2014 – The Beginning of the End – Currency Reset and a Whole Lot More

As I laid out yesterday, I believe that 2014 will mark the beginning of the end. Or, maybe I should say that it will mark the VISIBLE start to the beginning of the end. Depending on how you define ‘The End’, you could describe ‘The Beginning of the End’ as starting in 1967, 1945, 1913, 1870, 1776 (but not the way you think), 1492 or even the true Christmas Day in 4 BC. 1967 marked the capture of Jerusalem, and Jesus specifically spoke of this as a marker for the Last Days. 1945 marked the beginning of the American Empire, and I have come to believe that this is the rise of the Seventh Head. 1913 marks the rise of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and just months later, World War I began. 1870 marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the real beginnings in the consumption of Fossil Fuels and the rapid rise in global population. And, 1776 marked the beginning of the Illuminati, at least the official part. All of these beginnings play a key role in what we are facing right now, but we have not seen these ‘beginnings’ as a visible part of ‘The End’ – until now.

Those of us with a view of history and a grounding in finance have seen this coming, and now you get to see it – in 2014. I believe that the ‘currency reset’ that I spoke of yesterday will be the first shockwave, and it appears that we will see that shockwave happen in just a couple months. Unfortunately, I believe that other shockwaves will follow, in 2014. And, I want to bring in Jim Willie to tell you about them.


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Jim Willie is… interesting. He’s arrogant and self-centered. His voice brays at you. He uses foul language and crass euphemisms. His morals seem to be… questionable. He’s more than a little racist and would be happy to see Israel and the Arabs destroyed. And, he refers to himself, and his website, as ‘The Golden Jackass’.

All of that can be a little hard to take, and I have to brace myself every time he does an interview. But, I listen to each and every one of his interviews and am considering a paid subscription to his newsletter… because… well…

He’s always right – at least 90%.

In the business of finance and economy, you pay attention to ANYONE who is right 90% of the time – ANYONE. And, that’s why I’m bringing this interview to you today. It’s crass. It’s crude. And, the interviewer is someone… who calls himself… wait for it… Turd Ferguson. (Yes, you read that right.) So, there’s a lot to be offended at, but if you can get past the smelly parts, there is a lot to learn and a lot that you need to know.

I hope to tease that out for you.

So, let’s get into it.


Here’s the interview that I am talking about:



Currency Reset and a Whole Lot More

One of the reasons why I am bringing this interview to you on the back of the Lindsey Williams interview… is that Jim ALSO talks about a ‘Currency Reset’. Furthermore, he has been talking about this for a while and has also given out the same figure of 30%. That’s why I sat up and paid attention to Pastor Williams when he said essentially the same thing, and then went on to add a date.

Jim Willie is more vague about the date and pretty much just says ‘some time in 2014’, but he says something that Lindsey did not say. Jim Willie says that there will be a SECOND 30% RESET. He doesn’t say WHEN that second devaluation will happen, but when the dust settles after both devaluations, the US dollar will be worth less than half of its original value.

As I see it, this will set off shockwaves that will crash financial systems everywhere. Prices will rise dramatically. Food distribution will become uncertain. Jobs will be lost. Cities will suffer social unrest. But, this will not be a collapse.

This is where I refer back to Lindsey Williams. Lindsey says that the Elites do not consider these financial calamities as a collapse. And, the Elites are apparently planning something far worse in 2015 – a complete collapse. And… I’m afraid that… I really have to treat this seriously – for a bunch of reasons.

If what both Jim Willie and Pastor Williams are saying for 2014 comes to pass… then, 2015 will undoubtedly be one of the most horrific and calamitous years in human history. As I look at the global system and how fragile it is, right now, I can see no way out of a complete and utterly devastating collapse. The events described here and yesterday make it a certainty.

Let me put this another way. If a complete collapse in 2015 were a bomb, then a devaluation of the US dollar would be the match that lights the fuse.

The world system is going to come unglued, and it is EXACTLY what the global elite want – because THEY have prepared for this, and THEY will be the ones to pick up the pieces. (Which is why YOU should prepare, also.)

But, Jim Willie talks about more than just a currency reset in this interview, so I’m going to sit through it a second time and talk a bit about what else he says. Note that this is a wide-ranging and casual interview, so my notes will be a bit disorganized.

In the interview, Jim starts off with…

The US Military Backs the Dollar

This is an interesting point, and one that I agree with. If you look at US military involvement over the past few years, you will notice that when countries try to break their ties to the US dollar, the US Navy appears on their doorstep. This happened to South Korea and Libya, and Jim says that this is the key reason why the US is pressuring Iran – not because of their nuclear weapons program.

If you look carefully at the latest agreement between the US and Iran, you will notice something very strange. It includes an agreement that Iran will go back to pricing oil and gas in US dollars. I guess that Iran’s nuclear program wasn’t that big of a deal. Isn’t that fascinating?

In fact, Jim Willie refers to the Iran talks as the Petrodollar surrender summit with strategic arms limitation talks attached to it. But, the surrender wasn’t so much on the Iran side, but the US side.

He calls it the ‘death of the petrodollar’ which will bring the destruction of the US dollar, and force it to split. Basically, he says that the Iranians will price everything in dollars, but settle their transactions in any currency they want.

The Petroyuan

Jim Willie made an interesting statement, and it’s earth-shaking if you understand the background for it. He said that as Saudi [Arabia] was to the petrodollar, so will Iran be to the petroyuan. What he means is that the Chinese Yuan will rise to ‘international currency reserve’ status, and oil will start being priced (and sold) in Chinese Yuan – hence, the term ‘petroyuan’.

The Natural Gas Coop

Jim has talked about this a lot in the past, and he says that this cartel is still forming. It’s led by Gazprom and Russia, and it’s going to eclipse OPEC. And furthermore, he links the ‘petroyuan’ to this growing cartel. He goes on to say that in the past, the Saudis and OPEC were pointed West, but the focus is shifting in the Persian Gulf and will now turn to Iran. And, the emphasis will be on the pipelines, specifically the natural gas pipelines.

Saudis Painted as Terrorists

Now, THIS is interesting. Jim says that he thinks that, in the next year, the Saudis are going to be painted as terrorists, and Iran will be painted as the lynchpin for global stability. Again… IN 2014!

He says that the Saudis are already ‘on the outs’. And, he goes on to say that he thinks that this has all been very well planned – which includes the tremendous drain of gold from Europe and the US to China. Jim’s intelligence source has been tracking transfers of gold to China, at a thousand tons per month – for more than a year.

This is the Year Things Break Wide Open

Jim Willie tends not to put dates on his prognostications, so when he says, “This is the year things break wide open,” you need to sit up and pay attention. He says that the US and the British are going to have a hard time holding things together, and he goes on to say something else.

He says that the US and British are going to try to exploit this wide open break, and they’re going to try and join it.

This makes sense to me. However, those of you who are not ready for this are going to get financially hurt – badly.

The IRS Fund Commitment

He said that he always wondered why the US handed over her industry to China. It seemed strange to him until he realized that there was a connection to the gold that China allowed the US to lease from them – which the US then reneged on in 2007.

Apparently there was a derivative sold to China backed by the IRS. Think of it as something like a ‘revenue bond’. When the recession turned brutal, the US defaulted on this ‘IRS revenue bond’ to China.

As a consequence, China went on a buying spree, part of which included the purchase of 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza for half of its value – which is just across the street from the Federal Reserve building. And I, myself, heard about the tunnel that goes under that street, connecting the Federal Reserve to the buildings just bought by the Chinese.

He Predicts 2014

Jim mentioned that this is the first time since 2007 that he is predicting failure in the coming year. I find this to be a little unsettling.

  • He is predicting the rise of Iran as the lynchpin of the Persian Gulf. He says that it will be amazing to watch unfold.
  • He is predicting the rise of the Natural Gas cartel that he refers to as the NatGas Coop. It will eclipse Opec and will give us the rise of the petroyuan – aided by the Shanghai Crude Oil Futures Contract denominated in Chinese Yuan.
  • There will be a big faze-out of Saudi Arabia, with Russia becoming the big producer of oil and gas.

Then he talks about the currency reset.

He starts out by knocking down the idea that the ‘currency reset’ will have ANYTHING to do with the Iraqi Dinar. (Seriously, folks, if you’re in the Iraqi Dinar, GET OUT.)

He says that he was told that it will be about the US dollar devaluation – and that ALL the major currencies are going to be devalued. And, these currencies are going to be devalued against gold.

Furthermore, the US dollar is going to be devalued even more, in a sequence of steps versus the other major currencies. He says that agreements have already been made for two quick devaluations of 30% for the US dollar, just like Venezuela.

Please understand that phrase:

Just Like Venezuela.

Consider the chaos and difficulties that have plagued Venezuela when her currency was devalued. And then consider how America will suffer those same difficulties – on top of what she already suffers. Worse, the US is NOT going to be ready for this.

Jim goes on to give something of a backstory to this reset by describing the anger of the rest of the world over how the US has been treating the dollar, interest rates and the electronic transfer mechanism – SWIFT.

Saudi Arabia Becomes the Enemy in 2014

He believes that we will see Saudi Arabia turn into an actual US enemy in 2014. I find this to be interesting, and there are some interesting moves in this area. Do you remember the New York Post article incriminating Saudi Intelligence in the 9/11 attacks?

Could it be that the US government leaked the information as a part of a US pivot away from Saudi Arabia and towards Iran?

VERY interesting. Very.

Central America

He also made an off-hand comment about where he was currently living (Costa Rica). He sighed and said that ‘things will change in Central America’. This was CLEARLY a negative statement.

This bothers me, since I have friends in Costa Rica, and I have friends who are thinking about moving to Costa Rica. The idea that problems are coming to Central America bother me.

A Few Other Predictions

  • NSA backlash – This is going to hurt America. Boeing has already been hurt.
  • Russia is building a naval base in Lebanon AND in Jordan. (We’ll see how that prediction works out.)
  • Deutsche Bank is going to fail in 2014, and that failure is going to take down western banks.
  • Russia and China have bought up real estate and offices in New York. Look for them to use those assets to control the energy and commodity markets. They are taking over Wall Street.
  • The Bakken and other Shale oil projects will go belly-up and be revealed as a colossal failure. (He used a far more crude term than I’m prepared to use.)
  • Price suppression of physical gold will start to fail. Look for the COMEX to go through a technical default.
  • The official recognition of QE to infinity. The taper-talk is a lie, and the whole idea of tapering Quantitative Easing will evaporate. They are NOT going to Taper.
  • He said that he cannot express in words how tumultuous 2014 will be.
  • He says to look for the tilt in news stories for the direction where everything is going.

Jim Willie ends their talk with this statement:

Next year is the year of the recognized paradigm shift.

2014 is going to be bad

From my perspective, it should be clear that the events of 2014 are going to shake the world. When someone like Jim Willie says stuff like this, you need to take steps to protect yourself and those you care about.

Are you ready for this?

(Please pass this on to everyone you care about.)


note – I am not offering financial or disaster preparation advice in a professional capacity. These are merely my own thoughts on what I would do in these situations.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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8 thoughts on “2014 – The Beginning of the End – Currency Reset and a Whole Lot More”

  1. Mr. Little, I am really enjoying your material. That might not be the greatest way to describe the times coming upon us? In the late 50’s early 60’s my father used to describe to me a time when he believed that China would lead a 200 million army toward the Middle East. I see them sitting back as this evolves “scratching their chin” watching the Middle East, then at some point they march toward Jerusalem? These are just some tidbits of thoughts, but if one looks at Ezekiel 38-39 one can see Saudi Arabia, described as Sheba and Dedan, asking the Northern coalition attacking Israel in the Last Days? “What are you doing coming to take a spoil or to take a prey”? Many bible scholars see a Russian lead coalition with Persia (Iran) as the assembly of nations that attack Israel. The pieces of the puzzle are on the table. Now learning more by the day to sift through in the light of scripture? God Bless, Jimmy

    • Hey Jimmy,

      I think that you’ve got a pretty good geopolitical grasp of what’s going to happen.

      It’s interesting to see the Gog and Magog coalition building. Do a quick search for the CSTO. You will notice that almost all the players in the Gog and Magog coalition are already there.

      The only thing that I’m not certain about is that 200 million man army that comes later. That’s a little too far out for me to see clearly, as I analyze the current geopolitical influences, right now. But, China certainly continues to be the best candidate for this army.

      Another interesting thought that popped into my head when I was reading Revelation recently was the fact that the traditional symbol for China is the dragon. I do NOT consider China to be the dragon of Revelation, but parallel struck me as interesting – especially since I am sitting in Taiwan, in the midst of a MASSIVE number of demon-worshipping temples.

      And yes, I have sensed some of the more powerful demons in these temples.

      I also see the pieces starting to fit together, which means that I may have to relocate back to Jerusalem soon.

      We’ll see.

      God bless you, Jimmy!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hello John

    I think Jerusalem would be the last place I would go right now.

    Mar_13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:

    However, Taiwan would be second to the last place.

    You will have a front row seat after the rapture.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for being concerned. I sincerely appreciate that.

      But, following the Lord’s calling will always trump personal safety. And yes, even I believe that there will be safer places than Jerusalem. Worse, I will be taking my wife, who is more valuable to me than anything else, except for the Lord. And, I acknowledge that there will be difficult times ahead for Jerusalem. Zechariah 13:8 weighs on my soul.

      Having said all that, terrible times for the rest of the world are coming. Terrible times. Billions will die, and those who have not prepared for this will be numbered among the dead – or worse. And yes, there are worse things than death.

      I encourage you to watch this video:


      Please keep in mind that our theories will not protect us from the difficult days ahead. And, I challenge ANYONE to disprove the message in the above video.

      Again, thank you, Michael, for your concern. I truly appreciate it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Mr. Little, I had to work last night and while I was driving I had one of those moments. As I touched on in my last comments my father introduced me to a lot of information in the late 50′ and early 60’s. So much so as I reached adulthood I ran and stayed drunk for about 20 years, knowing this information had truth, but it took the “Hound Dog of Heaven” to outrun me and reel me in!!!! You may have written on this in one of your previous post, but my father told me that in the “Last Days” Anti-Semitism would explode. I have a few Jewish friends, and particularly and old Jewish girlfriend. It dawned on this “Timeline” which has been discussed with Pastor Williams, Jim Willie and Jonathan Cahn in his book “The Harbinger”. If the scenario is accurate then by 2015 there could be a total world-wide financial collapse? As throughout history who would be the scapegoat? Of course the Jews. It would drive them from America and the remaining countries of the world to Israel for Daniel’s 70th Week? Food for Thought…Jimmy

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Sorry about taking so long to respond.

      I think that you are indeed correct about the rise in antisemitism. We will have to see how this works out.

      What distresses me most is the number of people who call themselves Christian, yet hate the Jews.

      Great comment, Jimmy. Thank you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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