Origins of 9/11 – Part 1 – It Starts With the Cold War

Laying out the origins of the 9/11 attack is going to be difficult. I’ve already laid out Saudi involvement, and the very real possibility of US intelligence participation – however small, or large. The problem is that all of this seems bizarre and completely beyond comprehension. How could any of this possibly be true?

Unfortunately, three years ago, I would be shouting this article down and labeling it as the insane product of drugs, alcohol and an overheated imagination. But, that was before I discovered that the picture painted by the mainstream media had pieces missing – pieces that were laying around in plain view. And, once I began trying to fit the pieces into the picture, I started to see how we got here.


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What I would like to do over the next few days is pull together elements of history – to give you an idea of how we could have arrived at this point in time. I hope that when we are done, you will see a series of logical decisions that seemed like a good idea at the time, but were ultimately the doom of a great nation.

…and, you will see the corrupt hands that have duped us into walking down this road.

It Starts With the Cold War

I’m a child of the Cold War, so I know something of the mindset of the world at that time. I was born just as the Vietnam war was taking off, and was well into my school years when it ended. For a long time, I could not conceive of life without the great menace of Communism. Even now, it’s interesting to see how that threat shaped my view of the world – and probably still does. But, we didn’t always live under such threats.

If you look back at life before World War II, you’ll see that we thought very little of what other countries could do to us. We had impenetrable barriers to the East (the Atlantic Ocean) and the West (the Pacific). Mexico had been subjugated and neutralized. And Canada was a trusted neighbor, to our North. We were secure and had little need for a standing army.

We were fat, happy and ignorant.

Enter World War II

The rise of Hitler showed us that ignorance has a price and that we were unprepared to pay that price. Worse, the shock and horror of the Attack on Pearl Harbor propelled us into a series of decisions that gave rise to the Soviet empire and Communist China.

When we were thrust into WWII, our whole view of the world was transformed. Joseph Stalin went from being the genocidal maniac who murdered millions of Ukrainians by starvation, to ‘Uncle Joe’ – our ally against Hitler. Our efforts to help ‘Uncle Joe’ breathed life into the Soviet Union and enabled them to conquer half of Europe – acquiring an industrial base that would eventually be used to threaten our existence. And, it was the media that gave us that kindly, pipe-smoking picture of old ‘Uncle Joe’. And, we compounded our mistakes by supporting Mao Zedong instead of Chang Kai Chek.

And yes, there were some evil, diabolical men in the US government who influenced these decisions, knowing full well what the outcome would be. But, that’s a complicated story for another day.

The Soviet Union presented such a threat to America, that we felt the need to create and maintain a military-industrial complex. We created a standing army. We founded the CIA and the NSA. And, we convinced ourselves that our government needed to be powerful and secretive. And, that was all the foothold that Lucifer needed.

Psychopaths are attracted to power like bees to honey, and large government, with entrenched methods of secrecy, provides a breeding ground for such people. And, when you invest wealth and power in an institution like the CIA that is heavily compartmentalized and cloaked in layer upon layer of secrecy… you have constructed a time bomb.

But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I want you to take a look at President Eisenhower’s farewell address, from January 17, 1961. You can watch it here:

Or listen to the audio, here:

If you listen to the whole thing, you will undoubtedly be struck by how all of his fears came true. We are now experiencing everything that he warned us of. Everything.

Now, notice the difference in the speech given by his successor, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, just three months later:

Did you notice the difference in JFK’s speech?

Gone was the fear of government secrecy and power. Gone was the suspicion that the Cold War could do grave harm to the democratic institutions of the greatest republic ever known. (And, he went on to decimate these institutions with the best of intentions.)

But, I have come to believe that, for all of his faults, JFK was a sincere president – maybe the last sincere president. And, I believe that it was this sincerity that got him killed almost exactly two years and six months later.

That assassination, the people involved and the decisions made afterwards, propelled us on a trajectory that resulted in 9/11, and its aftermath. One of the people involved in the JFK assassination is someone who played one of the most important roles in this ‘trajectory’. That ‘someone’ is:

George Bush, Sr.

The Point

As we unravel the history of how we got here, I want you to realize the seriousness of what I am sharing with you. The immediate future for the world is bleak, precisely because of the people in our past and the decisions they made. And, I do NOT want you to share in that bleak future.

You must prepare for what is coming, and you must help others to prepare.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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