Welcome to the USSA

Those of us who grew up during the Cold War are used to seeing this – in the Soviet Union. But, in GodBlessAmerica?

The ‘this’ that I am talking about is the arrest and jailing of a man who dared to criticize Obama and get away with it. In fact, he had the temerity to produce the second-most-popular political documentary in American history.

That documentary is 2016: Obama’s America, and the man is Dinesh D’Souza.


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What did Dinesh do?

He gave too much money to a personal friend who was running against Hillary Clinton‘s hand-picked replacement, Kirsten Gillibrand. That friend was Wendy Long, and Dinesh D’souza gave her $20,000.

Did Dinesh break the law?

Yes, he did. According to the current Federal Campaign Finance Law, an individual is not allowed to give more than $2,600. That limit might have been somewhat different in 2012, but you get the idea. Dinesh violated the law, and the Obama/Clinton political machine pounced on him.

But wait, how many violations have there been?

Let’s just take the differences between Wendy Long and Kirsten Gillibrand. Both were no-name senate candidates. But, Gillibrand got more than $15 million in donations, and Long got… $200 thousand?

And you know, you can’t find a SINGLE person who donated to the Gillibrand campaign who was indicted for campaign violations. Not a single one.

Interesting. Very interesting.

And yet, with almost no money, Wendy Long was still able to get 26% of the vote.

Do you smell a rat?

Yeah. Me too.

We have one of the most corrupt political systems in the world. And, we are ‘free’ in name only.

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, comrade.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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