire show:

Terrorism in Sochi is being set up to be the spark that lights fires of World War III. Putin will see that as his chance to do what he wants in the Middle East. China will see their chance to do what they want in the Pacific. Japan’s military will jump at the chance to recreate the past glories of Imperial Japan. And, the rest of us…

Well, the rest of us are going to do our best to stay off the casualty list.

And, if World War III doesn’t start at Sochi, it will start at the Senkaku Islands.

And, if it doesn’t start at the Senkaku Islands, it will start in Syria.

And, if it doesn’t start in Syria… well, they’ll find a way.

Too many people with too much money want war, and the tinder is dry and a mile deep. All it will take is a spark, and it’s all over.

Welcome to 1914 version 2.0. Enjoy your stay.

Are you ready for this?


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3 thoughts on “It’s 1914 Again, and They’re Taking Us To War”

  1. Hello John,

    I am normally quite calm in the midst of “Everything Falling Apart Around me,” it is not me .. but for some reason a gift God has placed within me and it has at times kept me alive.

    If I could describe my current status lately, it would be of me pacing back and forth in a small room… anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. My spirit is feeling internally all the things you are writing about, even though I know very little of the particulars. Nevertheless, I seem to have an intuition or knowing when something’s about to happen that has been very accurate in the past.

    All the above is very unsettling to me, and of course, way beyond my control or ability to compensate.

    Once again, in closing, as trite as what I’m about to say may seem, I feel our only hope is to follow the still small Voice of the Holy Spirit and trust God, as He guides each one of us individually in the days ahead.

    I don’t mean to sound so negative myself, but I’m just sincerely trying to be honest and truthful about where I’m at. I am almost 67 years old, and I have lived my life, but I am deeply concerned about my wife and children, and others whom I love, in regard to what may be coming in their future.

    God Bless You, John, and thanks for your faithfulness!

    • Hi Israel Hanna,

      My own great worry is for our brothers and sisters who are unaware. When Jesus wrote this in Luke 21, He didn’t say anything about being rich enough to survive what is coming. When the disciples came to Jesus in fear, asking what they should do to prepare for the Last Days, He said this:

      Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.Luke 21:36

      You are a good brother in Christ. I believe that God will direct you.

      When I started down this road on April 5th, 2011, that initial shock turned my life upside down and started a personal struggle that has taken a long time to come to terms with. And, I must admit that there have been times when I’ve struggled with God over all this.

      But, I know that God is good, and He has a plan.

      God bless you, my brother. Do the best that you can, and trust God. I pray that you, your wife and your little ones will escape what is coming.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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