Currency Explosion This Year – Jim Willie

When I sat down yesterday to write my article, Time Running Out to Buy Gold, I was originally going to write something else. I was going to talk about the interview with Jim Willie, that I heard Wednesday night. However, I always pray about what I’m going to write, and I was led to make a quick check of the registered gold inventory at the New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX). What I saw shocked me and redirected the course of my writing yesterday. Today, we get to the article that I wanted to write.

Jim Willie is one of the most brilliant financial forecasters on the planet, and like many brilliant men… he can be a bit… less decorous in his way of speaking than most people. Of course, if I wanted decorum, I’d be watching the BBC and learn nothing useful. And, it was something that he said that urged me to check out the registered gold inventory in the COMEX warehouses.


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What Jim said, was this:

“The Chinese will drain this nation and all the Western nations of all their gold.”

With registered gold inventories in COMEX warehouses at less than 480 thousand troy ounces… It looks like the Chinese have been successful in their efforts.

And, there’s worse. The Chinese have started buying up physical assets within the United States. Russia is pushing Saudi Arabia into a corner. The US is already at war with China, in Africa. And, gold mines in Central America are getting hammered by organized crime.

Here’s a summary of the interview by Greg Hunter on

U.S. Bled to Death by China and Harvested for its Organs-Dr. Jim Willie

By Greg Hunter On January 12, 2014 In Economy, Media, News, Politics 210 Comments


Greg Hunter’s 

Financial newsletter writer, Dr. Jim Willie, has a bleak warning for America.  Dr. Willie says, “I don’t think the United States is going to be killed as the host.  I think it’s going to be bled to death and harvested for its organs, and done so by China.”  Dr. Willie explains, “The Chinese will drain this nation and all the Western nations of all their gold.”  Dr. Willie predicts, “I have been saying steadily, not until the dollar has problems and the globe starts saying we’re not going to use [the US dollar] anymore, and we’re going to force a devaluation on you . . . that is when the dollar will hit Main Street and the U.S. economy with price inflation.  It’s coming this year. . . .This is the late stage, the very late stage.”  Dr. Willie goes on to predict that Deutsche Bank will fail “caus[ing] a string of bank failures, a domino effect of failed banks.”  Dr. Willie goes on to say, “When the big impact comes from the dollar global rejection, and when devaluation does take place, there will be three effects:  a jump in prices . . . food shortages and supply disruptions, the third is violence.  This is the year we have the currency explosion.”  Don’t think Obama Care is going to make things easier.  Dr. Willie thinks, “[Obama care] will be 100 times the nightmare than you think it might be. . . . Obama Care is a big plan to track people, both their money and their bodies, like a bunch of herded animals.  This is going to manage death of the individual and manage death of the economy.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of the Hat Trick Letter which can be found on

Greg Hunter’s

I strongly recommend that you to watch or listen to Greg Hunter’s interviews as often as you can. He brings on intelligent and clear-minded experts on finance, economy and current events and teases out the information you need, right now. Greg’s slogan for his website is:

analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on

And, I believe that Mr. Hunter has done exactly that.

But, Back to the Jim Willie Interview

What Jim is talking about in the interview is the complete destruction of the dollar, by China. China is using its US dollar reserves to buy up every ounce of gold that it can get its hands on. At the same time, the problems with the dollar will mount until the world decides that it can’t use the dollar, anymore. Once this begins, the world will dump most (if not all) of the dollars in their currency reserves. When this happens, the cost of everything will shoot through the roof. And, Jim believes that this process will begin in 2014.

Somewhere in the midst of this 2014 crisis, Deutsche Bank will fall, starting a domino effect with a string of major bank failures across the globe. And, when they fall, they will take whatever money you have in these banks.

As I have said before, you MUST get your money out of the banks and every other financial institution. Having ANY money in ANY financial company of ANY kind is a recipe for disaster. Only keep in the bank what you need to pay your bills.

Jim goes on to describe the three events that will follow the beginning of the crash of the dollar:

  • A massive jump in prices
  • Food Shortages and Supply Disruptions
  • Violence

And then, Jim Willie makes this ominous prediction about Obamacare:

It will be 100 times [more of a] nightmare than you think it might be

A hundred times?

That’s quite a nightmare, and I unfortunately believe it.

But, don’t take my word for it, listen to the interview, here:

You can also watch the video on Greg Hunter’s, here:

What’s worse, Jim Willie is really only talking about the beginning of this disaster. This may take months or years to play out, but when it’s all over, we’ll have utter destruction and a stage that will have been set for the coming of the Antichrist.

Let emphasize again that the catastrophe that is coming right now… this is NOT the coming of the Antichrist or the Tribulation. But, it will prepare the world for the coming of Satan’s diabolical masterpiece.

Are you ready for this?


note – I am not offering financial or disaster preparation advice in a professional capacity. These are merely my own thoughts on what I would do in these situations.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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5 thoughts on “Currency Explosion This Year – Jim Willie”

  1. Mr. Little, Lord knows I agree with everything that you have written in this article. Jim Willie, Lindsey Williams etc… I made a vow about 3-4 years ago that I would never buy Obamacare, and they might as well bring out the guillotine? As a believer there is no way that I will knowingly pay a premium that takes a portion to kill babies, by God’s Grace!!!! I had a thought right after finishing this article? I have been preaching for twenty years it’s either Rapture or Radiation? I am not a Preacher, just running my mouth. The thought is this and I don’t take any solace in the idea. If America is End Time Babylon, then it would appear that this attack takes place before she is destroyed economically. The scriptures make it clear that the ships are off shore at the time of her destruction, they see this attack, and they literally rip their clothes and wail, because there is no one to buy and sell anymore. They have seen the Golden Goose destroyed in “One Hour’s Time”? The economic engine for the world is destroyed? America the greatest consumer nation on earth is gone?Lastly, We know that Satan has his plan, the Rich Men in scripture want to store up the gold and silver for the Last Days, and I believe that the “Wild Card” in all this is little Israel, which is God’s Plan? I had a Jewish Rabbi tell me in a class thirty years ago, if I know you wake at 5, I will get up at 4? Many scriptures for thought Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, and then Ezekiel 38-39..Russia,Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and America etc.? More Food for Thought…Jimmy

  2. I’m a physician, and I am telling you, it is going to be 100,000 times worse than people think. I honestly believe that history will call this the worst piece of legislation in the history of the world as it will simultaneously do the following:

    1) Nationalize and destroy a sixth of the largest economy to ever exist
    2) Destroy access and quality of the most advanced health care system in the world
    3) Bankrupt the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen leading to martial law
    4) Lead to euthanasia, denial of care, and screening of political opposition.


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