The One Question About 9/11 That No One Can Answer

Now that we know that there is official recognition that the 9/11 terrorists had help and direction from the Saudi government… Now that we know that the US government is, at the very least, guilty of being accessory-after-the-fact… Let’s pull back the cover again, and take a look at the one question that no one can answer.

It took ten years for someone to finally ask me this question. Until that moment, two years ago, I had always assumed that only two buildings had been knocked down. I remembered something about a third building, but no one talked about it on television, or in the media, so any question about World Trade Center Building 7 never came up. If no one talks about it, the question doesn’t exist, right?


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Have you noticed that the mainstream media doesn’t talk about the fall of WTC 7?

Is it possible that you are being manipulated?

Yeah. And, it’s more than a possibility. It’s a certainty, but that’s a topic for another day. Lets get to our subject by asking an important question.

Why Did WTC Building 7 Fall That Day?

I once was a Physics major in college. It is truly the most amazing and wonderful science, especially since EVERYTHING comes down to Physics. And, though my ‘Physics days’ are a distant memory, I still have enough sense of that science to tell you that the official story about the fall of World Trade Center Building 7 is completely impossible.

And, when faced with the impossible, I fall back on this quote:

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four, ch. 6, p. 111

The problem, of course, is that the only other explanation that we are left with is highly improbable. Or, should I say, it was improbable until I started pulling at strands and unraveling knots.

But, let’s take a step back and establish one thing that is completely certain.

They Are Lying to You

Even I can see that if the official story were true, then building 7 would not have fallen straight down onto it’s footprint. It would have been an uneven collapse that would have destroyed one, or more, buildings around it. Then, there are independent investigations that point to the fact that the official story is a lie.

When I saw that evidence, I was dumbfounded. I was shocked. I was then outraged, so I started to dig… and dig… and dig. There was a lot of debris to sift through but I found some interesting facts.

We’re going to get to those facts over the next few days, but let me leave you with one of many reasons why ‘they’ might have wanted WTC 7 destroyed:

7 World Trade Center housed SEC files relating to numerous Wall Street investigations, as well as other federal investigative files. All the files for approximately 3,000 to 4,000 SEC cases were destroyed. Although some were backed up elsewhere, others were not, especially those classified as confidential. Files relating to Citigroup’s connection to the WorldCom scandal were lost. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimates over 10,000 cases will be affected. Investigative files in the Secret Service’s largest field office, with more than 200 employees, were also lost in the collapse of WTC 7. “All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building.” said one agent.Wikipedia

Isn’t that convenient?

What a coincidence. In fact, I’m sure that we would find quite a few convenient issues that were ‘fixed’ by the destruction of this building – if we had the time and knew where to look.

The good thing is that we don’t need to. We have bigger fish to fry and some interesting evidence to fry them with. We’ll be getting into more of that tomorrow.

The Point

I want to make it clear that this is not an intellectual exercise. You need to be aware that dark plans have been set in motion with the object of concentrating wealth and power in the hands of the few. When their plans finally come to fruition, many will have died, most will have been hurt, and all will have been impoverished.

I want none of that to happen to you. Even more important, I want both of us free to serve the Lord in the way that God has called us to serve.

More on this tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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