The Second American Revolution Versus an EMP

I first wrote about the possibility of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack against the US way back in 2007. At that time, my concern centered on an attack by an Iran with a messianic desire to hasten the return of the Mahdi. Now, I find myself STILL talking about the possibility of an EMP strike, but from a different direction.

An EMP or a massive solar flare will probably kill off something like 90% of American society. We are utterly dependent on the national electricity grid and sophisticated electronics, and an EMP would destroy all of that. And, EVERYTHING necessary for human life in our world requires electricity.

  • Your car won’t start without it.
  • The gas station pumps won’t work without it.
  • The pumps that bring fresh water to your home won’t work without it.
  • Food distribution can’t work without it.
  • Your furnace won’t work without it – even the ones using natural gas or oil.

And, if this EMP/Solar Flare is strong enough, all sophisticated computer electronics will be destroyed also. This means that ANYTHING using a computer will stop working. This means every vehicle produced since the 1980s. In fact, EVERYTHING electronic gets fried.


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So, would ANYTHING work after an EMP attack?

Well, yes… anything that has been shielded from an EMP attack.

The problem is that very little is shielded from EMP. Nuclear missiles and most military bases are shielded. Many passenger aircraft are shielded. Oh, and the globalists are shielded.

Oh, right. The Globalists.

Remember when I mentioned that a strong America cannot be allowed to exist when the globalists make their final move to take over the world?

Well, I laid out a scenario yesterday in which a pandemic is released that kills off those who aren’t vaccinated – and the globalists would have all the vaccine. But, there’s a problem with pandemics. They often burn out before killing everyone. And, it’s hard to predict who a pandemic will kill.

Not so with an EMP.

With just three nuclear warheads exploded over the United States, you are almost guaranteed to destroy everything a population needs to survive. And, without outside help, up to 90% of the population of North America would be dead within two years – or less.

So, if I really wanted to deal a serious blow to the United States, head off American Revolution 2.0, and had three nuclear warheads lying around, an EMP would be the way to go.

In fact, it appears that this is exactly what they tried to do last year. According to Jim Garrow, elements within the Obama administration attempted to get three nuclear warheads and fit them onto three short range missiles capable of reaching the right altitude for an EMP attack. Certain military personnel sabotaged this attempt, destroying one warhead and hiding the other two.

Will the next attempt succeed?

That’s a good question, and we won’t know until it does. But, you can bet that they will try again. I mean… these are the richest people in the world. Getting three nuclear warheads shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred billion dollars, and that’s pocket change to these people.

So, when they ‘try again’, expect them to preposition disaster relief in those States that would be the most pro-government. Everyone in those areas would be screened and no one with guns would be allowed any kind of help – unless they gave up their guns. Troublemakers would go off to ‘re-education camps’ – and probably not come back.

(Remember that they already know how many guns you own and what your political sympathies are.)

And, those areas where FEMA ‘forgot’ to set up relief centers?

Well, mistakes happen.

Also, areas full of ‘undesirables’ would undoubtedly suffer mysterious outbreaks of pandemic disease – doubly true for those military bases that survived the EMP attack and were known to have commanders with patriotic attitudes.

Russian and Chinese troops would probably arrive after the pandemics burned themselves out – to help with the relief effort for those few who survived. And, they would stick around to ensure the orderly transition of power to a new, more-global political system.

Could a Second American Revolution succeed under such conditions?

It would be frankly impossible.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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7 thoughts on “The Second American Revolution Versus an EMP”

  1. EMP would be fast but I wonder if China/Russia would prefer the US infrastructure operational. What about millions of bodies decaying? If China dropped bio weapons that disintegrated bodies quickly, then they would have a cleaned up battlefield. Just a thought.

    I do see something drastic coming down maybe sooner than later …..

    • Hey Sue,

      Yeah, it would be bad. However, remember that the Illuminati take a long view in all these things.

      And, all of that electronic infrastructure would be obsolete in a few years, anyway.

      Whatever happens, it’s going to be bad. That is a guarantee, straight out of the Bible.

      Thanks, Sue!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. As it has been stated on the Hagmann show lately by Doug, look for shock and awe. It will also be in a way that we least expect it. Am I ready? All I can do is claim the blood of Jesus over myself and my family and trust in him to get us through it.

  3. I doubt it. Michael Snyder just wrote 32 Privacy Destroying Technologies That Are Systematically Transforming America Into A Giant Prison and makes the case that the bad guys NEED all our gadgets to work so they can continue to spy on us. So while the bad guys might trip a few things offline and blame an EMP weapon, they don’t want to actually deploy one.

    • Hey Steve,

      Interesting point, and I would normally agree. But, it appears that there are some Illuminati globalists who prefer the EMP option – assuming that my sources are correct.

      The point that I want everyone to understand is that horrific times are coming, and they MUST be prepared.

      Thanks for the comment, Steve.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. This scenario has been foreseen by many, and there are more people ready for this than I think you realize. Those who won’t survive are the die hard in denial liberals and the parasite class. Frankly, neither of those groups contribute to society, and the globalists don’t fear them at all. The group they do fear are prepared for this sort of attack. So 90% of the chaff dies, but the core still stands strong. Yeah, a revolution becomes more difficult at that point, but what is left standing are people who were ready, feel betrayed by a gov’t that tried to kill them, and are unified against a common enemy.


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