The Second American Revolution – Will the Globalists Use Bio Weapons?

Listening to Dave Hodges on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report drove home the thought that we are very, very close to an open revolution against the US government, and it makes me sick to think about it. Yes, I’m hopping mad about the evils being imposed on Americans by our oligarchs, but the revolution that’s coming will tear up what was once an incredible country. Worse, I believe that the globalists have a plan to win this revolution decisively.

Now, for those of you who think that the idea of a revolution is foolishness, please remember that the first American Revolution was fought by only three percent of society. Those three percent were actively supported by only ten percent, with another 20 percent yelling “go get ’em” from the sidelines. Do we have three percent ready to take up arms against the US government?

Are there ten percent ready to actively support such an insurrection?

Is there another 20 percent that is ready to give emotional support to such an endeavor?


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I don’t know, but it is clear that many think that there is enough support for an armed revolt to actually make it happen in 2014. And, if there isn’t enough support for such action now, you can bet there will be as the Obama administration continues to pour gasoline on the fire. He literally is the most divisive President in American history, and I am starting to believe that he’s doing all this on purpose.

But, the purpose of this presidency is for another day. What I’m more concerned about now is the plan that the globalists have to win The Second American Revolution, when it eventually breaks out. And, one possibility has occurred to me.

Biological Weapons

Remember that the globalists do not care how many Americans die, just as long as the survivors are willing to follow their lead. Since the globalists are on record as wanting to reduce the population of the world to 500 million, murdering a couple hundred million Americans is peanuts to them.

So, a biological weapon could be the perfect way to win. They could vaccinate their own people and offer vaccines to any who would surrender, and the war would essentially be over – at the cost of maybe a hundred million dead. The fact that a biological agent might break out into the rest of the world… well, they DID want to reduce world population, anyway.


Also, remember that the globalists have been engaged in bio weapons research for decades. Most of you know that German rocket scientists were brought over to the US after Germany surrendered at the end of World War II. What you may not know is that Operation Paperclip brought over more than just rocket scientists – they also brought over Nazi biological weapons specialists and engineers. These Nazi scientists became the core of the biological research laboratory on Plum Island.

So, we’ve had Nazis developing bio weapons since 1946. What do you think the chances are that they HAVEN’T developed some pretty interesting weapons of mass destruction?

No, you can bet that there are a host of diseases available to the globalists – along with all the vaccines they need to protect themselves.

Even better, a nationwide pandemic will leave America’s valuable infrastructure untouched while depopulating a part of the world that they want for themselves.

And, if you think that this kind of evil is impossible, think about the maniacal psychopaths of recent history and the tens of millions they murdered during the previous century. Oh, and let’s not forget Prince Phillip, husband to Queen Elizabeth. He is famous for saying:

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation (1988)

Right. So tell me again about how genocide can’t happen here.

Furthermore, the globalists always seem to telegraph their intentions through the mainstream media. Have you noticed how hysterical everyone has gotten over the threat from Bird Flu?

Well, maybe it’s not hysteria.

In the end, I believe that the globalists have the ability and the willingness to use biological weapons to defeat any revolt in the United States. And, I believe that there are globalists who are looking for an excuse to use such a weapon.

But, a biological weapon isn’t their only option, and I don’t even think that it’s their preference. I think that there’s something else that they’d rather use, and it’s something that I’ll talk about tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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17 thoughts on “The Second American Revolution – Will the Globalists Use Bio Weapons?”

  1. It has always been a numbers game; consider this. Approximately 100M americans own at least 1 firearms. Let’s use the 20/80 rule for analysis. Of those 80 million will drop their firearms off at the feet of Obama immediately, of the remaining 20M, 16M will not dare use them or don’t have enough ammo to be effective leaving 4M. That 4M are the die hard, patriots that own more than 1 firearm, are well stocked and know how to use them both mechanically and tactically. Formidiable army 4M. In fact, makes them the largest army in the world. We don’t need 3percent. Those 4M spread across the vastest of the US are not containable. Fly sometime across the country, vast swats of land to monitor and control.

    The best manuaveur for globalists is to let us kill one another off through a civil war, then sweep in once the Patriot ammo in depleated along with the number in both camps.

    • Hey Patrick Henry,

      Yup, four million WOULD be a formidable army. But, such an army could be defeated by something as simple as deadly bacterium sprayed out of drones or airplanes.

      My hope is that there are those who are able to defeat such a scenario.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Patrick & John: Completely agree, a civil war scenario or the gov will blame al -Quida or some other Muslim group in terrorist acts to set off a civil war. All this is easily done by the globalists and could happen at any time to declare a false flag martial law crack down, and the dumb masses would do anything they say, but the 4 mill. patriots will stand against them. I’m a retiree and there are so many stuck in stupid folks over 55 it’s baffling!!

    • I agree with your breakdown analysis of possible revolution participants, but it all gets thrown out the window if the globalists use chemical/biological/nuclear, which they will. They cannot contain 350,000,000 Amerikans. The easiest solution is to kill most of us in one big event.

      The fact is God’s prophetic Word says Amerika will be burned to the ground, in one hour, by her enemies and will never again be inhabited (Rev 17 and 18). Sounds like nuclear to me.

      God’s judgement is coming to this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Soon.

      May the God of Abraham be with you all.

      • honestly, that has to be nuclear, and it says: “never be inhabited again”

        nuclear radiation, “cesium 137” “cobalt 60” has long life times

        and it doesnt take long for an icbm to reach a country (depending on the manufacturer and version)

        hour: icbm/ never to be inhabited: nuclear radiation (radiation isotopes)

        15 and im not afraid of death, 12 hour, 153 days a year patriot, peace :3

  2. Take note of the article in scientific American feb either 2011 or 2012 pg 44 (if memory serves me still) regarding the development of the single most deadly virus ever know to mankind. This was being developed at the univ of Wisconsin Madison and in the Netherlands. It has an expected kill % of 60%-80%+ of those infected. The development at Madison circumvented the entire in-place protocols for the allowance of such research. When asked why this was being developed the answer was “in case nature produces this we can make a vaccine”… lame at best. The procedures were later published in “nature” and “science”. Perhaps this is the bio weapon you are describing. I have mentioned this and my concern to others and gotten no responses. Perhaps some investigation here is a good idea.

    • Hi Tom,

      Actually, I’ve heard of this, and that does sit as an example, in my mind. However, there could be an unknown number of deadly biologicals in the vaults of Plum Island that may be far worse.

      We won’t know until AFTER we’ve been hit with them – assuming they choose to do so.

      Great comment, Tom. Thank you!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Well boys, I think you better listen to what the PROPHETS of GOD are saying,youtube are filled with his watchmen and prophets warning about whats about to happen,THE survivors will be few,and most will end up in FEMA DEATH CAMPS and be executed,for being christians,THE start WILL BE A “RED DAWN” attack,..Jeremiah 51:30 says it all,and its also the biggest reason for everything in america to be in failure,I could pinpoint,the exact cause,BUT you woudn’t like it, your to brainwashed to understand,IF you read your BIBLE the warnings are all there,INCLUDING THE DOWN FALL OF AMERICA for not heeding the warnings…and I’ll tell you something else,THE GLOBIST could care less if anyone in america survives,THE FEWER THE BETTER,all the LAND will be destroyed,thats a given…………………….

    • could it be that very weapon thats been going around?

      well, not people have died, yet, but quite some are in the hospital or in the i.c.u

      i think it is :3

      its either die by this virus, or take the vaccine,and get whatever effects from it…

      die…or suffer from heavy metals in the vaccine…

      tough choice 🙁

  4. A march to violently overthrow the government will be fruitless.
    A march and a 60’s style sit-in may bear some fruit but who is to say that the government would not have its own agents to create an incident to arrest the protestors? Imagine the resistance from that.
    Someone seems to want something to happen so that our form of government can be suspended.

    I have sat with my mother on her back deck and watched an aircraft, on a cloudless sky, spray
    something in a 45 degree arc and watched it dispersed.

    Bio weapons against the population? Yes, I believe……
    We live in evil times.


    • Hi The Black Wolves,

      Well… it’s worth a try. Unfortunately, the First Cause of all this mess is immorality in the churches. Only after we clean up our act will there be any success. And, I don’t see very many pastors talking about sin.

      But… if there are 10 million UNARMED marchers on May 16th… you’ll have a chance… but, that chance will die if Christians stay in their sinful state.

      Thank you for that comment, TBW. I wish the cause well.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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