James Wesley Rawles

When you’re sick, you need a doctor. When you’re REALLY sick, you need a specialist. After what I posted on Friday, it should be clear to you that we’re REALLY sick, and that we REALLY need a specialist. And, I think that James Wesley Rawles might be a specialist that you’re looking for.

James is a veteran of Army Intelligence with experience in field operations, which means that he wasn’t just commanding a desk and shuffling papers (although, he probably did THAT, too). And, he’s not a hysterical alarmist. He’s a very calm, cool and collected guy who knows exactly what he’s talking about. Even better, he’s a devout Christian who lives out his faith publicly and without shame. This is someone that you want as your neighbor when it all falls apart. But, that still doesn’t give you the picture of the man.


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That’s why I recommend that you do two things. Read his biography, here:


Read carefully. Somewhere in there is a link that will give you the true measure of this guy. (Hint: it’s a bucket list written by his first wife, as she was dying.)

Then, there’s this:

James Wesley Rawles: Homesteading, Relocation & Resilience


Every time that I hear JWR interviewed, I’m impressed by what a solid guy he is.

This interview also offers me an opportunity to introduce the guy who’s doing the interviewing:

Chris Martensonhttp://www.peakprosperity.com/

The insight that Chris offers on his website is… well, it was mind-blowing to me when I first ran across his work a couple years ago. And, like all mind-blowing revelations, it took time to sink in – as I said yesterday, it took two years.

And that “Ah HA! I get it!” moment of Epiphany?

THAT happened when I saw this video:


There’s No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy, growth & the future)
Video by Incubate Pictures

We are in SO much trouble!

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, or wish to offer a different explanation, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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2 thoughts on “James Wesley Rawles”

  1. John

    Glad I found your site. It was of course no coincidence, as I am a man of faith.

    So I am sorry to be a trouble but I must disagree with some of the conclusions in the peak oil video. What is happening is new discoveries, largely the result of new technology, is increasing world reserves rapidly and dramatically. One discovery alone in Australia is put at larger than Saudi Arabia, and that projection is before the limits of the field is defined. In addition, that same technology is increasing US production and reserves, with much more being discovered. When you add the fact that the US alone has over 400 years worth of coal, the US situation is improving, not declining. Of course Ovomit is doing his best to hurt US production since he wants the US to collapse as we all know.

    The point is there are new, world class discoveries being made more and more frequently. Add to this the growth of renewable energy and the future looks much brighter than it has in over 50 years.

    Peace Brother. All is well for those of us who trust in the Lord.

    • Hi Mike,

      Boy it would be wonderful to agree with your assessment. I certainly would, if I could.

      What you may not realize is the fragility of the oil fields that you refer to. They are expensive to drill. The energy content per barrel is a fraction of Light-Sweet-Crude. The wells run dry quickly. And, the drilling poisons fresh-water aquifers that they go through. At best, we have pushed off ‘Peak Oil’ by a handful of years – if that.

      Your comment about coal is likewise problematic. The 400 years worth of coal in the US is no longer the easy-to-get-to coal that we’ve existed on till now. Furthermore, each ton of coal also contains a fraction of the BTUs of the coal mined in years-gone-by. And, it takes a lot more energy to process this coal, than in the past.

      Do you know the fuel that we have to burn to get to all that coal?

      So, I’m afraid that the energy situation in the US is continuing to decline, even though the current financial troubles mask this fact.

      Please remember that ‘resting in the Lord’ means heeding the warnings that you receive at the hands of those brothers in Christ who act as watchmen. You MUST prepare for difficult times. Theories will not help you when disaster strikes.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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