Secret Deals

We’ve had a huge number of ‘secret deals’ rear their ugly heads, and they have resulted in some of the worst bits of evil that we have ever seen. Obamacare was a secret deal. Agenda 21 was a secret deal. The Federal Reserve was a secret deal. The IRS was a secret deal. The Cold War was the result of a secret deal. The German Nazis that were brought in via Operation Paperclip to form the CIA, NASA and the biological weapons program was a secret deal. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty was a secret deal. The current treaty with Iran over her nuclear weapons program was a secret deal. And now, the Obama administration is turning their guns on Israel, looking to make peace via a secret deal.

Have you noticed the trouble that comes from secrecy?

Have you noticed anything good coming from a secret deal?

Does your church engage in secret deals?


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Secrecy is the breeding ground of corruption. Any group or organization that is secret is, in almost every case, corrupt. The CIA is corrupt. The NSA is corrupt. The US government is corrupt. And your church is corrupt, if it too is involved in making secret decisions.

Your Church

Is there any part of your church that you are not allowed to be directly involved in?

Is there any committee that you are not allowed to observe?

Are there any decisions made that you find out about, after the fact?

If that’s the case, then it is almost certain that there is corruption in your church.

Yes, I admit that there must always be some amount of secrecy. Passwords to bank accounts should be secret. What happens in the bedroom should be secret. A personal conflict is often best resolved in secret. Evangelism in countries that are hostile to Christianity must be secret. Church meetings in time of persecution must be secret. But, these are all exceptions.

Have you noticed the kind of person a good Christian is?

A good brother or sister in Christ is always an open book. They hide nothing except that which would cause harm to others.

My point is that any time you find secrecy, you must work to stamp it out. If there are secret decisions in your church, challenge the leadership to stop their secrecy, or find yourself another church. If there is anyone in your life engaged in secret acts or secret decisions, be careful because secrecy is the first sign of corruption.

The Secret Deal With Iran

What inspired me to talk about Secret Deals was the secret deal with Iran, about their nuclear weapons. Have you noticed how good that deal was?

Did it even slow down Iran’s nuclear weapons program?

Of course not. In fact, Iran has crowed about how their nuclear program is moving forward faster than ever. And, they’ve gone on to loudly proclaim to everyone that the US is pursuing diplomacy because America cannot defeat them militarily.

Was this the kind of deal that you were expecting?

And, how about the peace deal that the Obama administration is trying to force on Israel. Do you think that this is going to be a deal that you agree with?

Having watched the US State Department in action for more than twenty years, I can tell you that this deal with Israel is going to be truly evil.

So, let’s stop the secret deals, okay?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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