Israeli Plans for an Attack on Iran Move Forward (And What It Means For You)

You might be saying to yourself that you’ve heard this one before, and I understand that. Netanyahu has been threatening this for the last few years, and doing nothing. So, it’s natural for everyone to assume that this is posturing. But, Israelis know that this is not posturing, and Israelis also know that Iran really is planning to destroy Israel. Likewise, Israelis are determined to do something about Iran, if no one else will. But, that still doesn’t explain why the current bit of news is different.

The difference lies in the United States. Until now, America has been telling Israel that the US has plans to attack Iran and that ‘they are really going to do it’ – really-really with an exclamation point. However, it has now been demonstrated that this was nothing but a hollow fiction, that America never had any real plans to attack Iran. Furthermore, America has been easing sanctions on Iran and withdrawing from the Middle East. This means that Israel has finally come to the point where she needs to face this, and an attack like this had better be done sooner, rather than later. Now that we see this attack coming, the question is what does this mean for you?


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Let us all pause for a moment as I pull out my crystal ball…

First of all, after being attacked, Iran WILL close the Persian Gulf. This is absolutely certain, which means that the price of oil will rise dramatically. That rise will cause the price of gasoline to skyrocket. Transportation costs will explode causing the price for everything to rise… and Rise… and RISE.

Just as in 2006-’08, the high cost of gasoline will force people to choose between paying their mortgage and filling their gas tank (and getting to work). This would normally collapse the housing market, as it did in 2008. However, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) will pump more money into the market to keep the housing bubble inflated. This will cause a massive increase in inflation, and a massive increase in government lying about inflation.

The result will be hyperinflation.

Normally, the Fed would raise interest rates to clamp down on inflation, but they can’t do that anymore. Raising interest rates would cause the US government to default on its debt, as well as collapse the financial system.

The financial system is going to collapse, anyway, but the Fed is dedicated to staving it off until the bitter end. When Iran closes the Straits of Hormuz after an Israeli attack, that ‘bitter end’ will come much faster than expected, and you need to be ready for that.

How do you get ready for hyperinflation and a collapse of the financial system?

Gold in your sweaty palms.

As this situation develops, the price of gold will explode, and your ability to buy physical gold will disappear. That means that you must act NOW. Once the markets start to move, it will be too late.


Gold accounts, Gold ETFs and other forms of ‘virtual gold’ will not help you. Those accounts will collapse when it becomes clear that there is no gold backing them.

But, there is an even more serious implication that you also must prepare for.

More on that tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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54 thoughts on “Israeli Plans for an Attack on Iran Move Forward (And What It Means For You)”

  1. I agree with the information of all the above except buying gold. I would usually agree with the precious metals but the Bible states these will not help you, in the last days. Inflation will happen. When I comes to survival and gold- you can’t eat, drink, clothe, or medicate yourself with gold. Only those with gold can buy, sell or trade with those who have gold. Not many do. I could go on about how gold will be illegal, once again, for individual ownership and how the government will raid those who have it, but that is history’s job to repeat itself. So I will give you scripture, my job.

    James 5:1-3 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

    Now, if you don’t believe what the Bible says, go ahead and heap up the gold for the last days and test God. Have fun with that.
    If you do believe the Bible then call on the Lord to lead and guide you to do his will. Keep your eyes on Him and off of your investments. Read the word of God- the Bible and you can’t fail.

    • Hi Kim,

      It’s good to see that your values are Christ-centered, and that you haven’t been caught by the materialism of our age.

      If you are self-sufficient and are ‘off the grid’, then you do not need gold.

      However, most people have been saving for their retirement, education, children and a host of other Godly reasons. If they are keeping their money in the bank, then they will lose it when the financial system collapses.

      To put it another way, if God has granted us some measure of wealth we have a responsibility to be good stewards of that wealth. This is what we are talking about.

      Furthermore, we need to do the best that we can to prepare so that we can help others when everything falls apart. Tangibles like gold, sugar, baked beans – whatever ‘floats your boat’ – will do that.

      Kim all that I care about, in this context, is that you are walking with the Lord (which you seem to be doing) and that you are ready for the difficult days ahead.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. If gold is such a precious commodity, why are people selling it? I understand that our currency is not worth the paper it is printed on. So, why are gold dealers trading precious gold for it?
    The big question is, who do you really work for if you are selling gold?

    • Kim,

      There are complex reasons for why people are selling it.

      Mining companies sell it because that’s what they do.

      Dealers sell it for the same reason.

      Most are NOT selling it.

      – JL

  3. Awesome!

    Go Bibi!

    I wanna see Israel not only blast Iran off the map but turn around and destroy Damascus, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Iraq.

    Go Israel.

    Death to all democrats!

    • David,


      I’m glad that you are an enthusiastic supporter of Israel. It really is good to see.


      Remember that you are talking about the death and injury of men, women and children – real people. If we could find a way to target just those who deserve to die, I would be right there with you.

      And, um… that part about death to all democrats… you know that this is a Christ-oriented website, right?

      But, like I said, I like the enthusiasm.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Yes, but, just remember you cannot eat gold or silver, in fact the bible warns us that those who put their trust in gold will be rather severly dis-appointed, so I am surprised to see another so-called Christain touting buying gold as the answer, it’s not. Jesus Christ is our only hope.

    • Hi Tim,

      Absolutely, if you do not have Christ, gold will not help you much.

      However, if you are in Christ, then you are required to be a good steward of the resources God has granted you. Buying gold will help your preserve what God has given you, so that you can serve the Him. But, if you don’t like gold, then buy baked beans, or sugar or anything tangible. Just don’t leave your money in the bank.

      Remember, that we are not thinking of just ourselves. We are wanting to be able to help others that are in need in the difficult days ahead.

      One day, we will all stand before the Lord and give an accounting of what we did in this life.

      I hope that this makes my position clearer to you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi Jeff,

      You are absolutely correct. You can’t eat gold, so you should always store as much food (and water) as you can.

      However, there are those who have difficulty doing this, so having a portable store of wealth that allows them to purchase food and water is a good second-best scenario.

      Also, anyone who has stored sufficient food for themselves, their family AND their neighbors, should also purchase gold and silver. If you need to run, you won’t be able to carry all of your food with you. You will need to carry gold.

      And, those of you living in, or near, a city will definitely be needing to escape the social collapse that will follow a financial one.

      Jeff, I am glad to see that you are treating all this seriously.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Interestingly enough, silver is actually a better value than gold, because its value will increase more rapidly when gold takes off. Unfortunately, silver is harder to lug around than gold. – JL

  5. 15 years ago when my cousin told me BULLETS would be the next new money in america,I laughed,but not now,everyone forgets the poor will have NO GOLD,and there ain’t anyone going to watch their 5 year old starve to death,without some kind of action,I kinda think this goes right over everyones head,THEY have gold and silver and the poor have nothing,HOW LONG do you think it will take them to figure out the ones with GOLD and SILVER ,are the very same ones who caused their problems………….

    • Hi Arizona,

      That is a VERY valuable observation.

      This is why I am telling everyone to move to a place where you can trust your neighbors. And, the best neighbors are the ones who are doing as you are: storing food and securing a water supply – and walking with the Lord.

      Cities will be the most dangerous place for anyone to be. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to move at least 150 miles from a major metropolitan jurisdiction of 100,000 people, or more.

      Great comment, Arizona!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. NOT even 6 months ago,THE LORD said,THE GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,from top to bottom,inside and out,he also said AMERICA,YOUR THE TERRORISTS,and if you don’t repent and stop the KILLING of my little ones,I WILL STOP YOU,well you know the people of america ain’t going to repent, they just got done spiting in GODS face at the demoncratic convention,and then to add insult to injury,MADONNA screamed at the superbowl, for the demons guarding the gates of hell to OPEN THEM,and they did,NOW this country is really in serious trouble and they don’t care,they’d rather be dead then put a stop to all the crap,HERES one that will scare any GOD fearing christian,THE LORD is calling all the guardian angels home,telling them their job is finished and over,THESE are the angels who have kept the great volcanos quite,and the ones who held the great fault lines in tack,and the oceans from coming up onto the lands durning storms,and NOW THEY HAVE BEEN CALLED HOME,can you guess whats going to happen with americas protection gone? ITS going to be the worse BLOODBATH and FAMINE, in history,about to come on america thats what……HOPE YOU ALL are glued to the LORD, cause if you ain’t, you’ll be wishing you were……………

  7. with all the invasions it is safe to assume we will not have electric or heat. what is your opinion on the best solution for that? solar? kerosin? plus my mother is on oxygen and we are not very savvy in survivalist action but we would like to be prepared and be able to be a blessing to others in need of help. I am looking to Jesus to lead us but what should we be working towards ourselves to get prepared?

    • Hi Kim,

      Your situation is one of those that I worry about the most, and I earnestly pray that the Lord will show you the way.

      I think that the best place for you will be Kalispell, Montana. They have health care facilities, and they are prepared for power outages. They also are very preparedness-minded. Furthermore, it is in a valley that would be difficult to invade in a collapse situation.

      I really, REALLY hope that you will be okay and in a place of safety when the worst comes.

      May God bless you and keep you close, Kim.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Ezekiel 7:19
    “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.”

    ie – You can’t eat gold!!!

    • Hi MagenD,

      There are two points that you need to consider here. First, the cataclysm that is rolling down upon us is NOT the Great Tribulation. THAT comes later. Even during the Great Tribulation, gold will be useful.

      By the way, storing food and water is a higher priority than gold or silver.

      SECONDLY, Ezekiel 7 is NOT talking about the Last Days. Ezekiel 7 has ALREADY been fulfilled. When Ezekiel wrote the passage that we call ‘chapter 7’, Babylon had not destroyed Jerusalem, yet. Yes, there had been the initial invasion, but Nebuchadnezar had not destroyed the place. Furthermore, this also would have been the case during 70 AD.

      I am seriously puzzled by the interpretation of Ezekiel 7 as a prophecy of the Last Days.

      But, I don’t mind how you interpret Ezekiel 7, as long as you are preparing for what is coming.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Your contention that the Fed could somehow keep the housing market inflated in the face of extreme increases in energy prices is absurd. Ten dollar a gallon gasoline would immediately shrink the pool of eligible home buyers and there is nothing any central bank could do to enlarge it. Shrink interest rates? They’re already at historic lows. Force mortgage lenders to loosen loan requirements? I don’t think so. Make more mortgage money available? It’s already plentiful. The current housing “recovery” is nothing more than a carefully orchestrated plan by the banks to raise the cost of housing so the hundreds of thousands of foreclosed properties they own will increase in value. The Fed is not currently propping up the housing market, but stocks are another story.

    • Hi Donnegy,

      Yup, the idea of the Fed somehow KEEPING the housing market bubble inflated is indeed absurd. All that I’m saying is that the Fed will turn the ‘printing presses’ dial to 11 as they try to keep ALL the asset bubbles inflated – including stocks.

      The Fed is currently buying billions of subprime mortgage securities each MONTH, so that’s certainly putting some air in housing prices. And, we’ve seen that bubble start to reinflate.

      But… in the end… the Fed will fail in their attempts.

      That’s why everyone needs to get ready for it, and try to help others get ready, as well.

      Thanks for giving me the chance to clarify my points, Donnegy.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi Ryan,

      I wish that I had your confidence. But, those of us who have spent any time in the region know that there is no way that the 5th fleet could keep the Straits of Hormuz open against a determined Iran. Yes, they could run escort missions through the straits, but the cost would be high and katyusha rockets are cheap.

      Keeping the straits open would be another Vietnam situation that would bleed the Navy dry. And yes, Iran would be more than ready to sustain a hundred thousand casualties. They are fanatics, and I have a lot of experience with such people.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Here’s an even worse scenario for you, Iran attacks Israeli nuclear reactors with missiles causing extreme fallout. In response Israeli subs launch nukes from underwater. So I think the us would send a few carriers, and receive help from Europe and it’s allies. Also the us has active weapons such as haarp , that are so terrible I don’t want to know what would happen.

        • Hi Ryan,

          The Dimona reactor is quite small and a very difficult target to hit, and Iranian missiles are not known for their accuracy.

          The larger question is about how God will work out His prophetic plan for Israel and the region.

          Even more importantly, what will you do to prepare for the difficult times ahead.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

    • The 5th fleet will be hamstrung in the first coming few moments.

      When I was still “active”, The Pentagon and the U.S. War college ran a series of Various scenarios on the Gulf conflict. Many factors and facts of defense and modern weapons were implemented in these “simulations”
      All results were disheartening. of 10 likely “actions” employed,..even using the USAF HA Bombers and bunker busters to achieve a 1st strike against the Iranian Air defenses and AA emplacements,….8 times the US force was eliminated and sank due to mass swarm attack from the enemy. The Gulf was closed and Nuclear containment was breached on the sunken US carriers and CGN cruisers.
      The only 2 times “We ” achieved victory was when we ran the sims based on Iran having NO defense capabilities, and US forces launching a “pre-emptive first Nuclear Strike”

      And for the shocker?…..8 times Iran was left with enough “hardware” to launch a KILL shot at Israel.
      Seems YHVH, FATHER, has plans to use Iran/Persia to bring about the big war.

  10. Why is Israel’s national symbol a HEXAGRAM?

    Why does the Bible NEVER call it the “star of David”?

    Why does the Bible say in Romans; A Jew is one inwardly, not outwardly, circumcision of the heart not of the flesh.

    Why does Jesus say there are so-called Jews that are actually the synagogue of Satan?

    • Hi Xetrov,

      I find this antisemitism among certain Christians to be interesting. You seem to think that the Jews must somehow come to a saving faith in Christ in a different way than those of us who are not Jewish.

      Why do you believe that?

      It’s completely mystifying.

      Please remember that we all, ALL OF US, were in league with Satan before we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. You somehow seem to believe that the Jews must be different before they join us as brothers and sisters in Christ.

      Don’t you know that there are SATANISTS that have come to faith in Jesus?

      Even Peter, the Apostle, denied Christ, but still went on to be a part of the founding of the early church.

      Xetrov, I think that you need to examine yourself to see if you are truly in the faith. I pray that you will turn from this path.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Thank you for not answering a SINGLE question, but rather choosing to tell me what I believe. The antisemitism card is utterly laughable and so is your understanding of my questions. What’s mystifying is your patented ignorance of my questions.

        I already know the answers to these questions, it is CLEAR you do not.

        Let me explain my faith to you sir, so it is abundantly clear! Perhaps it is YOU that needs to examine your faith or knowledge therein…

        I believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God!
        I believe He was crucified, died, rose after 3 days and 3 nights in the grave and now sits at the right hand of God!
        I believe Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life & that NO man comes to the Father but through Him!
        I accept his offer of salvation and have wept on my knees asking Him into my heart!
        I have seen miracles done in His name before my very eyes!
        Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!

        Peace be with you…

        • Hi Xetrov,

          I did answer your question, so let me clarify.

          • Israel is not saved. Therefore, by definition, she is in league with Satan.
          • Before you were saved, you were also in league with Satan. We all were.
          • For you to demand differently is completely unbiblical and un-Christ-like.

          That is the heart of the matter.

          Furthermore, Ezekiel 36 shows us that God is planning to restore the Jews to Himself. For you to stand against this is to resist God. That is NOT a safe place to be.

          I strongly recommend that you consider the path that you are on and repent.

          Finally, someone once reminded me of this, so I pass it on to you. It does not matter if you know Christ. THIS is what matters:

          Does Christ Know You?

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

        • Xetrov,

          The fact that I was unable to get to your comment in as timely a manner as you would like is no reason to speak in such a manner.

          Furthermore, I notice that you are providing a fake email to comment on this site. This is called dishonesty.

          It is clear to me that your spiritual situation is very grave. May you repent before it is too late.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  11. Greetings all:
    One simple question for those who believe modern Israel is OT Israel:
    Consider Gen.12:3 – Can anyone name one blessing we as a nation have received since our undying love for Israel? (Remember the USS Liberty?)

    And John, seriously, the “clay pot” declares this day its acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Saviour? (John 6:44, 65-66) It is God the Father who does the doing, not man. Pretty arrogant brother…
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Dave,

      To use your vernacular, one simple question:

      Name one blessing that the Body of Christ has received from each of us before we were saved.

      But here, let me answer: Nothing, for we were in league with Satan in our unsaved state.

      This is not about Israel in her current, unsaved state. This is about God’s prophecy that He would take Israel in her uncleaness, purify her and maker her His own.

      Are you disputing with God over His prophecy?

      And yes, the Father does the doing, not man. So of course, it is the Father that is doing this.

      Furthermore, I’ve looked into the USS Liberty situation, and the evidence backing the conspiracy theories surrounding the issue are ridiculous.

      Since you appear to be Anti-Zionist, explain Ezekiel 36 to me in a way that is Biblical.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. Does is not make sense that as God does a work, satan seeks to undermine it? Do you write off Israel whole cloth because there is satanic influence there? Do we write ourselves off because we are influenced by satan? This anti-jewish thinking within the church was pervasive in the 1930’s as the church succumbed to the twisted hate of the state. We pervert romans 13, and supposedly godly men stand by and do nothing because “God ordained these rulers over me”. Listen to the stories of concentration camp survivors who’s memory of the church is soldiers wearing crucifixes. Like the milk toast christian peace officers I work with now, because they arent actively involved in evil acts of the state,yet, they say nothing. All I hear is,” we are called to preach the gospel, not oppose evil in gov’t”. They’re loving message of the gospel will surely fall on dead ears when the growing tyranny uses them as the bullwork of its oppression. “You poor camp internee, no you cant leave, but Jesus loves you”. I am disgusted. Think how you collectively write off a nation of people because those who lead the nation are unsaved and influenced by the deceiver. And by that logic, if you are an American, write yourself off.

  13. Brother John:
    I am impressed with the fact you actually responded and did not ban this post.

    Unfortunately, you did not answer my question with a question, for the answer to my question is: Absolutely none. No blessing for all the aid and effort we have shown modern Israel. Since their creation via the UN, this nation (USSA) has gone down hill at high speed. I am 58.

    Flip Wilson made a lot of money with his “the devil made me do it” skit. Satan, is a created being by God the Father to do the will of God the Father. Satan is not in competition with God, he is highly regulated and restricted. For it is God who created EVIL for His purpose. (Isa.45:7)

    You can search the Book of Revelation and you won’t find “antichrist” in the KJV. Only 4 times and only in 1 John – Who denies Jesus the Christ? – your so called Jews, which is an olde english word with no historical use prior to the 10th century – You should really say KHAZAARS as in “The 13th Tribe”. But don’t let facts get in your way. Conspiracy theory? What lie couldn’t the IsraeLIE tell you you wouldn’t believe? Try the Lavon Affair.

    Ezk.36 ? You’re kidding me. Again, read Arthur Keostler’s “The 13th Tribe” written by a “jew”. In the mean time, try

    I don’t know who said it: “It may be true Israel is our only allies in the MidEast, but prior to their creation in 1947 I can’t remember any enemies.”

    • Dave Corum,

      Again, I have answered your point very, VERY comprehensively.

      Every unsaved person is, by definition, in league with Satan. I was, and you were. All of us. Therefore, your attacks on Israel are meaningless and unbiblical.

      God has prophesied that He would save Israel, and therefore Israel will be saved.

      It is a dangerous thing to resist God’s will.

      Secondly, your accusations against Israel are completely false. I have lived there, and I have seen for myself the evidence that what you say is completely untrue. Nor, am I an ignorant observer that is easily fooled by propaganda.

      You have not explained Ezekiel 36 to me, and I know about ‘veteranstoday’ – not a source of Biblical wisdom.

      I perceive that you are in resistance to God’s plan and will. Your are in a very dangerous place. I recommend that you repent of the path that you are on. This will not end well for you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. John Little:
    I am a “clay pot” and I do not profess “free will” although I am allowed to make choices. God’s will will not be hampered or helped by any man. What an arrogant joke. Satan cannot hamper God’s will. Gen. 12:3 is a clear promise, and it is you and the othr “stand by Israel John Hagee” types who claim the 12 tribes of ancient Israel are the one tribe of modern Israel.
    Therefore I asked a valid question, and you dodged the answer – why? I suspect you know that there hasn’t been one blessing on the USA – not one, in spite of the adoration, weaponry and endless aid provided to that state which can not stand on its own, with out us and their horrific stockpile of nukes and CB weapons which they contantly use on Christians in Palestine.
    Unlike Iran, Israel did not sign the NPT, allows no inspections, advocates the “Sampson Option” and is led by a pack of rabid anti Christs aka: rabbis.

    To even attempt to make the claim that today’s Israel is ancient Israel is BS.

    John, I hate to call names but you appear to be a blind guide, and Jesus clearly stated what happens when the blind lead the blind.

    I am “attacking Israel”? I couldn’t care less for Israel, nor Iran, nor Norway, etc, for I am a Christian first; American second, and my enemies are those who hate the Lord and are destroying my country.

    You “stand with Israel”, where’s that got you? Your country? Endless no win wars driven by endless jooish fed chairmans and Wall St. banksters. Hollywood garbage from kosher town “Jews control Hollywood and I am glad of it” Joel Stein LA Times. Israel’s capital is the number one city for queers, not SF or NYC.

    Jesus called these Talmudic pharisees “The Synagogue of satan” You stand by them?

    Ezk.36 does not apply to modern day Israel – no comment necessary.

    Yes John, has a number of disgusting anti-Christs on its staff, however, if they tell a truth, I don’t judge the source. Most of my knowledge on your jews comes from their own mouths – bragging, not David Dukes website as you might guess – and guess wrong.

    David: The NC did away with the old covenant. One was physical, the new is spiritual. You choose. BTW, do you keep all 612 ordinances? If a mosquito bites you and draws blood, are you “unclean” for a day? Seriously. (Isa.5:20)

    • Hi Dave Corum,

      If Ezekiel 36 does not apply to modern Israel, who DOES it apply to?

      Again, you also hold a doctrine that is AGAINST the principles of Christ. The Bible says that all are lost and in league with Satan before they are saved. YOU indicate that a person must somehow be benign before they can be accepted into Christ.

      Furthermore, there are a host of issues in which Israel has been a benefit to the US. They are the ONLY place in the Middle East where there is freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They have stabilized the region by blocking state-actors like Hezbollah and Syria. They have intervened to support Jordan. They have acted as a block to Russian hegemony in the region. They have shared valuable intelligence with the United States – although much of it ignored. They have provided valuable technical assistance to high tech companies such as Intel and IBM. Israeli scientists have been at the cutting edge of biotechnology and the physical sciences. And, there is much more.

      I could go on. And yes, I have been personally involved and an observer of what I describe above.

      The fact that you refuse to offer comment on Ezekiel 36 tells me much. Furthermore, your writing illustrates a serious spiritual deficit. Your ‘patriotism’ will not help you when you stand before the Lord when this life is over.

      Dave, you must repent before it is too late.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. John, I disagree with you but I do respect you – you seem to be sincere, and I further appreciate the fact you didn’t pull an Abe Foxman screaming “anti-semite” (another lie from the ADL) and squash this thread.

    This thread is about God’s promise that you claim applies to today’s Israel, which I claim is an imposter. You read Did you miss the Jewish scientist who discovered Jews true origins – “Wait a minute, we aren’t decendants of Abraham afterall…”

    To claim Israel, an incredible killing machine, is blessing US interests in the mideast by war and oil profiteering is insane.

    No, I don’t claim one must be benign, Jesus claims that. Blessed are the peacemakers; Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves; Do on to others…

    The fact a guy maybe a great surgeon who has saved people doesn’t hide the fact he is a rabid child molester – does it? Does it discount that?

    And why are you hiding their religious holidays and acts like Kol Nidre, Purim and Hanuckkah?

    While I don’t and won’t celebrate christmas, I do find it odd that churchanity is under constant attack for their christmas scenes, yet menorahs pop up everywhere, and Jews are 2% of the population?

    You Christian Zio’s warn us about Muslims in the administration? Are you blind to the dual citizen Jews who fill KEY positions? Is it anti semitic to point out the fact that Jews not only control but own the 5 media conglomerates?

    How can you remain silent, and worse, “Stand with Israel” as it rains down WP and CBU’s on defenseless Palestinian CHRISTIANS? What is Israels “kill ratio”? One IDF for 1000 Palestinians?

    Israelie Intel??? You don’t mention the Rosenburgs and Johnathan Pollard?

    They call us goyim and that means dumb cattle – they are right, we sure act like dumb cows often and especially when turning a blind eye at Israels racism and aparthied programs.

    I too could go on with an expose of Israels dark history and terrorism right from the get go, and my country has been their target too often.

    Thank you for your concern regarding my need to repent. But John, I fear you either don’t know why Jesus died for us, or your unaware of the magnitude of His deed. Something very big happened on that cross, and my Lord and Savior did not fail at His mission.

    Some are being judged now – for the many, it will happen to all later. And the “Good News” of the Gospel is Jesus will save all. No war between Satan and God “saving/losing souls”.

    See 1 Tim 2:4 – the word is ALL, not some. And it is God’s will, man has no part in it.

    Accept the fact we truly are His wonderful clay pots.

    Yep, you can stand with Israel, I can stand against it. But perhaps you should search your heart for the reasons and please open your eyes – look, there is much blood on your hands.

    Truly yours in Christ,
    Dave Corum

    • Hi Dave Corum,

      I’ve spent 30 years studying the Middle East, concentrating on the Arab Israeli conflict. Furthermore, I support both Israel AND the Arabs. I wish BOTH of them well.

      And, I have lived 15 years in Israel and other countries in the area.

      If you understood what I have seen with my own eyes, you would know that most of what you think as true… is a lie. If I had the time, I could go point by point for each one of the lies that you believe to be true.

      I’m not saying that the Jews or the Israelis are saints. They’re not. But, they certainly are no worse than anyone else.

      Dave, you have a choice to make. You can either search out the truth, or you can choose to believe the lies that you’ve been told. I wish that I had the time to help you unravel the lies that you hold as truth, but you will have to do this yourself.

      I repeat again. I have seen the evidence for myself.

      I pray that you find your way out of this before it’s too late.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. Dave, do you take issue at all with our unholy alliance with the Saudis for cheap energy and dollar supremacy, which wrecks 3rd world economies and exports inflation so we can live beyond our means? Our distruction of Iraq,Libya,Egypt and soon Syria will not be swept from judgement with “the Jews made us do it”. And yes, the new covenant has replaced the old. But clearly the current nation of Israel conforms to scriptures end times description. They are unsaved just as the Arabs, in open rebellion to God. But scripture makes it clear God is not done with Israel. Your views smack of replacement theology, reminiscent of Nicea.


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