Israel Betrayed – So, Why DO They Want to Betray Israel?

As I said yesterday, there is no logical reason why Europe and the US are signing this deal with Iran. It won’t lower the price of oil. There’s no atavistic, pent-up demand for Persian carpets.. There’s nothing that Iran offers that will provide enough incentive for the Obama administration to sign this deal with Iran. Or, maybe I should say that there’s no obvious reason.

At this point, we could throw up our hands and claim insanity. But, the problem is that the Obama administration ISN’T insane. Furthermore, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers and the other insiders within the White House aren’t insane, either. Maybe they’re ignorant?


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No, you can’t say that either.

Remember that Barack Hussein Obama was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia. He knows intimately the ideology of Islam. He knows the mindset of the Iranians. And then, there’s Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s chief advisor.

Valerie is interesting. Did you know that she was born in Iran?

Yeah. Shiraz.

Ah, I see that light-bulb go on. Obama and Jarrett are deep-cover Iranian spies with plans to…


Ms. Jarrett isn’t an Iranian spy. She’s far worse than that, but that’s a story for a different article. But, she does have a good understanding of Iran.

So, why are the Obama gang throwing Israel and the Middle East under the bus?

Well, in questions like this, you need to follow the money. In fact, that’s almost always the first thing that you need to do when faced with the mysterious. But, there’s a problem. We’ve already stated that there’s nothing that Iran offers as incentive, so where’s the money trail?

Would you believe that the trail begins at the Federal Reserve?

Since 1913, someone has been quietly sucking the wealth out of the world economy. For instance, the US dollar has declined in value until it is worth about four cents in 1913 terms. Where did that 96 cents of wealth go?

Into the pockets of the banksters. And, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation with shareholders that just happen to be… the banksters.

Yes, I know that I’m glossing over a host of detail, but I want to make sure that we get to the point. Thieves have broken in and stolen the value of our currency – the value of our hard work. And, they’ve done it so often and so much that the system is about to fail. And, when that system fails, everyone will be looking for those responsible.

So, what does a good thief do to make sure he doesn’t get caught?

He diverts the blame to someone else. Throughout history, people in power have sought to divert attention from the cause of their national problems by blaming someone else. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Mugabe and everyone else have played this game. Whenever there’s a problem, blame someone else. And, when you want to do it right, you start a war.

And, this setup for war is very, very clever.

More on that tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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6 thoughts on “Israel Betrayed – So, Why DO They Want to Betray Israel?”

  1. Now lets go a “Little,” deeper then that explanation.

    Names and the Importance of their meaning.

    Jerusalem .. “The City Of Peace.”

    God’s chosen Capital on His Foot Stool .. that we call we call Earth.

    If I can tell you what your name means .. then I can also tell why and in what areas you will fight your greatest Battles.

    Therefore Jerusalem, ” The City of Peace,” becomes one of the most fought over cities in the world.

    Why? Because it belongs to God, and it is His Chosen Capitol and ever since the beginning of time various forces have been trying to either possess it or destroy it.

    Now, if you’re a believer, do you see any correlations there concerning your own life here on this earth??

    However, Psalm 122 provides an interesting solution to this problem and includes these verses:

    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper who love you.

    Peace be within your walls, and prosperity within your palaces.

    For my brothers and companions’ sake, I will now say, ‘Peace be within you.’

    Because of the House of the Lord our God, I will seek your good.” (Psalm 122:6-9)

    May God both protect and bless His City of Jerusalem and the Nation of Israel, as well as His people, during the extremely difficult times that may lie ahead.

    • Hey Israel Hanna,

      All that I can say is Amen!

      In Hebrew, ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem’ is Sha’alu Shalom l’Yerushalayim.

      God truly loves Jerusalem, and it is a dangerous thing to be indifferent to that which God loves.

      Awesome comment, Israel.

      (And, it’s almost ALWAYS good to go a ‘Little’ deeper!)

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. O yeah this is shocking even though Obama did state in his presidental campaign that he would sit down with Iran. I guess we are at the point. Hey John its sad because who was the powers who put the israeli’s in Jerusalem. Whoever lied and decided to placed the Caesar’s into Jerusalem will be responsible for their deaths. If Iran gets a nuclear weapon who’s name is on it? UNITED STATES, SAUDI ARABIA OR ISRAEL? WHY WOULD IRAN DESTROY THEIR MOTHER (SAUDI ARABIA, THE CAPITAL OF ISLAM) BECAUSE SAUDI ARABIA IS DESTROYING HER CHILDREN (OTHER ISLAMIC NATIONS) SYRIA AND IRAN AND POSSIBLE OTHERS. SAUDI ARABIA IS A WHORE WHY BECAUSE SHE IS NOT FAITHFUL TO HER RELIGION SHE GOES OFF WHORING WITH THE WEST IN ORDER TO GET GAIN AND IN ORDER TO LIVE DELICIOUSLY. I believe if Israel is destroyed it wont be by a nuclear weapon possibly other military means but not nuclear. AZMAEL FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, EVEN FROM THE NATION OF ISRAEL.

    • Hey Azmael,

      Hmmm… VERY interesting idea. Saudi Arabia as the harlot mentioned in Revelation. And, she DOES exert quite a bit of control over the world… and, HAS murdered many, MANY Christians.

      I will think about this.

      It certainly isn’t an idea that I’ve seen before.

      Just remember that the current ‘candidate’ for Revelation Harlot is the Vatican. And, their power through the Jesuits is amazing. And, I plan on elaborating on that power in the future.

      But, I will be thinking about your idea in the meantime.

      Good work, Azmael. Not many have been able to get me as intrigued as you have.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. A note to everyone – ALL COMMENTS ARE MODERATED.And… I am sitting on the other side of the planet from most of you, which means that I often can’t get to comments until the next day. (And yes, I need to make that clear somewhere.) – JL


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