The Shock Plan for Getting Ready – Step 2

Now that we’ve established Christ as our foundation for preparedness, we need to move on to the next step. If you haven’t read the first part of this series, I recommend that you do so. Please remember that it is our membership in the family of God through our saving relationship with Jesus Christ that gives us access to the protection of God the Father. Without His divine intervention, none of us have any hope for survival. It may seem that Satan has the upper hand, but our Father has a plan and is directly involved. Even Jesus said that God the Father will shorten the Last Days for our sake – otherwise no one will survive.

Also, do not think that you need to be wealthy to prepare. There is much that you can do with only a little money, and in some cases, no money at all. If you ARE wealthy, GREAT! This is your chance to prepare to help others less fortunate. (Remember that we will stand before the Lord one day and explain to Him what we did and did not do during this time.)


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Step 2 – Location, Location, Location

It may surprise you, but where you are is far more important than how much food you have. You can have all the food and water in the world, but if your neighbor breaks in and kills you for it… well, it didn’t help much, right?


Your neighbors will determine whether you survive a catastrophe, or not. Bad neighbors will take everything you have and even kill you in the process. Good neighbors will help you out and provide a level of security that you could never attain on your own, no matter how much of a Rambo you think you are.

Seriously, have you ever thought how much effort it takes to maintain 24 hour perimeter security?


Get good neighbors in a good neighborhood, and your security problems will probably go away.

But, a good neighbor isn’t the good-natured guy next door in your suburban neighborhood who goes Bass fishing on weekends. A good neighbor is far more than that, so you need to know the difference between congeniality and goodness.

What is a good neighbor, and where can you find them?

A good neighbor is someone like yourself – a brother or sister in Christ who walks closely with the Lord and understands the need to prepare for the bad times ahead. Unfortunately, I doubt that even 1% of us have such a neighbor. This means that you need to find new ones.

Seriously, you need to move – if you can. If you can’t, start looking for a community of people that you can get to quickly – and who will help you out when everything falls apart. There are groups of people that have formed tight-knit communities all over the US (and other countries), and they will always be interested in adding new members who are like-minded.

Again, I cannot stress this enough. You. Cannot. Do. This. On. Your. Own.

The best community is a church. If you can find a church that is truly Biblical, that knows and loves the Lord and is aware of what is coming… JOIN THAT CHURCH. You do NOT need to agree with every doctrinal position that they have. We all disagree on something. We are all wrong on something. Do NOT allow disagreement to keep you from joining a church that is on the right path. It is even possible that your different viewpoint may be exactly what that church needs – assuming your viewpoint is correct.

So, start the process right now of joining, or forming, the community that you need.

But, what if you can’t find – or form – such a community?

That sounds like God might be telling you to move. If there are no like-minded believers in your area, then that might be a sign to get out. God the Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of those who love the Lord, so not finding like-minded brothers and sisters… well, it might be a sign that God has been moving them out of the area – a sign that you need to do the same.

If you can’t find a local community, where do you go?

James Wesley Rawles (JWR) has developed a concept that he calls ‘The American Redoubt‘. You can find a description of that here:

JWR is an amazing guy, and I have a huge respect for the brother in Christ that he is and the huge amount of great advice that he offers on his site. Pay VERY close attention to what James says. If you feel the Lord leading you to follow his recommendations, then I think that you should go for it.

There is a second option. Mr. Rawles and I disagree here, but you need to consider one idea very carefully – and that is expatriation. I strongly believe that the sins of the Church in America is bringing judgment down on the US, and I do not want to be anywhere near the blast zone. Furthermore, Satan is intent on destroying anything Christian in the US, and Christian communities will be the first targets in a collapse situation.

I also feel that a collapse in the US will bring down an iron curtain that will restrict movement into/out of/within The United States. And, I believe that we need to be positioned to serve the Lord in the aftermath of this first round of trouble. (And yes, this is only the FIRST round.) The reason why God put us on this Earth at this place and time is because we have a job to do. That job may be hard to see now, but when the dust settles, you’ll have a better understanding of the purpose that drives you to do what you are doing now.

If God has laid on your heart to serve Him overseas, now would be a good time to embrace that ‘pull’. I surrendered to that more than 20 years ago, and I am glad that I did. It won’t be easy, but the best things in life never are.

Now, let me arm you with some background information.


In any collapse situation, you will need to be AT LEAST 150 miles from any metropolitan city with a population over 100 thousand people. Why?

Because, eventually, when all the resources run out (usually within 72 hours), they drive-then-walk outside the cities. You do NOT want to be within range of that horde. The good thing is that mobs tend to stop walking after three days, and few can walk more than 50 miles a day. But, there’s a problem with that.

You see… if you draw a circle around every city with 100 thousand people, or more… and if that circle has a radius of 150 miles… (i.e., 300 miles wide) …there are few places in America that are safe.


Here’s an excellent map created by Ken Jorgustin of

Danger Zones
Danger Zones in the US

In the above image, it’s difficult to see the danger zones properly, so be sure to take a good hard look at the full size image, here:

That image comes from this excellent article:

And, he has a companion article here:

Please, PLEASE pay close attention to these images. Depending on what disaster finally takes the US down, the above picture might be instrumental in saving your life.

72 Hours

If you have not managed to permanently relocate, then you need to by hyper-aware of what you need to do in a collapse situation. In a failure of the monetary system, or any other form of catastrophic structural collapse, you have 72 hours to get away from a city and to a place of safety.

Another way of saying this is that we are all ‘Nine Meals From Anarchy‘. Three days is about the amount of time it takes for a population to wake up and realize that they are in serious trouble and need to find resources… or, should I say fight-for-and-take what you have.

If you cannot relocate, then you must have a plan and a secure retreat location that you can get to within 72 hours. And, always have a plan B and C. Work out this plan with your family and those friends that you trust. Have rendezvous points where you can regroup if you are separated.

And, THAT leads me to something that I will talk more about later. But, let’s at least mention it here.

Have a Plan

You MUST have a plan, and you MUST work out that plan carefully and thoughtfully. And, you MUST practice that plan. A well-made plan may be the difference between life and death.


We saw a recent example of this in the Philippines. Those that had a plan and were disaster-prepared survived without loss of life and in relative comfort. Those who did not, either died or suffered terribly, and they continue to suffer.

Remember that your plans and preparations will help you with more than The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). It will be helpful in almost ANY disaster situation.

Okay, this article is already too long, so I’ll stop here. For more resources, take some time to check these links out:

May the Lord guide you and bless you.

I pray for you all.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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