Civil War and the Plan for a New World Order

I am so upset by the evil that is happening in the land of my birth, that I could chew nails. In fact, if I weren’t something of a pacifist, I would be actively planning to do something about it – and that includes active, violent revolution. So, I’m glad that I’m NOT in the US. I’m not sure that my pacifist views are strong enough to keep my temper in check.

What local and federal governments are doing to American citizens makes my blood boil. What the federal government is ordering our soldiers to do, also makes my blood boil. In fact, I’m just plain boiling over. If someone like me is feeling violent, what must others – with guns, and the ability to use them – be feeling?

That desire to oppose injustice is natural, and the willingness to use violence to oppose injustice is ALSO natural. It’s something that God gave us – something encoded into the foundation of our being. And, the globalists/Illuminati know this.


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The Illuminati are some of the most intelligent people on the planet. They KNOW that injustice is the breeding ground for revolution, and they can see the threat of revolution growing as they continue to feed the injustice that is causing it. So, you can bet that they have a plan to deal with this revolution, and it is even possible that this revolution is a part of their plan.

So, what is this plan?

Remember that the globalists have been planning for this moment in time for more than two hundred years. They have contingency plans within contingency plans. They have covered every base. They have made a science out of the art of manipulation. And, everything is ready for the final effort that will bring them control of the world.

So, what are they going to do about this civil war that is brewing in the United States?

As far as I can tell, there are two possibilities. They either plan to use the civil war to achieve their goal, or they have a plan to defeat the civil war, decisively.

Using Civil War

This is how they captured Russia at the beginning of World War I. They started a revolution, joined that revolution and made sure that their faction was the winner.

They did the same with the French Revolution. They created an artificial famine, blamed the monarchy for it, and made sure that THEY were on the winning side.

The question is whether they are doing that here. And, I believe that the answer is both yes and no.

Remember that they ALWAYS control both sides. For instance, in the Battle of Waterloo, they financed BOTH the French AND the British. Whichever side won, they were going to be the ultimate winners.

So, you can bet that the Illuminati globalists have their people ready to win any successful civil war. But, is that their big plan?

Defeating the Civil War

The problem is that civil wars are messy and uncertain. They also require you to rebuild institutions of government and governmental control, and that takes time. And, my belief is that they recognize that they have a limited amount of time to achieve their goals.

In all the previous times in history – when they used civil war – they had trouble gaining control any other way – such as with an entrenched monarchy. Good monarchs have little need for secret societies, and tend to stamp them out when they find them. So, it is difficult to infiltrate a monarchy, which is why civil war has often been their best option.

But, the globalists have thoroughly infiltrated every part of the American government. So, it doesn’t seem like civil war would be the best option. In fact, the US is so effectively controlled, it is hard to tell the difference between a government official and a globalist. The Illuminati have invested a lot of effort in shaping the US government into the form that they want, so I think that it’s safe to say that they will want to keep what they’ve worked so hard to form. So, this means that they probably have a plan for a decisive defeat of any insurrection.

So, how are they going to do that?

But, before I get into the ‘how’, let’s go over the ‘why’, again.

Remember that their goal is a New World Order, and the United States cannot be allowed to upset the balance of this New World Order. The US must either be a full partner without ANY desire to recreate the American Empire, or America must be completely and utterly destroyed. Again, the utter destruction of America would be something that they do not want, since they would love to be able harness (meaning, enslave) America’s wealth for their own uses. But, they aren’t going to be able to do that, if there are pesky revolutionaries running around, gumming everything up.

So, you gotta get rid of the rebels.

We’ll talk about how they’ll do that, tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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18 thoughts on “Civil War and the Plan for a New World Order”

  1. There is a movement forming by retired general Valley to have ten million patriots march on Washington DC May 15. What a great way to seperate all the patriots from their homes, supplys, and guns. They would be easy pickings for a round up and then off to the fema extermination camps. I for one will not take part in this pipe dream/ set up. Stay home and spread out over the land. Make them come to you, and treat them as any common thug or criminal. This will quickly demoralise their enforcement arm of the nwo, as they attend funeral after funeral. Remain ever vigelant brothers and sisters. God bless and keep you.

    • Scott: agree, and I never attend any political rallies, speakers conferences or any where that groups gather or join anything period. It is a waste of time and nothing ever comes out of it. We shall see what May 15th reveals. Another Q many ask is why haven’t the elite taken over by now, like after the crash in ’29 when many were without work, etc. thru the dustbowl of the 1930’s? I’m baffled by this as they had their chance then.

  2. Why Christians should be armed. If the Lord was here,we would not need arms, he would protect us. There is a internal war coming it seems.
    How terrible. Many Christians are sleep walking believing The Rapture is going to occur when everything is Jim Dandy and alright.
    Fail to realize that a condition has to exists for the Anti-Christ to arise. As lawlessness increases, we will see Muslim Terror Strikes in America as we see over seas.
    Criminal Groups, Bloods, Crips, Nation and racial groups, KKK, Aryan Nation,Black Panthers, all who need to saving grace of Jesus Christ be violently active.
    Christians will need to defend themselves. That is not because of avoiding suffering.
    That is part of suffering…being hunted /killed for the name……
    To God be the glory
    People, while armed,people have the right to defend themselves and families(women/Children).

  3. Seems to me that we have overlooked a crucial fact They the Illuminati and their masters have long standing plans to murder 90-95 % of humanity.This works out to about 5 and a half billion people.Why not turn this around there are only less than 10,000 of those who want to kill most of us and enslave the rest,these are the guys responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths already and untold suffering…..Must be only the teachings of Jesus holding us back.

    • Hi Child of God,

      Actually the biggest problem is us. None of this would be happening if we had not corrupted ourselves. We have willingly participated in the evils of our modern age, so God has allowed these things to come.

      So, the real cause is looking at us from the mirror.

      But, I understand your point, and appreciate it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. I doubt that America has until may Scott and Americans need to learn to stand together instead of allowing them to divide you! Americans are being played like a cheap fiddle and most don’t even realize it’s happening to them and if they fail to do this very soon, there will be catastrophic consequences for everyone. This country seems to be catching on to this and are now learning that there really is an agenda that is directed against them so it should take a fairly small “event” to get them to realize that it’s Game On and the time has come to make their personal changes in lifestyles in preparation for their NWO end game. United as a team, we can easily prevail against their machine and they will be forced to declare defeat in a very short time. So, practice helping other people and it will soon benefit EVERYONE collectively for the betterment of the entire planet.

  5. First off no ones sees the really big picture,NIBIRU..(Isaias 24),they only see here and now,the NWO want a war going when Nibiru arrives,and there will be,If the entire world is embroiled in combat ,NO one will look up till its to late to take cover,SATAN,the anti-christ,and false prophet believe,if they can destroy the PLANET, our dear LORD will not come back and throw them into the lake of fire,THATS the main plan,secondary they plan to enslave the survivors for working to support them,What they fail to realize is GOD is the wild card,HE said I will not let one EVIL person escape my wrath,THOSE who are close to the LORD survive,THE REST DIE……………………

  6. I would suggest to anyone who wants to survive the coming WAR,get on the internet,start watching what the prophets are saying,777aej,michael bodaeya,demetria duderman,david wilkerson,AA allen,…..theres a host of PROPHETS warning whats coming,is anyone listening…………….

  7. I take umbrage that you call the illuminaughty the most intelligent fungus among us. They are actually the most idiotic.

    It’s not hard to play greed on one another and not tell the truth about it.

  8. This should help. I felt like you and it really helped me. God bless.
    A video teaching by Pastor Damian Kyle of Calvary Chapel Modesto in California, which he believes every Christian must see so they won’t lose heart prior to the rapture. (For a better audio quality of Pastor Damian Kyle’s teaching go to this link;, and select this teaching: 11/03/2013 Prayer, the Key to Not Losing Heart Luke 18:1-8 Damian Kyle SM1257.
    I truly believe it’s THE BEST teaching I’ve heard in a really long time.

    • Hi Diana,

      I took a moment to listen a bit to the sermon that you mentioned. Very inspiring, indeed!

      Please be careful not to put all your eggs into into the pre-tribulation rapture basket – or, at least, not delay your disaster preparations because of it. Much will happen before the Lord returns, and we must prepare and be good servants.

      Keep up the good work, Diana!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Understanding “Babylon” helps one understand G-ds plans against the Globalist’s. The 1st time He drowned them. Then – He confused the languages. Last – they’ll be consumed in Holocaust and Hell!!!
    Read the Bible – especially Prophesies concerning the End and Babylon – with an ear towards how G-d is speaking in Parables Directly to the NWO Occultists. G-d spoke in a way that the NWO Bandits wouldn’t understand – that it’s THEY who lose and are BURNED in the end. They in effect -with their lies and secrets become their own demise!!! Unfortunatly – a great majority of the world suffers and is burned up in the process – but the good news, Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, they get theirs in the end!!!! Hallehlujah and Amen!!! BURN – to the illuminated 1’s!!!

    Is 47:2-3
    Take millstones and grind flour;
        take off your veil.
    Lift up your skirts, bare your legs,
        and wade through the streams.
    3 Your nakedness will be exposed
        and your shame uncovered.
    I will take vengeance;
        I will spare no one

  10. The Founding Fathers chose to ‘hide’ from being burned at the stake by creating this great country. We don’t know how many Jews in the 1930′s left Germany to ‘hide’ from the internment camps/gas chambers or in this century the Kurds, Sudanese, Egyptians, Syrians, Libyans, etc. But where can American Christians go to ‘hide’ from escalating evil? The USA already has nearly-sovereign nations inside its borders. They have their courts (except for capital crimes), make their own laws, issue their own Driver Licenses & car license plates and their citizens pay NO income tax! The precedent is already established by the Indian Nations, so why can’t Christians form ‘Religious Reservations’? Then we won’t be separated from our loved ones and forced into FEMA camps. When we, as Christians, can all come as one accord and where 2 or 3 (hundred, thousand, +) are gathered together the Almighty God will be with us and show Himself as our savior, lord, healer & provider THEN the unbeliever will desire the goodness God provides. Let’s come out from among them and be separate so that He will be our God and we will be His people 2 Cor 6:17. The prudent foresee the evil and hide, but the simple/foolish pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3

  11. That’s why THEY have drugged the water & food. That’s why THEY will use BIO WEAPONS & SCALAR WEAPONRY. THEY can EASILY kill off the ENTIRE WORLD! What’s a few holdouts going to do to their efforts?
    That’s why the only thing that is a certainty against any & all tactics of our enemies, is the Armor of the Lord. EPHESIANS 6:10-20


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